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Water fasting, juice fasting retreat in the mountains.  Fasting or detox diet with super tasty, healthy meals.  The lowest cost fasting retreat on earth with Tom Coghill.  Recharge your battery, get in shape and lose some pounds at Tom’s Detox and Fasting Retreat in Sagada, Philippines. This is one on one time with the Tom Coghill who gained freedom through using fasting for transformation and change. A journey to Sagada is like going through the looking glass. Everything that you think is reality will be profoundly altered in a delightful way.  Listen to the audios on the front page of to hear how people enjoyed their stay.

Sagada, Philippines is one of the most beautiful places on earth; a beautiful valley lush with pine trees and pristine wilderness with cool fresh mountain air that is never too hot or too cold.

Divine by the fire place in the living room.

Tom's Detox Retreat, Living Room

Divine by the fire place in the living room.
This is a custom gym for a killer workout.

Tom's Detox Retreat, Micro Gym

This is a custom gym for a killer workout.
Ela is  an amazing cook and masseuse.

Tom's Detox Retreat, Staff, Ela

Ela is an amazing cook and masseuse.
Tom enjoying a sunset on the balcony.

Tom's Detox Retreat, Front Balcony

Tom enjoying a sunset on the balcony.
Rooms are clean and comfortable, with lots of pine.

Tom's Detox Retreat, Bedroom

Rooms are clean and comfortable, with lots of pine.
Each bedroom has wi-fi, computers in the hallway, if you do not have a laptop.

Tom's Detox Retreat, Bedroom Desk

Each bedroom has wi-fi, computers in the hallway, if you do not have a laptop.
Fresh salads or juice with herb tea.

Tom's Detox Retreat Kitchen

Fresh salads or juice with herb tea.
A few minutes walk to town but in the country with a great view.

Tom's Detox Retreat

A few minutes walk to town but in the country with a great view.
Fennel, black radish for cancer treatment, sage, comfry, basil, oregano, mint, lemon balm.

Herb Garden at Tom's Detox Retreat

Fennel, black radish for cancer treatment, sage, comfry, basil, oregano, mint, lemon balm.
Great place to sit and watch the world go by.

Front Balcony

Great place to sit and watch the world go by.
Learn programming or basic computer skills, or just surf.

Tom's Detox, Computer Center

Learn programming or basic computer skills, or just surf.
Our life is a blast every day and so will yours when you get here.

Tom, Divine and Den Den

Our life is a blast every day and so will yours when you get here.

Safety Factors.

The Sagada community is has one of the lowest crime rates on earth. You can feel totally safe, hiking or camping. How safe… the vegetables and food market is protected by a small rope across the entrance at night. The police are tourist friendly and helpful. Backpacks have been pick pocketed in Baguio, so keep your valuable secure on the route to Sagada.


Per person, $40 per day, $250 Weekly, $900 monthly. Includes a private room, juice, or customized nutritions meals, fresh herbal teas, towels, laundry service, tennis rackets, and time with Tom Coghill for fun or education. A darkfield microscope is free to use at any time to view the state of the blood and the changes during the fast. Each room has wifi high speed Internet, desk, double bed, a computer and an amazing view. A one hour inhouse massage by a trained professional costs $6. The house has dual Internet high speed connection, power backups, a combination gas/propane water heater for hot showers,  and 2 water sources. We also have a selection of 200 movies that you can watch on your computer and cable TV.

Things To Do and See

Sagada Caves

People travel from every corner of the globe to see the caves of Sagada. Most people are scared of caves until they experience these magnificent cathedrals with caverns as big as churches that were created by an underground river. You can go one the easy tour, safe for children or go for days exploring the basement of time. Truly and unforgettable experience. Guides for caving cost $10 for the day. One guide leads with a lantern and one follows to make sure you are safe.

Banaue Rice Terraces

around sagada
There are many rice terraces surrounding Sagada. Banaue rice terraces are 2 hours from Sagada are the most specular.

sagada-view 2


Sagada’s Hanging Coffins

There are several location to view the coffins that are easily visible. Some coffin locations are in caves and some are hanging on cliffs.

Bigfalls Sagada

There are two amazing waterfalls in Sagada.

Detoxify your Body for Weight Loss, Healing and Rejuvenation

Customize programs can be is conducted by under doctors supervision if needed. The the customized detox program uses juice fasting with fresh juice, exercise, hiking the mountains, massage, personalized daily counseling or teaching, sessions of dark-field blood viewed for education on the changes to your blood and immune system.


There are no aircon needed as the climate never get hot. Mosquitoes are the only biting insect and they are rare with one or two bites a year. You can leave the windows open at night. You can have a computer or connect your laptop to wifi. Three bedrooms are the same size with one that is larger for couples. Laundry service is free.


For most counties, like USA, Britain and Canada you do not need a visa. You are giving a 21 day visa on arrival that can be extended for up to 2 years with further yearly extensions. Divine goes to Baguio and gets the visa renewals so you do not have to leave Sagada.  You will nee a visa if you come from Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Bangladesh, Belize, Bosnia-Herzegovina, China (PR), CIS, Croatia, Cuba, East Timor, Egypt, Estonia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Georgia, India, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Korea (Dem Rep), Latvia, Lebanon*, Libya, Lithuania, Nauru, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sierra Leone, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, Tonga, Vanuatu and Yemen.  If you are coming to retire or for a longer period, you can buy and exit ticket to china for $66 and never use it then buy a one way ticket to the Philippines.


There are no bank machines in Sagada so you need to pull money from an ATM in Baguio or Manila. Many do not work for international withdrawals. BDO or Banco De Oro works.

Darkfield Microscope Examinations


Observe living blood under a high powered microscope. Watch you white blood cell become more active as the fast progresses.

Tom-Coghill and Divine with the staff of St. Theodore’s Hospital.The staff are available to assist in medically monitoring fasting for advanced disease conditions.


Map of Mountain Province, Philippines

View Tom’s Detox, Sagada, Mountain Province in a larger map

Airfare Costs:

About $530 to $850 from LA or Vancouver to Manila return, total price on Philippine Airlines. Check Cathay Pacific which also has low prices but you have to call them.

Arriving in Manila

When you arrive in Manila there are several hotels close to the airport. We have not stayed in any of these so we do not know what one to recommend. Here is the list of hotels and info. In Manilla you can rest for a day or two or leave for Baguio. The Triplace hotel near the airport is cheap and sleazy. Manila Airport Hotel maybe the best choice. To me Manila is expensive, polluted and endless traffic so I rest for a few hours then depart.

Buses: Manila to Sagada

There are no planes so the only options are bus or helicopter $2000 round trip. Sagada is 12 hours north of Manila by bus that cost under $15 a ticket. The standard method of travel is to take the Victory Liner Bus in Pasay, that leaves every hour for Baguio, 600 pesos ($12), 6 hours trip. The luxury bus is worth the few extra pesos. Then stay over at the Microtel Inn ($34) which is close to the main mall called SM. The buses from Baguio to Sagada leave from 6 am to 1 pm daily costing 220 pesos ($5), 6 hours trip. Any taxi driver will know these bus stations.
Bus Option 2 – Cable Tours: Manila to Bontoc (40 minutes from Sagada) and we would pick you up at Bontoc. It is a 12 hour trip. It leaves at 8pm. Cable Tours bus station in Metro Manila is located in front of the Trinity College along E. Rodriguez Ave. Cubao, Quezon City. For advance reservation, text or call Mr. Bert Cue at: 0927-265-3929 Cost P600. The bus is not that nice, like Victory liner or Rabbit.

For More info on Sagada visit Divine”s site called

Your Hosts Tom and Divine
Our goal is for you to have an incredible adventure in healthy living.


Client Testimonials

Dear Tom,
After searching the Internet for a fasting/detox program, I was extremely lucky to find you. I felt comfortable from the beginning especially when you contacted me immediately. After a few conversations, I was ready to book my flight to Manila.

What an experience of a lifetime to have had the opportunity to visit your retreat and fast with you. I was so eager to do something different and go far away to do it. I was negative, under a tremendous amount of stress, not taking care of myself and wanted to lose some weight. I needed to relax and find some inner peace.

The bus journey from Manila was half of the experience viewing some of the most incredible scenery in the world. Driving through the clouds on narrow, windy roads and overlooking rice fields, mountains and pine trees.

Meeting up with you and your family in Baguio City was a treat. I loved going to the market and picking out all of the colourful fresh fruit and vegetables.

The drive to Sagada was another splendid scenic experience. The closer we got to your home the more beautiful the scenery ending with one of the most amazing sunsets I have ever experienced.

I could not wait until morning to see the views. I woke up to breathtaking sunrises from my bedroom window. Views of mountains, rice terraces, pines, bamboo, and palms trees. Everyday I had really looked forward to your fresh fruit and vegetable juices, made by one of your lovely staff Ella. I did not crave any food, nor was I hungry.

Having a fresh mint or ginger tea from your garden each morning on the terrace was special. Sitting around the fire was an evening ritual I looked forward to. I swear that Divine had been a camp fire girl at some stage. Such calmness in watching Den, Den fall asleep in her blanket while we shared our stories of past experiences.

I enjoyed the challenging hikes in the area which was a real test to my fitness level! Your gym routines were fantastic workouts with incredible views which were even more motivating. Practicing yoga was definitely good for me in clearing my mind. It was great to have regular massages, and even better not to have to leave the house.

I continued with my fast after leaving for 35 days, across other parts of the Philippines and onto a “white sandy beach” island – I then went back to California and on to the UK. I am 17 pounds lighter, my skin and hair look better. I feel better physically and mentally. I have purchased a juicer, and even my cynical husband likes the products of its whirling!

I can recommend to anyone, that if they care about themselves and want to make personal/physical changes – go to Tom’s Detox Retreat. I guarantee you will feel better. I am still talking to my friends about my amazing experience!

Many, Many Thanks…Tom and Divine for your personal guidance and opening up your home to me.

Linda Briscoe-Knight
Surrey, UK

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