Joggers’ Paradise Juice with Oranges, Pears, Yams

Joggers’ Paradise Juice
5 oranges
3 hard pears
1 small yam

Here is a muscle-blasting, power-pushing juice for joggers. Juice fasters often experience periods of phenomenal strength and endurance. Clean blood, clean muscles, and enzyme-rich, nutrient-packed fuel make for intense aerobic activity. Water fasting usually requires rest, but not so with juice fasting. Look out! You can clean your house, run and lift weights with the best of them. Many elderly fasters such as Ehret and Bragg performed extraordinary feats of endurance while fasting. Try this juice out on a five-mile jog. Add a little crushed ice and let your taste buds sing. Sip slowly.

Orange Juice

Some of the highest quality oranges are grown in the sunny state of Florida. Florida oranges have higher juice content than oranges from California. The Valencia and Navel oranges from California are considered excellent for eating. Orange juice, fresh from the juicer, has a live taste. The powerful healing effects of fresh juice come from the dramatic increase in enzymes available to the body. Orange juice, frozen or bottled, has no enzymes, but can be added to freshly made juice.

Green skin on oranges is not necessarily an indication of their being unripe. In fact, the familiar bright orange color is a result of an orange dye having been applied to the skin. Oranges in their true color are yellow and green. It would be far healthier if the consumer could grow accustomed to what would appear to be an esthetically unappetizing orange. Look for thin skin, heavy fruit, and store in the refrigerator.

Orange Juicing Tips

When juicing oranges, make sure to remove the rind from the orange before putting them in the juicer. The white part of the peel contains bioflavinoids.

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