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Backaches During Water Fasting

This my second water fast, I’m up to a week now and it’s going very well, except for this backache when I lay down to sleep.

My first fast last year was 8 days long and I had to stop because of work, and of vomiting bile. What kept me from sleeping that time was the pain in the gums of my mouth.

This time I would like to go 2 weeks, but these backaches are starting to get to me. I took a bath to help, it was so good that I was falling asleep, it scared me. I’ve put hot water bottles and it somewhat helped also, didnT try cold yet though…

For now I think I will try to lay down/sleep for 2 hours, then get up when the pain is to much and there are no position I can maintain, than go back to bed after an hour or two. What I don’t understand is that most of the pain goes away when I am sitting or standing up??? Would a salt flush be a solution to this?

Any comments and suggestions are more than welcome!

Answer By Tom Coghill

Backaches are common during water fasting and rare during juice fasting. One reason could be accelerated deep tissue cleaning and a toxic colon.  I started fasting for a back injury and it got worse. The day I broke my fast the pain disappeared. It could be toxin from the colon passing into the lymph and blood supply near the spine. (theory)

Fasting Backache Solution 1

Use the enema which can instantly relieve back pain.

Fasting Backache Solution 2

Change from water to juice fasting till the pain lessens to a comfortable level.

Fasting Backache Solution 3

Soaking in hot water can give temporary relief.

Fasting Backache Solution 4

Back stretching exercises with a ball can help.

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7 Responses to Backaches During Water Fasting

  1. lcausey says:

    I got terrible backaches and had to stop a water fast after 5 days. Tom recommended the SWF and a month later I tried again. I did the SWF my 2nd day of fasting and never had a single backache for the whole 8 days!!!! I think getting rid of all those toxins in my intestines was the key!!!!

  2. remyd11 says:

    Hello guy,

    I have the same thing. It seems to appear with the flattening of the belly to me and it especially arise when I lie down.

    I put a folded cover when I lie down to help support. That helps a little.


  3. remyd11 says:

    tkanks Icausey, I just read about salt water flush and it really make sense about why the backaches appear for me.

  4. mxxm says:

    At the present I am water-fasting on the weekend. Last weekend was my second water-fast and to my surprise while I was out shopping I suddenly got a very unnerving pain between my shoulder blades. The pain was so great that I had to just stop and stand still for awhile. Later, on the internet, I found some information that was much the same that Tom has shared here.

    Even these short weekend water-fasts are giving my body a chance to cleanse itself. This past Monday while riding my bike to work I was acutely aware of the air pollution that the passing autos were spewing out. Because I bike to work everyday I am accustomed to auto immissions but the day after my weekend fast changed that. I must add that as the days went on I once again became “accustomed” to the carbon dioxide poisioning. The good news is that today is Friday! And I am once again fasting!

  5. remyd11 says:

    it is a good point that you tell. we are accustomed to many thing that are harmful for health but we are no longer aware because of constant exposure.
    some people can stand this exposure but clearly not everyone and not in the long run.
    things will change gradually.

  6. guy the artist says:

    Thanks for all the answers

    I tried the SWF but I think I overdid the salt ratio, instead of flushing myself out it came back up!!! It did loosen up some stuff though. If somebody can give the right ratios, at least one that works well with them that would be great!

    Eventually I did find a solution, it’s a simple 5-step detox to stimulate the body You can find it here:

    So now I’ve had 2 normal sleeps so I feel much better. I use some Chinese Tiger balm to warm the my lower back where the pain is and the pain which is lesser now, just blends in. So now I am ready to complete my second week to make it a 2 week fast. Next year will be 3 weeks. Meanwhile I will experiment with IF Intermittent Fasting, one day per week, or the fast-5 / Warrior diet.

    Thank you all Guy