Water Fasting – Hormone Medication?

Hi! I’m doing a water fast for the first time. My question is this: I’m taking 2 medications for menopause. They are Medroxyprogesterone 2.5 mg and Estradiol 1 mg. I am just starting my 3rd month on these. Should I continue to take these during my fast? I took them the first evening/night after I started fasting, but did not take them last night. Today starts my 3rd day of no food. Was thinking the fast might actually cure my symptoms which are mainly the hot flashes.
My stats:
42 yr old
Starting Weight: 175
Weight Today: 170.8
Generally healthy.

Answer By Tom Coghill
A juice fasting is more effective in balancing hormones. Water fasting over 14 days can imbalance hormones. You are on the wrong path for healing and taking meds on a water fast is usually bad as the stomach does not have food as a buffer.

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