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Lots of Questions About Juice Fasting

I’m 6ft 250lbs and 35 years of age and this is my first juice fast. Well this is my first fast ever! I already started the fast and I’m currently on my fifth day and I have lost 12lbs.

I have a lot of questions because I have been reading so much and I think I have too much information that I am confused!

I would like to know for a guy my size how much should I drink?

I love fruit juice but vegetable juice is only ok. When I drink the vegetable juice I have to have it with an apple or something.

I keep reading not to mix fruit juice with vegetable juice, why?

I drink about a gallon of water a day, is that too much?

The amount of juice I drink varies. I’ll have around 16 ounces of fruit juice when I get hungry in the morning followed by lots of water. Then I will have 16 ounces of vegetable juice followed by water. Sometimes that’s all I have for the day other days I may have an extra serving of vegetable or fruit juice. To me I feel as if I’m doing something wrong!

Please help!! Also I take a Centrum silver multivitamin in the morning with a flaxseed oil pill also. I almost forgot when I started I did an enema but I don’t know how well it went. I used the bathroom but it was mostly liquid?

I also did a salt water flush and that made me go a lot but mostly all liquid. I have been having bowel movements daily after I drink my fruit juice and that is mostly liquid. Am I going to release a lot of old fecal matter later?

Last thing I haven’t experienced any pains or headaches? I have been tired but not that much, is that normal? I will go to the gym tonight and play some basketball with light weight training followed by a steam bath! Thanks for reading my long post and thanks for any feedback

Posted on by boc23

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One Response to Lots of Questions About Juice Fasting

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Boc23,
    Fasting is easy if you listen to your body. Drink as much juice as you want. The less you drink the closer you get to water fasting and will have less energy. I love to mix apple, lemon and pineapple with carrot and my body healed with those combinations. The juices do not need digestion so you can ignore the concept of food combining.
    Centrum Vitamins as far as I know, are cheaper synthetic vitamins. The best ones are natural source and more expensive. Feeling normal on a juice fast is normal but with each day you can feel better and better.
    You do not have to drink lots of water to flush the body. The immune system does that job. I tell people to drink when thirsty.