Intermittent Fasting- Eating Alternate Days

Intermittent Fasting- Eating Alternate Days

I am doing an overall cleanse “fast”, by eating just organic brown rice, miso paste, and nori. And of course, a lot of water.  I intend on doing 1 day rice, 1 day water fast, but have never done a water fast. I’m a little bit unsure of what to expect, but am goin’ for it!


Answer By Tom Coghill

Intermittent fasting has benefits as you are cleansing the body on the fasting days but there is so much hunger and the body never fully enters the fasting state or get to deeper cleansing as it gets interrupted by the eating every second day.  You will not see a lot of therapeutic results on this type of cleanse or weight loss.

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One Response to Intermittent Fasting- Eating Alternate Days

  1. ineedamiracle says:

    Hi, I find that eating cooked food one day and fasting the next really doesn’t give me the same benefits as maybe eating fruits and salads one day and then fasting the next. Really, the BEST benefits come from allowing the body to completely rest from digestion. Also, I personally am not a fan of water fasting, although it does have its benefits. Consider a juice fast. You will speed detox, feel satiated and get nutrients. It’s really a win/win situation. All the best….Loretta