Fasting Reduces Blood Parasites and Candida

We have a tendency to think the body as clean, and, except for the common cold or a virus. the blood is sterile, but this is the furthest thing from the truth. After observing live blood using a dark-field microscope, I know that even a healthy person’s blood is packed with microorganisms. The blood has nutrients, sugars and oxygen, and the perfect environment and temperature for growth of microorganisms. If you have ever seen pond water through a microscope, you will have a sense of what the blood looks like.

There is a constant war going on within the body. If the immune system is healthy, parasites are kept in check. However, in this modern-day lifestyle, where people eat lots of white sugar, white flour, processed oil and fewer nutrients, the microorganisms flourish. The microorganisms are not the problem; it is their excretions into the blood. Imagine a million microorganisms urinating into your bloodstream. The metabolic byproduct can devastate healthy tissue and open the door to disease.


Candida is an example of a microorganism. It is normally found in the body, but, when the opportunity exists, it takes over and propagates, affecting the colon, vagina or bladder. Much of the harm done by Candida results from its waste product, acetaldehyde, which in turn can affect the neurological, endocrine and immune systems. Few chemicals can create as much havoc in the body as acetaldehydes. Acetaldehydes accumulate in the brain, spinal cord, joints, muscles and poison tissues. For this reason, any program in detoxification needs to address the problem of internal microorganisms.

Most microorganisms, including Candida, live on sugar. The more sugar they get, the more they propagate. The problem is that everything turns to sugar except protein, and even juice fasting supplies sugars to the blood. Water fasting is the solution. If they do not get enough sugar, microorganisms become dormant allowing the immune system a much easier time destroying them. A restricted juice fast using green leafy vegetables, garlic, carrots, beets and apples will help continue the healing through boosting the immune system.

Add fresh ginger root to fruit juices and garlic to the veggie mixtures. A Candida diet will include many salads and veggies combined with supplements and herbs. Most health food stores stock herbal formulas and supplements for parasite reduction such as caprylic acid tablets and molybdenum. If taken at bedtime with water, chopped garlic will not cause any breath odor. Throughout the night, the garlic will slowly release the antibacterial substances into the colon.

You can water fast with cayenne pepper and freshly juiced ginger root in an all-out attack against parasites. Longer water fasts are brutal to parasites, increasing the factors that make the body an unfriendly environment for growth and reproduction, such as low blood sugar, increased toxins in the blood and an immune system working at full intensity.

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