Hodgkins Disease/Lymphoma cancer

My sister has Lymphoma cancer, how can this program help her and also you mentioned that just doing this program might not be enough, what do you mean, what else will she need to do, Chemo???

I have clearly seen many advantages using juice fasting to combat cancer.  For many is has either prolonged life or healed them but I cannot give verification as you need at least 5 years cancer free before you can say the word “healed” in combination with cancer.  After six months of working with terminal cancer patients at St. Theodore’s Hospital we tried another program using pancreatic enzyme and Tumorx with excellent results.   I believe, that this would be more effective in combination with juice fasting.  Some have used juicing to recover from chemo.  I also believe in integrative medicine combining both holistic and western medicine.

As to what to recommend.  Yes do the Bruess cancer treatment first.  If there is still cancer after word, get chemo.  Use the same diagnostic equipment to compare tumor mass.

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