Advice on Proper Fasting

1. I’m 22 years old
2.I’m 6′1″ & 152 lbs
3. I need advice on the best fast for my lifestyle!
4. I have done 3 day water fasts & 3 day master cleanses every now & then.
5.My reasons for wanting to fast vary:

  • -Normal weight range for adults my height is 140-189. I’ve lost about 55 lbs in the past 8 months or so. I’ve always had a slender build & tend to feel better at the lower end of the weight spectrum. So I would like to lose about 12 more pounds.
  • -The spiritual aspect of fasting is something I feel I could definitely use at this point in my life. I’ve been making a lot of changes without really understanding how I feel about them. I’d like to get more in sync with myself.
  • -Recently I changed my lifestyle; I went from being almost sedentary to being highly active. I work out every other day at least, as well I’m participating in roller derby so I train for this full contact sport 3 days a week. My eating habits have gone from eating anything & generally overeating, to a basic low calorie high nutrition diet…lots of fruit & veggies. I’ve been feeling very weighed down & sluggish after I eat, almost depressed even!
  • -I’m also seeking some relief of common problems i encounter as well as ailments i have (below).

6. I have no diagnosed conditions, however I have my problems:

  • -I have utterly no appetite until after 7pm or so, & then I tend to overeat.
  • -I can’t sleep! It’s impossible for me to fall asleep quickly or stay asleep. I literally lay there for hours exhausted but not being able to sleep. I’ve tried creating a consistent schedule, drinking tea, not watching tv for 2 hours before bed, & nothing is helping.
  • -I get very anxious. I haven’t been diagnosed with anxiety, but I can tell that something is “amiss” here…it’s spontaneous surges of emotion, generally from stress.
  • -I’ve had inexplicable chest pains & heart palpitations a couple times a week since I was about 12. I’ve been to the emergency room twice, but with no luck & no money I don’t know anything about the cause.

7. Again, my diet has been low-cal high nutrition, lots of veggies…occasionally I will fall off the wagon & eat unhealthy for a couple days.

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One Response to Advice on Proper Fasting

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Sincera
    As you are healthy you can do any type of fasting but the best to to alternat juice and water fasting. Some start with and end a water fast with a juice fast. The master cleanse for a few days is also good. It is all flexible.