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Caralee B. Reduction in Candida, skin healing, sinus problem.

Juice Fasting Testimony: Caralee B.
Juice Fasting: 3 & 5 days
Healing: Reduction in Candida, skin healing, sinus problem.

Location: Whitby, ON, Canada

I was open to fasting because I was at my wit end with a sinus problem, as well as my Candida infection. I had a rash on my face with redness and burning, and other uncomfortable symptoms. I was also extremely sensitive to certain foods and chemicals that caused even more itching and burning.

My first fast was three days. I felt better, but afterward I lost control and ate everything in sight. The good feeling I had received from fasting disappeared, and the mucus effect returned in full force. A week later I started to fast with more determination, fasting five days and eating sensibly for seven. On the fourth set of five-day fasts something happened. I had an intense pain in my head with hot and cold flashes, and fluid in my ears. Mucus was draining from my sinuses. My tongue was white and my skin pale. My reactions slowed and I felt drugged. Luckily, this only lasted for a day, as the feeling subsided on the second day.

Four days after the crisis, I awoke bursting with mental and physical energy. I felt alert, clean, and thin. I could breathe clearly through my nose. My facial rash had cleared. At this stage of the fasting, some of my friends became concerned because of how thin I looked, but to me I felt healthy. Besides, fasting had cleared up my agonizing symptoms.

Stupidly, I ate some flour products and my sinuses clogged within a day; a frightening reminder of how these foods affected me. I had never seen the effect so clearly. Fasting had given me a clear indication of what I shouldn’t eat.

A week later I was at a party with my friends. I watched their life style and how they acted; I just felt it was wrong: surface, void of meaning, gossip, and pettiness. I thought, “what am I doing with my life? I’m not happy.” I was crying; I felt angry, hurt and scared. It was all wrong. Then I felt two light taps on my shoulder. I turned around but there was no one there. Everything came before me. These friends are draining me emotionally and spiritually. I thought it was okay just being the same as them, but it was toxic.

Something is pulling me; I can’t stop it. I have no choice. I know it is the way I have to go. I have to dump the emotional baggage. I just want to start all over again. I remembered when I sat in Tom’s room listening to a conversation between Tom and Pastor Rossen. They were talking about something in the bible; “You can’t put a patch on an old garment.” It came so strongly into my mind “You have to start over.” It hit me like a light in my head. I am not a religious person. I am being pulled whether I like it or not. My body has been programmed through fasting. I want pure things.

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2 Responses to Caralee B. Reduction in Candida, skin healing, sinus problem.

  1. claire t says:

    This is one of the first things I notice on a fast-mucus (disgusting!!!) draining from everywhere-my nose, throat, eyes, I’m coughing it up nonstop, and there’s fluid and pressure in my ears. This continues a day or so after the fast is broken-I wish I could get far enough into a fast to complete this clearing. I also had a severe abdominal pain one night recently after blowing a fast with peanut butter and refried beans, which was so excruciating it took my breath away. It felt as if someone had run a Samurai sword through my upper abdomen and right out of my back, below the R. shoulder blade! It lasted a little over an hour, during which I was hardly able to move. I managed to consult Dr. Google, my GP, who suggested gallbladder attack, based on the symptoms. I’ve always been tender in this area, and was recently checked for gallstones. None were seen on ultrasound.

    Dr. Isabelle Moser wrote that an extended water fast will heal injuries and disease in reverse chronological order. Do you agree with this? This is what I really wanted to find out. Will the bone spurs on my knuckles (from my experiments with boxing-so foolish for a musician!) be absorbed? I’m too young for arthritis. Will my IBS and colic (lifelong) be resolved? Asthma and allergies? Does it really take one day of water fasting for every year of your life? I could do it with relative ease if I could stay at home by myself for the duration-but to have to cook for others, go out and buy their food, and be around food food FOOD everywhere you go-it’s nearly impossible for me!!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Claire t
      Intense pain is normal when breaking a fast with heavy greasy foods. Yes the body heals when you fast, especially juice fasting. I directing fasting treatments at a hospital and witness that on a daily basis. It heals past injuries. Bone spurs…. not sure on that one… but prolonged fasting should stop the worsening of the condition. Asthma and allergies always get cured or drastically reduces with juice fasting over 20 days.