Tom’s Medical Mission In PNG

It has been month of hard days, heat, risk in the fight to heal a the Nation Of Papua New Guinea.  Jaime Maxtone Graham, now the Health Minister and I lived and worked together in an attempt to help diabetes and high blood pressure that is epidemic in the capital.  It there  I developed Formula 256 that was intended to help with malaria but started to heal endless diseases, quickly with dramatic results. After it “cured” 3 staff with malaria the next person treated who what paralyzed with malaria was on the national TV. Since that moment I have advanced its power and speed many fold.

After some tests, I headed to the coast and off to Indonesia to look for more ingredients. When I came back, the new formula mix was curing most health condition in just a few minutes.  Yes, big statements, and thi means I have gone mad or have discovered something very valuable.

I do have videos and endorsements  Just to prove that I am not loosing my mind in the jungle.

This has been  by far the hardest thing I have ever done in my life.  The health care here is the worst I have ever seen. This pic of an abscess was left untreated after a visit to the local hospital.  You can see bone.  The doctor never cleaned or dressed the wound but gave him one injection of something.  He has already lost the tendon to the 1 toe.

The boy with this sore comes to my bush house 3 times per day.  We soak it in hot water with turmeric, Detol, and sodium bicarbonate, then I apply a packing tape with toilet paper for a bandage and we change it several times per day and it is healing.  I also give him the formula mixed with turmeric that he takes during the day. Why packing tape, and toilet paper. We treat hundreds per day with open sores in children. It would cost a few hundred dollars per week.  And the system work, and that is what matters. They get better. Medical treatment is out of the horror movies.  I meet 2 men who were paralyzed in the spine after receiving a spinal injection for malaria.

My bush house has no bathroom, kitchen, toilet and has many holes in the floor and walls.  It is hot to the point of heat stroke.  Hotels are expensive and run at $45 a days for a horrid hotel and $100 for a nice place. So that is out.  But the people of the island gave me land and are helping to build me a home for me a my wife and daughter as they all know a family cannot life like I am living.  We are totally in love and it has been so hard to be away from them.  They were coming earlier but the PNG business visa system is another failed system and already cost me in tickets that could not be refunded.

We have given out 20,000 doses and it never fails with malaria, typhoid fever, asthma, and TB.  I gave it out in a field, with a small church to 15 people. But they kept coming, walking for miles as they heard of the “miracle” cures. Six thousand came over the next few days.  More news photos and updates.  

I am so confidant that I treat people on stage at a nurses college with 1000 observers.  In 10 minutes, they leave the stage without a health issue.   I am waiting for that video. It has a dramatic effect on joint pains and pain is reduced to nothing 100% of the time and we proved that on stage.  Where we treated over 600 people for free.  And it may work on cancer and a top cancer researcher is now testing it as I write this but it will take time.  I did get the first doses labeled and ready for shipping.  This bottle has one hundred doses that can cure 100 people of malaria or most lung condition.  You cannot overdose.  No interactions with medications.  No negative interaction except shivering in two people with malaria. 

I have a firm conviction that malaria can be eradicated globally through Formula 256 but not without many hands and support.  I hope you can join me in this fight.

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3 Responses to Tom’s Medical Mission In PNG

  1. rrockwell says:

    Tom, I think its amazing what youre doing over there! This is truly an awesome and inspiring story to help the loves of others not just here in the US but all around the world! I was curious if you thought Formula 256 would be helpful for Candida and other fungus and parasite infections as well. If so, where can someone purchase this? Appreciate your help and be blessed my brother in your quest overseas!!

  2. rainbowfasting says:

    Are you still in PNG?

    Do you expect to visit Australia at all?

    Do you have volunteers that come out and help you?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Rainbow,
      I have very bad internet here in Papua New Guinea. It is a very challenging place to live. No Plans for Australia. Just surviving Papua. Looks like I will be getting funded and a holistic ward in the provincial hospital in Feb or Mar this year. Sorry for not answering all the comments but being online is a luxury.