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We have had astounding results with diabetics. We only have one long term result that was the first patient. He works at the hospital so we have accurate info. Not sure if he was type one or two but was on medication for 15 years and has been off any medication for 6 months now and is eating normally.

We had other patients with high blood sugar but not taking medications. After about 1 week of juicing, all showed normal blood sugar readings. All report feeling better. We recommend a diet that is several small meals a day, snacking with more fruits and veggies. Yogurt or avocado is recommended with the fruit to slow sugar absorption.

Effective treatment needs, 30 to 4o days of juice fasting. We use beets, carrots and pineapple, which normally would cause a problem but intake is restricted to no more than 1/2 glass in 30 minutes. Diabetes medication is always cut off on the first day of the juice fast or the medication can drop the blood sugar levels to a hypoglycemic state.

I have to look at the records for more accurate reporting, which I will be doing next month as I took a few weeks off.

The case study of Father Tunganui ( opps spelling) is on the front page of

As to cancer, we need to readjust the treatment. Prolonged restricted juice fasting can cure it, but 1 in 5 for stage 3 and 4. Without 5 years for a case study we cannot make any claims. But pain is always reduced, life is extended and quality of life is increased. I can call you if you want. I would gladly assist you in treatment.

By: Jeff Gates Jeff Gates Tue, 21 Apr 2009 02:53:24 +0000 Hi Tom,

I’ve written before (earlier regarding cancer)and continue to find therapeutic fasting a fascinating intervention as I’m involved with diabetic patients.

With your extensive experience in therapeutic fasting, do you have an idea as to the % of patients with type 2 diabetes who are “cured”? On the average, how long does it take? Do you have followup data to see how long the effect lasts in patients who return to their pretreatment diets?