Water Fasting For Teenagers?

I’m 15 years old, 5 foot 2 and 116.4 pounds. I know this isn’t exactly fat for my age and height. Still, I used to have a great body and eat a lot healthier and I want to do a water fast so I can lose some weight and start wating healthier.

I have tried drinking a lot of water along with my diet for two weeks now and I’m moderatly active. (even though I’m not specifically in a routine sport) So I can rest during the duration of my fast. Once I reach a point when I apreciate what I look at in the mirror. (I don’t want to look anorexic, so prob after a few weeks) I plan to stop.

I know that for my age most people choose juicing but, after trying it I became increasingly hungry. I have the motivation to water fast and the time. Do you think that if I try (at my weight and age) there is more chance it will harm rather that help? I really apreciate any advice. Thank you.

Answer By Tom Coghill
You clearly have a mature attitude and I know at that age even 15 lbs. overweight can feel really bad. In general for those with a slower metabolism, water fasting is easy. And yes water fasting has less hunger than juice fasting but is also has risks that can cause problems at any age.

Prolonged Water Fasting Problems

1. Breaking a long water fast badly can cause stomach ulcers.
2. Fasting and blowing it can deepen obsession with dieting.
3. Water fasting over 2 weeks can lead to hormonal or electrolyte imbalance in approx 5% or water fasters.

Points To Remember

    1. The question about “will water fasting do more harm than good” depends on the length of the fast and body type, stress, and nutritional reserves.
    2. Remember weight gain will return after a fast if, your diet caused the weight is continued.
    3. Parental support is important if you want us to support you on the site. I can call them for free.
    4. A small amount of lemon with honey is preferable to strict water fasting.

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