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Fasting Weight Loss Rates and Metabolism Types

Fasting Weight Loss Rates and Metabolism Types

There are three body types: endomorph, ectomorph and mesomorph. Your body type will affect your fasting weightloss rates.


Endomorphs are naturally big and carry more fat. The body shape itself looks wide, round, soft and curvy. They will naturally be wide, often with a round face and with a large overall bone structure. Buttocks and thighs also tend to be larger. An endomorph will usually have a larger amount of fat storage due to the fact that they have a higher number of fat cells than other body types. Their body shape typically is apple or pear shaped. Endomorphs also have the slowest metabolism and therefore find it relatively difficult to lose weight and they tend to gain weight easily.

Endomorphs experience slow weight reduction during fasting and have to care not to drink too much juice.  Endomorphs can also water fast with ease.  A combination of alternating juice and water fasting can be the best for this body type. This body type also takes longer to heal with juice fasting.


Mesomorphs have a naturally athletic build. Female mesomorphs have an hourglass shape, while males are triangular/rectangular. Mesomorphs enjoy the advantage of being able to lose weight easily and can also develop lean muscle relatively easily. Even though they enjoy a physical advantage, mesomorphs may still become overweight or obese through lack of exercise and/or poor nutrition. Mesomorphs have a moderate metabolism and will therefore put on weight if there is a calorie surplus.

Mesomorphs lose weight and heal quickly during fasting especially if you are below 30 years of age.


Ectomorphs tend to be slim and petite. They have small bones and their musculature tends to be lean. The ectomporph body shape is linear or rectangular. They are not very curvaceous and are often flat chested, with naturally low body fat. Ectomorph metabolism is naturally very high, and they therefore find it very difficult to gain weight either as fat or as lean muscle. Although their risk of obesity is low, a healthy diet and exercise program is just as important for the ectomorph in order to ensure good overall health. Ectomorphs lose weight very quickly during a fast.  During a prolonged fast they can lose body fat to the point of skin and bone.  This body type heals very quickly during juice fasting.  Weight gain after fasting is also slower.

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