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I want to break free from all aches pains. -Maya

I am Maya and I live in India. I have been visiting this site for a few days now trying to make up my mind on fasting – to start or not to start, what sort of fast to do – juice or water. My aim is to primarily lose weight – 172.7 pounds(78.5kgs).

About 11 years ago I used to be a thin 105 lbs to 114 lbs 48 – 52 kgs), which I thought was great for my height of 5.5. I was extremely active and conscious of the way I looked and all that I ate. I held a very exciting job and overall I was very satisfied with my life.

One bad decision, and everything changed almost overnight. Things started going downhill since 1999. I was slow to notice as my body did not too many signs of deterioration. I tried committing suicide countless times with no results as obviously I am still alive.  I was mentally very sad,acute depression was used to describe my condition. I had regular panic attacks. I had become very weak emotionally. I started smoking excessively and when that stopped calming I stared drinking. I would begin my day with a drink , go through countless cigarettes and drinks. I kept changing jobs for a while thinking something would click and my marriage would get back on track, little did I know then that I had started out wrong. The person I was married to had been cheating on me even before we were married. I always believed him and really thought that he loved me. I always kept telling myself I was in the wrong and only if I would do things differently my husband and marriage would be where it should be. Slowly things started spinning out of control.

I got pregnant with my son in 1993 and he was born in early 2004. Although I loved my son, my marriage took a nosedive. I had to quit work to take care of my son. That is when the true nature of my husband came to light. Maybe that was Gods way of showing me reality. Life started turning, things I did not imagine in my worst nightmares were my life. I had no money to feed my son and the poor baby was only a few months old. My husband had been borrowing money left, right and center. There was not one person I knew that he had not borrowed money from , his family, my family, our friends, his friends my friends. He had about 8-10 credit cards and all were maxed out. He had girlfriends I never knew existed, he paid their living. At that time I also found out that he been having paid sex. My world collapsed around me in a matter of days. All the trust and love I had for my husband seemed wasted, I felt cheated beyond words. I looked at my son who like an angel and my heart broke, I did not know what I would do, where I would go, how I would live let alone bring up my baby. My parents were against my divorce. Through all this crisis I ballooned to 207 pounds (94 kgs).

It took 2 yrs for my divorce to come through. During this time I came in touch with an ex-boyfriend. We feel in love and decided to marry as soon as my divorce was final, meanwhile he started getting to know my son better and develop a relationship with my son as my ex did not want custody or visitation as that would entail money.  Well, my son fell in love with his new dad too and they became inseparable. Things were looking up and I managed to lose 55 pounds (25 kg) in a span of 2-3 months.

We were finally married in the end of 2006. Before we even had time to settle in things got unruffled again. My husband’s decided to stay with us. And she is not the best of people to live with. Things got really bad again, terrible in fact. I felt my life was a mess again only this time I had dragged my poor innocent son into the pit too. Again maybe, it was Gods intervention that I found the courage to take a stand and my husband made a choice. He chose us, which is a huge for an Indian guy to do.

Things were very difficult but slowly very slowly got better. I joined a gym. Eventually my husband joined too, and we started to focus on a healthy living – exercising, eating the right foods etc. I became regular with my therapy and started to discover the real me. I was putting in a lot of hard work at the gym, but being an emotional eater I could not lose enough weight. Then in 2008 I went all raw and started yoga, I lost 11 pounds (5 kgs). Shortly after I got pregnant. We were’nt trying and I was’nt prepared. We decided to go ahead with the baby anyways.

A beautiful daughter and 15kilos heavier I decided to finally break the cycle. But stupidly I fooled myself by using  nursing my daughter as an excuse for not working out or controlling my diet. I pulled out all my thin clothes and all my thin pictures to use as a vision board. I lost about 8 kilos in this one year, and now I am stuck.

I want juicing to be my savior. I want to break free from all aches pains, I want to free of my weight. I want more energy. I want to feel better to be a better person. I want to be alive, I want to feel alive.

Please guide me forward.

Answer By Tom Coghill

What you are looking for is exactly what a 30 day juice fast will do for you.  To me this is just a matter of doing it.  You need a juicer and an enema for the best results.

Life can be hell even when you are giving your best.  Dreams get destroyed and futures change for the worse.  BUT, a long juice fast gave me a new life.  The human body is “designed” for health healing and recovery if we give it a chance.

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2 Responses to I want to break free from all aches pains. -Maya

  1. David T says:

    A juice fast would be great for you. Not only for the weight loss but for the clarity of mind. It will also help your eating habits after the fast. Just remember that no matter what, love yourself and others and things tend to work out in the long run.

  2. soniyamystical says:

    My yoga teacher says, “love your pain, don’t judge it, complain etc..just love it” Once you truly do that, wont’ be there anymore.