Water Fasting Problems- Very Sick after Day 5

I have just finished a 10-day water fast, and I seek answers to some problems I have encountered. The first is that I felt very sick from day 5 on, and the secod that I have started menstruating on day 6, quite out of schedule. This was the longest fast I have done, I did shorter water fasts in the past. I have no major health problems, but I question why did the menstruation occur? I apologize if this question was already posted on the site, but I didn’t come accross it.
Thanks, Zuzana

Posted on by Zuzana

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One Response to Water Fasting Problems- Very Sick after Day 5

  1. Ron says:

    Hi Zuzana, Sorry about the very late reply. Water fasting is very taxing on the body. I would stick to juice fasting for a while. Once you are a juice fasting pro, do short water fasts before attempting a long one. The early period can be from many things. Water fasting may be one of them. If your unusual cycle continues or worsens please see an MD. Ron