Can I Exercise During a Fast?

Age:  22
Weight and Height:  150 lbs 5’7″
Type of Fast:  Juice
Any past experience with fasting: nope
Reason for the Fast: detox, lose weight, start over

Health Issues: nope

Pre-fast diet: hmm, coffee until 6 pm, crackers in between coffee cups. and maybe twice a week binge eating ( not the healthiest thing in the world)

first off let me explain. as a child i was locked out of the pantry ( was NOT an obese child, actaully my doc asked my parents to give me Ensure  3 times a day with meal) which meant the only meals i got was at school and one meala day on weekends. Which as you’ve guess has led me to an eating problem. I just recently realized my eating habits where unhealthly.( denile much? lol )trying to fix this deeply rooted problem i have decided to began a 30 day juice fast, in hope to remove toxins, boost metabolism, and start over with a healthy diet.

SO my question is what exercise can be done during a fast. Yoga, Cardio, Light resistance training? i was doing HIIT 3 times a week, cardio 3 times a week, yoga everyday… I understand that HIIT is unreasonable while fasting, but would yoga daily ( not to hard) and cardio 30 mins 3 times a week ok? If you have any other ideas on the subject LET ME KNOW 🙂

this has been really hard for me to talk about my recently discovered eating habits/disorder. being a new mom i have realized that my parents where not good people, and i have this problem b/c of them but I want to change it. I have stopped alot of things they instealed in me but this seems to be the hardest to change. a little encouragement would be helpful.

thank you

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3 Responses to Can I Exercise During a Fast?

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Lynne
    Make sure you have a juicer and do not water fast as your diet is toxic and the detox may be very rough unless you have a very slow metabolism. Glad to be of support.

  2. keith101 says:

    Hi Lynne
    There is nothing stopping you from your exercising routine if you get your juice/veg fast in balance with calories in Vs calories burnt, during your routine.
    If you need to know what energy is in juice/vegetables ie…calories, carbohydrates, protein, then have a look at my baby site there are graphs there with nutrition info on fruits/veg
    Hope this will help you.
    click on
    Regards Keith.

  3. lynne_bug says:

    Tom, I have gotten a Jack LaLanne’s Power Juicer. Thank you for the extra resources Keith101