Fasting FAQ

If you are getting ready for your first fast you need the simplified version of how to fast. Fasting basics to get you started. This fasting FAQ was written at St. Theordore’s Hospital of  Sagada.  The results of therapeutic fasting have been astonishing; functional cellular recovery in patients over 70 years old.  Many of these patients had been taking medication for over 15 years.  They have experienced restoration to complete health with only 30 days of treatment while also becoming medication free.  Almost every disease condition affecting the Philippines is responding to treatment.  The photo is of Juan Liswig a patient at St. Theodore’s Hospital who underwent a 50 day juice fasting program to overcome terminal bone cancer and prostate cancer, supervised by Tom Coghill and Dr. Clare Lalwet.  One year later, Jaun, states his health is excellent.juan-liswig

Although fasting in a hospital for treatment of disease is new,  fasting has been used through the the centuries.  Over the last 50 years, fasting for disease treatment has gained some popularity due to authors such as Rudolph Breuss from Germany who authored Breuss Cancer Cure.  He reported to have cured 40,000 patients with cancer and other incurable diseases by prescribing one litre of vegetable juice daily.

Fasting Audios

The following questions are answered in depth on the audios. Each part is about 15 minutes each. This is Tom Coghill with Daniel Billman who was a guest at Tom Detox Sagada.

  • Fasting FAQ Part One
  • Fasting FAQ Part Two
  • Fasting FAQ Part Three

Fasting FAQ

What is juice fasting?

Drinking only fresh juices from a juice extractor and herbal tea sweetened with honey or Mascobado sugar. NO food, milk or coffee. Eating of any food completely stops the process of healing.  The treatment heals through several metabolic processes such as catabolism where the body breaks down dead, diseased and dying tissue for fuel. The fresh juices boost immune performance and supply the building blocks for complete cellular regeneration. Fasting allows your inner doctor to do His work. Without digestion the body cleans the hundreds of trillions of cells of the body. With each day, the cleansing deepens and become more thorough.

Why should I fast?

Some fast for spiritual reason that is outlined in the Bible. Many fast to increase athletic performance, weight loss or healing. Fasting is a vacation from stress and a time of healing. It can be a powerful catalyst for profound change. Fasting can be a health tune up performed ever few months or yearly.   In addition to curing disease this 30 day treatment has other benefits. Clear sinuses that can smell a delicate fragrance; sensitive skin that shivers with the caress of a warm breeze; emotions that become a symphony to the soul; and a mind that can capture the profound depths of God and glimpse the joy of Adam and Eve. Instead of becoming old and sick with the coming years, you will age gracefully and be amazed at how young you feel. Hitting forty and fifty years old, life has just begun. A few more wrinkles but feeling like twenty. Fasting is the reset button that takes you back to who you really are. It gives you time to be at peace and find yourself. Fasting can be a catalyst to lifestyle transformation.


Water Fasting

Water fasting is the most commonly known fast and has been practice since man’s earliest history. Water fasting is mentioned often in the Bible as a way to get God’s attention. It is also the most difficult as the body must catabolise (break down fat) at the maximum rate releasing toxins that can cause weakness, dizziness, headaches and nausea. Water fasting is less effective than juice fasting for healing but periodic water fasting during a juice fasting can increase healing. Read More on Water Fasting>>>

Mascobado sugar and lemon water

This is similar to water fasting but the lemon assists the cleansing and the natural vitamins and minerals in the Mascobado boost the immune system. The natural sugars also reduce the cleansing rate to make the fast more comfortable. Generally with this fast we see some cellular regeneration and a reduction of symptoms but rarely complete cellular regeneration. With the addiction of cayenne pepper to the juice or tea it becomes the Master Cleanse.

Master Cleanse

The master cleanse has been used by thousand of people globally. The Master Cleanse, also known as the Lemon Cleanse and the Maple Syrup Diet, is a dieting program created by Stanley Burroughs in 1941.

Juice Fasting

Juice fasting has proven effective results in cellular regeneration. Juice fasting with herbs and pharmaceutical grade supplement is the ultimate therapeutic agent that consistently assists cleansing, and healing through cellular regeneration. It is a safe, effective, inexpensive treatment that can be performed at home. With trained medical professionals guiding the treatment, life threatening disease and terminal cancer can be addressed with minimum risk without damage to the body and immune system by toxic medications. With a short juice fast before and after surgery, post op-complications can be greatly reduced as blood pressure is lowered and the immune response increased. Parasitic, bacterial, fungal and viral infections can be totally cured with less organ damage and less antibiotics (if needed) without recurrence as the immune system was enhanced by the treatment. Read More on Juice Fasting >>>

Fruit fasting or eating only fruit

This is and excellent way to detox the body. Good for children that are sick or people who have difficulty in fasting. This method heals the body but the rate is slower and less thorough than juice fasting. The treatment duration is three times longer than juice fasting, requiring 90 days of eating only fruit for permanent healing. It is not effective for cancer, parasitic, bacterial, fungal or viral infections. A fruit diet can reduce of symptoms and pain within 5 days.
Read More on Detoxification>>>


Cleansing Crisis

A period lasting 1 to 3 days when the body is dumping large amounts of toxins into the blood causing headaches, bad breath, coated tongue, muscle aches, mental fog, restless, tiredness and lack of motivation. The worse cleansing crisis can be within the first 3 days. Once it passes the body enters a fasting peak. A cleansing crisis can occur at any time of the fast. When enduring a cleansing crisis, it is important to remind yourself that the bad feeling is caused by toxins leaving the body. Every time you pee, your body is getting cleaner and cleaner. A clean cell is a healthy cell.

Fasting Peak

The state is incredible, mental clarity, sensitive skin, deep breathing, clear sinuses and increased sense of smell and taste. High energy levels and a feeling of youth that is truly indescribable. They usually occur after a cleansing crisis and increase in quality and energy the longer you fast. The ultimate fasting peaks are after 21 days. Some have weeks in this state others only experience a “peak” after breaking the fast. Read More on Fasting Peak>>>

Normal Fasting State:

This state has many variables and cannot be predicted. Some people feel normal for the entire fast. Others feel good but with low energy. Some become highly energetic for the entire fast. Some have cycles of high and low energy levels. In general the longer you fast, the healthier and more energetic you feel.

How to begin?

  • Step 1: Slow down, study and ask questions.  Fasting is a science and knowledge precedes success.
  • Step 2: Buy a juicer and learn how to make the juices you enjoy.
  • Step 3: Try to find a fasting partner for support.
  • Step 4: Prepare yourself mentally by telling yourself that you can do this and you will get the results you seek.
  • Step 5: Start juice fasting. Most people find it easy once the get started.
  • Step 6: Use the enema to cleanse the colon on the first day of the fast.
  • Step 7: Continue fasting until your body heals.

What is the best juicer?

Juicers start at about P2000. These juicers will work fine. There is no difference in the quality of the juice. The juicers that cost between P4000 to P6000 have a larger opening in the top and it make juicing less work as you can put in vegetables whole without cutting. We recommend the more expensive juicer as it is an investment in your health.

Why can’t I eat?

When you eat your immune system must dedicate all resources to clean the blood after digestion. As soon as you stop eating, your body starts to cleanse and repair. A few people on the program have stated that they are not healing and when asked, are you eating? The response is yes. Eating will stop cellular regeneration. If you must eat, only eat small amounts of fruit.

How long should I fast?

Five days a great tune up. Fourteen days is great for reducing aging and excess weight. 30 days is standard for chronic disease and 42 days on 1 liter of juice daily for cancer.

What fruits and veggies can I juice?

You can juice any fruits and veggies that you can find at the local market. Juice ingredients are carrots, sugar beets, squash, apple, lemon, cucumber, celery, garlic, greens, and pineapples. Start with carrots and pineapple then mix other fruits and vegetables to taste. You cannot juice bananas and papayas as they do not pass through the juicer screen.

Can I use a blender?

No. Juicing 2 kilograms of carrots will produce a juice that can be absorbed without digestion meanwhile eating that amount will require hours of digestion. Fiber is good when you are eating but not when you are healing as it takes work to move it through the intestine.

What if I can’t afford a juicer?

You can use Mascobado sugar with lemon juice and herbal tea such as lemon grass. The healing will not be complete but it will reduce excess fat and reduce pain and disease symptoms.

Can I drink bottled juice?

We do not see cellular regeneration from fasting using only bottled juice. You can supplement fresh juices with bottle juice if you do not have access to fresh juice. Eighty percent of your juice needs to be fresh if you want to heal.
Read More on Can I drink bottled juices>>>

Do I have to use an enema?

No you do not need to but it will reduce gas, bloating, and increase healing. Most importantly using the enema eliminates hunger that is important to get through the first three days of your fast. Enemas are impossible to find. We have made some at St. Theodore’s and you can buy them for P150 which includes one capsule of the intestinal bacteria.

How to use the enema.

Fill the enema with lukewarm filtered water with the clip closed. Place it about 4 feet above you in a bathroom. Lubricate the tip and your anus with Vaseline. Lie on your left side. Insert the tip. Release the clip and slowly let the water enter your colon. If you experience a cramp, stop the water flow for a few minutes. Massage your colon to help the water pass. When the water is inside, sit on the toilet and empty your bowels. The first time you use the enema is the most difficult. The second and third day is easier. Use the enema once per day for the first 3 days then every second or 3 day for the rest of the fast. Do not use the enema after you start to eat. Use the enema if you have food poisoning, typhoid fever, diarrhea or any intestinal infection. Using the enema is crucial with prostrate cancer and colon disease.

What about a coffee enema?

Avoid them. Too much caffeine. Let the body heal without disturbing it. You cannot increase the rate of healing that is being accomplished by juice fasting.

Should I take laxatives to move my bowels?

No, because you can upset your electrolyte balance. Laxatives irritate intestinal nerve endings, which in turn stimulate muscle contractions that move the irritant through the gut and out of the body. After a while the nerve endings no longer respond to stimulation. After the fast you will be constipated.

How do I replace my intestinal bacteria?

At the end of the fast, put a container of Yakult mixed with acidophilus and bifidus from a capsule and one half cup of lukewarm water hung about 5 ft above the floors. When the mixture is inside, hold it till the water absorbs. Once you replace the intestinal bacteria it will continue to reproduce in you intestine for the rest of your life and assist in the maintenance of a healthy intestine.

What about vitamins?

Take vitamins with the juice.Vitamins increasethe healing during juice fasting. This is a good time to invest in your health. Do not take vitamins during water fasting. Take quality multi vitamins, vitamin E 800 IU daily, and any vitamins specific to your illness with a glass of juice. Avoid vitamins on a water fast as they can sit in the stomach as there is no digestion present.

How much should I drink?

Drinking more juice causes less cleansing and more energy. Drinking less juice causes more cleansing and less energy. We recommend drinking lots of juice for the first few days then cut back to increase cleansing one the body is comfortably in the fasting state.

How much weight will I lose?

Weight loss depends on your metabolism, age, juice intake and physical activity. Many people have lost 20 to 60 lb on a 30 day fast and with a change in diet to more plant foods the weight loss is permanent. Stretch marks are noticeably reduced and can be further reduced by using the natural scrub, then applying vitamin E from a capsule that is described further on. The skin will regain resilience after fasting without flabbiness that is common to weight loss programs. Read More on How Much weight will I lose>>>

Can I exercise or work?

Yes! Physical labor and exercise can be performed during juice fasting. However energy levels are temperamental changing by the day. A toxin release will lower energy levels. Moderate exercise is recommending during juice fasting. Daily, stretching, relaxed breathing and moderate exercise is recommended.
Read More on Can I exercise or work>>>

Will I have worse body odor?

This may happen for a short period during detoxification.  For most people body odor disappears during the fast.  If you do have odor try to find a natural product.  Antiperspirants are toxic and have been identified as one of the leading causes of breast cancer.  The US Food and Drug association consider antiperspirants a drug.  Unlike drugs, neither cosmetic products nor cosmetic ingredients are reviewed or approved by the FDA before they are marketed. Antiperspirants also stop the body releasing toxins. A few common ingredients are aluminum chloride, aluminum chlorohydrate, aluminum zirconium, and butane, used as an aerosol propellant.

Organic or non-organic?

These incredible healing results documented at St. Theodore’s Hospital were through standard produce bought at the local market. Pesticides stay with the fiber and the small amounts in the juice are cleansed by the immune system. Organic is superior as there are no contaminates and more nutrition but not required for juice fasting.


Diabetics can juice fast by controlling the juice intake and drinking smaller amounts of juice spaced throughout the day. All medication should be stopped on the first day of the fast. Failing to do so will cause a hypoglycemic reaction (low blood sugar). All our patients on the program are medication free.

Cardiovascular Disease:

The healing of cardiovascular disease with juice fasting is astounding. We are seeing total recovery. With serious heart conditions, start slowly and eat some fruits like papaya and banana for three days to slow the detoxification. After that period, juice fast without food. A 30-day juice fasting treatment is recommended and a 60-day post treatment diet.

Documenting Treatment.

Keep a daily record of your fast. For example:
DAY 1: Weight 66 kilos, Feel good, lots of energy, tired in the morning with a coated tongue Walked for 20 minutes. Chest pain decreased by 50%. Drank 4 liter of juice using carrots, beets, lemons, pineapples.Weight loss should be recorded on the first day of the fast including hip stomach and upper thigh measurements and the end of the fast. Take a before and after picture with front and side view wearing a t-shirt. Do not be afraid to show the ugly fat you are about to lose.Your fasting program is an important contribution to the  science of fasting. Your results will help to encourage other fasters or be used to create accurate treatment protocols.

Will I have energy to work?

Energy will increase the longer you fast. The first few days may be hard and cause a tired unmotivated state.

What if I cannot afford a juicer?

Borrow a juicer or save to buy one. It is better to complete the program correctly and get the results you need. Till then, change your diet to more raw food and whole grains.

How long will juice stay fresh?

It will go bad quickly if not cooled. Two hours out of the refrigerator and 24 hours if refrigerated. Keep the juice cool and travel it in a thermos. You can carry the juice for work in 2 large thermoses. Also take some herbal tea and honey.

How do I break the fast?

Carefully! Slowly! Breaking a fast is harder than fasting. Old patterns of indulgence and compulsive eating can return with a vengeance when you start to eat. If you dream about pizza during a fast, you will be overcome by a “pizza urge” after you break the fast. Be careful what foods you think of during a fast. Over eating will cause pain as the body needs to wake up for the fasting state gradually. For a 30 day fast, continue to juice then eat small amounts of fruits and raw vegetables. Increase the amount as the body become hungrier. Wait 5 day before eating any cooked food or protein foods. Chew your food and maintain your peace.

What should I eat after the fast?

The post treatment diet is crucial to maintain your recovery especially for cancer patients. The diet should be eighty percent raw fruits and vegetables. The best protein is egg white with only one yoke per day. Nuts are good if chewed well. Soybean is excellent. Boiled or baked fish (do not eat river fish commercially grown). Chicken is a good source of protein. To prepare meat and chicken cut off the fats then boil it and pour off the fat. Stop eating processed oils and fried foods? The post cancer diet is 140 days including periodic shorter fasts. For most other chronic diseases, the post treatment diet period is 60 days. After that, you can eat more cooked or processed food or stay on the post treatment diet for life and enjoy vigorous health during retirement.

How often should I fast?

That depends on your needs. Some fast one day a week. Three days out of the month and others do a long juice fast per year. Once you have fasted, you will feel the urge to fast when your body becomes toxic.

Can I still drink coffee?

If you drink over 5 cups of coffee per day get ready for some headaches, tiredness and mental fog for 3 days. You can have one cup for the first two days of the juice fast and quit on the third to ease caffeine withdrawals. Coffee during the fast will reduce and impair cellular regeneration.

Can I still smoke cigarettes?

Over 4000 chemical compounds are created by burning a cigarette, many of which are toxic and/or carcinogenic. These 4000 compounds will stop the lungs recovering. Buy the nicotine patch for the period of the fast and try to quit during the fast. Juice fasting helps reduce the addiction and reset natural homeostasis. Although you will still have urges they will diminish and reduce in intensity as the fast continue

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93 Responses to Fasting FAQ

  1. keith101 says:

    Hi all
    A short story for you.
    My mother had a urinary tract infection last week.
    She is a woman with strong will and the strong view of going to see a doctor at the slightest whim.
    For once she started to listen to me about juice fasting!
    I told her to drink cranberry juice only for 3 days.
    After the 2nd day she told me the pain of going to the loo had gone, and the smile on her face came back, instead of the pain i saw in her face i saw for the 7 days previously.

    All you have to do is log on to for support and advise, whatever your needs. We do not charge money for advice and are here for your best interests and needs and always give safe advice on fasting. some of us are christians, some not, but this site has been built for your needs first and foremost.
    best wishes Keith.

  2. missabigail says:

    Hi Keith,

    I have a question about hair loss…I fasted for forty days mostly during the month of September. Late in October I began to notice hair loss and it has continued until now, although it seems finally to be slowing. I did not know about the possibility of hair loss, and it was somewhat alarming as I have thinned out quite a bit. I saw on the site that regrowth is usually complete, so I feel reassured in that regard. My question, though, is that I was hoping to go on another extended fast beginning in January, perhaps thirty days. I am a mother of eight and all the babies have led to me being overweight. No weight loss plan has ever worked for me but the fasting was wonderful. I was hoping to get much closer to my target weight with the fast next month. But will I lose hair again after another fast? Is there a way to avoid it? If I thought I would lose this much hair again I would not do it, as it might leave me without any! Thanks for your time. Abigail

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi missabigall,
      I believe there is a simple remedy for the hairloss during a water fast. You altenate one or 2 days of juice fasting with,2 tablespoons essential oils like hemp and flax, and B complex vitamins, with 1600 IU vitamin E. Every week. So far we only see hair loss on water fasts. Hairloss is caused by a combiation of toxins disrupting folicule growth and lack or nutrients for proper hair creation. One day of juice fasting per week of water should be enough to prevent hair loss.

  3. keith101 says:

    Hi Abigail
    I have not read to mutch into hair-loss during water fasting.
    But Tom has saved my “bacon” with your question, but my advice to you would be to start a healthy exercise program when you finnish your fast, i see too many people falling back on their ways after their fast and think” what’s the point on fasting?

    What im trying to say is i have watched loots of people fasting,
    they look so well and healthy when the fast is over, then they go back to square {1}.

    I noticed you have 8 childreen “WOW”. this is amazing.
    My grandmother had 12, she went through 15 loafs of bread a week LOL…

    If you feel under stress then juice/veg fasting would be great for you.
    I will be starting my 40 day water fast soon.
    I will be posting vids on youtube.
    After my fast i will be going to the gym.

    The longest water fast i have compleated, was 30 days.
    I am now starting to focus myself to do the big one.
    I really don’t know what to expect on this new fast, all i know is that every fast is differant.
    Blessings Keith.

  4. lornabresko says:

    I love making my own juices using fruits and veggies – I follow a 50-50 style raw food diet where I replace 1 or 2 meals a day with juices. I still get the benefits of the raw food and juice but get to eat my cooked food as well. One thing I did find when I started eating this way was that I always make sure the cooked food is healthy food as I now don’t want to waste all the good work I do with the raw food and juices by blowing it on unhealthy food.

    Learnt a lot of new stuff from your article here – will definitely be adding some good bacteria drinks to my diet as well.

  5. keith101 says:

    Hi Lornabresko
    Welcome to
    Thank you for sharing your views on juice/veg and healthy eating habits, we are all here to help oneanother on, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    Best wishes Keith.

  6. PConnolly says:


    I am new to the board and am quite nervous about juice fasting. Unfortunately, I will be having surgery sometime in the next one and 1/2 months to heal a fistula created by an abcess. I know after the surgery that I will want to limit my BMs yet keep my energy – juice fasting might help accomplish this. My concerns include: how soon before surgery should I start? (5 days?), can the fast be sucessful without enemas? (not sure the tissue would be able to handle), I certainly do not want to risk getting C-diff and will likely take probiotics throughout the cycle – is that ok?

    I am 47 and a heavy man. 6’3” and 350 pounds, but healthy other than the fistula issue.

    Anny andive is appreciated! Thanks!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi PConnolly.
      I would fast before and after the operation. I had a few accidents and fasted directly after surgery in the hospital. You get significant pain reduction and quicker recovery. Make the juice fresh and filter it. Probiotics are recommended.

  7. lostintheplot says:

    I just finished a 7 day juice fast. With one or two days where I just had water (due to a bus schedule and not being able to get to organic produce.)

    My question is in breaking the fast. For me, today is day of of breaking it. I’ve had 1/2 of an apple and I felt fine. A few hours later I have a headache and I feel like I may even vomit.. are these feelings typical?

    Tomorrow I plan on 2 pieces of fruit and a raw salad.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Lostintheplot,
      Yes feeling bad after the first meal is common. The first food in the intestine after a fast peels of the mucus coating the has been loosen by the fast and releases toxins into the blood. Unconfirmed but my best guess as it happens more with a salad than fruit and it never happens to a person who has fasted a few times.

  8. bkck2k3 says:

    Hi there, I’m planning to water fast for the month of February. This is my first prolonged fast, and my biggest concern would be is it safe to drive?

  9. melissa says:

    Hi. I am 26 5’8″ and 130-135lbs. I have two sons 3 and 11 mos. During my pregnancy my OB tested me and said I’m borderline autoimmune and requested a visit to reuhmatology to test for lupas. I have also had a tonsilectomy back in March due to severely infected tonsils. I have joined a corporate fast with Jentezen Franklin Ministry however only comitted to 7 days of daniel fast.Day1-Mashed sweet potato at breakfast, frozen mix veg (heated)at lunch, grilled potatos and onion with minced garlic dinner. Only water to drink. Day2- mashed sweet potato and peas Day3- I messed up bad. Chocolate and 1 licorice, pancake w/syrup and peanut butter, small amt of canned veg soup 1 orange 1 kashi granola. Today day4- 1 bite of my sons pign blanket. This is my first fast. Trying to study your site and others. Question: Have I done any good considering my failure? How should I continue to get the best results the fastest? Payday is not till Friday so I can’t afford any fresh foods till then but I am already comitted I don’t want to stop till payday and afraid a water fast will knock me off my feet. Any advice?

  10. emma says:

    Hi Tom,

    I have just considered fasting to detox my body and loose some weight i’ve gained after going on birth control. i have stoped taking birth control about 4 months ago. The problem is that i have a chronic yeast infection and was told that i should not fast. Apparently, when the body is “starved” it goes in to survival mode and stores sugar, which is what feeds yeast. Is this true? please let me know your thoughts!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Emma,
      The info is wrong. Fasting is good for candida as it cannot live with lowered glucose levels. Water fasting is the best. But the problem is that is that although many die some go dormant and when you go back to eating the infection returns. Fasting, with low calories green juices with a yeast buster formula it the best way to go. The detox can be rough for the first 3 days as when the yeast are dieing they release toxic compounds.

  11. emma says:

    Thank you so much for your reply Tom! I have had this infection for about 6 or so months; even though it is not as bad as those who have it for years, i am ready to get rid of it! Nothing has worked for me. i have been on a no sugar diet, which has been very difficult because i normally eat out because of work. i am taking pro- biotics and a supository for the yeast. will this be enough to take of the yeast completely? would it be a good idea to fast and then when i have finnished, continue with the no sugar diet? how long would you recommend me fast for?

  12. emma says:

    Thank you so much for your help! I’m planning on starting my fast tomorrow and I truly beleive this will be the most helpful treatment! I am so excited to see the results! Thanks again!!

  13. Nancy says:

    I have just completed my 7 days of fasting. 6 days of either orange & carrot and apple juices and one day of water fasting.

    Didn’t experience the mental clarity that I hoped to achieve. Sleep is still very bad. Have been insomniac for last 4 years. My sleep is so light that I do not think I am sleeping at all. I have lost the experience of feeling sleepiness or drowsiness. My mind is still so clogged and mental alertness is still low. There isn’t much of bowel movement except on the recent Monday. The output is very little though. I do not have bowel movement daily, usually once in 3 days. Will my colon be toxic with all the toxins release during the fast and those waste accumulated before the fast.

    Wonder whether there is hope for cure for my mental clarity and chemical imbalance in my brain. Long fasting is tough. Wonder if one day fast per week for half a year would be as effective of consecutive fast? Hope someone with similar condition can share their experiences or helps to clarify. Thank you.

  14. sixduece222 says:


    I have recently started a 10 day water fast. This is my first attempt at anything over 3 days. I got a bloody nose on day three and it made me wonder. What are you thoughts about blood loss during a water fast? Is this a reason to break the fast? Is there any greater risk if I experience blood loss during a fast?

    Thank you!

  15. youlovekris says:

    When I finish my fast, is that when I need to replace the good bacteria? Also, they sell pills at the health food store that you are supposed to take for 30 days after a cleanse. Will those work? I don’t know if I can find the other ingredients mentioned above and don’t want to mess it up.
    Thanks for the help :)

  16. keith101 says:

    Hi youlovekris
    What type of fast are you on?
    How long will your fast be for?
    You can replace the good bacteria that you have lost by taking natural yoghurt’s.
    What pills are they recommending from the health food store?
    Blessings Keith.

  17. IanT says:

    I am 46, 5’5 1/2″ and weigh 270 lbs. I have type 2 diabetes, asthma and sleep apnea. A significant weight loss could benefit my health greatly.
    I read the FAQ and it said that diabetics can juice fast, I am on metformin pills and a kidney protector drug. I have been trying a low carb higher protein diet on no meds and it has been working somewhat but I find it’s hard to keep the portion size down.
    Juice fasting may be a better alternative. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi IanT
      A high protein diet is not the best for a kidney disorder. A juice fast would help you greatly. Space out the drinking of the juices. Do not drink big glasses quickly. Make sure you have greens in the juice such as parsley. You will have to watch you blood sugar levels and may have to drop your dosage of metformin each day or omit taking it. Blood sugars can normalize in 2 to 10 days from what we observed in the treatment of diabetics at the hospital. Beets can spike sugar levels so if you have it drink small amounts at a time. Cucumber and celery are good. Stevia is a good sweetner. I would love to support you on this fast and if you could document each day, the information would be of great value.

  18. IanT says:

    Thanks for the speedy response. I haven’t been using the metformin much to my doctor’s displeasure but I wanted to lose weight and normalize my sugars naturally. I am quite muscular, with 18 inch biceps and 26 inch thighs so when I have cravings it’s always for meat and cheese almost never for dessert.

    That might make juicing a challenge for me. I love lemons and limes, strawberries and pineapple, oranges sometimes but I’m not usually a big fruit eater. But I’m willing to give it a try … I’m desperate to get healthy for my kids, I have 7. What would be the best combinations for me, I don’t like beets but I think I can handle most anything else. I prefer spinach or Kale to raw cabbage but maybe cabbage juiced would be okay … not much experience with this.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi IanT
      Wow 7 kids and 18 inch bicepts. I am trying to get my mind around that. There is a big section on juice recipes on the site. The best is to mix and test till you find several combinations you like. You will have low energy if you train in a gym is take it easy. The more juice you drink the more energy you get. But drink smaller amounts at intervals.

  19. IanT says:

    Thanks again.
    I wish my musculature was from working out in a gym. Though fairly strong, it’s my genetics and over prescribed steroid-based inhalers over the course of my 46 years that get the credit. At least that’s what I surmised plus I’ve met other life long asthmatics who’ve been on the same drugs and they are stout and big muscled (but I’m no expert). I have plenty of heart-threatening fat on my stomach and chest I could lose. Present weight 270 , goal weight 160. I desperately want to lose my health issues.

  20. keith101 says:

    Hi Ian
    I was laughing when you mentioned the 18inch BIG GUNS.
    lots of people train many years to get arms that size lol, but i understand what you are saying about the health issue! you have came to the right place if you wish to loose weight on a juice/veg fast. 270 lbs is to much weight to carry.
    What is your hight?…
    You can loose 90 lbs easy on a juice/veg fast plus a gym program tied in. I know you have asthma so weights would be better for you.
    Let me know what your thoughts are on this?
    Blessings Keith.

  21. IanT says:

    I’m only 5’6″ so 270 IS a lot of weight to carry. I have started the juicing (not enjoying it as I crave meat a lot) but have lost 6 lbs in under 2 days. I did cheat a bit though. On the second day I ate a little protein.

    Going meatless will be a challenge for sure. I’ve been going on walks to get some exercise. Normal weight for my size is about 120 to 140 but I’m built so I’m aiming for 160 ultimately but I will have short-term goals. I’m going to see how I do over the next 2 weeks.

  22. keith101 says:

    Hi Ian
    I am looking forward to reading your posts over the next few weeks of your fast. That is great you have lost 6 lbs in 2 days.

    I started a 40 day water fast recently but had to stop as I am under stress at the moment, this is not good whilst fasting especially when it is a water fast.

    Toms e-books are great for juice fasting, and insight whilst fasting.
    I really understand what you are saying in your posts, but if you stand firm then your goal is only weeks or a month away so stay strong.
    Trust me when I say that I have been there, you can read some of my fasts on, fasting progress reports.
    One of my fasts was 30 days on water.
    Wishing you the best on your journey Keith.

  23. xpclfx says:

    I’ve posted this question in several different categories. Please, can somebody tell me exactly what I must do;

    Hi Tom. I just finished a 40 day fast, (just water), when I came off I had potato soup, home made wheat flat bread drenched in honey. Don’t forget the soy milk!. In the morning I had some oatmeal, and a hard boiled egg! Then I had an urge to use the restroom- what happen next, was the most unbearable PAIN I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCE IN MY ENTIRE LIFE! IT ALMOST BROUGHT THIS 46 YR. OLD MAN TO TEARS! So I thought, well, guts must be awake now, no more pain! That day I stuck to chicken noodle soup, 2 cans, until the evening when I had just a little more potato soup right before a tasty salmon steak on top of spinach lettuce and a side of Spanish rice! The next day, oatmeal and two hard-boiled eggs in the morning, then cottage cheese ’bout 1030, then at 1230, big sliced turkey, lettuce, tomato, and mustard sandwich. At 330, protein shake. Oh by the way, something different today- no bowel movement!, its gets better! I know, I’ll push it out! I went to a buffet! PAIN, PRESSURE! Finally I got a double shot espresso latte, caffeine caused some flow, a breakthrough, diarrhea of course. Thought it was over. Continued to eat as day before, and you guessed it, another buffet, oh but this time, w/a huge piece of German chocolate cake, cherries jubilee, chocolate cheese cake, reeses peanut butter cup. Both buffets were Chinese, have to get my MSG’s ya know. Both buffets were not in the plan. One was a birthday, the other was a Valentines dinner. that all started Tues. night at 2pm. Now its Saturday, and me and my wife are celebrating our 14th anniversary. Oatmeal in the morning, two hard-boiled eggs. Got the worst Heartburn I ever had! Took two tablets of Pepcid AD, wasn’t sufficient, so I took some Pepto Bismol. Then to a Chinese restaurant for dim sum. After that, a trip to the herb store,where I purchased some Pshylimn husks to make a tea to hopefully get my bowels moving. But it was to no avail. Still I have yet to see any input of food I’ve eaten become output! My wife surfed and found your site. I’m now going to start doing what you prescribed in your column. Is this enough to rectify my problem of constipation, ( no pun intended ). I thought about getting that salt solution from my doctor to cleanse my colon, or will doing your 10 day fast breaking process be enough for the 40 day fast I did ? Signed Scared and feeling stupid . P.S. I wish I would have seen your article before I broke the fast. I feel stupid, cause I ignored what I now know was God telling me to research breaking a fast of such a length. Am I in serious danger?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi xpclfx
      Breaking a fast wrong can cause and ulcer as the stomach lining is not protected with a thick mucus coating. Constipation is normal with those foods after a fast. Fresh corn in a salad, and oatmeal with prunes are best to stop constipation. You can go to a few days of juice if your stomach hurts. No danger just pain, constipation and a bloated stomach just the opposite of how you should feel.

  24. keith101 says:

    Hi xpclfx
    Are you honestly being serious with me about your fast breaking and what you have put into your body after a 40 day water fast?
    Have you not read on how to break a water fast before you even started one.

    For every 3 days on a water fast you should consume juice mixed with water up to 10 days after, then start on raw fruit/veg adding natural yoghurt, then slowly adding salads to slowly wake up the digestive tract.

    Hope this helps you.

  25. xpclfx says:

    Thanks to both Tom and Keith. Yes, I’m very serious about my experience. I did read about it, but also read about some who broke there fast w/soup, another friend of mine who fast regularly, broke a 3 week fast w/ thanksgiving dinner, he had no ill effects at all. Rare cases I’d say. another friend of mine broke a 40 w/a steak dinner, he only got diarrhea. didn’t find out till later that he drank coffee and juice on his fast. I wish I would have just been patient. I consulted a nurse friend of mine, I told her I’m now 3 days on juice, then juice w/blended banana and mango, etc. as I read from Tom’s comment. She said I was on the right track now. I had great results with chugging 32 oz. of pure prune juice! Constipation gone with the quickness! feeling a lot better now! Will be starting the juice/banana mango shake thing tomorrow for two days. Feeling very hungry, and looking forward to the veggies after that. About the raw yogurt, I saw a brand w/eight different live cultures. Is that what I want?

  26. khoyt says:

    Just found this website and am thrilled to be onboard. I wanted to lose pregnancy fat so went on a 3-week water fast (1977) – lost 50 pounds and felt great. I turned my diet into vegetarian which lasted until 1995. In the meantime, I found a book, “Fasting: the Ultimate Diet” and discovered that what I did was exactly right. I had guessed at most of the procedure. I have decided to go on another fast, this time a bit longer for detox, weight loss and religious reasons. I have finished my first week. Because I was beginning an “all natural/organic” diet over the last year or so, I have suffered no headache, or uncomfortable feelings. This fast is by far better that the first one I went on back in 1977. I am not keeping a log, but will try to begin one and keep it…Thanks again for the website and will keep you posted as to my progress.

  27. khoyt says:

    As a footnote to my previous message. I am drinking not only water, but Organic Green Tea and Organic Chamomile Tea – 2 cups of each daily. Could this be why I have a “taste” in my mouth? The sugar I am using is Stevia. Any comments?

  28. keith101 says:

    Hi khoyt
    Welcome to
    Have you read Toms books on fasting, they are a great read for health and weight loss.
    Tummy fat is one of the most annoying things for a woman. Fasting and exercise can rid women of this problem.
    Blessings Keith.

  29. Territorytaker says:

    Hi Keith and Tom and all….you know i’ve been on several juice and water fasts since sept. 09…on this recent one…I’m 6 days in on a juice and tea fast…and starting on water only tomorrow for 8 days….but on this juice fast I’ve noticed my teeth are real senitive and Gingivitis is becoming very evident…any suggestions ??? love you all and God bless…thanks, John

    • Ron says:

      Hi John, Try salt water rinsing. I have to keep my gingavitis in check also! I noticed on my extended juice fast that it just about disappears!!

      When I’m not fasting, I use Listerine to brush under my gums every morning. As well as flossing, and frequent hygenist visits! That keeps them pretty good for me.

      As far as the sensitive teeth. I get it from time to time, and it just passes. I use very little pressure to brush them. And the tooth paste Sensodyne works very well! Ron

  30. AcireRo says:

    Hey Guys!
    So I’ve been trying to do extensive research on juice fasting. I feel physically, emotionally and spiritually out of balance and feel as though a juice fast is the best thing for my body and mind. I have two questions –
    1.) I just gave birth about four months ago and I have terrible stretchmarks on my stomach. Is their anyway to lessen their appearance while fasting? I was reading something called dry-brushing? Would this help?
    2.) I attend college classes twice a week (Tues & Thurs). I would like to start a fast on Friday so the different early side effects (hunger, coated tongue, body odor) will not embarass me. Will four days be enough for the most brutal part of this fast? Or are these symptoms something I will have to be mindful of constantly?
    I love your site and God Bless you for offering help and support to people. I’m hoping that through my journey, I can inspire the unhealthy loves ones around me so we can continue to live longer, happier and healthier together.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Erica, Pure cocoa butter for the stretch marks. My wife had nine children, and used it religiously. No bad scares at all!

      Juice fasting isn’t as bad as water fasting! I’m on day 16 and no one has even noticed at work, or play! Just set your mind to it..and do it! The first 3-5 days are the worst. So, start well before you know that you may have trouble!

      Other than that! ENJOY!!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi AcireRo
      I leaned a cool trick that reduces aging and smooths skin. When in the shower, take about a tablespoon of white or brown sugar and rub your skin vigorously. Do it every time you shower. It will reduce stretch marks and fine lines on the face. Rub where the wrinkles are.

  31. bethcoda says:

    Hi! I’m starting a hopefully thirty day water fast tomorrow. I’ve fasted a few times before but never made it more then 3 days. Anyway, I was going over this site for research and alot of the times I read you loose around a pound a day fasting but then I also read that your metabolism slows to 1200 calories a day after a few days, then down to 800 and so on. So, would the pound just be in water? No matter what it is I still wanna fast, just to get a little more healthy and more will power if nothing else but I’d love to know.
    Anyway, thanks!

    • Ron says:

      Hi Bethcoda, 30 days on water is for a pro! I’ve been fasting for a long time now, and haven’t been able to do it! My work schedule and family life prohibit it right now. I have done long juice fasts, and that has in itself been very healing, spiritual and enjoyable for me. I’m hoping to take a trip to visit Tom and his resort one day and coax him into a 30 day water fast! LOL

      Why don’t you start with small goals. At least you can then feel like you accomplished something. I suggest starting with a water fast for 2-3 days, then switching to juice for 7-10 days.

      You’ll feel great! You will have made a major accomplishment. And you will look forward to progressing your fasting experience with a positive attitude!

      It’s a learning experience for me everytime I fast. I’m just suggesting here, so don’t take me wrong. Some have made it to 30 days on their first attempt. We are here to help each other, no matter the situation. God Bless! Ron

      • Tom Coghill says:
        Tom Coghill

        Hey Ron,
        Yea that would be so cool if you came out. Yea I want to do a long water fast but I have zero energy and get nothing done. But hey inspire me and get over here. And yea, even for the pros, 30 days on water is a serious fast.

        • Ron says:

          Hi Tom, I will get there someday! A vacation would be nice, But I wouldn’t get that much time there! A tease is all.

          If it was 10 years ago, I’d be living there-a-bouts now! I think I told you before, but I planned to to move to the Marquesas but hesitated. Now my kids are split, on going anywhere! They were too young to care a decade ago.

          But, who knows the way the USA is decaying around us monetarily, morally and physically, It may convince them.

          Then again, I just may lose my way coming home from work one evening! LOL…Probably take a couple of days before they knew I was missing! Someday Tom, someday!

  32. bethcoda says:

    I’m going to take your advice and do a smaller fast. I guess if I did a thirty day one I might die or something awful. And I doubt I could last thirty days on my first try. But today’s the first day of my smaller fast! So I’m happy and a little bit food crazed.
    Anyway, I have two questions. Is it dangerous to do light running on a juice fast? Also, will I only be burning 1000 calories a day if I stay on for a long water fast? Thank so much for your help!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Being food crazy is a sign to do a short fast first. Break a shorter fast correctly and you are ready for a long one.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Bethcoda
      What is your hight, weight, and age?
      One of my first 10 day water fast, a few years ago was fine for me, but you really have to focus 100% even on a short water fast. I have started a 40 day water fast and posting my videos on youtube. It is day 3 tomoz for me so maby you will get some insight on a long water fast by watching my daily videos, basically its like reaching the top of Mount Everest” The rewards are great for mind, body, and Spirit”
      Many try few make it to the top..LOL.
      As Ron has mentioned start small at the beginning.
      Blessings Keith.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Beth, Start slow on the food. For breaking a short fast: Soft fruit and juice on the first day, and salads on the second with olive oil and lemon for dressing. By day three you can have a small, solid meal. Take it slow! Your digestive system needs to awaken gently.

      How many calories you gain or lose depends on the amount and type of juice you drink. Fruit juice will give you more energy than veggie, but it will increase your calories. For optimum cleansing and weight loss, you can’t beat veggie juice. But not many can do it exclusively, Including me! The less you do, the less you’ll need. Just listen to your body.

      Light running is fine! I do 2 miles in the gym 3 times a week…on juice! Also, I live on about one to 2 liters total of juice/tea & honey/water per day.

      I do add 15-30 grs. of Whey protein to my juice before the gym. But my workout is pretty tough! Including weight lifting. I noticed weight loss slows rapidly with proteins. But muscle mass increases rapidly too! There is another trade off w/ protein. Detox slows down also. God bless, Ron

  33. bethcoda says:

    Thanks so much for all your information. I’m going to spend the next 3 days on a juice fast and then go onto a ten day water fast. I hope I can actually make it. I’m 5’7 and 195, at 18 years old so I think it’s safe to say I can use the weight loss. I’ll watch the videos to get more information because I really don’t want to mess this up. Anyway, thank you all so much!

  34. keith101 says:

    Hi bethcoda
    I have dragged my first video from youtube, the video had to be a bit short as i was not sure if it would upload on youtube. I will be posting day 3 today on youtube, but i hope it will help you do your 10 day fast, there is lost of videos of fasters and info on my site. Today i will be doing the salt water flush yummy LOL
    CLICK ON….
    I also had to put on weight to try for the 40 days on water. You will notice the weight loss as the days go on.
    Blessings and stay strong you have nothing to fear on a 10 day water fast.Keith

  35. bethcoda says:

    Thanks so much for the videos! I wanna find out the end result now. And, nice accent!
    Well, in ten days I will tell you the results. Hopefully they will stick!

  36. keith101 says:

    Hi Bethcoda
    Thanks for the compliment lol.
    I will have to stop saying em on my videos lol.
    This is day 5 now. I will be talking about fasting teenagers.
    [IS IT SAFE]?…
    I think I should look like a stick insect by the end lol.
    I promised the guys on this site a while ago that I would be posting videos on youtube. Its only to let them see I practice what I preach, also to show the ups and downs on water fasting.
    Blessings Keith.

  37. Hai2u says:

    Is it okay to drink Lipton tea (without sugar ofcourse) during a fast? It says it has Naturally protective antioxidants and its 100% natural tea. If not which kind/brand should I get and what can I use as a substitute for sugar? Is it ok to use splenda?

    • Ron says:

      Hi Hai2u, The leaf teas have caffine in them. And some are chemically processed. So herbal tea is better. Just read the labels and limit your intake.

      A little will never hurt you! I know that bananas and tomato jucing slow my detox during a fast, but I use them as treats when I’m in need.

  38. keith101 says:

    Hi Steve
    First you must cut out the fizzy juice, this causes gases in the gut and bloatedness, go on a 40 day juice/veg fast you can take a multi vitimin daily. The biggest thing you have to battle is the mind, I AM ON A 40 Day water fast, this is day 8, it takes a lot om mental power, thats what you have to fight.
    Have a look at my videos on my site, they might inspire you to be strong
    Click on my link
    Blessings Keith.

  39. Steve says:

    Wow i cant believe my posts have been deleted

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Steve,
      Posts take my work and it may have been deleted by accident or it should have been a comment. I generally change titles to what the post is about. Some were in daughts and others showed deleted so it has been a bit difficult to keep up with. We are redesigning the site today to bring the new posts to the front page.

  40. bethcoda says:

    Keith, all of your videos are very inspiring! Good luck!

  41. keith101 says:

    Thank you bethcoda
    How are you getting on with your fast?
    If you cant manage to do the 10 days on water you can do a day on juice, then a day on water. They say a 10 day water fast is the same as a 30 day juice fast.
    I wish you the very best keep in touch, we are here for you.
    Bssings Keith.

  42. Steve says:

    I sent you a private message on youtube keith

  43. Erica R says:

    Hey everyone! So I wanted to do a small fast before embarking on a big one, and I’m glad I did. I know that your skin could be troublesome, but is it like this the whole fast? Now, I only did a 4 day juice fast… But my face looks horrid :( I’ve always had problem skin growing up, but through a cycle of medicine and cleansing, I was able to clear it up significantly and maintain it. Is there anything I can do to try to prevent such terrible breakouts? Or is this just something I’ll hafta endure when doing out?

    Any help is appreciated! :D Wish me luck, starting second JUICE fast tonight. Oh, and I love juicing! Strawberry juice is amazing!

    • Ron says:

      Hi Erica, As you juice more, your skin will clear up fine. If it doesn’t, start testing your juice intake.

      You may have a reaction to say, strawberries, raspberries or grapes. Use one juice at a time per day. If your skin doesn’t clear it is probably an allergic reaction to that particular fruit. Both my wife, and mother have had allergic reations to certain fruits! It has to do with your blood composition.

      Remember to wash your fruits and veggies very well, as the chemicals on them could be a concern.

      Longer fasts can very well take care of some allergies! So test again at the end of a longer fast. Hope that helps. Ron

  44. khoyt says:

    Just a quick not about my fasting progress. At 3 weeks into my fast, I had lost 35 lbs. I weighed two weeks later and had lost another 16 lbs. I weighed yesterday (04/01/10) and have lost another 6 lbs. I am very happy with the results, have gone down 2 sizes. My husband says I have to quit wearing “clown pants”! LOL…I will break this fast on Easter Sunday properly, then begin another fast in about 8 weeks. I will not fast as long – probably only 3-4 weeks at a time from now on every 2-3 months until I achieve my comfortable weight goal. Mind you, I started out at 285 lbs. And yes, the tummy fat is the hardest to get rid of. Yoga will help – I am sure and walking. Yesterday I went to the spa for a Foot Detox using an ionizing unit. The water turned a little yellow and there were a few metal flecks floating. The spa owner was amazed at the results. I had one colonic treatment about half way thru the fast (20 gallons of water went thru my system…great results!). I will be sure to replace the intestinal bacteria before I introduce food to my system. Thank you for the website and the support. Kathryn

  45. keith101 says:

    Hi Khoyt
    Remember the most important thing about your after fast!
    A healthy exercise program and diet, congrats on your victory with weight, glad to hear you are doing great.
    Blessings Keith

  46. dorianab says:

    I’ve stuffed up!!!! It’s Easter Sunday and on my 5th day of water fasting. Come home from family visits and hogged out and feel yuk. I was planning on a 10 day water fast and would like to continue. What do you suggest? Should I continue and add or…?
    Thanks heaps for this website and your e-books which I just bought.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi dorianab
      Welcome to
      Add on a few days to the end of your fast,you are not alone on breaking your fast, so don’t be to heavy on yourself you have done great lasting 5 days for a first fast so well done, you can have a look at my fasting videos on my site [HOPE THEY INSPIRE YOU TO GO FURTHER]…
      Click on
      Blessings Keith.

      • dorianab says:

        Hi Keith,
        Thank you for such a quick reply. I have been on many detoxes in my life, but never on a water fast. I am determined to continue my water fast as this is new to me and experiences (mind playing games).
        I am reading Paul Bragg’s Fasting book which has encouraged me and I am going to make this part of my life.
        I have had amazing results through detoxing back in September 09 on a 42 day juice/herbal teas way as outlined by Rudolf Breuss.
        This has led me to loose 20kilos and now live on an akaline diet and feel on top of the world.
        Living in Australia, we are now in our autumn season and making time to go on another detox/fast and water fasting was what I chose. It is challenging as the weather is getting cooler and more determination is needed as I feel the cold even more.
        Your website has such valuable information and so supportive, I am very appreciative.
        Looking forward to reading e-books buy Tom Coghlin too.
        Cheers and God Bless,

  47. Samuel says:

    starting my 2nd juice fast tomorrow, planning a 30-40 day fast this time around.

    I was wondering, which exercise is better during juice fast, weight lifting or pilates?
    I have heard that if you weight lift with lack of protein then you body metabolises muscle mass.
    which is better to do? or can I do 3 days weight lifting 3 days pilates per week with 1 day off.

    thank you.

  48. Marissa says:

    Hey Tom (or anyone else who wants to reply),
    I’m really hoping to do a 30 day-ish fast this coming summer. I’m a 15 year old girl, and I’m closer to being underweight than I am to being overweight; is that going to be a problem? I don’t especially want to loose weight, but I do want to detoxify myself through fasting; what would be the healthiest way for me to do this? I don’t mind losing some weight, but if I loose too much I’ll be unhealthy, and I want to make sure my parents are okay with it. Do you have any suggestions for me?

    Thank you!

  49. peanut says:

    I am new to fasting and started a juice/tea fast today. I am very excited and enjoyed reading all the posts and viewing the videos! In regards to tea, do you have to add any sugar(I prefer it without)Should it be caffine free? Should I limit the amount? What should the portions be in comparision to the juice? What do you suggest? thank you

  50. carrieS says:

    Hi Tom!

    I am starting my first fast today to detox my body and also lose some weight i’ve been struggling with for a while. I’m doing a juice fast, & am planning on doing at least a week & then as long as I can [up to 30 days]. My mom is only concerned that I won’t get the protein I need in terms of hair growth since i will only be drinking fruits & veggies… A couple years ago I ate really badly due to my first year of college & hardly ate any protein (i ate things like ramen a lot) and i lost some hair (no bald spots; i mean my hair was just a whole lot thinner). Anyway I’ve been looking after my diet better & have restored my hair-health, but do not want to risk having to go through that again.

    I’ve read a few of your replies to people who inquired about protein, & you mentioned taking a handful of various vitamin supplements… Is there a simpler solution? Ideally like something I can mix into my juices daily? Protein powder or something? My mom seems to strongly oppose the idea of having to buy extra supplements when a fast should “provide all of that”.

    I really appreciate your speedy response, & thank you for this wonderful website of knowledge!!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi CarriesS,
      You mum is mmmmm…. She worries about protien but believes the fast should supply it. Hair loss on a juice fasting is very very very rare and rare for water fasting. So you will be fine on juice.
      I like adding hemp and flax oil about 4 tablespoons a day and a multi B vit. If you do want to add protien, blend in 5 egg whites into a veggie juice or buy a quality whey weight lifter supplement.

      • carrieS says:

        Hey Tom!

        Thanks for your advice. I was only inquiring about the hair loss option because of this section on your website: /juice-fasting/fasting-problems/fasting-reactions
        It sounds like what you said about hair loss is the complete opposite than what is on that page. I really would appreciate it if you cleared that up!

        Also I bought whey protein powder and have been mixing one scoop a day, also i realized that a supplement i’ve been taking already has a large amount of it Vitamin B12 in it. I haven’t been able to find the flax seed + hemp oil combo by Udo’s Choice yet, but one of my fitness-instructor friends told me that hemp oil has more omega 3 fatty acids in it and whatnot than flax seed does, and that the only difference between the two oils is preferred choice. What do you think? Could I just stick the hemp oil separately?

        Today I’m on Day 9 on my juice fast, & still going strong for 30 days! I just want to make sure my hair will be okay months later (referring to the link above) lol.

        I really appreciate all your help and hope to hear from you asap!!


  51. Susana says:

    Hi, I’m 23 years old (24 in two days, but won’t say it until I’m actually that old, no matter how little is left, hehehe) I’m 1.58m tall (or rather short, haha) and my weight as of this morning is 56.2 kg. I am currently on a sort of water fast only taking one 2 glasses of the master cleanse mix per day plus loads of water in between. I’ve been on the fast for 9 days now and tomorrow I plan it to be my last before I go on holiday to Spain for my birthday. I was on the same fast not too long ago, for 14 days, then broke it off for a week and since I seemed to gain most of the weight I lost during that period, I started the fast again (the one that’s ending tomorrow)
    I just wanted to ask whether it is OK to do fasts this frequently or whether it could be potentially dangerous. My main reason for doing the fast was to lose weight but seeing I gained it back so quickly I felt disappointed and resorted to do in it again only after one week of breaking the first fast. Is it safe? Any potential dangers?
    I feel fine and healthy, no side effects at all but I’m worried whether it’s bad to do it on and off at frequent intervals. If I gain any (significant) amount of weight during this week’s holidays I will resort back to fasting again before my other holiday at the end of this month (yes, I took all my holiday days pretty close in between, cheaper then going in July and Agust!)

    Highly appreciate any advice you can give me on the issue,

    Oh by the way, the first time I fasted I lost a total of 7.1 kg in 14 days and this time around when doing it for 10 days I have lost 5.8kg

    Congrats on the great website, insightful and detailed advice, thank God I came across it and hopefully find the answer to my concerns,

    Kind Rgds, Susana

  52. mihaela says:

    I am 28 and I had C section 3 years ago.Now I have endometriosis on my abdominal wall as a result od the C section .
    Does anyone know could fasting help this disapear????

  53. tiny says:

    Hi Doctor Tom,

    My brother has a recurrent brain tumor and would like to bring him there to St. Theodore. I’ve never been to Baguio nor Sagada so I’m still looking for more information on how to get there.

    My concern is about my brother. We are feeding him using a feeding tube (NGT) because he always chokes whenever he tries to eat by mouth. I’m afraid to start the fast because his condition is critical. He cannot walk either and we are from San Pedro, Laguna so it would be hard for us to bring him there. I would like to know how many days should he stay there in the hospital? And may we also know the consultation fees and other expenses? Thanks and God Bless!

  54. Clauso says:

    Hello Tom,

    I’m on day 4 of a water fast. I completed a 30 day juice fast about 2 years ago and fell right back into my bad habbits. Breaking those habbits will be the real challenge for me. I am planning on a 20 day water fast then switching to juice for 20 days. I found this website about two days ago and have spent about 6 hours surfing it since then. It is great. Thanks.

    I have 2 questions…..

    Firstly, I read one of your responses regarding the sauna. I am assuming that the same advice applies to a hot tub too. Or, should I steer clear from the hot tub because of the chemicals in the pool?

    Secondly, I read your response about smoking cigarettes. I like to smoke cigars and pipes. I do not inhale and was hoping that I could continue to smoke during the fast? It helps with the hunger.

    PS…. I want to thank Keith101 and Ron. Found their responses helpfull too.

    Thanks…God Bless

  55. alawrenc says:

    Okay I am getting ready for my first fast. I am planing on using tea and lemon water, with some bottled juice. I cannot afford a juicer so I have to do this with what I have. I was wondering though what type of teas to use. I have a lot black, green, riubos(sp it an tea from Africa), calamine, lemon, hibiscus and alot more I can think of right know. some of its loose leaf others are pre-bagged. which ones should I use and which ones should I stay away from. I will be starting on sunday because me and my hubby are doing a valentines dinner sat.


    • alawrenc says:

      I was also wondering if it will still be okay for me to do my belly dancing videos while I fast or if I should do something more like yoga. I’m doing this mainly to lose wait and heal my eczema( Its been really bad the last yr and nothing is helping). I’ve been dieting since my 2 kid was born and its been almost 2 yrs and have only lost 10 lbs. Im hoping this will brake my platue.

  56. claudia84 says:

    Hi Tom,

    Firstly let me just say this site is an awesome centre of info, super informative and confidence enhancing.

    Having noticed you reply to other comments, I wondered if you would kindly address my questions.

    I would like to do a 14 day juice fast – with the intention, if successful of continuing for as long as feels right. Afterwards, I hope to maintain my health with a raw and vegan diet.

    At the moment, I am a smoker. I also have the world’s most irregular bowels (lucky me). My plan was to spend this week tackling giving up smoking, using patches at first, and eating purely fruit and vegetables (raw) to prepare me and my inards for the fast. Does this sound like a good plan to you? I have read, on the internet, that smoking while juice fasting can lead to all kinds of physiogical toxicity, and in some instances, death. This seems a little extreme. Do you have any information you can add to that debate? I’d be appreciative.

    After, prepping for the fast with the above, I hope to crack on with the juice fast.

    I take thyroxine for an underactive thyroid – is it ok to continue with this since I am juice – not water- fasting? And lastly, I had been on medication to decrease acidity in my stomach – from a gastric ulcer I had 2 years ago – I stopped the meds last year but am able to take them when needed – everyone always says drinking too much fruit juice is unhealthy due to the acid – is this true or just misunderstood myth?

    Thanks so much for your help!


  57. Ron says:

    Hi Claudia, Tom is on a mission in New Guinea, inoculating malaria and TB victims. He checks in from time to time when he is near civilization. I can try to help you!

    A 14 day juice fast is a wonderful way to detox your system, as well as get your bowels regular! Prepping yourself would include a few days on raw foods. And quiting the butts if you can.

    I haven’t heard of anyone dying from smoking while fasting. It may make your detox effects harder to deal with. We have had a few fasters here smoke during. You may be able to find their posts still on the site. If you can quit smoking, that would be the best choice. At least during your fast. You may not want to start again! Patches and acid meds are also not recommended during a fast.

    Thyroid meds are a different story. Keith (another administrator & faster here) who has a thyroid condition, has addressed this very issue several times. You will find it in a few of his posts! I believe he was taking the bare minimum meds and monitoring his thyroid. And there are certain meds and alternatives you can do. But I would do more research and let your doctor in on your intentions of fasting.

    Drinking juices doesn’t necessarily make acid. If you have fresh squeezed juice you should be fine. The processed juices have too much sugar, and too little live enzymes. Get a good juicer. Try to use a lot of fresh vegetables during your fast. 50 percent would be a good thing. Carrots are great for acid reducing. Herbal teas like Marshmallow w/ honey are a great gastric soother… and a nice treat in the evening for me! And sooo good for you too.

    Only use what you feel you need during your fast. Over using juice or water, won’t help you any more. Try to keep an exercise routine, and a few enemas. These will keep your system moving and get those toxins out faster!

    Keep browsing the blogs/reports! There is a wealth of info here. Hope I have helped some. And please ask any question you might have. Welcome and Happy Fasting! Ron

  58. cynicx says:

    Hello, Debating starting a fasting routine. I just recently got over food poisoning so I’ve been on a water fast for 3 days by necessity. Although I’m not over weight (5’10″ 170 lbs) by too much I have a lot of weight in the wrong places (gut) that I’d like to lose and have already notice a significant reduction in. My plan was to slowly switch it a juice fast for a week (or more depending on results/side effects). Is this safe for my current condition? I feel I’m over the food poisoning but feel odd (mental cloudiness) maybe because of the quickly started water fast.

    Thanks for any help.

  59. Ron says:

    Hi cynicx, A juice fast is a great way to get back your body! It will clear your mind too!! Exercise for the “gut”. Juice, won’t tone muscle and flabby skin.

  60. ladybirdme says:

    Hi, I am getting geared up to do a 40 day healing juice fast and I have a couple of questions I am hoping you can answer for me. I am on Lisinop/HCTZ 20mg/25mg once/day for high blood pressure and am concerned if my blood pressure drops too low while fasting. I want to know if I should monitor my blood pressure and stop taking the medicine or cut it in half first to wean off it? I also have read that people should not mix fruits with vegetable juices (except apple) but saw where Tom likes carrot with pineapple. I’m confused on this as the ones who say don’t mix, say that is because of the different digestion for each. If you juice though….you don’t do any digesting…right? Thanks so much, Melissa

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Ladybirdme,
      Food combining is for food. Juice does not need digestion. Try it and tell me if the juices are mixed digest any differently.
      You will have to stop taking the BP meds when you blood pressure drops below 120. Yes you should monitor you pressure to know.
      Getting dizzy that usually indicates low blood pressure. BP drops quickly with a day or two or slowly over weeks depending on the root cause of the disease.

      • ladybirdme says:

        Hi Tom,
        Day 2. I have embarked on a 40 day healing juice fast. I have never juiced before in my life. I would like to say that it is kind of scary at this point. I don’t know how my body will respond. I was only going to do a day or two to try it but I seem to know that this is the right time to take it one day at a time and I am taking the journey with the lord. I have read that people start a short fast only to make it a longer one. I think I understand that it is the fear that holds us back from committing in the beginning.
        Honestly, the juices are very strong and not as enjoyable as I would like. I think I will try less ingredients and more of the recipes instead of trying to pack in a ‘bit of everything’ that’s good for me. I am sure as I go on, I will get used to them and develop a taste for them. I will do an enema tonight. I thought I had the hot water bottle for it but when I looked, I remembered I had given it to my to my daughter for her cramps. I did cut out the coffee and meat and put in fresh juice a couple times/day in the last two weeks in preparation.
        I have a quick question for you Tom. I have some Silk Almond milk that is sugar free, would that be good to add in with my juices? I also have ordered some Spirulina 500 mg tabs. and am picking up some black strap molasses today. Will the molasses hinder the cleansing and healing? Are these good additions for osteoporosis and continuing to do my total gym workouts?
        I am so thankful that I found you and this website. Thank-you for being there and doing the good works that you do Tom.

  61. ladybirdme says:

    Hi Tom,
    Today is day 18 of my 40 day juice fast. I am having leg and foot cramps and wonder if you can tell me what I should do to alleviate them? I have been staying on juice completely. I know you must be busy but would really appreciate a response from someone on this issue. Thanks so much…

  62. jasminy says:

    I am on day 11 and I am experiencing muscle aches. I have done a juice fast of 20 days before and enemas really helped for that. I would recommend you doing an enema…Maybe self massaging (maybe with castor oil?) until the pain subsides maybe some dry brushing to accelerate detox too…