Is it bad to Water Fast if you have a fatty liver/PCOC?

I have fasted in the past on water, the longest was 17 days.  After that fast I felt abdominal pain so I had a cat showed I had water in my abdomen and a spot on my liver.  Then I fast 14 days on water last summer, trying to do 21 but I was throwing up bile and just felt like I was taking my liver.  I have since had alot of bloat and digestive issues and had another scan that showed I had a fatty liver? My first thought was , wow, I need to fast but then I thought that fasting may be screwing up my liver. The spot actually was a fatty liver which they now tell me 5 years later and water in the abdomen is a symptom. I have leaky gut too so I thought this would be perfect to fast for like 2 weeks but from what I am reading, the rapid weight loss can cause a fatty liver? I am only about 5 lbs over weight too! 132lbs and 5’5″..I really want to reverse this issue so if u have any suggestions, I would love to hear from you! Oh I also have PCOC, chronic cyst on the ovaries and I thought fasting would help too but finding out that can make it worse too??


Response by Tom Coghill
Water fasting puts a heavy strain on both liver and kidneys and I never recommend it for anyone with a kidney of liver problem.
Juice fasting heals the kidneys and liver.
Juice fasting is safe. Water fasting has many risks.
But a longer water fasting is great after a juice fast when the body has removed the heavy toxins and the body has nutritional reserves.

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