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Kim Lee. Lost 21lbs. Healed caffeine addiction, high blood pressure.

Juice Fasting Testimony 21 days:
Weight Loss: 21lbs.
Healed:caffeine addiction, high blood pressure
Location: Oshawa, ON, Canada

It started like any other conversation. I was in the gym working on the shoulder press when this guy asked if he could “work in” with me. I recognized him as a friend whom I had gone to school with 20 years earlier. He looked fit and trim. We got talking about health and food additives. Although I professed how bad they were, I ate without discrimination. I found it difficult, if not impossible, to control my eating as I kept falling into the old bad habits. I had tried but it always felt like I was forcing myself.

After the workout, I had the chance to talk to Tom in the sauna, where he told me he had co-authored a book about nutrition and fasting. Being open-minded, I asked if I could read it, and later that night I started to read his book.

Some nutritional points I already knew, but the things I didn’t know started to blow me away. The causes of disease made sense. I bought a juicer, made fresh juice, and stared eating less. I even stopped drinking my five or six coffees per day. To my surprise, it was easier than I thought.

The first thing I noticed was the effect of the caffeine withdrawal. For the first two weeks I was lethargic, wanting to sleep constantly. The second thing I noticed was the weight loss. I was losing half a pound per day. As time went on, I felt better and better. There were times when I felt incredible surges of energy. Yet, I didn’t always feel like a million bucks. Occasionally I felt bad and thought “this can’t be doing any good.” Luckily, I persevered to reap the benefits.

A highlight was a trip to the doctor. Upon examining my blood pressure, the doctor took a second look at the readings and said,” I don’t know what you are doing, but whatever it is, keep it up.”

I am no longer tired by climbing one flight of stairs. Instead, I bounce up them two at a time. In fact I can exercise for 50 minutes on the stair climber. In losing 20 lbs. of excess weight, I now weigh the same as when I was in high school. I have permanently given up drinking coffee. (My wife says I am easier to live with.) I try to make fresh juice daily, and eat lots of fresh fruit and vegetables.

I don’t live the diet perfectly. Once, I had the tremendous urge to eat a pizza. Rather than fighting with myself, I allowed myself to enjoy it without guilt. Surprisingly, I was satisfied with only two pieces. Normally I would have eaten six or more slices.

In closing, I want to say that I am happy I took the time to pursue this path, and appreciate Tom’s reassurance and insight whenever I called for help. I have no trouble endorsing Tom’s book, his knowledge, and commitment.

By Tom Coghill of
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Posted on by Tom Coghill

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6 Responses to Kim Lee. Lost 21lbs. Healed caffeine addiction, high blood pressure.

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  2. Henry says:

    Hi Tom,
    Great websight. Lots of info with alot of knowledge. I started a 0 calorie fast 6 days ago for Spiritual reasons. As I progressed taking in water (any kind), coffe and diet green tea it was not pleasant the first 3 days. I have lost 14 pounds (too much?). I was 45 lbs overweight.
    I was taking a multi vitamin, an acai capsule and psyllium husks. Stopped eveything except water and stopped coffee today since my blood pressure has rison to 155/92.
    Before i started the fast i was around 125/78.

    My question is it normal for blood pressure to rise on a water fast. I was a heavey coffee drinker (7-10 cups a day) and a heavey diet of meats and fruits.

    In the past only have lost weight on lo-carb. i am 47.
    Thanks for any comments.

  3. keith101 says:

    Hi Henry
    you can join us on fasting progress reports.
    Your blood pressure should stabalize on water fasting, taking vitimins on a water fast is really not good for you, it could be that this is the cause of the increase of blood preasure, have your BP taken in 4-5 days again but do not take anything apart from spring or distilled water.
    Best regards Keith.
    Tom will be back soon as he is on vacation.

  4. Henry says:

    Hi Keith,
    Thanks for the advice. It actually went back down today but will see over the next few days.
    Will keep you all posted
    Take care, Henry

  5. keith101 says:

    Hi Henry
    keep me posted on your progress
    Best wishes Keith.

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