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Preparing for a Juice Fast. Can I lose 2.3 stone?

I am preparing for a juice fast. I am taking two weeks to prepare as I need to come off anti-depression medication slowly. I believe I am low on iron supplies. Currently I am taking iron tablets from the health food shop and increasing my iron intake. Now is just a time to prepare myself mentally. I am buying a diary, joining this site and stocking up on all supplies ie, flax-seeds and juicers etc. I am 11 stone ( approx) and 5.7ft height. I would love to be 8.7 stone. Would it be safe and possible to juice fast until I reach this goal?

Posted on by brightstarleo

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2 Responses to Preparing for a Juice Fast. Can I lose 2.3 stone?

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    2.3 stone is equal to 14.6 kilos. Yes that is easy to lose on a juice or water fast. For a first time faster yes, go with the juice. After a few days your body will take over and fasting will get easy.

  2. brightstarleo says:

    Thank you for your reply Tom. I feel very optimistic now and have started the fast.