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After years of intense pain and useless medications, I remember the moment when I stepped out of the shower and, as I dried myself, realized my body no longer hurt. On a 30-day juice fast, my organs had healed.

There is no greater detoxification program for the healing and recovery of your body than juice fasting because of the antioxidant, cleansing power of freshly made juices. Due to the highly toxic nature of the chemical compounds found in our present day diet, the detoxification organs need to have every nutritional resource available to assist the body in removal of toxic substances and for healing. Juice fasting is efficient in healing because the body is cleansed and the immune system is supported with nutrients. From cancer to heart disease, fasting needs to be the first defence against disease. If I break a bone, count me in for a trip to the hospital; however, when the problem is disease, ignoring detoxification and the nutritional needs of the immune system, is ignoring the body’s natural healing process.

Detoxification should be integral to the healing process of modern medicine. Instead fasting has been given a bad reputation. Mention to your friends that you’re about to start a fast and the reaction will be one of horror. Expect emotionally charged statements that you’re going to die, become an anorexic or damage your organs. It will be rare to receive a positive response. From doctors to dietitians, the opinion is that fasting is harmful to the body. It is more acceptable to get drunk and smoke cigarettes. Yet, fasting is as old as man and has been used for thousands of years for healing and spiritual awakening.

Prescriptions are more profitable than telling someone they need to eat more fruit, less junk and drink fresh juice for a few days. Also, most people want the lazy way to heal. They would rather take a pill than change their diet, yet medications cannot heal they can only alter the symptoms. Fasting is a more effective tool.

A clean cell with all its nutritional needs fulfilled is a healthy cell. For recovery from disease and for optimum health, your trillions of cells need to be detoxified and saturated with nutrients. Excess fat, mucus coatings on the intestine, industrial chemicals, cholesterol, environmental toxins, medication residues, and the sludge from all the junk food from years of toxic living, need to be removed from the cells of your body. You may feel a couple of aches and pains, headaches and see some strangely-colored slimy things pass through the stool but do not be alarmed because this is just part of the cleansing process. In this book, you will learn how the detoxification process works so you will not have any little surprises. The chapter, Battling Cancer with Fasting, goes into greater detail on the healing process of disease.

Fasting is Natural Body Function

With great patience the body waits until we fall asleep to begin its nightly work of cleansing. Breakfast is appropriately named as it is breaking a nightly fast with a morning meal. Upon awakening from this short fast, the tongue is coated, breath foul, skin puffy, and the mind foggy. These are all early symptoms of the body in a state of detoxification. Bacon, eggs, a side order of pancakes, and a cup of coffee is a sure way of halting detoxification. Of course, you feel instantly better, attributing it to a greasy breakfast.

These nightly fasts slow the erosion process and much repair work is done, but the time is too short for serious healing. For that, you need to get serious with detoxification through extended fasting.

Balanced Approach to Fasting

After my first 30-day juice fast, I was hooked and did two more 30-day fasts consecutively, eating for 10 days in between. From drug addiction to being a health zealot was a definite improvement, but my approach remained the same. Fasting and eating healthy became my new obsession. Eating a cookie brought days of guilt and shame. My thoughts dwelled on the horror of all the deadly toxins I had just injected into my bloodstream. I had to be in the gym 5 days a week. I was totally focused on my body and food. It was all I talked about and it irritated people. Now, fasting is just part of my life and eating healthy is normal. I don’t talk about the subject unless I have to. When I came to be at peace, I became balanced.

Obsession or being fanatical comes from fear of being out of control. It is a security blanket that we hang onto; something that we can control, but obsession stops us from enjoying life. Obsession with health takes all the fun out of it. It is like going on a vacation and worrying about every detail. The trip becomes a nightmare. It is all the little worries and fear that take the joy out of the fasting journey. Am I drinking too much juice? Will adding mashed banana slow detoxification? How quickly will I lose weight? Can I exercise while fasting? Will loss of weight cause flabby skin? Does fasting hurt the liver? Why do I feel dizzy?

Many questions are answered in the Commonly Asked Questions chapter. Questions are important and understanding brings comfort, but fasting is a personal journey and each fast is a different journey. There will always be the unexpected, for fasting is as mysterious as the human soul. It may be hard to let go and just enjoy the journey but that is the best way to fast.

Your Fasting Journey

Some find fasting easy and fast for 30 days on juice for their first fast. Others have a hard time getting past two days. Just do your best. The chapters, Persevering In Fasting and Principles of Fasting, will help greatly, but your fasting journey will not be without failures. It is only through failures that you can learn. With each victory, you will discover the joys of fasting. For those who press on, fasting has rewards. Clear sinuses that can smell a delicate fragrance; sensitive skin that shivers with the caress of a warm breeze; emotions that become a symphony to the soul; and a mind that can capture the profound depths of God and glimpse the joy of Adam and Eve. Instead of becoming old and sick with the coming years, you will age gracefully and be amazed at how young you feel. Hitting forty and fifty years old, life has just begun. A few more wrinkles but feeling like twenty.

To change your life in a powerful way you need to master the art of fasting. In this fast-paced money centered culture, fasting is the reset button that takes you back to who you really are. It gives you time to be at peace and find yourself. It opens doors in the spiritual realm that can free a soul or change a nation. From Christ battling Satan in the desert to the divorced cashier battling breast cancer, fasting has a power to transform the outcome.

By Tom Coghill of
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160 Responses to Discover Juice Fasting

  1. Anne says:

    I started a 21 day fast on Sunday. My main goal is spiritual renewal, but a healthy clease is always welcome =). The longest I have gone previously is 4 days. I just completed my fourth day and have done pretty well. Up until today all I have had is juice and water. Tonight my husband and I went to Burger King with a couple of people from our Bible Study group. I ordered a Mocha Joe. When we got home I had such a problem with BMs. Is this because of the Mocha Joe? Did it stimulate digestion, or is this normal at this stage?

    • jungly says:

      Starting a Juice fasting session for 30days. Reason #1 is to clear my psoriasis from scalp (since my early 20′s) and nose area (showed up last week, once it showed up on the face it made me want to fast). Reason #2 adapt better lifestyle, at 5’6 and 200lb man, and eating junk food only I know this negatively contributed to my skin problem.

      Currently I’m on my second day of water fasting. The first day was the most difficult, feeling of sickness and coldness and tired. Second day after sleeping 10hours (for first time in months) I do not feel hungry and think I can probably pull of a 5day water fast. The problem though I’m seeing is that although my scalp has remarkably reduced in itching and scaling from psorasis from just two days, the new face psoriasis which started a week ago has stayed the same. Although it appears to have stoped in its tracks fortunately (about an inch in surface area), the itching/redness is constant. I’m starting to think its due to the toxins looking for a way out in the new formed area?

      My Question: Most documentations say that to cure skin problems, it is more beneficial to Raw Juice Fast for 30+ days because of the nutrients/antiinflamatory/antioxidant features involved. Question is what is the real difference between WaterFasting and JuiceFasting in resolving skin issues? Do you recommend JuiceFasting for longterm skin health over waterfasting?

      My take on this, is that waterfasting is a brute force method of cleaning toxins from the body. Raw Fruit/Veg fasting is a longer gentler form of removing toxins and providing nutrients longterm, hence can be used as a lifestyle for prolonged periods (months) to cleanse yourself from years of eating junk food.

      What I plan on doing: I’m going to continue with my waterFasting for another day and then go on a Raw veg/fruit fasting for 30+ days; and then after adapt a Fruite/Veg/Nuts/ with reduced Chicken/Fish intake and zero intake of redmeat, milk, bread for half a year.

      Where can i document my blog on a day/weekly basis progress?

      - Day 2 -
      I’ve started working out for about a month now but noticed that with water fasting energy needs to be concerved. Not surprisngly my metabolism is slow (which now i think is the culprit of my 40pounds overweight) but lets me function throughout the day just fine as i near day 3. On Day 3 I will finally use my Juicer machine and introduce maybe two juice meals only. As I can tell my skin is toxic (positive sign I believe) as I write this and dont want to aggrevate it with introduction of new foods to the intenstine. Ohh forgot to mention, prior to this Fasting. I had been on a Intenstine/Detox pills program for about a month (all natural) – unfortunately I was eating junk food and although I felt great I think it absorbed the negative toxins from the foods i was eating at faster rate causing new psoriasis to appear. In other words, Eating your normal junk diet + detoxing your intenstine (via pills) is a NO NO.

      -Day 3 –

  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Anne,
    A Mocha Joe or any calorie drink will stir digestion and can clog the sinuses for hours due to the milk. Best is to have a herbal tea with honey. Carry it with you or a thermos of juice.
    If this was a water fast, drinking the Mocha Joe, the body would have considered that it has calories and purges the colon with bowel movements. The longer the water fast the more intense are the bowel movements. It can happen within minutes of breaking a long water fast and is generally followed with an intense burst of energy and well-being.
    So …NORMAL.

  3. Amanda says:

    If I wanted to start a fast and i’ve been taking Venom diet pills for about a month now, would I have to stop during the fast?

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Amanda,
    Yes if it is a water fast. You could take them during juice fasting.
    here is some info on Vernon Diet pills
    some people are saying they are not effective and the weight loss is temporary. I always recommend a life-long system of eating and thinking because anything less is a quick but short fix.

  5. Amanda says:

    I agree. I started dieting at the beginning of the summer and I was working out 3 hours a day, doing cardio as well. I am vegan and also a really picky eater but I still gain weight just like any other person. I haven’t worked out in three weeks or so and I feel like I’ve gained all that weight back! I am breaking out SOOO horribly and had to go get new prescribed acne medicine today. I’m ALWAYS bloated and don’t “excrete” on a weekly much less daily basis. I feel fatigued constantly and I bought all these new clothes that I have yet to wear because I’m SOOO disgusted with my body. If fasting is the way to lose the pounds but more importantly cure all these problems, then I am definitely doing it and your website will be a HUGE help. I have to say that I used to be anorexic as well as my twin sister, and she got to the point where she had to be hospitalized. I don’t want to do the fast if it’s anything like starving myself. Also, I saw that you said it does cause hair loss. Is that common?

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Amanda,
    You may have a high amount of bacteria, fungi and parasites in you blood stream and colon. You should fast using a high enema and replace the health bacteria by implanting. Is is all made clear on the site. Hair loss is very very rare and usually temporary. You should try to cut fats, fried foods and sugar out of your diet. Also have flax seed and oats for breakfast every day after the fast. Do you have a juicer as that will be important.

  7. Amanda says:

    I don’t have a juicer, however I have been drinking odwalla and V8 for the past two days to start my juice fast. They both say pure juice, and All Natural Juice. My mom completely disagrees that I do this but I’m going to record everything for the next 30 days and may end up using my results for a science experiment. I’ve also been taking metamucil. The last time I did about 6 months ago or so, I had like 6 or more long disgusting tape worms! And I don’t even eat meat…so I don’t know where they came from?? I think i’m going to do a juicer/metamucil 30 day cleanse and see where that gets me. But yes I do think there is something wrong because I was sick with pneumonia and bronchitis for over eight months and at one point was bed ridden for two weeks with bed sores. The last time they detected it was in the beginning of June and since then had a bronchoscopy and things looked alot better. I still personally feel crappy and always have headaches, stomach aches, constipation, a really hard time breathing, and now i’m oily and really broken out. Hopefully this helps.

  8. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Amanda
    The odwalla juice is good. The V8 is almost the same a cooked food. I did some days of fasting on V8 that caused gas, sinus clogging and stopped the fasting high that you experience with fresh juices. So try to get it down to one a day or cut it out. Metamucil will do the same thing. You do not need fiber when you fast.
    You have intestinal parasites so take chopped garlic and swallow it and buy bentonite clay at a health store and mix it with some juice to kill the parasite. Buy a parasite cleanse. Use the enema daily and implant healthy bacteria as written on this site. At the research center at the Philippines we just saw a huge worm that caused multiple health problem.
    If you come here, we can treat you on a donation basis if you do not have money.

  9. Amanda says:

    Those things are so nasty. You’re located in the Philippines? And I will look for that stuff. I love garlic but wouldn’t it taste nasty eating plain?

  10. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    You chop the garlic into small cubes and swallow it with water like a vitamin and it releases it antibiotics as it passes through your colon. Yes the Philippines, Manila and Sagada.

  11. Amanda says:

    Wow. well I definitely don’t know how I would ever be able to get to the Philippines but Thank you.

  12. richard says:

    is smokin weed bad while fasting? somone i know in my job is fasting for 5 days now and he smokes weed everyday…

  13. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Richard,
    As present we are researching hemp seed oil and protein for cancer therapy at the hospital. The nutrition and balance is untouchable. Canabonoids have been shown to be effective in curing cancer in lab rats and humans if you check youtube search for “run from the cure.”

    marijuana smoke into cancer-promoting form. In contrast, studies in mice suggest that THC blocks this enzyme activity.

    Another key difference, Melamede said, is in the immune system effects of tobacco and marijuana. Smoke sends irritants into the respiratory system that trigger an immune-regulated inflammatory response, which involves the generation of potentially cell-damaging substances called free radicals. These particles are believed to contribute to a range of diseases, including cancer.

    But cannabinoids — both those found in marijuana and the versions found naturally in the body — have been shown to dial down this inflammatory response, Melamede explained.

    Another difference between tobacco and marijuana smoking, he said, has to do with cells that line the respiratory tract. While these cells have receptors that act as docks for nicotine, similar receptors for THC and other cannabinoids have not been found.
    For example, lab research indicates that nicotine activates a body enzyme that converts certain chemicals in both tobacco and Nicotine, Melamede said, appears to keep these cells from committing “suicide” when they are genetically damaged, by smoking, for instance. When such cells do not kill themselves off, they are free to progress into tumors.

    THC, however, does not appear to act this way in the respiratory tract — though, in the brain, where there are cannabinoid receptors, it may have the beneficial effect of protecting cells from death when they are damaged from an injury or stroke, according to Melamede.
    End of quote

    Is it ok to smoke pot and fast? To me the lungs are a major detoxification organ and if you are smoking regularly it would be wise to detox your lungs. However if decide to smoke, use a vaporizer.

    For therapeutic purposes, weed oil is the preferred given in small amount orally a few times per day.

  14. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi amanda,
    The ticket from LA is $511 and you can live here for $200 a month and $50 a month if you are working with me as a volunteer at the hospital. Tourist visas last 14 months and are automatic upon arrival. The hospital is in Sagada.
    Check out

  15. Sarah says:

    My husband and are are wanting to fast for health reasons. We both suffer from food intolerances that lead to GI problems, have headaches and skin issues, etc. We are both very fit and active and have fast metabolisms and don’t need or want to lose a lot of weight. 30 days seems like a long time for our body types. What is the best way for us to make the fast effective for our body types. I read about a fast you have done where you fast for about 2 weeks starting and ending with juice, a couple days with water and a couple dry and ending again with juice. Would this be a good choice for us. Also, I’m a nurse and am required to be active and on my feet a lot as well as make important decisions on a daily basis. Should I be concerned about this?

  16. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Sarah,
    Fasting is amazing in healing food allergies and intolerances. I had a man who was allergic to bananas and now eats them all the time. If you have to work, stick to juice fasting. Water will be hell unless you have a slow metabolsim.

  17. Robyn says:

    HI Tom. I am 38 years old and 5’4″ and weigh 200lbs. I get mirgrains but I am really interested in fasting. I am thinking about it more because I have a lot of promblems with loose stools everyday. The doctors think it’s irritable bowel sydrome. I would really like to clean out my system and see if I can get it under control after I start eating again. I also want to get healthy and lose some weight in the process. How oftern can you fast & What do you recommend that I do to start?

  18. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Fasting can heal migraine headaches but you would need at least 2 weeks on juices. For irritable bowel syndrome juice fast with an enema. 2 times the first day, 1 per day for the next two days and every other day after that. Replace your lacto-bacteria as instructed on this site. Any juices will work. 30 days is recommended. Please document you fast for our research. Good luck. Oh yea you can fast several times a year if you want.

  19. Robyn says:

    HI Tom Thank you for the info. BUt I am still trying to figure out your site. I am not sure how to start a fast, what I should or shouldn’t drink, I not sure what to do piriod. You said something about replacing my lactobacteria where do I find that on this site? What is it. I really need the help and not sure where to start or what to do, can you help me figure it all out?


  20. Robyn says:

    Tom I forgot to ask what your thoughts on fasting for a week at time were. I would like to start four days of water fasting, then 3 days of juice fasting. Hoe do I go about that it you think it’s okay to do this then go back to eating my regular foods for a couple of weeks then start over again with water then juice. Do you think it’s okay to fast that often. 1 week of fasting, 2 weeks of not then repeating… Your thoughts?

    Thanks for your help

  21. darylnico says:

    Hi Robyn,
    Sure fasting periodically works. The canned juice will work. The site is ease look for the categories on the left side of the page. Look for cleansing the colon.

  22. Robyn says:

    Thank you for your help darylnico, I am staring tomorrow, I know it’s going to be hard but I really need this. My body feels really yucky. I hope I can do it and feel better.

  23. Robyn says:

    My first day of fasting was yesterday. It went well for the most part. My stomach growled a bit but I didn’t feel overly hungry, I hope that this continues. I drank water and apple juice yesterday and felt fairly good all day. After my family had supper we went to hockey and I started to get a migrain and I was running around trying to get things done before hockey started. After the game I stood out in the lobby talking and felt very faint, nausious and went very light headed. I drank a bit more water and juice hoping to give myself a boost but I continued to feel this was for about an hour then I started being sick to my stomach. I thought oh no I knew that this could happen but I started thinking what the heck am I doing. I tried to eat a 1/4 of a banana hoping to feel better but I through that up and continued to until bile started coming up. I went to bed with an ice pack on my eyes and feel asleep almost instantly. When my alarm went off I felt great and I felt wide awake, it was so much easier to get up this morning then most mornings, my daughter said the same thing as well (she is doing this as well). I am feeling okay my stomach growls a bit but I don’t feel a great over whelming feeling to eat. Tom, are all these things normal? What else should I be prepared for? I also lost 5lbs so that is a good feeling as well.


  24. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Yes normal hell and that is why I never recommend water fasting for the first fast. It is an exercise in torture.
    I have said this 100′s of time. Never, never never water fast off a toxic diet for your first fast unless you enjoy vomiting. Buy a juicer or at least take some fresh juices for a few days before you start the water fasting.

  25. Robyn says:

    Thank you Tom. I am definately going to try it again and that is what we are going to try. I thought maybe a few days of eating less then a day or two of just fruit then a juice fast. Does that sound okay? I didn’t read that you don’t recommend a water and juice fast for your first fast but I am definately trying it next. Thanks for your help. I am going to eat today but only fruit then slowly introduce different foods to see what my triggers are for my bowel problems and my migrains. Any adice you give would be great.


  26. kristina says:

    Hi! I am just looking into ways to relieve water retention. I also suffer from migraines…all of my life. they have relieved quite a bit since off of birth control AND since pregnancy and having my daughter. progesterone increase?? I dont know! However i always have borderline hypertension and that concerns me..the doctors…I am sure a large part of that is “white coat syndrome” but I have seen a pattern of gaining aroudn 4-5 pounds in as little as 2-3 days of not eating right. It really alarms me and makes me think I retain water unlike any other! Could this be possible? A few nights of not making healthy choices, eating Italian and having some wine? Just wondering!! Would a fast be appropriate for me, for anyone?

  27. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Krisina,
    We have cases of curing hypertension permanently at the hospital using juice fasting. Normalization of blood pressure is within 3 day and healing after about 21 days. Read Rev. Tuganay’s testimony in the front page of

    Fasting can cure migraine but I am not sure on how long but you are in for a long fast of 30 to 42 days for complete healing.

    So your blood pressure taken at home was normal? Did you have a thyroid test?

    Check the testimony of Carl Weinberg for water retention. That took about 40 days are the root cause of the water retention was liver damage.

    Buy a juice and make it every day to start.

  28. rita says:

    hi tom, i want to go on a 30day juice fast to loose weight. i have a juiser but i dont know the fruit to use. i dont like oranges and pineapple. what can i use?

  29. rita says:

    another question i have tom is, do you think with fasting can concentrate on my studies. by the way i’m 30years old, weight 180pound and neeed to loose 40pounds.

  30. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Rita,
    You will get a few days of being fazed out but you mind should be sharper as the fast progresses. Apples and cucumber or grapefruit and yam. Experiment!

  31. Kristin says:

    Hi Tom,

    I want to try fasting for spiritual reasons and to try to regain willpower and control over my body and diet. Can you work out on a juice/water fast? I assume you probably shouldnt really do tough cardio or weights because you need the food and protein to rebuild your muscles. I work at a very famous natural foods store, where I am very busy and active all day long. would my performance/mood be affected but the fast?

  32. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Kristin
    Yes, you can work out on a juice but not water unless you have a slow metabolism. Less strenuous and more stretching is best. It will change with the toxin level of your blood.
    Once you are past the first three days, you will be fine.
    What is the name of the store?? If you want to promote fasting in the store count me in to help.

  33. Kristin says:

    Hi Tom,

    I work at WHole Foods Market…it has completely changed my life and everything i thought about food, where it originates, and the world! My store team leader is big on fasting and cleansing and coincidentally my christian pastor mentioned strengthening your spirit over your physical body as hey fasted in the bible. THis interests me the most because i sometimes skip a meal at work and will start snacking and feel like i lose all willpower.

  34. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Kristin,
    Skipping meals and fasting are two different world. After the first day you do not feel hungry. Buy a juicer and mentally prepare for fasting. Use an enema to get you past the first day. Then pray daily.

  35. guidedjuicefast says:
    Guided Juice Fast

    Hi Tom! I am so excited to discover your site. I am in the 5th day of my 7-day fast and feeling very blessed.

    Since 2001, I have run a Guided Juice Fast program in northwest Montana. Over 2,000 people have participated. Check out or

    I am a cancer survivor (given a you have 2-months to live “sentence” in Aug 1998). This is my ministry and I volunteer all my time. Bless you for doing this site!

    Our 7-day program includes 13 drinks and 2 hrs of class every day (to learn what’s in our 300 page manual) for only $500. Now I can refer people to your site who are unable to travel to MT to do our program.

  36. guidedjuicefast says:
    Guided Juice Fast

    I am currently guiding a 7-day Christian Fast (we do that around Easter & Christmas each year). We do fasts every month, and all have spiritual elements, but those with spiritual FOCUS, letting God guide you and show you what He wants you to get from the fast is AWESOME!

  37. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi guidedjuicefast,
    Great I would love to talk on the phone if you send me your number.

  38. Kristy says:

    Hi there, Ive been reading on this site and I think I am going to start a juice fast after this nice holiday is over. I know I wont want to miss out on Turkey dinner.
    My question is, is it safe to fast and continue Effexor? (antidepressent) I wont be able to get in and ask my Dr about it until the new year….
    Ive reached a plateau since having my babe 6.5 months ago, actually I plateaued after only 2 mos… 5’4″ currently 175lbs, I gained 50 during pregnancy and only have 10 left! but my goal is to reach 140 by about April, maybe lol, I can only try…

  39. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Kristy
    It is safe to take Effexor during fasting. If you complete a 30 day juice fast you would not need the medication.

  40. Calista says:

    Hey Tom,

    Thank you for all this priceless information. I’ve started a juice fast that I was originally thinking of doing for 30 days, but I have some concerns about the duration. 1) I don’t want to lose drastic amounts of weight – I am thin already. 2) I am extremely worried about hair loss. I had been losing a lot of hair recently which reduced to my normal levels since I went vegan (with significant raw) a few weeks ago. That being said, one of my primary reasons for fasting is that I suffer tremendously from stretch marks. I have a lot of them and have them over most of my body, and have tried almost everything else with no success. I desperately want to cure myself of them and regain the healthy skin I was meant to have, and I saw a glimmer of hope in the raw food lifestyle. I’ve no other physical ailments that I’m aware of. During this fast, I’m adding MSM powder to some orange or apple juice in the morning and I’m also eating some raw honey and a couple of tablespoons of bee pollen (I’m not sure if I should continue eating honey and pollen – do they slow down the cleansing process too much?). Please advice on the optimal length of the fast for my goal. I plan on sticking to a high-raw vegan lifestyle after the fast.

    Many thanks…

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Calista,
      Hair loss is very rare during fasting and with the two people that have had it there hair grew back to normal about 60 days after the fast. I think using some essential oils would help during the fasting and sure take the honey and bee pollen.

  41. Calista says:

    Thank you very much for your response, Tom… Should I then continue the juice fast until I start to see improvement in my skin (or until a max of 30 days regardless of the undesirable weight-loss) and then start breaking it with high raw vegan food? I’m using virgin coconut oil and castor oil in my skin care routine, and frequently doing cantalope, papaya and spinach juice.

    Many thanks, C

  42. Vanessa says:

    I desperately needed to find your site. I am so excited to start my first fast. I have a juicer and love it, but am ready to take it to the next level. I take a multi-vitamin and a low dose antibiotic for my acne. Are these safe to take while fasting. I’m hoping after adopting this life-style I won’t need to take anything for my skin! Thank you for all the advice.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Vanessa
      I recommend a juice fast using an extractor. Try the sugar scrub using white sugar rubbed gently on the face. It will open the pores and remove the dead skin. After the fast stop eating fried food or any processed oils and sugars and your skin will heal.

  43. Amber says:

    Everyone has left such helpful information and I can’t wait to start the juice fast tomorrow! Thank you, to all, for being such an inspiration! Seeing everyone’s results have helped me decide that this is the best thing for me to try at this point!

  44. Lydia says:

    Hello Tom!

    I was going through the attic for books, and I found a book of my mom’s called “Prescription for Nutritional Healing”. It has alot of helpful drug-free remedies, like using ginger to help burns and things, but when I came to the section about fasting, I got very interested. The book advocated a live juice fast, for three days (to flush toxins), ten (to begin cleansing the blood), or thirty days(full treatment :D , to help ward off illness, and kill desease). I’d don’t have any real health problems, and being only 14 I thought it would be odd to be seen not eating for more than one monday morning, so im only doing a three day fast. I wanted to do longer, but I didn’t know, is is safe? still being in puberty and everything…and can i eat citris juices? I’ve seen alot of people mention them, but the book said to avoid it.

    I hope you can help, thanks.

  45. Sal says:

    Hey Tom. What a beautiful soul you have. I have a question. I recently quit smoking marijuana because it makes me too comfortable in normally uncomfortable situations (such as living in a cold garage with spiders and mice). I am interested in eating marijuana as I live in California and I can go get it from the dispensaries with my doctors recommendation. Does eating it also cause the negative effects? I had an inguinal hernia about a year ago, and had to get it repaired surgically with mesh because nothing else that I tried was working. When it would bulge out, I don’t know how or why, but I’d get a ringing in my ear, and throbbing in my head on the side of the hernia. Now after surgery I frequently get the ringing in my ear when I move in an uncomfortable position. I had an ear infection before the hernia which I mistakenly mixed antibiotics to ‘cure’ which never happened. The ear infection was so bad that at one point my left side of my face went numb. I feel a connection between my groin and ear on my left side and often different parts of my body on the left side go numb, which is easily fixed by relaxing my stomach. Also when my stomach is tense, I can’t breathe through my nose. Breathing in general is difficult, and if I’m not mindful, I breathe very shallow. I tried eating lots of garlic, and developed a sensitivity to garlic and onions, when I eat them I get so tired within 15 minutes I fall asleep. And onions give me brain fog now. If I eat garlic for a few days, the effects are lessened, but if I don’t eat it for a few, and then eat it, it happens again. I’m so lost and all the doctors I’ve consulted haven’t had a clue as to which route I should go. Please help me if you have any insight.

  46. Christina says:

    Hi Tom!

    Before I start my 40 day water fast I would like to do a three day juice fast.

    Could I do a vegetable juice fast instead? What do you recommend.

    I also am planning on using an enema before my fasting. Are they very effective?

    Thanks Tom.

  47. Christina says:

    Ok. Thanks Tom.

  48. Sal says:

    Hey Tom do you got any answers for me? (Post above Christina’s)

  49. Sal says:

    Sorry for the confusion, here’s a repost;

    29 Mar 2009 at 12:50 am
    Hey Tom. What a beautiful soul you have. I have a question. I recently quit smoking marijuana because it makes me too comfortable in normally uncomfortable situations (such as living in a cold garage with spiders and mice). I am interested in eating marijuana as I live in California and I can go get it from the dispensaries with my doctors recommendation. Does eating it also cause the negative effects? I had an inguinal hernia about a year ago, and had to get it repaired surgically with mesh because nothing else that I tried was working. When it would bulge out, I don’t know how or why, but I’d get a ringing in my ear, and throbbing in my head on the side of the hernia. Now after surgery I frequently get the ringing in my ear when I move in an uncomfortable position. I had an ear infection before the hernia which I mistakenly mixed antibiotics to ‘cure’ which never happened. The ear infection was so bad that at one point my left side of my face went numb. I feel a connection between my groin and ear on my left side and often different parts of my body on the left side go numb, which is easily fixed by relaxing my stomach. Also when my stomach is tense, I can’t breathe through my nose. Breathing in general is difficult, and if I’m not mindful, I breathe very shallow. I tried eating lots of garlic, and developed a sensitivity to garlic and onions, when I eat them I get so tired within 15 minutes I fall asleep. And onions give me brain fog now. If I eat garlic for a few days, the effects are lessened, but if I don’t eat it for a few, and then eat it, it happens again. I’m so lost and all the doctors I’ve consulted haven’t had a clue as to which route I should go. Please help me if you have any insight.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Sal,
      Eating hash or Marijuana is a longer more intense high. It is also more expensive at you need about 10 times the normal amount. So it will not solve the negative effects you are experiencing. Eating cannabis has no impact on the lung just the usual loss of motivation, overeating because of munchies and loss of short term memory. I would do a 30 day juice fast if you can afford it which should cure most of your problems. If not a few days on store bought juice. Fasting will help you colon and stomach restore normal elasticity and help with the hernia. Fasting can heal nerves which my help you as most of you symptoms are neurological. Very important to take essential oils, B complex, and vitamin E daily

  50. Rene says:


    I am currently obese. I’m 5’4″ and weigh about 230 lbs. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome which I am no longer taking medicaiton for. I was on metphormin which made me feel awful. I recently became vegetarian which was much easier than i thought. I recently went for a colonic. I was so bound up from dairy that it didn’t really help. My question is, will juice fasting help me? what is the best way for me to go about this? I have a juicer and was wondering if i can use fruit and veggies.

    Thank you

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Rene
      I would recommend 30 to 40 day of juice fasting with essential oils and vitamin E for polycystic ovary syndrome. Follow it with a non dairy diet.
      I am thinking that is you are still “bunged up after a colonic” and are a vegetarian with lots of fiber in the diet, then your colon may have impacted fecal matter or have other problems that would be cured also by a long juice fast using the enema. Yea find the juice you like by experimenting and keep going.

  51. Sharon says:

    Hi Tom
    I have been unwell for the last 11 months. Was diagnosed with a parathyroid tumour and tested for positive for ANA (homogenous and speckled). The benign tumour was removed in February this year and since the op I have had terrible headaches, ear infection, tinnitus, my face goes numb and some of the pains that I had pre-op, pins and needles in hands and feet, nausea, lethargy have returned each time my body goes through a change, i.e menstruation and flu.
    I bought a juicer and would like to go on a juice fast to purge my body of all the toxins. I am currently taking antibiotics to treat the ear infection (4th round!) and I complete the course by Monday 27th April. What would you advise – that I start the fast as soon as I can or wait until antibiotics have finished?

    Thank you

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Sharon,
      Post-op patients here at the hospital have show a drastic reduction in post op complications, and increased recovery time. Do the fast. The antibiotics effectiveness is increase buy juice fasting by increasing immune performance and lowering plasma viscosity that also increases white blood cell mobility as we observed with a darkfield microscope in the blood of fasting patients.

  52. Sharon says:

    Hi Tom
    Thanks for the response.I have been praying about doing the fast and I think its clean up and clean out time!
    It will be my first juice fast – how long would you recommend for a first attempt and what is the ultimate immune boosting juice drink?


  53. Sharon says:

    Hi Tom

    Sorry but forgot to mention that I am quite slim and want to know whether I will lose a lot of weight on the juice fast…I have read that weight is normalized some days after the fast has ended? To be honest I am not overly concerned – I am more concerned about getting myself right before the Lord and drawing closer to him….I am excited about the fast and curious at the same time…


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Sharon,
      If you are thin you will get thinner and can look bad at the end of the fast yet feel incredible.
      The body will normalize in about 10 days and it is good to start exercising during this period as you can build muscle at the body is in the anaerobic state. To bust the immune system, have some lemon of lime in the juice to alkalinize the blood, garlic is good, ginger is a great flavor booster and also helps clean the blood. Greens are good like parsley if your juice can juice it.

  54. Shaun says:

    Hi, I work outside the US and am on the 9th day of a juice fast. I have done many fasts, but have been told that over 7 days was dangerous/not recommended. I wasn’t ready to break it, so glad I found your site! A question, I get SO dehydrated about the 7th day during a fast even though I drink plenty of water and drink coconut water (heard it’s good for electrolytes).Any ideas?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Shaun,
      Yes coconut water is good for fasting. Your body was designed for fasting. People are dying of heart disease and cancer but no one is dying of fasting. Starvation in combination with malnutrition kills but that can take months. Most of what is written about fasting from a medical standpoint is in error.

  55. Sharon says:

    Hi Tom

    I started my fast yesterday and wanted to know if the symptoms I am experiencing are normal: shivers, sleepiness, fever,tingling in the body, pain in the teeth..I feel great in pockets throughout the day and then I feel tired and bit down.
    I guess the body and mind are purging those toxins……….


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Sharon,
      That is normal for a first time faster. If you are water fasting it can turn it a hell trip with hours of vomiting. Up the juice amount for 3 days. Juice fasting with 3 liters of juice will get cut all the detox pain. Detoxing slower is healthier.

  56. Shaun says:

    Thanks Tom, any other ideas on dehydration? Perhaps the water is too hard or something (I work in Bangladesh). My skin and mouth are dry all the time. What do you think the optimal time for a juice fast is (in days)?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Shaun,
      30 days is a standard period for juice fasting. 40 for chronic disease and 50 to 80 for cancer. Use a natural oil on your skin and take essential oils ever few hours. 6 table spoons a day would be good and vitamin E. The dry skin is not dehydration just lack or natural oils.

  57. Sharon says:

    Hi Tom

    Is it ok to continue taking vitamins and minerals. I am currently taking vitamin c, calcium, magnesium, zinc and vit d3?

    Thank you for all your help – to be able to fast and get help at the same time has been great for a first timer on a juice fast.


  58. Shaun says:

    Hi , I am not sure what you mean to take essential oils – you don’t mean like Lavendar etc? I am assuming you mean like Flax Oil? I have never taken them with a fast- is this what you recommend?

    What is your position on colon cleansing during a long fast? Thanks for your help.

  59. Will Vannurden says:

    Hi Tom,
    I just started juice fasting, and for some reason I am feeling a weird kind of tingling sensation in my head, almost like a headache but not. Hard to explain lol. I also feel it in my face as well. Its not painfull by any means. Sometimes I even sweat a bit. I would like to know if this is normal, and what exactly is taking place that creates it. Also I am juice fasting with Odwalla superfood, Some Pomgranite juice, and A citrus type puree. Is it ok to mix these things with the juice? :Indian clay, Flaxseed oil, and Twin lab’s Amino fuel (a liquid amino acid) ? And one more question, is it ok for me to play two hours of basket ball once a week while doing this?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Will
      Tingling sensation in my head could be cause by niacin a B vitamin that causes a skin flush. Check your ingredients. I doubt if it would be harmful. Or a reaction to the Pomegranate juice. You mix is good and exercising daily is fine. Sometimes exercise is hard if you are detoxing.

  60. Kris Koskella says:

    I visisted the philipines a couple of years ago, and have suffered from some intestinal and stomach bloating since then, what treatments do you use for possible parisite infections in the philipines.

    Thanks Kris

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Kris
      Try the salt water flush, (internet search) combined with a 5 to 10 days of juice fasting and using the enema daily, the take some lacto bacteria capsules, found is healthfood stores after the fast. Adding garlic and ginger to the juice will help.

  61. tim says:

    Tom, do you know of anyone healing an ambilical hernia threw fasting? If so what else did they do? I have a brace to hold pressure on my bulging intestine, and plan on startig slight ‘head sit ups’ to strengthen my abdominal muscles. Any tips would be welcome. Thanks-Tim

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      HI Tim
      The “My colon seems blocked, with a mucosy dark hard stool.” is due to the metamucil. It is very mucus forming and slows the fast. Try using an exercise ball for you abdomen. You juice mix is perfect send some over. Enema with water or a tablespoon of sea salt is good. I do not recommend repeated coffee enemas but once or twice is good. Wheat grass is good to. Your stomach muscles will have a degree of recovery guessing at 20 to 80 percent. But fasting always amazes me with its capacity. You may be the first, so document your fast as many will follow.

  62. tim says:

    PS. I juice frech green vegetables; celery, cucumber carrots, gold beets ginger, parsley, and red Kale, would you add/subtract anything? I was also wondering about metimucil, why do you say it isn’t recomended? My colin seems blocked, with a mucosy dark hard stool. I plan on the enema, is just water good enough? Thanks again-T.

  63. tim says:

    PPS. I’ve done the master cleanse (Water, lemon juice, maple syrup, cayanne pepper), and I know how small and empty my abdomen gets, which can only help in getting my intestine back into my belly. What I’ m looking for here are specifics. I plan to add wheat grass juice for general nutrition, and mung bean sprouts to my juicing for protein, would you recomend anything else, or in addition to the bean sprouts for protein? Also do you know of a recomended ointment for this type of ailment? Thanks again-T.

  64. tim says:

    So… what to do about the colin blockage, which is what caused the painful appendix in the first place. At least that’s my ‘gut reaction’, pun intended. So the hernia came threw the hole they cut to take out the appendix. I’ve always used psycillium husk, and never had this problem. What do you recomend?

  65. tim says:

    Do you mean… it gets blockes because there is no more food coming down the pipe to help flush the psillium husk threw? That would make sense. Senna then? I have some smooth move tea with senna, and I tried it last night. It seems to be causing some movement. There’s what feels like 1.5 inch of small intestine poking threw right above my belly button, I can push it in, but only to be flush with the tummy. I think I just need surgery. Fasting will, I’m sure, help surgery though. Thanks again-T.

  66. tim says:

    One more thing, I tried the salt wash(1 quart, with 2 tsp. salt) the day before all this tarted, and it didn’t go threw. Got a colonic the next day than went to the emergency room. Still a bit weary of the salt wash. Think I should try it again?

  67. tim says:


  68. tim says:

    How do I get the psyillium husk out of me? The hernia is about 1 inch out by 1,5 inch long. I’m thinking the psyillium plug might be in the hernia. If there’s really a plug. Help!

  69. tim says:

    Did an enema, and lots of hard dark small poops came out. I was jsut blocked. Had my appendix out unecessarily, and now I have a hernia. What is my spirit manifesting in my body, and why?!? I know, you’re the fast guy, not the spiritual guy. Or are you a psychic too?!? Remember kids, no psyllium husks without food(ie. while fasting), and lots of water!!! Thanks-T.

  70. tim says:

    I get the message: to be more gentle in my interactions with myself, and others, especially my son. Tom, you’re in the phillipines, do you know a psychic surgeon? These doctors allready mis-diagnosed me, all the while I was telling them that I thought I was just blocked with the psyllium husk. I don’t want them touching my intestine if spirit can heal me, and I know it can. Thanks-Tim.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Juice juice juice, and use the enema for 30 days. What supplements you can afford take them. The colon heals with juice fasting.
      Do you have a juicer? I was a witness of the work of a psychic surgeon. What a scam. Try juice fasting first then lets talk about other methods of healing.

  71. tim says:

    Well the thing is that my intestine is pushen forward, ‘spit’ out threw my stomach muscle. I have an omega juicer. I’m still fasting, but doubt it can move my intestine back. I’m about to drink some bone broth. I’m listening to my body’s craving, not like sugar;=)… But I will stay on a liquid diet till I get surgery. Thanksagain-T.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Try doing a headstand yoga style. The hands are clasped between the back of the head. Try laying back on a medicine ball and doing leg raises that may help for now. Surgery is the best bet.

  72. Nate says:

    Hey Tom,

    I’ve been juice fasting for 9 days now. I am 24, overweight, and have two herniated discs in my back. Anyway, I just got prescribed medical marijuana but I hesitant to use it, as I am not a marijuana user. However, I’m reaching my breaking point. I don’t want to take pain meds and haven’t taken anything for the pain in a long time. My right leg is where I experience most of my pain and I’ve lost range of motion as well. Is it safe to use the marijuana while fasting and because my body has not had the drug in 3 years?



    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Nate,
      Yes you can use marijuana during fasting but the hunger is intense. It will increase the effect of pain medications.
      We have tried it a pain relieve in combination with painkillers and it works but … the hunger is hard to endure.

  73. Nate says:

    Oh one more thing…

    Have you ever seen herniated discs heal as a result of fasting?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Nate,
      Fasting will not heal a herniated disc. It will reduce pain and inflammation but it will be worse during the fast.
      Leg raising exercises will help and can drastically reduce pain. Surgery is the best choice.

  74. tim says:

    WOOO HOOO! My ‘hernia’, was just an infection!
    Be carefull about the psyllium, it’s NOT for fasting!!! Thanks-Tim.

  75. Kris says:

    Thanks for your input…….Very interesting about the Salt water Flush, I actually felt led to do that a couple of Years ago, Looks Like I will be Trying it again.
    PS Requesting you delete my post Thanks

  76. Amy says:

    Tom, I am going to start a juice fast, mostly to rid my body of toxins and to lose some weight. Is a juice fast the best choice for me? I am 5’2″ and 170 lbs, 27 years, I have had 2 kids. I was 120 lbs prior to having kids and suffered from bulimia in college. Willpower is my biggest problem. My second question is, Can I take migraine medicine during a juice fast?

  77. claire t says:

    Hi Tom

    Claire T here – hopefully back on track. Day 2 of suggested juice fast. There has been a lull in the domestic drama around here and I’m taking full advantage. I’m having a celery/cuke/grannysmith/spinach & dandelion leaf juice, and tapering off the coffee once again – and I want to replace it with a basic dashi broth, maybe twice a day. These are the directions – please let me know if it is approved for fasting:

    ***Vegetarian Shiitake Dashi

    1 strip Kombu seaweed (about 6 inches

    4 each dried shiitake mushrooms

    6 cups boiling water

    Soak the kombu and shiitakes in the hot water for a minimum of 30 minutes, or preferably, for several hours or overnight.

    Remove the shiitakes and discard the stems, and thinly slicing the caps.

    Return the caps to the water and heat, uncovered, over medium heat.

    Watching the pot and remove the kombu just before the water boils.

    Reduce the heat and simmer for 5 minutes.

    Remove the mushrooms from the broth. Reserve the kombu and shiitake for another use.

    Stock may be stored, tightly covered, in the refrigerator for future uses***

    I often have something like this – and blend up the leftover mushers and kombu and incorporate it into the family meals, since it is full of valuable minerals, and is said to be largely responsible for the legendary Japanese constitution and long life! I think it would protect my poor hair and nails (& crapped out thyroid) on a long fast. It also boosts the immune system (would it be beneficial to drink this for a few days b4 or after one of your dry fasts? It may just boost the effect a little more)

    I am also having liquid vits- unfortunately, it does contain added fructose, because the brands without it are too expensive. If I make it to a water fast in August, I’ll stop the broth and vits.

    EVERYthing I’ve ever wanted to do has been super-difficult to accomplish, and I realize that sometimes I create the difficulties myself-and don’t realize that until later. I’ve got a good feeling this time around.

    How is your moving going?


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire,
      The new place is amazingly huge, with two decks, herb garden and fireplace. The Internet connection is a pain is we had to connect it to a tree 60 meter away on a cliff. So slow but sure.

  78. claire t says:

    Oh – I forgot to ask-is fasting beneficial for autoimmune issues? Like most people of predominantly Celtic ancestry-I started to feel the effects of these early. I have had symptoms of Sjogrens for the last few years (autoimmune attack of the moisture-producing glands of ALL mucous membranes, which leaves these areas dry, inflamed, sore and open to infection, along with arthritis). I was tested for it a couple of years ago at the urging of my optometrist, since my eyes are paper-dry & inflamed, and although the test showed autoimmune activity-I was still “under the radar” for Sjogrens. I don’t want to wait until it gets worse. The “radar” must be REALLY uncomfortable!! I always suspected that the root cause is a lifetime wheat and/or dairy. I’ve have a strong allergic reaction on skin tests to these. My doctors don’t “have any evidence” of this, but are willing to benefit from my experience. I also suspect that you’d have to quit these substances which are in just about everything for months or years before you found out. Also, the damage to these glands is said to be permanent. Do you have any info?


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire
      Fasting has a huge benefit to the immune system. Yes it could be a combination of allergens and wheat and milk are the worst.
      Fasting it a time where there are no allergens in the blood. Lets see what happens. It will be good. How good is the question.

  79. claire t says:

    er…I’ve just made a fun refreshing drink…(I don’t have much else to do today) I am finishing up my Master Cleanse mixture-and instead of adding boring ol’ spring water, I added chilled Pellegrino. Whoo-HOOO!

    I’ll have another one of those, bartender!

    Is that kosher, Tom?

  80. claire t says:

    Hi Tom

    Day three. I am STARVING and it won’t go away. I know intellectually it is just my stomach shrinking, but I am stuck at home again today and am restraining myself from stuffing the kids with food obsessively. I’ve lost about three lbs, and if I can just stick it out, the real weight loss will begin. This is the point where I usually bail out-when the starvation becomes hard to endure any longer, my mouth is watering, I’m chilled and achy and depressed, and for some reason claustrophobic and desperate, and ever fiber of my being is telling me over and over that I’m playing a sick game of self control, and just a little comfort snack would ease everything-heck-I could eat the mail right out of the box!! My son is making French toast-why-do-I-have-to-smell-cinnamon-and-maple-syrup


  81. claire t says:

    nevermind…no panic – I’ve filled my stomach with vegetable juice. now i just want a beer. really silly, the things you long for on a fast – the very things you shouldn’t be having OFF it. I’ve noticed that the very slight puffiness that’s always present on my ankles is going. There’s almost no padding over the joint. hmmm. food allergies being resolved – or just flushing out the excess salts?

    be careful on that cliff!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire,
      Just came back from the cliff. 400 ft with the wifi attached to a tree and a wire running down to the house. The move was brutal. A storm knocked got our connection wet. So I am now very dirt and tire. Great to here you are doing good.

  82. claire t says:

    I made it through this evening! I’m still true to my fast.

    I was at the movies again – and this time the popcorn smelled pretty funky. Wasn’t tempted at all. I’m just exhausted and my joints have been aching for about 24 hours. The movie – which was supposed to be a witty romantic comedy – stirred up some ugly bleak resentments that I normally would dismiss as “low blood sugar”. This is the furthest I’ve gotten this summer. Now I can feel the famous “cleansing” beginning. I just want to cry and cry (not the impressive wailing howling kind-I’m too tired, just the endless silent rolling tears kind) and sleep and sleep, and the garbage is coming out of my lungs and ears – it’s pretty rough. Maybe all this is what I’ve really been backing away from. My tongue still is not coated though, but there is the taste of garbage in the back of my mouth. I’ll end the day three documentation here – my wrists hurt like heck.

    ps-I’ve been investigating autoimmune disorders some more (my GI doctor ordered me to stop the internet research, but he can’t see me now) and Sjogrens has been tied to celiac disease (I don’t have that – but have a very sore gut always), and two things were interesting if true – 1) that English-Irish folk have such inflammatory responses to wheat gluten because they have cultivated it for only 3000 years, vs 9000 for the rest of Europe. and 2) that wheat and candida cause an identical autoimmune response in the gut


    Tom, do you agree? If so – all I have to do to be well is eliminate gluten. Easier said than done – we very often crave the things to which we are most allergic – such as bread, pizza and beer. The one thing I’ve read everywhere I’ve looked is that Sjogren’s is incurable, and can only be “managed”. I want to find out for myself if it’s true.

    BTW your new place sounds awsome. Enjoy!

    -claire t

  83. claire t says:

    Good morning, blogosphere. This is day four. I woke up extremely hungry, and made the kids breakfast burritos with fresh fruit.

    Psychologically, it helped with my food obsession, and my great&terrible hunger – making something good for them. I usually hate cooking and shun the kitchen (where I am a total disaster), and all things housewifely – yet the very minute that I go on a fast I am obsessed with preparing food for my unfortunate kids, and since I can’t taste my cooking-I have to take their word for the fact that most of the meals are unusually delicious and they’re not sneaked into the garbage can. So my fast benefits them, except that I am intensely crabby and short-tempered and sensitive to their noise and mayhem. Does anyone else get like this? It’s a schizo “I want to take care of you/GET OUT OF MY FACE” deal. I hope it goes away. This is the first fast in which I have not sneaked spoonfuls of peanut butter to “keep me upright”. I took care not to have any in the house, and I am not tempted by anything else.

    Physically-I have lost 4.5 lbs in the first three days. I’m 5’6 and-a-half, and currently 145 lbs, which up until mid-march was almost entirely muscle. I do not feel like exercising any more, so I would like to remember what it was to be a less robust 125 lbs, as I was in my teens. Then maybe I’ll feel like running again. Just looking at my weight set makes my bones ache. I have felt so heavy on my feet for quite a while.

    The other thing I’ve noticed reading all the blogs-is that I see people who are businesslike about their fast, and don’t seem to show self-pity or negative thoughts about fasting, and those who are fearful of every symptom, and complain quite a bit, and make it seem as if they are being punished with the fast (that has been me) – so now when I feel this (poor me what am i doing to myself) attitude coming on-I try to shut it down right away, because it leads to failure. I will have no fear of any symptom, trust that I am doing the right thing, stay positive as long as possible, and just get on with it this time!

    Anyway-here goes day four!

    Claire T

  84. claire t says:

    Playing around on that cliff in the rain – sounds like my kinda fun!!

    (Hi Tom) Day SIX! Feeling kinda ripped off. My tongue remains pinkish and I await the fowl breath!!! Where is it?? Am I not detoxing? I have a vaguely salty taste at the back of my throat and periodic powerful waves of acid nausea which pass. (What causes that? It feels like excess stomach acid or bile-but I know I don’t produce the stuff!)

    I went for my first run/walk in months yesterday, to assess the state of my fitness. Abysmal. Running was out of the question-I felt my metab rev up and reach for glycogen (or some kinda fuel), then stall like the car would do on empty!! I literally got about 100 yards – then that was it! But a brisk one hour walk was easy and refreshing.

    I’m also waiting for the burst of energy that everyone raves about. I remain pale, weak and dizzy most of the time and very very irritable. My weight loss has also stalled. Grump grump grump! See what I mean?

    BTW, I went to see Food, Inc. in the theater, deliberately while on the fast, so that I would feel the effects indelibly, and become rigorous in my vegetarianism, and it worked. I cried where the rest of the audience just murmured at the surreal suffering. No doubt you personally do not need to see this movie, but it’s pretty powerful and very shocking. I nearly threw up-something I’ve never done unless I’ve had a bad sandwich off the roach coach at school, or something. wow.

    What do you eat in a typical busy day when off a fast? Are you vegetarian? Vegan? Cantalouparian?

    How goes your communications system now? Are you treating primarily cancer patients? What other serious illnesses are being studied?

    claire t

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire,
      We are fully up and running in the new place. WOW so amazing. Every muscle in my body hurts. My Diet: I have juice every day, with one pineapple and about 2 kilo of carrots. I eat salad with every meal. Small bowl of oat meal every morning. Some red rice, and green veggies. For protein: Some eggs, chicken occasionally mostly as a treat, and salmon, tuna or mackerel canned. And for treat about once a month or 2,…. pizza. We have go 5 hours for that one.
      At the hospital we are mostly treating advanced cancers or heart disease.
      We are planning a trip to canada soon for about a month. And getting the greenhouse up and the garden developed is my next focus. And updating the books with all the new info including videos. A setting up a treatments system in another city who are waiting for us. We some clients that come and stay here at my house and I put them on a program.

  85. claire t says:

    Hi Tom,

    It’s day 7, and day one of my 2nd attempt at water fasting. I did a week on juices and broths as directed, and cut all my coffee, stimulants and sleeping pills in half, and in half again, until there’s nothing to take. I will keep going this time barring a serious headache. Bring on the famous coated tongue etc etc. I want some grossness. Otherwise I’ll die of boredom cause I can’t DO anything much.

    I’m trying not to go out too much while I complete this fast-because we are all on summer vacation, and we are an enthusiatic ‘eating’ family, and all our favorite outings are triggers for a good dinner!! I feel like an addict here. It really is hard. You have to avoid eating buddies and triggers (or maybe that’s just me) My body wants to do this but my mind is dead set against it! Meanwhile, my husband, who has been juice fasting since late June with an occasional break, has lost 26 lbs and counting.

    claire t

  86. jamieL says:

    I would like to try fasting, but really do not want to do the whole enema thing. Things like that really creep me out. Is it strictly necessary, or does it just make the process easier?

  87. jamieL says:

    Cool, thanks!!

  88. carinaTG says:

    Hi Tom, so happy to find this site! I will start a juice fast today!! my ? is this… Does it matter what type of juices? Can I just go to the store and purchase pure fruit juices? should I stick with a particular brand? What about vegetable juice? is that ok as well? I will invest in a juicer as well but need a couple gallons of store bought to get started.
    thank you!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Carina,
      You need a juicer to get the amazing results that you read about on this site. Anything bottled or canned will not work the same as fresh from a juicer. Even a cheap juicer will work. Yes you can use the store bought stuff to start. Any natural juice would be good. Apple and grapes juice, bottled can get a bit acidic in the stomach if you drink too much.

  89. carinaTG says:

    Thank you Tom for such a quick response. I did get a few bottles of Odwalla juices. I got through the day pretty good, but opted for some vegetable broth this evening and a cup of yogurt. Your site is wonderful and I look forward to reading through the many articles and journals people have posted.

  90. carinaTG says:

    Hi Tom,DAY 2- I got a juicer today! started with the cantaloupe mix! A couple more questions for you… I haven’t had a BM in a couple days and ( normally I am pretty regular) I thought the fruit juices would cause more frequent BM, what’s the norm while fasting with juice and water? also, with all this juice, it seems I would gain weight with so much sugar and carbs and little exercise. is there such a thing as too much juice? should I limit myself? I drink a juice every time I feel really hungry, in the eve I have warm veg broth to help with hunger as well..

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi CarinaTG
      I recommend you drink as much as you want for the first 3 day to get into the fasting state then after that cut down. Nothing in, nothing out, No BM is normal but every 5 to 7 day the body will dump all fiber with several bowel movements.

  91. algimble says:

    Dear Tom,

    I am on day 5 of an 18 day water fast. I am taking daily enema’s and weekly hydrocolonics. Should I end the water fast with some sort of herbal colon cleanse, to really clear out the large intestines? Also, do you have any info or advice on oral enemas?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Algimble,
      I do not recommend laxatives or the salt water flush, except on rare occasion. At the end of the fast take some probiotics to rebuild your intestinal bacteria. Enemas do the job of cleaning he colon on a fast and colonics become less beneficial as the fast progress and mostly a waste of money. Day one of the fast …colonics are great.

  92. henry26 says:

    hi tom i think you dont remember me hmm i just to ask some thing cuz i am making an investigatory about fasting and detoxification i thingking if you cuold help me?

  93. keith101 says:

    Sorry that i never thought to look at the other pages on the progress of others.
    I will give this my full attention when i log on to your site.
    Best regards Keith.
    I have left a message for Eliarigina on her “Fast-5 diet, i hear she and her family are doing well.

  94. vlmarsh says:

    I am 22 years old and 137lbs. I am currently Vegetarian, only eating fish. I have recently read literature that has educated me on the hormones and abuse all animals endure in order to feed America. I am now encouraged to become vegan, yet I would first like to cleanse my body of any toxins it might be holding before I start my clean vegan diet.
    I am on the 1st day of my juice fast. I am determined to go a minimum of 10 days- beginning with juice, transitioning to water, and then back to juice before breaking the fast. My questions to you are
    1) at my age and my fairly healthy weight (137lbs, but would like to achieve 125lbs) how many days do you suggest I fast for in order to cleanse and shed body fat?
    2) I also work-out daily, training for one hour with weights about three times a week, and doing heavy cardio for an hour three times a week, is this safe to coninue to do while I am fasting?

    Thank you for your time.

  95. keith101 says:

    Hi Vlmarsh
    welcome to
    Water fasting is not advisable when working out in the gym.
    waight loss is not an exact science when fasting as everyone is different.
    But i would not train at the gym whilst water fasting as your body works harder to sustain daily functioning.
    hope this helps you.
    Best regards Keith.

  96. jungly says:

    Starting a Juice fasting session for 30days. Reason #1 is to clear my psoriasis from scalp (since my early 20’s) and nose area (showed up last week, once it showed up on the face it made me want to fast). Reason #2 adapt better lifestyle, at 5′6 and 200lb man, and eating junk food only I know this negatively contributed to my skin problem.

    Currently I’m on my second day of water fasting. The first day was the most difficult, feeling of sickness and coldness and tired. Second day after sleeping 10hours (for first time in months) I do not feel hungry and think I can probably pull of a 5day water fast. The problem though I’m seeing is that although my scalp has remarkably reduced in itching and scaling from psorasis from just two days, the new face psoriasis which started a week ago has stayed the same. Although it appears to have stoped in its tracks fortunately (about an inch in surface area), the itching/redness is constant. I’m starting to think its due to the toxins looking for a way out in the new formed area?

    My Question: Most documentations say that to cure skin problems, it is more beneficial to Raw Juice Fast for 30+ days because of the nutrients/antiinflamatory/antioxidant features involved. Question is what is the real difference between WaterFasting and JuiceFasting in resolving skin issues? Do you recommend JuiceFasting for longterm skin health over waterfasting?

    My take on this, is that waterfasting is a brute force method of cleaning toxins from the body. Raw Fruit/Veg fasting is a longer gentler form of removing toxins and providing nutrients longterm, hence can be used as a lifestyle for prolonged periods (months) to cleanse yourself from years of eating junk food.

    What I plan on doing: I’m going to continue with my waterFasting for another day and then go on a Raw veg/fruit fasting for 30+ days; and then after adapt a Fruite/Veg/Nuts/ with reduced Chicken/Fish intake and zero intake of redmeat, milk, bread for half a year.

    Where can i document my blog on a day/weekly basis progress?

    - Day 2 -
    I’ve started working out for about a month now but noticed that with water fasting energy needs to be concerved. Not surprisngly my metabolism is slow (which now i think is the culprit of my 40pounds overweight) but lets me function throughout the day just fine as i near day 3. On Day 3 I will finally use my Juicer machine and introduce maybe two juice meals only. As I can tell my skin is toxic (positive sign I believe) as I write this and dont want to aggrevate it with introduction of new foods to the intenstine. Ohh forgot to mention, prior to this Fasting. I had been on a Intenstine/Detox pills program for about a month (all natural) – unfortunately I was eating junk food and although I felt great I think it absorbed the negative toxins from the foods i was eating at faster rate causing new psoriasis to appear. In other words, Eating your normal junk diet + detoxing your intenstine (via pills) is a NO NO.

    -Day 3 –

    • jungly says:

      Finished reading your document about waterfasting and juicefasting. Your waterfasting states you dont see benefits unless you do 5-10days. And JuiceFasting after many weekds.

      Although I’ll be in day 3 of waterfasting, I dont want to lose the postive mental/body effects I’m feeling as I transition to Raw Fruit/Veg fasting. Do you recommend on Day 4 (aka first day of Juice fasting) to only have one Juice Meal and Water. Then Day 5 Two Juice meals and Water. Then Day 6,7,8 reduce water and increase more Juice Meals?

      I normally had daily bowl movements, but am entering day 3 without any bowl movements. Previously I was taking a tea all natural laxative, but have stopped it intentionally, I will most likely re-introduce it durring the Juice fasting, along side the liver/intenstine detox pills i was using before (or do you recommend not taking these, as the fruit/veg are soppose to be doing this job already?).

      thanks for your input.

  97. keith101 says:

    Hi Jungly
    First thing it is not safe to exersise on a water fast.
    I believe you should keep up with your exersise plus a juice/veg fast, this has many benificial effects as in an increase in endorphines, making you feel more happy” also exersise will help the skin look younger to, juice fasting is the way to go for you” for def…
    Go on fasting progress reports to log your daily progress there. We are all here to support you on your fasting journey.
    Best Wishes and a warm welcome Keith. Site Admin.

    • jungly says:

      Hi, I have to take a business trip for a week and therefore break my juice fast. But then continue it when i come back. What do you recommend I eat durring this time? I’m thinking purely vegatable salads with minimal to no sauce. And probably eat pure fruits (pears, avacodos, mango, etc..). I don’t want to lose the effort i’ve done so far. I may be tempted to juice buy a cheap blender and drain the excess fibers. But for business meals, i wont have that luxury.

      Also, what is the downfall of eating whole foods, is it the fiber that now requires my liver/intenstine to work overtime again?

  98. Sipsum247 says:

    Age 31
    Weight and Height 5’11” 240ibs
    Type of Fast – juice
    Any past experience with fasting – did a previous liquid only fast for 40 days (broths, juices, etc.)
    Reason for the Fast – detox and weight
    Health Issues – asthma, high cholesterol

    My wife and I spent weeks on this website before attempting to start a juice fast. At first, we were going to do 40 days. However, because of birthdays, superbowl coming up, and our lack of discipline, we agreed to fast during the week and eat lightly on weekends. Is this ok? My goal as you see is weight loss and to lower my cholesterol. Years back I used to run at least five miles a day. I stopped after experiencing chest pain. I was never really conscious of my food intake because of my physical activity. However, when I stopped running, I started packing on the pounds and cholesterol flew sky high. After I did the aforementioned 40 day fast, I became jittery and shaky, like I was nervous. This has subsequently stopped but it was concerning for over a year or so. Doctors given the ok to work out as they did not find anything wrong with my heart – just trying to get back into the game.

  99. keith101 says:

    Hi Sipsum247
    Welcome to
    You do have discipline if you have compleated a 40 day juice fast.
    What comes first?…You getting your life back?…Or binging on unhealthy food and beers watching the superbowl? LOL.
    But as you have said in your post about fasting for 5 days then eating light at the weekends is fine.
    Watch your intake of juice/veg, ie.. cals, carbs, protine intake.
    You can have a look at my site for my page that gives you a
    cal, carb, protine counter for juice/veg fasting.
    Click on
    PS.. This is day 4 on my 40 day water only fast
    Blessings and best wishes on your journey Keith.

  100. Sipsum247 says:

    Thanks Keith. I’ve seen your site and the SWF is crazy. I’ve been trying to lift weights and exercise to help with the weight loss. Anyone recommend taking protein powder with juicing for lean muscle growth? I just need advice to thwart the weakness from fasting. Thank you.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Sipsum27,
      Yes taking whey protein and juice is an amazing way to get lean and muscle up.
      You will get days of feeling weak where you have to push through.
      I did 4 hours of workouts a day gym, swim cycle and at the intense pain level.

      • keith101 says:

        Hi Sipsum27
        As Tom has mentioned, whey protien, also egg whites are a great with a juice/veg fast.
        Ease yourself back into to it and im sure you will achieve your goals, brisk walking for a few miles to start, then free weights after your cardio, swap it about every 2 weeks to shock the muscles, increase your walking by a mile every week, working up to brisk, then power walking, the weight will fall off you trust me.
        My site is a baby site, i have a long way to go before i go www, anyway Tom and i wish you the best of luck on your journey, any more questions just ask, we are here to help.
        Blessings Keith.

  101. youlovekris says:

    Hi Tom-
    I have been reading the book “The Tao of Health, Sex and Longevity” by Daniel P. Reid and there is a compelling chapter on fasting and colonics. I was searching around on google and found your site. I am going to attempt a fast before I reform my diet (with the rules of trophology), and I have a couple of concerns. I have fainted from low blood sugar before and have always been told I was anemic. Do you think fasting is dangerous for me? Will the juices supply the sugar to keep me from fainting, and how much should I try to drink? I want to clean out my system as much as possible before I begin this major dietary change.
    Thank you for your help :)


    • youlovekris says:

      I forgot to mention that I work all day mon-fri and take classes at night and workout during lunch – there is a lot of mental and physical exertion in my daily activities. I want to make sure that I will still be able to function while fasting.. thanks again..


    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi youlovekris
      Get down on one knee to stop fainting. There is a section on the site if you search for “blackouts” Juices do have sugar and some more than others. To drop your sugar levels during a fasting use celery, cucumber, parsley. They have low calories with loads of nutrients. Drink your juice slowly and spread it out throughout the day. Try mollassas tea ( hot water and 2 tablespoons of mollasas, with fresh lemon squeezed. Juice fasting is safe water is not as the fainting will be too intense.

  102. Jennifleur says:

    I am curious about something, not sure if you can answer. I have been reading a great deal about the benefits of juice fasting, especially for your health and in improving/curing health conditions. I was wondering if you had heard, or had any thoughts on, the effect it would have on polycystic ovary syndrome. Not too many people are familiar with it, but essentially it is an endocrine disorder, and many hormones end up out of balance as a result. Besides not having health insurance and the ability to get prescription meds for my condition, the meds merely relieve the symptoms and do nothing to get at the root of the problem. When you go off of the meds, symptoms return, and going back to the meds again is less effective. Besides, I do not want to be a slave to medications for the rest of my life, especially as they are man-made, and not natural. I’ve been wondering perhaps if juice fasting could benefit this condition.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Jennifeur,
      Yes, a juice fast of 21 to 30 days may dramatically improve of cure the condition. Although I have never guided a fast to cure endocrine disorder I have seen so many other condition healed or improved that I say, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain by fasting.

      • alb36 says:


        Yes, you can cure endocrine problems by fasting and proper cleaning of your colon, I am no longer hypothyroid and I have a friend who has the Grave’s, two weeks of juice fasting and she was done, she became hypothyroid because she was still taking the drugs, months after she gave up medication and her thyroid is in normal range.

        • Jennifleur says:

          That’s good to hear, Adela, because while I haven’t been diagnosed by a doctor, I have a sneaking suspicion that I am hypothyroid as well (I have just about all of the symptoms, as well as a family history).

    • rebecca2980 says:

      Jennifer I am getting ready to start this fast for polycystic as well. have tyou already started yours we could buddy up for support and do this fast together.

      • Jennifleur says:

        No, I haven’t yet, but I think it’s a great idea to have support. I just bought a juicer on eBay tonight, and should receive it this next week, along with a couple of books I bought regarding fasting. The next hurdle is convincing my parents – I’m 25, but I still live at home due to financial reasons. I’ve actually got my mother quite interested in fasting herself (she has some health issues that I believe would be improved or healed). My dad might possibly think I’m crazy, but I think I can convince him I’ll be fine, and also because it was God pulling on my heart to begin fasting in the first place (in which case, I believe he’ll be more understanding). I am going to begin weaning myself off of caffeine and sugar this week. That shouldn’t be too hard, because the only caffeine I take in each day is maybe one soft drink (I don’t drink coffee), and I had already cut out much of the sugar I took in when I began the South Beach diet. I still have cravings for sugar, though, and quite honestly would prefer to eat sugary foods over vegetables (which is true of most PCOS-ers, due to the insulin resistance). I’m hoping this will help me to get rid of those cravings for good, and change my tastes. I want to ease into it with a week of just fruits and vegetables. Are you thinking of doing the same?

        • keith101 says:

          Hi Jennifleur
          I hope its Toms books that you have bought on fasting LOL.
          What are you trying to achieve on your fasting journey?…is it for weight loss, if so then Tom has a support line for you to keep to your goals, with one on one help for you and family members. Have you listened to the Audio’s on the home page?
          Blessings Keith.

          • Jennifleur says:

            Lol, actually I had bought the books before I discovered this site. I had a gift card that I needed to use, so… :o ) Most importantly, I am wanting to this fast because I have felt God laying it on my heart to do the fast. I hope to draw closer to Him, and there are a few things I will be praying about through the fast. However, I am also hoping to experience healing. I have a condition called polycystic ovary syndrome (an endocrine disorder), and I believe I may also be hypothyroid. I am hoping to get things balanced out by juice fasting. The weight loss will be nice, as one usual symptom of both of the above mentioned conditions is carrying around extra weight. It just isn’t my main goal with the fast. I also tend to crave sugary foods, though I have done a good job at cutting out most sugar already and switching to whole grains (I’ve lost about 18lbs just by making better food choices, but I have a bit more that needs to go as well). I’m hoping that the fast will help those cravings diminish and give me a bit of a clean slate to start with. I’m excited about getting creative with vegetables once my fast is over. I haven’t started yet. I’m still trying to warm my dad up to the idea. Ah, the joys of still living with the parents… :o ) I can’t complain – I live here rent-free, and considering how hard times are, that is a blessing.

  103. Once says:

    Hi Tom

    How long do juices keep in the fridge?

  104. alb36 says:


    I’d like to ask you something, I am not sure if you have come across of anything like that. A year ago I got diagnosed with hypothyroid, iron deficiency, fibromyalgia, after 3 months on thyroid hormones I bought a 4 week program for intestinal cleanse which came with an alkaline diet, 3 meals of raw vegetables and fruits the first week, two meals the second week, 1 meal the third week and no meals the last one, so basically I ended up fasting the last week. I started feeling much, much better only after the first week, lost 17 lbs, got my energy back, years of depression were completely wiped off. Two months later I did a physical, my thyroid and my iron were back in range, I had no pain in my body, I was no longer tired and depressed, I could focus properly. Last fall I discovered the fasting and I knew that from then on, sky is the limit, I will never be afraid of anything in my life. Since then I did one week and later 21 days of juice fasting, it is awesome but I have to learn how to break my fasting and deal with my compulsory eating, I bought your books and I am working on that. However, before I got diagnosed with anything, I started having ringing in my right ear, it feels like I have a bee in my ear, it’s not all the time, only when I lean forward, certain positions of my head even when I sleep, I went to the doctor, there’s nothing wrong with my ear, there’s probably something in my middle ear and nobody can reach there. The funny part is that when I fast the buzzing fades away, it’s so much less loud, when I start eating and I don’t always eat the right things or in the right combinations, it becomes loud again and more frequent. But even while fasting it never went away completely.
    Another thing is my liver, it hurts, there’s a hard part right under the corner of my rib, too much concentrated foods and the next day that hard part becomes bigger and starts hurting. When I behave and eat only fruits and vegetables and a small amount of nuts, or seeds, or grains, or fish, I am ok, I don’t even feel that hard ball, when I overdo it with the concentrated foods, I start feeling my liver again.
    As a child, following a very acidic diet, I started having liver pains while in high school, doctors were telling my parents that it was because of too many tomatoes, too many eggplants, meaning the seeds were causing it. Later on I developed kidney sediment, nobody knew why, they made me drink more water and some yucky teas and I never developed stones but I have been waking up to go to the bathroom ever since, the 21 days juice fasting fixed that problem, so happy about that, I cannot even tell you. But the moment I overdo it with the concentrated foods, I wake up at night again, I don’t sleep well, I look terrible in the morning, etc. I had been waking up with swollen hands and feet for years, nobody could say why, some rheumatologist wanted to put me on arthritis drugs. I cleaned up my kidneys, I no longer have swollen hands and feet in the morning. It’s scary when you realize that the medical community has no clue on why we develop any problems, zero. Nobody is even asking you what is it that you are eating.

    That’s about it, sorry about the long message, I deviated, just wanted to see if you can give me any hint about my ear and my liver. And another question, my brother has high cholesterol (330), 3 years ago he put on a lot of weight very suddenly and no matter what he does his cholesterol won’t go down. He did only 3 weeks of that intestinal cleanse that I did so he never fasted and I was wondering if fasting for maybe 2 weeks will change his cholesterol. I am 40, a mother of two boys, he is 39, soon to become a father. When I started telling him about fasting, I thought that he was going to punch me in the face if I wasn’t in NJ and him in Seattle. But I am hoping to convince him to do maybe two weeks juice fasting.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Adela, I can relate to the ear ringing! I have had Tinnitus for several years, and there is no cure. I have learned to live with it. And I’ve learned masking techniques such as an air filter running in my bedroom at night. If you do a web search on “Tinnitus” you will find support forums and advice. Zinc is a good supplement for this. As well as avoiding alcohol and caffine products.

      I would recommend visiting a professional nutritionist for your conditions. You may be able to see if you are deficient in some nutrients, such as “Iodine” which regulates Tyroid functions in our bodies. Are you sure it’s a Liver problem that you have, and not your Gall Bladder? There are wonderful, natural gall badder and liver cleanses that work great!

      Often our diets create deficencies in our bodies that make them work at a low level. This low level makes us weak, achey and generally poor feeling. This would of course lead to some ailment over time. But doctors only find ailments, not necessarily things leading to it! Our best defense is RAW, FRESH FOODS we put into our bodies. And exercise!!

      A 21 day juice fast would be less than optimum for healing! Usually it would take 30-40 days on a juice fast to get a good detox, and healing severe conditions.

      I would say that a 2 week fast won’t help your brother. He would most likely come back at food with a vengence and do himself more harm! First, and foremost he has to get into his mind that he wants to change. Second, I would tell him to change his diet instead of fasting. And eat as much as he wants of the RIGHT things! Lastly, I hate drugs but he may do better on one for reducing cholesterol.

      I hope I’ve helped you some. Please look around the site, and read Tom’s books for a wealth of Fasting info! Ron

      • alb36 says:

        Hi Ron,

        Thank you for your message. I don’t have Tinnitus, my ears don’t ring constantly, only certain times, my MD said he has it too but what I have is not Tinnitus. I don’t have gallblader stones either, I did many flushes, only the first time I got out many green peas, next several times, nothing, but my liver is getting better, I will fast some more, maybe in the summer, right now I cannot deal with being so cold while fasting and I am already too thin, I need to find a balance in food then fast occasionally. And start working out, I never find the time for that. Otherwise I feel very good, I am no longer tired or depressed, I have no more pain in my body. My hair is still shedding like crazy, even though I still drink juices and I take hemp seed oil, you may be right about the iodine, I will try to find a good nutritionist. I’ve read Tom’s books and many others, one other thing that could cause the ear ringing is having root canals and nickel crowns, I have three of them, one next to another. They may probabaly be the root of all my problems, past and present, along with an acidic diet. I fixed the diet but the teeth, I am looking into what options I have if I pull them out and see how much will that cost me and I will make a decision.

        My brother eats very well, lots of fruits and vegetables, raw, he’s juicing daily, I told him to cut down on the animal protein for a while, eat whole grains, nuts and seeds instead plus the veggies and fruits, we’ll see what that does, but I am suspecting that it will take several years to lower his cholesterol. I still think that a juice fasting will make a huge difference, hopefully he’ll commit to more than 2 weeks and after that he’ll resume to the way he’s eating now. As for drugs, forget them, I do drug development and I would not take ANY of these potent ones even if my company would pay me millions. We’ll see how he does. Thank you for your help.

        • Ron says:

          Hi alb36,

          I don’t know what kind of doctor you are seeing about your ear problem. But “any” ringing, at anytime is Tinnitus. I see an audiologist for my problem. They admit that they have no clue what causes tinnitus. If you have no other ear aliments then it is obvious. The info I’ve read indicates that anyone over the age of 50 is subject to hearing loss, and ringing. And 35 million Americans have some form of it. I would rule out all other ear problems by seeing an audiologist. It may be something simple.

          I wouldn’t worry…If your brother is eating fresh fruits and veggies, and juicing it’s only a matter of time before his cholesterol drops normally!

          I’m in New England, so I feel your pain as far as the cold and snow! Can’t wait for spring!! Ron

          • alb36 says:


            I went to a ear, nose and throat doctor, it is Tinnitus. He says that Tinnitus is caused be hearing loss, and I do have a bit of hearing loss in that ear. Just a bit. I asked him why doesn’t he do the hearing test twice to see if it is reproducible, that is basic science. He was smiling but he didn’t comment. No, instead we’re moving on with more testing, a brainstem auditory evoked potential testing to rule out some other things like acoustic tumors and to estimate hearing sensitivity. Insurance pays for it so why not do all the testing just to tell me that there is nothing I can do. What I don’t understand is why when I do juice fasting, the wind in my ear vanishes for days, then comes back a little, goes away again and so on. I start eating, I start hearing it every day. I think this is the 1 million dollars question and not what causes the Tinnitus. It’s funny how they do have a name for every condition but they have no clue what’s causing it.

            Anyway, spring is coming, we did see a lot of sun the past few days and I am so very happy, I think I will soon forget abbot the wind in my ear…. the more sun, the better.

            • Ron says:

              Hi Adela, I too have that “wind” sound that you speak of, once in a while. It may be a blood pressure thing. I don’t get the sound when fasting, and my blood pressure is always very low! So, it could be a “swishing” in the vessels in our ears.

              It’s tough diagnosing our conditions! LOL
              I’ll just leave it to the Lord…and try to forget it! God Bless, Ron

  105. umabdt says:

    Hi Tom. I have only posted once in this site before but I read it very often and I love it. I have done a few short water fasts (2 or 3 days at a time) and now I feel ready for a longer one.

    I have had some really bad news a few days ago and I thought perhaps you could give me some advice. My best friend (whom I have been living with for about three years now and that is like a father to me) has been diagnosed with kidney and bladder cancer. In two days he has to go to the hospital for a TAC (which is basically to see how “big” the cancer is, isn’t it?) and I am really worried and scared. He is 60 years old and is not overweight, he’s actually quite thin although he has a belly (sorry for my English, by the way, I am from Spain). He is a heavy smoker (and I mean one cigarrette after the other kind of man) and still today, after the diagnose of cancer he hasn’t decided to quit. Is he a self-destructive person? He is really stubborn and won’t listen. Hace you had any experience with this kind of cancer in any of the people you have seen fasting? Have they improved? Is it an option for him? In Spain fasting is seen like a crazy thing to do so I don’t know if there’s a way to approach this subject with him.

    By the way, he also has some calcium plaques in his heart and is taking something called “Adiro 100″ (which is like aspirin and has been told not to drink too much milk or anything with calcium). He was diagnosed of this heart illness like two years ago and he has been fine since then.

    I know this is such a personal thing to talk about but I don’t really know what to do and I feel if they tell him there is no chance to do surgery he will just give up without trying and it hurts me so much. Any advice?

    Thanks in advance and thank you for your wonderful site. I am starting a long fast tomorrow, perhaps if he sees me doing it will encourage him too.

  106. KarenSmithUS says:

    Hi Tom. I’m so glad I found this website; I’m really enjoying it. I started juice fasting, kind of on a whim, yesterday morning. Something made me feel it was important for me to do. I’ve never fasted before. I have been drinking Monavie Active today, about 8oz over the whole day. Also, herbal tea with honey. Is the Monavie okay? I’ve been okay with the hunger issue, I’m just now really getting hungry, but, I want to eat really bad. How long does this last? I just need some reassurance. I’m starting to get a little shaky.
    Thank you, Karen