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Ulcer and Water Fasting

I’m a 32 year old 5’6″ 155 lbs male thinking of starting a water fast, but was diagnosed with an ulcer 2 months ago. My stomach pain has subsided as a result of triple antibiotic therapy, and I’m pretty sure that the ulcer has cleared up. However, if I engage in a water fast for 3-4 weeks, am I in danger of disrupting the glandular epithelium in my stomach lining and making myself vulnerable to redeveloping an ulcer? I know of another man, aged 31, who passed away recently from internal bleeding. He had an ulcer, so I’m a little freaked out about starting something that could lead down a dead-end road (pardon the pun) that I don’t want to go down.

Answer By Tom Coghill: I never recommend water fasting as therapy except for Candida and never over 16 days. I have had many reports of people who have disrupted hormone and electrolyte balance. Juice fasting using raw potato and cabbage juice mixed with carrots and other veggies have had a beneficial result on ulcers. A juice mix like that should be made every day for a person with an ulcer. As you no longer have an ulcer, your best bet is a long juice fasting, having whatever juices you like.

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