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Fasting For Heart Conditions

“Heart conditions can be cured by juice fasting.”


I have been juicing sporadically for quite some time, with my Breville compact juicer. I am about 50 – 60 pounds overweight, with mild depression, anxiety, mild to moderate hypertension, controlled by medication. I also have heart palpitations, which the Dr. characterizes as PVCs. They occur once or twice a day, and can last anywhere from half a second to 2 or 3 seconds, during which I sometimes feel like I’m going to pass out, and have to catch my breath. They are very distressing, especially since my younger sister died last year from heart failure. I have worn a holter monitor for 24 hrs, and an event monitor for a week. They found no serious arrhythmias.  I have more tests pending.

I have been researching fasting on your site and others for about a week now, and I have decided to do my first fast, in the hope of normalizing my blood pressure, jumpstarting my weightloss, healing my heart palpitations, and improving my energy as a catalyst for a more healthy and active lifestyle.

My plan is to do a pre-fast next week, eating only raw fruits and veggies and juice, and discontinue all caffeine, refined sugars, starches, and nicotine (I smoke a pipe, but do not inhale.)

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One Response to Fasting For Heart Conditions

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill


    You are on the right track. I have seen people totally cure of heart condition doing a long juice fasting of 40 days. The key is to go slowly for the first 10 days. Make sure you add 6 tablespoons of essential oil and Q10 with vitamin E. It is good to blend a little avocado to the juice for the first 10 days. When the body detoxifies it dumps cellular waste into the lymph glands that empty at the thoracic duct which is right above the heart. During detoxing the heart gets the highest concentration of toxins. You want to control the rate with avocado or banana.