Fasting for Tremors

Fasting for Tremors

I am on day 4 of a juice fast. Last year, with the help of you and your site I did a 40 day fast and loved it. This year, I have wanted to but haven’t due to health problems as I was taking some medication (unusual for me) and I couldn’t conceive of having/taking meds on a fast. I did taper down and went off of them the day I started. I seem to be doing ok, so am encouraged! I still have the tremors but am trying to have them “be there” and observe them. Any suggestions on anything to try? I am doing enemas and taking some B vitamins and magnesium.

Answer By Tom Coghill

I do not know if this was a juice or water fasting your age or present diet.  As you are on medication I am sure that your doctor would have ruled out the following:

Tremor may be caused by:

Tremors are a disorder of the nervous system therefore,Lethicin, hemp and flax oil, vitamin E. Magnesium and B-complex you are already taking. A combination of herbs that include rhubarb, peony (paeonia), licorice and magnolia bark are said to stop tremors and relax stiff muscles. Water fasting is not good.

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2 Responses to Fasting for Tremors

  1. shaun says:

    Hi, I am 58, on a juice fast, a strict vegetarian (mostly vegan). I have been seen by several doctors in Singapore and they don’t really have a solid diagnosis.

    I am on day 5 now and headachy, perhaps I am detoxing more from the drugs I have had to take…but I feel unusually bad for a fast. The main problem I have is at night I can feel the shaking (all over) and it’s hard to sleep and I usually sleep well on a fast. Can I make a tea from Valerian/Skullscap etc? Never have done this on a fast before.

    I will be back in the US for the summer in a few weeks and can try the herbs you recommended then
    Thanks for the ideas.

  2. shaun says:

    Ok, it’s me again. I can’t really find where on this new site to get some conversation going… So, I will talk to myself!

    I am on day 18 now…I have been off the medication since I started. The tremors seem to be lessening – but anyway, I have decided to put them in the background, so it’s ok. I feel good and am still detoxing a lot (from the meds I took probably). I am set to fly a long distance at the end of this week, since one can’t bring any liquids, I guess my homemade juices are out. I have about 2 days of traveling, so maybe I will go on water and herbal teas? It’s hard to get fresh juice at the airports (except Bangkok of course) or on a plane.

    I have some concentrated berry powder and some concentrated veggie powder (both organic) so even tho they taste AWFUL w just water I will take them to get some nutrients.