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Debbie Ried- Healed water retention, lost 30 lbs.

Fasting Testimony

Juice Fasting: 14 days
Water Fasting: 3 days
Weight Loss: 30 lbs.
Healed: Water Retention
Location: Kimberly, Saskatchewan, Canada.

I had been struggling for quite a while with my weight. I had tried unsuccessfully to lose the weight I had gained from my two pregnancies. Due to this extra weight and stress, other problems started to develop. I retained water, and my hands and feet became swollen. Six out of seven days, I experienced headaches.

By Tom Coghill of
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After various trips to the clinic and one prescription after another, I finally asked the Lord for help, as I had run out of hope of ever feeling better again. He answered my prayer when this wonderful news of juice fasting came into my life. After listening to the author and reading some of the book, I figured I had nothing to lose, “except the weight, of course.” My first fast of eight days resulted in a ten-pound loss and a renewed feeling of self-esteem. A few weeks later I tackled a 14-day juice fast followed by three days on water. The difference was remarkable. The headaches and the swelling due to water retention disappeared.

I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. I have come to feel closeness once again to the Lord that I haven’t felt for years.

The most recent fast I completed was 30 days; that is something I thought I could never do. I can now say fasting will always be part of my life. Thanks, Tom.

The feeling I get from fasting can never be replaced by anything on a shelf in any store. I recommend to everyone to fast, especially if you have a problem with water retention, even a few days will help. I assure you, that you will not be disappointed.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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5 Responses to Debbie Ried- Healed water retention, lost 30 lbs.

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  3. mekhmene says:

    That is fantastic! I was wondering though, how does one keep off the weight loss after they resume to eat food?

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  5. GemmaCatherine says:

    How do you keep off the weight loss. I love fastingg. I really want to lose 32 lbs? Will that happen for meeeeee ?