Bobby Gained Spiritual Freedom

Fasting Testimony (Christian):
Water Fasting: 3 days
Location: Oshawa ON, Can

I haven’t been a Christian for a year yet, but some how it seems to be much longer. I had a lot of bondage due to a traumatic past which included a long list of foster homes. I had endured abuse and was raped at the tender age of five. The cruelty turned me cold and resentful causing me to become an abuser. This in turn resulted in a broken marriage, drug addiction, alcoholism, and a depraved sex life.

In search of the answer I fell into the hands of cults who used brain washing and hypnotism. Their methods opened the doors for demonic activity. A friend prayed with me to break the result of this manifestation and bring me to a knowledge of Christ. Our efforts were unsuccessful so fasting was suggested. My friend told me of the extra power and potency of prayer that can be obtained when one fasts.

It worked! Not only did the fasting enable us to evict the demons and free me from bondage, I started to feel the presence of the Holy Spirit within me, talking to me and through me to others. Exciting and wonderful things started to happen after the third day of the fast.

Through me, God was able to put a marriage back together. I felt the Holy spirit telling me what I must do and say. At other times the spirit urged me to speak. Even when I had no idea what to say, the words just spilled out. I was amazed and awed by the beautiful way God worked through me while I fasted and prayed. Now I fast regularly to keep my spirit attuned with the Lord.

By Tom Coghill of
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One Response to Bobby Gained Spiritual Freedom

  1. RZO says:

    That’s really amazing! It’s stories like these that’s keeping me at this fasting. I hope God continues to bless you, man.