Fasting Blackouts Dizziness

Fasting blackouts and dizziness are common on water fasts over 5 days and you have to be very careful when getting up from a sitting or resting position.

Cause of Fasting Blackouts Dizziness
Blackout and dizziness during fasting are cause by reduced blood flow lowered blood pressure. During water fasting the body conserves energy and slows all the organs including the heart. There is less blood sugar to feed the muscles and so the organs labor as a mountain climber in high altitudes. Due to these factors, blood pressure is lower during fasting and when you stand the blood pools in the legs and the head which is the highest part has a period of no blood pressure until the body can rebalanced. As the organs are slowed due to lowered blood sugar, the response time is slow and the result is a blackout or dizziness. The effect is not harmful unless you fall and hit the floor. If you have low blood pressure, dizziness and blackout will be more common. Blackouts and dizziness can even occur on a one day fast or even skipping a meal for some people that may indicate blood pressure problems.

Stopping Fasting Blackouts Dizziness

Always breathe deeply a few time before standing from a resting position. The trick is to lower your body’s center of gravity to balance your blood pressure and get blood back to the brain. If you black out just get down on one knee. Fasting blackouts and dizziness stops as some as you increase blood sugar. For that reason, blackouts and dizziness during juice fasting are rare except for long periods between juices or restricted juice fasting.

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One Response to Fasting Blackouts Dizziness

  1. Yosef Abraham says:

    Shalom all !
    Can someone please help me out……I have been water fasting for 3 days now and I was wondering if I can drink decaf green tea while fasting ?

    Also , how long do I have to fast to lower my cholesterol and blood pressure. I want off of my blood pressure meds(benicar 20 mg ) and don’t want to start cholesterol meds. I have changed what I for some time now , but my cholesterol doesn’t seem to respond to my dietary changes. So I am hoping that water fasting will help !

    Thank you very much….
    Yosef 12-3-08