Tom Coghill’s 30-Day Juice Fast

Tom Coghill Fasting Testimony
Fasting Testimony by the author of
Juice Fasting: 30 days
Healing: Kidney & liver damage, leg muscle spasms, tiredness, loss of sex drive, poor memory, depression.
Location: Oshawa, ON Canada

Some of us are born different. And the difference can be both a burden and blessing. I was born a risk-taker. I wanted to try it all. I peddled across Canada on an old bike, camping at the side of the road. I tried bungee jumping, and lived in a nudist colony on a tropical island. As a teen I was free spirited, but not free. At sixteen years of age, disillusioned and hurt, I began the dangerous journey of exploring psychedelic drugs. A bad L.S.D. trip resulted in constant, excruciating headaches. To deal with the pain, I started to use painkillers, tranquilizers, cannabis and alcohol. Five hazy years of my life were devoted to escaping pain through drugs.

I become more reckless in my drug use. With callous disregard for my life, I injected a syringe full of P.C.P. It was a dangerous dose. This injection severely damaged my kidneys, increasing my pain level. Anger and self-hatred turned to hardened resentment. I hated the world, but I had no one to blame but me.

In my dismal existence my short-term memory was nonexistent, my skin was a sickly yellow. I was constantly tired. My kidneys burned with pain, my leg muscles would spasm and ache while standing. As my job required working on ladders for long hours, I lost my job!

Finally, with no other way out, I got down on my knees in prayer and surrendered my life to God. The song of angels was heard in my heart. I would never be the same. A son had discovered his true Father. Everything changed. I had a burning fire inside. I had purpose, meaning and connection for the first time. I started a new exploration of the spiritual world. Joining a Christian youth group, I made new friends who did not use drugs and supported me through my recovery. I used my experience to help others not go down the same path. I spoke before thousands of students in high schools about the dangers of drug abuse. Many made commitments to stop using drugs.

Life now had meaning and purpose, but my body and soul was still damaged. I was still sick.

One day I discovered a book describing how a dying man had returned to health. Not only had he overcome a fatal illness through a strict vegetarian diet and fasting, his new found health surpassed the vitality of his youth. For me, the message shouted out “hope!” I fasted on juices made from carrot, cucumber, watermelon, and cantaloupe. After several short fasts, I felt better physically and mentally. These juice fasts, three to seven days each, gave me the ability to work, but I was still tired standing on ladders caused intense pain in my legs.

A thirty-day juice fast was the turning point in my life. The first few days were difficult, but as I continued I felt much better. At the twentieth day of the fast, I started working fourteen hours a day at hard physical labor in the hottest summer weather. I climbed the ladders with ease. My energy level drastically increased.

There were other improvements as the fast went on. I needed less sleep, my mind cleared, and my memory was now functioning. Leg muscles returned to health, and back pain lessened due to the healing of my kidneys, leaving me a virile young man.

Life changed! Instead of suffering, it became a joyous experience. The healing came like water to a parched, drought-stricken heart. The thirty days of fasting on juice was a miracle that changed my life.

I started to write to help friends who had health problems. Although I could not spell or type, and had almost no writing skills, a burning passion kept me going. I wrote for three years, and yet the writing was missing Christ. It became like emptiness inside. Then the Lord called me to go north and spend time alone in the wilderness.

The camp ground was empty; it was too late in the fall for camping. In the back of the truck I was trying to keep warm with a small heater. My heart was agonizing over splitting up with a woman I deeply loved.

Three days had gone by, I was weak, cold, and distraught. Still, there was no answer from God. I decided to go for a drive around the lake. It was on this drive that I met the people whom the Lord had sent. Their words rekindled my vision, my hope renewed. The answer was given!

In looking back to my discovery of fasting, I see that it was not an accident. The people who have had such profound effect on my life have not been there by coincidence. There is clear evidence of the Master’s hand. I could say fasting has given me back health and vitality, but healing is a God-given ability; fruits and vegetables are God-given foods, and fasting is a God-given tool. Yes, I did it; I healed and even wrote a book on fasting, but in reality, a small child put the pieces into a jigsaw puzzle as his Father handed him the pieces.

After being a staunch Bible believer for several years I discovered that the four gospels were originally anonymous and the names Matthew, Mark, Luke and John were added years later including the fake personal intro. With more study it became clear that the books of the Bible were written from 40 to 120 years AD and each version becoming more complex and detailed.  I was in shock to read the note at the bottom of Mark stating the various more elaborate additions of the resurrection story that did not exist in the first publishing and were added at a later date.  The evidence pointed to a highly embellished story centred on a travelling magician that became a central plot for hundreds of versions.  Over one hundred were discovered dated to the period. One had John the Baptist ordering bedbugs out of his bed with the power of God. One statement in the Bible is accurate “the truth shall set you free.”

I had based my belief on a feeling. Believing in God had given me purpose, significance and a plan. I wanted to feel special.  I faced harsh depression when the religion bubble bust and it took me years to get to a basic understanding that I define my purpose and death is not to be feared as there is nothing.

I have continued to help people in fasting and worked in a hospital in the Philippines and with the provincial governments of Papua New Guinea. I believe that one of life’s greatest pleasures is to help people regain health and passion for life.  I have travelled the world for 15 years and presently in Asia. Occasionally, I am joined by a visitor from and we have fasted together and become good friends.

It takes courage to challenge a religious belief that offers so much.  For me, truth and hash cold reality is better than  the most beautiful intoxicating lie.

By Tom Coghill of
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106 Responses to Tom Coghill’s 30-Day Juice Fast

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  2. Robert Dave Johnston says:

    Roughly four years ago I was 60 pounds overweight and very sick from intestinal toxicity and a liver condition that was getting worse.

    Also suffered from deep depression and spent most of my time in isolation and bitterness. One day I started fasting basically out of desperation, but was consumed by horrible withdrawal symptoms before I could finish even eight hours without solid food.

    I was puzzled by the bad breath, white-sticky tongue, metallic taste and dizziness that I experienced. Research later led me to the realization that the symptoms were a reflection of just how toxic my body and digestive system had become.

    In an ultimate low, I received the grace, strength and resolve to launch a 40-day water fast. It was very hard and painful – especially during the first 11 days of cleansing and detoxification. But I was reborn.

    Fasting for weight loss, health and fitness has changed my life. It worked when traditional diets did not. I realized that, as long as I kept putting food in my body, I was not giving it the opportunity to cleanse from all the toxicity that had built up over the years.

    My complete lack of control with food was a problem that only fasting was able to break. It forced me to navigate through the pains and discomfort of cleansing and detoxification.

    Only then did the chains of food slavery break and I was led to freedom.

    Once the fasting was over, I found – to my astonishment- that I was no longer willing to just put anything in my mouth. The sacrifice of fasting and cleansing gave me a new perspective on food.

    This new perspective, in turn, gave me a fresh sense of discipline that had otherwise eluded me. In short, for me diets did not work because, in reality, what I needed was to stop eating altogether for a season so my body could clean itself.

    I tried all the diets, believe me. Yet I only grew fatter and more frustrated. Each failure usually restored me to the previous undesired weight and added another 10 to 20 pounds to boot.

    Later I realized that, at least for me, fasting and cleansing had to come BEFORE or could expect to stick to any particular diet – no matter how good it was.

    If I can be of service or help you in your own fasting and detoxification path, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Having lost nearly 100 pounds through juice and water fasting, I now dedicate myself to helping others interested in improving their health through this amazing, life-giving discipline. I am here to be of service in any way I can!

    Best Regards,
    Robert D Johnston
    Owner of

  3. O'shay says:

    Both of these testimonies, The Lord used them to bless me immensely. I thank the Lord for you and for His inspiring obedience, discipline, and perseverance, as well as for leading you to share your stories. I am very encouraged by your words and your experiences.

  4. Chris says:

    That was a very inspiring message. I am very happy the lord reached you in your time of desperation. I have suffered through much in my life, and only the lord has guided me through the difficult times. I am 21 and am about to start my first juice fast. I am going to attempt 20-30 days. Thank you for your inspiration.

  5. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Chris,
    I pray you be blessed as I am. Keep us posted.

    • felicia11 says:

      hi tom im 20 years old im 220 pound and i would like to get down to 150 i have done a fast befor but it was only 30 days im a stay at home mom and i dont get to exercise i would really like to do a 30 day water fast how much do you think i could lose and after my fast when could i go on another fast thank you

  6. Oluseun says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am currently on a 21 day fruit fast with the possibility of extending to 30. I am eating only apples,carrots, 3-6 cloves of garlic and herbal tea – 3 glasses in the morning and at night. I also take long walks of about 30mins each night with a little exercise each morning.Wednesday was my third day and i slept well. However, a little headache and slight dizziness in the morning of day 4.Is there a particular thing i need to add and how should i break the fast when i’m through and maintain the results thereafter.
    Reading the testimonies on the website further convinced me beyond doubt that there’s nothing God cannot do especially via fasting and prayers.

    Stay bleesed and i am eagerly awaiting your response.

  7. Michelle says:

    Im very interested to hear more with regards to your kidney problems. My Husband has a congenital PUJ obstruction, surgery 5 years ago fixed this but his kidney has been very badly damaged and is larger than normal, his function is fine now but Im looking into healing the kidney organ as a whole, conventional medicine does not provide a solution for this. He is 32 and recently partly raw, we make green juice etc, is there any food in particular that could shrink his enlarged kidney?
    Thanks in advance for any comments.
    Congratulations on your success.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Michelle,
      A 30 day juice fasting is the best for healing kidneys. There are numerous supplements that can be take to increase healing. If you have any kidney pain break the fast for about 10 days and start again. Melon juices and veggie juices are great. We will gladly support your husband. Kidney almost always have an amazing response to fasting and commonly results in total and permanent healing.

  8. Doron deco says:

    Hi Tom (Thank you Thank you Thank you)

    My name is Doron Deco (South Africa)
    Age 36

    • Caffeine
    • Nicotine Stopped before the fast but still craved
    • Sugar
    • Junk Food
    • Social drinker
    • Meat eater

    Current Addictions NONE

    I have just finished a 45 day fast and lost about 11kgs
    (5 extra days as I drank milk by accident) Just after reading your book Fast To Freedom

    I am now getting all my friends to fast which is quite easy after seeing the change it has made in my life (excepted for the ones who smoke cigarettes

    After seen the change it has made to my life mentally, physically and spiritually, I now wish to go and study natural medicine and then open and natural food restaurant after I have saved the money

    Thank you and keep up the good work I just have to work out now how to start eating again current don’t have enough money to purchase your other book EATING TO FREEDOM

    Love and Light
    Doron Deco

  9. Doron says:

    Hi Tom hope you are well
    Thank you for your prompt reply

    I did the Juice fast
    Not so brave to do a water fast yet
    I would love to write my story for you in the next few weeks as my living arrangements presently is all over the place

    My diet was basically two juices

    Spring onions (sometimes)
    Udo’s Oil
    Q10 and E powder in water
    See potato
    Udo’s Oil
    Q10 and E powder in water

    Gym twice a day, 4 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening
    I now gym 3 times a week for 3-4 hours which includes

    20 mins running
    1 hour of yoga
    1 hour of tone twice a week
    1 hour of dance
    10 mins of power plate
    And the rest weights and stretching
    30 minutes swim and the end of workout

    I have just started a new job and looking for somewhere to live, basically starting my life over again after selling everything and moving cities.

    I would love to come and spend some time with you and the hospital at Sagada

    I have been getting a pain on my left side just above my genitals when I gym, since I have finished the fast it comes and goes for a minute or two?

    What would it cost me (Apart from airfare)?

    Would there be somewhere for me to stay?

    Are you going to base yourself in Sagada or try and establish other clinics/ hospitals?

    You have a coaching fasting course can you tell me more about it


    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Doron,
      Pain in the genitals after fasting is a mystery to me. Cost of living here is $200 to $300 a month. You can stay in the hosptial but most like to get there own spot as it is so cheap. You can also split with other volunteers. We just got back from a caving adventure. Sagada is my base. Several hospitals would like the program but it is still in development. Coaching in fasting is a daily event depending on patient load. Sagada is a place you could put in 20 years and enjoy every day.

  10. boothed says:

    As I read the testimonies, I was truly blessed. I thank God for men and women who has surrendered their lives to the Lord and tell others what He can do.

    I am believing God for healing in my body and I know Him to be a healer.

    I happened to be searching the web on fasting and found your website and it has enlightened me more about juice fasting. I have recently gotten back into fasting. I had started juicing but then stopped. I have now started back. I am on a water fast until Sunday and will continue with a juice fast. I used to fast all the time but I found myself not fasting as much. I love to fast because of the closeness I feel to the Lord.

    Please pray for me.
    Much Love

  11. sblackwell says:

    Hello Tom,

    I haven’t visted the site for a while but I am going to embark on a 10 day fast to start and then maybe a 20 day fast. My goal is to cleanse the body not only of toxins but to be free and healed emotionally which I think is at the core of unhealthy eating and other behaviors. I don’t really have to money to stock up on alot of fruit and veggies but am trusting God to help me as I am soooo ready to be a better person and to fullfull my destiny. I covet your prayers….
    I always get inspired and encouraged all over again every time I come to this website.

  12. keith101 says:

    Hi Sheila
    you are truly blessed by finding this site.
    If it was not for and Tom i dont think i would be here talking to you now.
    I will leave Tom to answer your questions.
    God bless you Keith.

  13. sblackwell says:

    Thanks Keith. I have been visiting this site for a few years now and even bought Tom’s books. I go through my phases but am ready to fast once again. I just finished Dr Natura’s Colonix and that works really well too but doesn’t require any fasting. Now that I have done that, I am ready. I’ve never been able to go more than 3 days in the past but am ready to tackle more this time.

  14. ryanxxl says:


    I’m attempting a 20 days water fasting. I have started this Monday. I’m 23 years old.

    Previous Fast:

    A 6 day water fast in 2007. A did a blood test the next day and I nearly passed out. The doctor couldn’t get blood out of me!

    Medical Conditions:

    Diabetes type 2 for 5 years


    I’m 1m63cm.

    On day 3, I was at 78.8 kg, with body fat at 30.6 % and hydration 47.7 % ( Scale reading)

    On day 4, I am at 78.5 kg, with body fat at 30 % and hydration 48.1 %


    Loss of 10 kg on the 20 days fast and then shift to the scarsdale diet for a further loss of 20 kg in 4-5 months.


    I’m not even losing 0.5 g per day. On the night of day 3, I felt an acute need to eat. I was dying for a piece of bread but I didn’t eat. My breath stills smells bad on day 4 and I’m feeling some tingling in my feets.

    During the fast, I take the following Vitamins & Minerals:

    1) Supra Vit Gold

    Vitamin C 70 mg 115%
    Vitamin E 10.50 mg 105%
    Vitamin B1 1.05 mg 75%
    Vitamin B2 1.40 mg 87%
    Vitamin B6 2.10 mg 105%
    Vitamin B12 1.40 μg 140%
    Vitamin D3 4.50 μg 90%
    Vitamin K1 70 μg Not displayed
    Pro Vitamin A 3.15 mg 70%
    Biotin 100 μg 70%
    Folic Acid 210 μg 105%
    Niacin 14 mg 77%
    Calcium D-pantothenat 6.30 mg 105%


    Calcium 150 mg 18%
    Magnesium 50 mg 16%
    Potassium 14 mg Not displayed
    Phosphore 105 mg 13%
    Chloride 10.50 mg Not displayed


    Ferrum 10 mg 71%
    Manganese 1.40 mg Not displayed
    Copper 700 μg Not displayed
    Zincum 7 mg 46%
    Selenium 21 μg Not displayed
    Imulin 200 mg Not displayed


    Dextrose, citric acid E££), vitamin premix, inulin, SWEETENERS, (Aspartame E951 – contains a source of
    phenylalanine, acesulfam K E950), flavors.

    2) Calcium Sandoz® 500 mg

    Calcium Gluconolactate 2,940 g

    Calcium carbonate 0.300 g

    Sodium 275 mg

    Calcium element 500 mg

    3) Neurorubine – Forte

    Thiamine nitrate (Vitamin B1) 200 mg

    Pyridoxine hydrochloride (Vitamin B6) 50 mg

    Cyanocobalamine (Vitamin B12) 1,000 μg

    4) Cenovis Sugarless Vitamin C 500 mg

    Ascorbic Acid 250 mg

    Sodium Ascorbate 281 mg

    5) Evian Natural Mineral Water (French Water)

    Calcium 80 mg/L
    Magnesium 26 mg/L
    Sodium 6.50 mg/L
    Potassium 1 mg/L
    Silicia 15 mg/L
    Bicarbonate 360 mg/L
    Sulphate 12.60 mg/L
    Chloride 6.80 mg/L
    Nitrate 3.70 mg/L

    Salt residu at 180 degrees C: 309 mg/L – pH = 7.2

    I take 1 Supravit, 2 calcium sandoz, 2 neurorubine, 2 cenovis Vit C and drink 1.5 L of evians per day. I take the calcium and supravit in plain water.

    I take the calcium like a drink all day, by dissolving 2 capsules in a litre of water.

    I have stop taking the meds for diabetes as I figured out that it will lower too much my sugar level, since I’m not eating. I did the same in my first water fast.

    I would like to know whether those supplements can hinder the benefits of water fast or affects my kidney causing kidney stones cause my urine smells the meds I take.



    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Rayan,
      Thanks for the indepth report. In general taking vitamins during water fasting has little gain. The body is catabolizing and nutrients are released for reuse.
      Urine smell may be the vitamins. The vitamins will not affect the fast but a vitamin pill may not digest and can upset the stomach. I always recommend juice fasting for a few days to build up vitamin reserves and end with juice as it gently starts the digestive system. Blood pressure always lowers during fasting make the veins less plump and harder to get blood.
      I find a that is is better to alternate juice and water and take the vitamins in the juice days then go to straight water without vitamins. It is also powerfully therapeutic more so than straight water fasting.

      • lab007 says:

        Hi Tom,
        i have currently statrted a 21day spiritual fast on juices with a bit of raw food diet. i wa s told i had fibroids and im looking fo a way to get rid of them.. any suggestions on any vitamins or supplements i should take when fasting and what kind of juices should i drink and avoid and food as well?
        urgently waiting for your reply…God bless

  15. infinitigirl says:

    Hi Tim, Our church is doing a corporate 21-day fast, my husband & I are doing this fast for the 13th year in a row. I just got a juicer yesterday after reading your web site. On the fast, we start on water first, with a tiny communion every day. Then, graduate to very diluted fresh juices.

    My very healthy husband works out with weights, 37yrs, 155lbs, is muscular & has very little body fat, LAST YEAR he had to stop the fast about day 15, due to much pain in his feet & feeling so badly, I thought I may have to take him to the hosp. So I thought may be he could try your suggestion on the Myth About Protein & working out. He is doing the fast only for the spiritual side & doesn’t really want to lose the weight, like I do, so…

    QUESTION: Would you pls explain how HE would to do the fast with the egg whites + ??? in more detail, for persons to continue to build muscle and workout with this fast?

    or a link, if you already have explained it. 😉
    Bless you for all your kind help and advice.

  16. Merzeegirl says:

    hey tom!

    oki, so i have a question. What is your eating pattern like now? (be pacific please) do you usually eat more with smaller meals, or 3 meals a day? breakfast meals? snacks? lunch? dinner? etc.I am very interested.

    Also, a total different question.. how long do you think one should wait until they eat carbs and such things like dried fruit? I want to do this the correct way so i do not gain anything back. Thank you!

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Merzeegirl,
      I try to drink carrot pineapple juice in the morning even when I am not fasting. But if not a fruit salad or oatmeal with frozen bannana slices for breakfast. Dehydrated cane sugar for sweeter.
      Lunch has red rice, a salad, cooked veggies, maybe eggs tuna or mackerel unless the guests are vegetarian then we go that way adding more bean recipes. I may snack for dinner but occasional eat a full dinner if the guest want to eat.
      As I live at a retreat, the meals are incredible with lots of home made sauces dressings made from fresh garden herbs.
      A herbal tea mix is always ready. On a long fast over 20 days wait 5 days before eating any cooked starches.
      On a shorter fast 3 days is enough. Dried fruit is fine shortly after a fast but do not eat too much.

  17. JavaJerry says:

    Hey I saw one of the testimonials where the guy had hepatitis and it helped his liver on the juice fast. I have hepatitis C myself. I was wondering what juices he used for his fast.
    Thanks, Jerry

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi JavaJerry
      The juice for the liver was carrot, beet, cucumber, and lemon. With lots of lemons and beets.
      Do a 30 day juice fast. He also had lots of melons but it was the veggie juice that did the work as he did nothing but that for 3 days and his swollen liver, the size of a football shrunk to half its size in three days and I witnessed it. If I had not seen it I would not have believed it.

  18. davidy says:

    Hi Tom,

    Came across your article from search and I am encouraged to know of your testimony. I am 40 and recently from a medical checkup showed symptoms of CKD (kidneys disease), it was a shock to know, and as usual the doctor don’t really give us much positivity and hope to look forward. I thank Jesus that I have Him with me during these times, as emotionally and mentally I am not as fearful and had drawn me closer in spending more time to pray, to read, listening and confessing God’s promises, attending prayer meetings. I need healing.

    Please advise how / what to start fruits / juice fasting. This had brought me to realise and change my entire life’s perspective – living knowing God’s will for each of us, in good health with a long life, as compared to getting God to fit into our own will, being stressed out in work and business, burdened by worries, and in poor health. I need healing and live out His purpose for me, while on earth.

    Many thanks. Warm regards,


  19. Tomika says:

    I am on my second day juice fast and its been really challenging. Im just happy to have gotten throught the first day. This weekend has been a challenge in itself. My family loves to eat. And i didnt tell them i was fasting because they would ask too many questions. I had to sit in a room full of food that i love. But i feel that my mind is strong and i just tried to ignore it. I was successful…i am so proud of myself. One thing..i was feeling as if i was looking at them through a glass…Cant explain it. I was lookin at how much they ate…and it was a lot. And i just kept thinking that would have been me eating right there with them over eating. Well…Day 2 completed…and i got through it. I am determined…and i will be successful!

  20. Ron says:

    Hi Tomika, It sounds like you are well on your way! Remember that you rule your fast..and your life!

    I know the feeling of being around people stuffing their faces. I had a child’s b’day party 23 days into my first extended fast. I even had to cook. It leaked out that I was fasting and people were talking to me with food in their mouths, asking how I could be fasting at such a moment.

    I just kept telling myself: I know what all this stuff tastes like. I know this will be there at the end of my fast. I can eat it anytime I want “after” my fast.

    Suddenly it became very easy to go on! A strong mind, and a big dose of prayers helped me get through it. Now, after several fasts under my belt? It’s a piece of cake! Pardon the pun. lol

    Good luck! God Bless and keep up the good health! Ron

  21. mxxm says:


    Oftentimes in the kantine where I work I’ve received negative glances and/or comments from people who were more concerned about how I ate (fruits, fresh veggies, nuts, etc.) then I was about what they ate (burgers, french fries, cokes, etc.). I refrain from negative criticisms of people’s eating habits because it doesn’t help me or them. However if they ask me questions I will not hesitate to answer them honestly and directly, hoping to inform them and help them as others have informed and helped me.

    Remember this, there is STILL hope for them, and that hope is you! As you remain strong in your determination to finish this fast successfully they will notice it. Even without experiencing it they know that to do what you are doing takes inner conviction and discipline. They need to do what you are doing and most likely they know it.

    • Tomika says:

      Mxxm, thanks for that outlook. I never thought about it that way. I should share what im going through and maybe that will convince them one day to try a fast to get healthy…because i am in a family that loves to eat…and they dont eat healthy at all. My dad is also a diabetic and on dialysis and his mother was a diabetic and on dialysis. I want to be healthy because i do not want to be a diabetic or go through dialysis as they did. I have seen what all he has been through and i dont wanna go down that road. So i have really been praying for strength and often times i find myself talking to myself when i see food that i want to eat and so far i have avoided them. its hard though…especially when i am around people who constantly loves to eat and snack. I just try to stay busy or keep my mind occupied.

      Day 5 and im still at 231lbs. Today trying to drink only water. Im feeling really tired and really just wanna go lie down. I noticed my skin is looking so exceptionally smooth….but my breath is a little tart…im thinking about just buying some sugar free gum and keep it on me. Last night i didnt sleep so well…my legs were jumpy and ached a little. i dont know if thats normal.

  22. Tomika says:

    oK I just stuck a piece of gum in my mouth and then my stomach started growling….uuuuuggghhhh!!!

  23. Ron says:

    Tomika, Chewing gum produces saliva, which in turn activates digestive juices in the stomach. I don’t know if you want acid in an empty stomach.

  24. keith101 says:

    Hey Ron…Tom
    Its been a little while…lol.

    Hey guys on, so glad to be finally back.
    Blessings Keith.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Glad to see you back, Ron and some of the members did a great job taking up our slack. I had a power out.
      Wordpress came out with version 3. Wow it is taking days to recode for the interface. I will still set you up with one of our systems but I would wait till we recode.

      • Ron says:

        Hi Tom , Keith! I was wondering what happened! Also, the subscription newsletter is going out to members, or at least me, 3-4 times a day! I had to unsubcribe to keep my inbox from being overfilled.

        Tom, I’ve been enjoying your debate with the “good doctor” on water out of thin air! But I’m kind of wondering the purpose of that argument? It seems to me, even “if” we made water in our bodies, [which also seems to be storage rather than production] that we would use it faster than we produced it. But, then again I don’t have a degree covering holes on my walls! lol

        Keith! Howzer? I hope all is well. Missed you guys! I was just too busy to think the last few months. I don’t like to advise, if I’m distracted! But I usually still look in, and fast!

        Things have lightened up a little for me. I’ve been fasting more frequently too. I’m on a week fast now, and thinking of going another 30! I don’t know. I’ll see how I’m doing this weekend. I know I feel so great fasting that I just miss it when I’m not. Also, as you know great things happen through prayer and fasting. And there has been no shortage of Grace and Love from God during this time! God Bless! Ron

  25. Tomika says:

    Ron….no more gum for me..any suggestions??

    DAY 6 on my fast… its getting easier for me and im not really craving food as much. I slept so good last night i didnt want to get out of bed. And i dont feel lazy at all and doing things that i normally would put off doing!

    Does anyone have any solution for “tart” breath while fasting?? I work in a corporation where im constantly talking to people and im gettin parnoid about my breath. My sister says that it smells stale…lol

    Starting weight: 237
    current weight: 229

  26. Ron says:

    Hi Tomika, Anything that is saliva producing is out! Try a toothpick, or straw to chew on.

    As far as breath: A few drops of peppermint or tea tree oil can be applied to the tongue or toothbrush to help freshen the breath. In addition to its refreshing nature, their antibacterial properties will kill the bacteria found in the mouth.

    Also, brush your tongue when brushing your teeth. And gargle a 50/50 mixture of hydrogen peroxide and water will kill bacteria that create bad breath. Of course don’t swallow any, and rinse very well after any brushing and gargling.

    But, bad breath can be a good friend when you want to avoid certain fellow workers! I eat garlic before I go to work!

    • Tomika says:

      Thanks Ron….i have peppermint in my cabinet right now!! And it seems that i have to brush my tongue a lot….and whatever is on it taste soooo bad…yuck! I am definitely gonna try the gargling with Hydrogen peroxide and water.
      eating garlic to avoid certain fellow workers..great!!!

  27. mxxm says:


    For bad breath I put a little less than half a teaspoonful of grounded ginger in half a glass of water and use the mixture to brush my teeth. I also swirl a bit of the mixture around in my mouth and swallow whatever is leftover. Ginger is well-known for its antibacterial properties and is very effective as such in the mouth and digestive tract. I love garlic and using ginger helps reduce garlic breath.

  28. Tomika says:

    Day 7: Im feeling great. Sometimes when i walk i get a little fatigued and i have to slow down walking. So i figure I shouldnt try any exercising just yet. I feel like i can breath better, like im taking in fresh air all the time…feels good. I keep waking up in the middle of the night and feeling like im wide awoke, but i eventually go back to sleep.

    Weight: 226

  29. Tomika says:

    Day 8: Im so sleepy and yesterday evening was really hard for me. I was very hungry, probably because i was around food. Then I was talking to a friend and he brought up the past and things i went through and I instantly felt myself going down the path of depression. I instantly grabbed a bag of chips and started eating. I didnt even want the chips. So that was my one set back for Day 7 and im want to be completely honest on this site and with myself. I guess im an emotional eater. Day 8, im back on it.

    Current weight: 227 🙁

  30. Tomika says:

    Not to mention i feel sick on the stomach this morning…and im sure it was the chips..uuuugggh.

  31. Ron says:

    Hi Tomika, It was most likely the salt, veg oil and any chemicals in addition to the chips that upset your stomach. If you have the urge to eat again, try some soft fruit like a banana. It is filling, natural and will help you to re-think before going to something harder on your body!

    Also, try to load up on more juice before eating. It will cushion the blow to your stomach, and may even change your mind about eating.

    And, a prayer before every intake is good. It will give you time to receive a message about what is at hand. God Bless. I’ll be praying for you! Ron

  32. Tomika says:

    I ate a little something on yesterday…because i kept feeling sick and was so hungry. So i failed to temptation. So i will be starting Day 1 all back over again.

    Day 1: Current weight 228

    I gotta stay focused. Im having to talk myself out of eating when other people eat. Its like a battle with my flesh and spirit.

  33. mxxm says:

    If fasting was an effortless adventure there would be many more people doing it. They need to fast and they know it but the determination just isn’t there. There is a price for that and they know that also. There is a young man at my work place who is WAY over weight! Everyone talks behind his back about it. Once while we were the only two in the kantine I tactfully warned him about the consequences of neglecting his health. He responded vehemently that it was none of my business and that I should shut up and leave him alone. It was obvious to me that he wasn’t really angry at me but at himself. I reminded him of the inadvertible cost he would pay if he continued his neglect and he did not want to be confronted with the truth.

    If you have the determination, you will accomplish your goals concerning fasting and weight loss. Learn from the setbacks. See them as learning tools. If you have set the bar too high for a beginner’s fast, then set it a little lower but NOT too low as not to accomplish anything.

    Are you determined? If you are then its just a matter of time before you succeed.

    • Tomika says:

      My determination is here…its just hard because im around food a lot. And i eat sometimes out of habit or because im emotional and i really wanna break this cycle. I wish i could just isolate myself from everyhing and everyone for a whole month. But I know thats waaaay easier said than done. Right now…im really not happy witht his weight on me…sometimes even upsetting.

  34. Ron says:

    Tomika, Don’t be discouraged!

    As I’ve said before: YOU RULE YOUR FAST! You have to re-think your decision. You “decided” to end your fast. The reason doesn’t matter!! Try to look at your decision as a positive thing, NOT A FAILURE!! Please, this is very important.

    Your goal is x-amount of days! That’s fine. But, you made it this far!! That is GREAT!!

    It took me 5 months of thinking before I was able to do my first 30 day fast! I started with 1-3 day fasts literally for years!! So again, please keep positive, and don’t turn an accomplishment into a disappointment! There is always your “next” fast to get another goal! And “if” you decide to end early??? There is your next!! God Bless, Ron

    • Tomika says:

      Thanks Ron…I was disappointed at first, but then i was proud of myself for fasting for 7days. That was the longest i have ever went. When i got off the fast, i started over eating…and then i was back to the disappointment. One thing that i am certain…i noticed i eat when im bored, lonely, and upset. It has became such a habit that it feels natural to just grab food and eat it when i feel like that. I dont know what to do.

      Today im starting only a 5 day water fast…because my birthday is Saturday and i know i may eat a little something cause my sisters are taking me out. After that weekend…i plan on doing a 10 day fast.

  35. Ron says:

    Bravo Tomika! You are on the right path! And Happy Birthday!!

    I knew I liked you for a reason. My wife, mom, dad, 3 daughters (of my nine children) and several of my friends are born at this time! I have B’day parties almost every day for the next few weeks!! God Bless, Ron

  36. Tomika says:

    Hey guys…im still recovering from my birthday weekend. Had too much fun and too much eating. I dont know why i cant control myself. I feel like i have a love affair with food. And as extreme as that sounds its true. I really need to start a juice fast because then i felt really good about myself and what i was doing. Im not good at starting on a Thursday it is..tomorrow. I dont know why im so week to food, like its addictive. My weight is back up to 238 uuuugh. Well, the good thing is that i can always start over.


  37. Tomika says:

    This will be officially Day 1 on my juice fast. Right now im just praying for strength today because i know once i make it past Day 1 then the rest will be easy breezy. Right now…im just focused on Day 1. My goal is to lose 25 lbs.

    starting weight: back at 238

  38. Ron says:

    Hi Tomika, As far as the food is concerned, you need to change “what” you are eating. Obviously, if you ate cabbage all day long you wouldn’t have gained a pound over the weekend. Of course that is extreme, but you get my point.

    You have to examine your intake “closely”, then cut down on, or out the things that are “your” problem. Remember quantity isn’t necessarily the issue, it’s what you are eating!

    When you start eating again, incorporate a journal to write down every last thing you eat for a week! Include approximate quantities, and time. Don’t change your habits just yet, write them down!! I will tell you the next step, and guide you after that if you want help! Ron

  39. nicole7 says:

    This is day one of my water fast. I plan on doing it for ten days. I have resisted temptation thus far (even though it’s only been 14 hours) and although I had the urge to eat something, I just grabbed a big jug and filled it up with ice and water and have been drinking it down sip by sip, and I am neither hungry nor do I have the urge to eat anything. I believe that I can last for 10 days. After this water fast, I am going to take 4 days of incorporation of juice and then do a juice fast for 40 days. It may seem a bit extreme, but I’m ready to do it! I pray that it mends my relationship with God, which used to be so easy and now seems to have hit a rough patch, and I hope that it helps me lose weight. My metabolism is quite slow, so I’m worried that it’ll slow it down too far and that I’ll actually gain weight. Alas, this worry will not go away until I see results, and as this is the first day, there hasn’t been any results. Anyway, here’s my situation:
    Height: 5’5″
    Starting Weight: 187.0 lbs
    Goal Weight: 143.0 lbs

    Do you think 44 lbs in 54 days is an attainable goal? I am pretty active- I play volleyball (sand and indoor), softball and football on a regular basis and I walk and job occasionally.

    • Tomika says:

      Thanks Ron…i know you are absolutely right on what I intake. I have a big issue with snacking on unhealthy food. After i fast this time i want to start intaking more fruits and veggies.

      Yesterday i tried to fast…and i did good all day until i got home and saw a chocolate chip granola bar staring at me. So i watched it for a while…and then i couldnt take it anymore..i ate it. Then after i ate that…it went down hill. I started eating chips and more chips. So last night…i threw away anything that even favored an unhealthy snack. I will get through this fast…i owe it to myself. I must lose this weight…no more options!!!

      • Ron says:

        Hi Tomika,

        “just” the granola bar would’ve been fine!

        What happened was you told yourself “I failed” and continued what was actually a “little” slip! The granola bar was about 200 calories. You would get more than that in a glass of cantaloupe juice! One slip won’t change your life…or end your fast! YOU ENDED YOUR FAST!!

        Throwing out the junk food doesn’t work! Throwing out your old ways, and habits does work. I know it’s hard! I’ve been there! You will do it! Just keep “going at it”!

        Remember: It’s your mind you have to change! Your body will follow!! Believe me here. And believe in yourself. I will keep you in my prayers. God Bless, Ron

        • Tomika says:

          Thanks Ron…i really need prayer right now. Yesterday…i had the watermelon that i juiced…then about 7:00 pm…I got really hungry. So i ate a tomato sandwich on onion bread. i had lettuce and onion with a little bit of mayo. Then i baked some pecans. I didnt even try to fight the urge to eat. So i fasted all day…but by night..i dont know what happened.

          Today my goal is to not eat any food today…only liquids. And when i have the urge to eat i will fight it. I do control my fast…just my habit of eating keeps throwing me backwards. I weighed myself and i have lost 3 lbs. Thanks Ron for all your help…Your words are really encouraging and makes me strive to continue this fast. I know i will be successful eventually!!

  40. Tomika says:

    Today only had watermelon was really good. I dont want to weigh myself today…maybe tomrrow.

    Food is the enemy today!

  41. Ron says:


    Something that worked for me in the early days of fasting was to use positive re-enforcement. During my longer fasts, I would help my wife prepare dinner, or man the bar-b-que at our childrens parties. While doing so, I would smell all the foods cooking and say to myself: “I know what this food smells like. I’ve smelled it many times before.”I know what this food tastes like. I’ve tasted it many times before”. This food has been here long before my fast, and will be here long after my fast.”

    In doing this, I would be putting off what I really wanted to do (eat!) in the weak moments of my fast! There is also that satisfaction, you were able to overcome some pretty powerful temptations. Once you’ve made it through a tough time it gets easier, and easier! Really it does. Because you “know” it can be done!

    On Youtube there is a woman that did (3) 40 day water fasts in a row!! Watch some of the video she made. This woman’s resolve is unbelievable!! She is so filled with The Holy Spirit nothing else matters. I was touched by many of her messages! There are some days that are my favorite. You could almost feel everything she was going through! Very, very inspirational…Here is a link:

    • Tomika says:

      Ron..u will be proud of me. Yesterday i only had water and watermelon juice. And when i started smelling food , i just kept telling myself “this food will be here after the fast”….and it worked…lol. Im so proud of myself for making it through the day. I am so thankful for this site and your inspiring words!
      One thing…i couldnt sleep all night and seemed like i was anxious all day. Im hoping tonight i can sleep better.

      I weighed myself and i lost and additional 2 lbs. So far, 5lbs total has been lost.
      Current weight 233.

  42. Ron says:

    Hi Tomika! I am very proud of you! I’m also honored that you
    have been inspired by my words. Just like the AA people (who are a great example btw!) “take one day at a time”!

    Enjoy each moment of victory, and know that God is blessing you! Ron

    P.S. Exercise, or walking (cardio especially) is a good sleep inducer for me. I workout late. About 7-8:30pm. I am charged at first, but usually end up nodding out on my sofa before mid-night. I rise early and feel pretty good!

  43. Tomika says:

    I will be on vacation this week in Jamaica…so i will try my best to pick the right foods …more fruits and veggies. and when i get back the following Monday i want to really start a 10 day fast. Have a happy week to all!!

  44. kennybalogun says:

    you are a blessing and i will definitely do the fruit juice fasting to cleanse my liver and kidneys, or are there particular fruits to use.Thank you

  45. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi ennybalogun,
    For kidneys watermelon is good. For the liver carrot, beet, apple, lemon, cucumber, celery, green pepper is the best. 30 days will almost always cure the worst conditions.

    • kennybalogun says:

      Hi tom, thank you so much i have started my fruit fasting on the fruits you listed above and its really amazing, im praying for God’s strength to lead me through the 30 days.
      you are really a blessing.
      Thank you

  46. Clauso says:

    Hello Tom,

    I’m on day 4 of a water fast. I completed a 30 day juice fast about 2 years ago and fell right back into my bad habbits. Breaking those habbits will be the real challenge for me. I am planning on a 20 day water fast then switching to juice for 20 days. I found this website about two days ago and have spent about 6 hours surfing it since then. It is great. Thanks.

    I have 3 questions…..

    Firstly, I read one of your responses regarding the sauna. I am assuming that the same advice applies to a hot tub too. Or, should I steer clear from the hot tub because of the chemicals in the pool?

    Secondly, I read your response about smoking cigarettes. I like to smoke cigars and pipes. I do not inhale and was hoping that I could continue to smoke during the fast? It helps with the hunger.

    Lastly, is gum ok to chew?

    PS…. I want to thank Keith101 and Ron. Found their responses helpfull too.

    Thanks…God Bless

  47. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Clauo,
    Do the juice fast before the water fast. Use the patch and quite smoking during the fast, at least so your lungs can heal. No gum as it makes you very hungry. Fasting in a hot tub feels great but can lower your blood pressure so watch getting out.

  48. Clauso says:

    Thanks for your quick response Tom. I have been reading a lot of your post and your advice is greatly appreciated.

    About the pipes and cigars? Do you see harm when I do not inhale the smoke? The Flavors surpress my hunger feelings.

  49. Tom Coghill says:

    The smoke will enter your lymph in your mouth and that is not good. The best time to quit is during a juice fast. I know smoking can seem like a good warm friend with every puff but it is the enemy of your health.

  50. Clauso says:

    Thanks Tom….I know you are right. It will not be hard for me to quit. I only smoke a cigar 2 or three times a week, and maybe one or two times a week I smoke a pipe. I will work on quiting.

  51. melissa752 says:

    Do you think losing 30 pounds in 24 days water fasting is attainable?
    No more eating for me after 12 am… that’s ok to start a fast right?

  52. Tom Coghill says:

    Yea you could lose that much. To me that is too long on straight water. Even a few spirulina pills a day increase safety of electrolyte imbalance. Long water fasting can be safe if you have done shorter fasts before.

    • Orion says:

      I read somewhere that after fasting for a little while, it is unwise to take supplements in pill form, since they won’t be digested properly anymore. After that, I stopped taking vitamins and chlorella/spirulina during a fast. Took vitamins in liquid form though (dreadful taste). What’s your take on that?

  53. Tom Coghill says:

    Avoid supplements during a water fast and great during juice fasting. Spirulina would be good during a long water fast.

  54. A200 says:


    can you please advise what types of Fruite and veg juice I can use for juice fasting for Severe Kidney failure?

  55. Joshua says:

    Tom, thanks for the imformation and inspiration brother! I’m going to start juice fasting right now to clean out my body, and scripture memorization to clean out my mind!

  56. ivy28 says:

    Hi Tom,

    I was diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome and now i’m taking metformin 500 mg after meals. can i undergo fasting (what kind of fasting) and do i still have to take my meds while i’m fasting.thanks

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Ivy
      A juice fast over 20 day will help polycystic ovarian syndrome and you can take metformin. In the next few months, we hope to create a protocol for this condition as it is so prevalent. We will be very interested in the results.
      I would be doing a 30 day juice fast as “most” health conditions heal after 28 days.

  57. ivy28 says:

    thanks tom,

    I’ll inform you as soon as i’m done with the fasting. Are you still in Sagada?

  58. lewiskygirl says:

    Hi Tom,

    Our church just had us do a 14 day fast (of no meats, pleasant foods) and I found that the last two days were physically taxing for me. It ended Tuesday. But now I want to prepare for my next major fast. How can I tell if my body is ready to do it now or not or how long I should wait before I do a 21 day fast or another kind???


    • Ron says:

      Hi Lewiskygirl, Tom is on a mission in New Guinea inoculating malaria victims. He checks in from time to time
      when he is able to get to civilization.

      I am confused why you were “physically taxed” by giving up meats and comfort foods? What kind of fast were you doing? What kind of fast do you plan on doing now for 21 days? Ron

      • lewiskygirl says:

        For 14 days, I and others gave up meats, and foods we normally eat for gratification like pizza, spaghetti with meat, pretzels and mustard etc. (our favorites) and ate fruits and veggies only. Around the 11th day I found that it was taxing on me in that my body found it physically hard to climb up the stairs and later use my muscles for a medium amount of time. Like holding up arms to worship or standing long.

        But I want to go on a 21 day fast like Daniel did, on my own so that I can humble my flesh. I would like to mix the Isaiah 58 fast with it for 21 days so that I would get the blessing of the Isaiah 58 promise. It requires that I eat nothing that gratifies me. But the problem is that I am not sure of what I can handle. I think i better look to a doctor if possible instead. I was hoping to avoid having to do this but it looks like I need a nutritionist to help me.

      • lewiskygirl says:

        For 14 days, I and others gave up meats, and foods we normally eat for gratification like pizza, spaghetti with meat, pretzels and mustard etc. (our favorites) and ate fruits and veggies only. Around the 11th day I found that it was taxing on me in that my body found it physically hard to climb up the stairs and later use my muscles for a medium amount of time. Like holding up arms to worship or standing long.

        But I want to go on a 21 day fast like Daniel did, on my own so that I can humble my flesh. I would like to mix the Isaiah 58 fast with it for 21 days so that I would get the blessing of the Isaiah 58 promise. It requires that I eat nothing that gratifies me. But the problem is that I am not sure of what I can handle. I think i better look to a doctor if possible instead. I was hoping to avoid having to do this but it looks like I need a nutritionist to help me.


  59. lab007 says:

    Hi Tom,
    i have currently statrted a 21day spiritual fast on juices with a bit of raw food diet. i wa s told i had fibroids and im looking fo a way to get rid of them.. any suggestions on any vitamins or supplements i should take when fasting and what kind of juices should i drink and avoid and food as well?i also have this eye allergy since i was a kid always itching all year round and bad sinuses.. my nose is never dry..pls any suggestions as well..
    urgently waiting for your reply…God bless

  60. Ron says:

    Hi Lab007, Tom is on mission in New Guinea. His story is on the front page.

    Try fasting on veggie juice only. Use mostly leafy greens and cruciferous (broccoli, cabbage and brussel sprouts) these are very good for cleansing the body. You can mix carrot and apple for taste. But fruits have too much sugar and it slows the cleanse process. The body will consume any foreign matter, but we need to starve our digestive system in order for it to do this.

    Also, one fast may not do the whole job. I would need more information to estimate the fasting time and frequency.

    I also have allergies. Try taking a GOOD vitamin C tablet. I’d recommend 500 to 1000 mgs. per day. You cannot overdose on vitamin C. But, too much (2000mg or more ) just passes through. More info below:

    Vitamin C is a natural antihistamine. It both prevents histamine release and increases the detoxification of histamine. A 1992 study found that taking 2 grams vitamin C daily lowered blood histamine levels 38 percent in healthy adults in just one week.[79] It has also been noted that low concentrations of serum vitamin C has been correlated with increased serum histamine levels.]

  61. lab007 says:

    Hi Ron,
    Thank you very much for your prompt reply.. i first discovered the fibroid (outside the womb subserosal) in 2010 of about 5cm.. i started just changing my diet a bit though still eating meat and a bit of junk.. i went back 2 months ago and was told the subserosal fibroid was now 7cm and i had four little ones inside but very tiny.. really worried as im not married yet and i want to have kids…i do not believe in surgery but in Gods natural foods on earth to heal us.. my eyes are very brown with dark circles due to constant itching and my nose is always running..i have decided to juice fast on acrrots apples and beetroot with greens lik espinach and watercress but would change as advised.. so do you mean i should stop the apple and carrot..and wat kind of raw food s should i go into after the fast/

    many thanks and God bless

    • Ron says:

      Hi again Lab, There is nothing wrong with surgery when needed. God sends help in all forms of care. Juicing helps in recovering from operations also. Your diet is fine. Just keep the sugar to a minimum. When juicing veggies add the fruit for taste. Veggies can be flat and bitter tasting. The fruits help with that taste. But illnesses thrive on sugars and related proteins. Protein is what builds tumors and deseases of the body. Starve an illness of protein, and kill it! Juice sugars are not like processed and store bought sugar….but even a small amount will slow the healing process. Beets and carrots have a good amount of sugar. And as healing as they are…keep the amounts under a half liter per day because of the sugar content.

      My wife is very knowledgeable about women’s reproductive system. And she has read many, many books over our “reproductive years”. We have 9 children of our own! She is the picture of heath because of the way she has eaten and supplements/vitamins taken. I will consult her this evening and give you some more information. Ron

  62. lab007 says:

    thank you very much Ron..looking forward to hearing from youi.. God bless

  63. Ron says:

    Hi Lab, my wife suggested a book call: “What Your Doctor May NOT Tell You About Premenopause”, by Doctor’s John Lee & Jesse Hanley. There is a section that addresses the fibroids. In essence it says to balance estrogen by using progesterone cream. It will shrink fibroids. Also, stay away from processed foods, like store bought red meats, coffee and dairy products. These products have too many hormones and chemicals. If you must have any of these be certain they are ALL NATURAL! There is a lot more useful info in the book about fibroids.

    Plant based raw foots are recommended daily for fiber. Liver healing herbs like: Bupleurum, milk thistle, barberry, goldenseal(be careful on goldenseal dose), burdock root, yellow dock, and dandelion root. And a uterus healing herb formula including: myrrh, red raspberry, cayenne, Bupleurum, yarrow, Vitex and lady’s mantle (Alchemilla mollis). Also use castor oil packs 2 to 4 times per week. You can find out how to use the castor oil packs on the web from herbal medicine sites.

    The progesterone cream is very important! It needs to be applied most everyday, with breaks during the week of your period. And on different parts of the body. My wife also said that there are doctors that will remove just the fibroids. But, you will need to research. There is an organization called, “The Couple to Couple League” you can phone them to get information about these doctors throughout the country. I hope this helps you. We are praying for you. God Bless, Ron & Libby

  64. lab007 says:

    Thank you soooo much I’m really touched by youur prompt response..wil go get the book as well and start using the herbs but wld fiinish the 21day fast first.many thanks and God bless you abundantly

  65. lab007 says:

    I’m on d 5th day of juice fastin but becaue of my tedious work I’m almost fallin out I’m holdin on though but just in case wat kind of raw food can I eat dat won’t affect my a salad with olive oil dressin ok ..or somethin else so I can go back on it

  66. lab007 says:

    Sorry for d many questions how do I get my bowels movin durin a juice fast as d juices av no fiber I dnt go to toilet without enemas bt I dnt want tto rely on dat thank u once again

  67. Ron says:

    Hi lab, Obviously fasting is going without food. So, if you eat anything you are not fasting. The problem with intermittent fasting is that your digestive system isn’t resting fully. Once you eat, you will be hungry in a few hours. And your body is not able to do the work that fasting promotes.

    My suggestion is to fast for a period of time, (i.e. 3, 5, 7 or 10 days) then eat for a few days in-between. Raw foods are fine. Olive oil, lemon and sea salt is great on a salad. And black or red pepper is also good. Just remember fasting one day and eating the next won’t benefit you in a major way. Only extended periods of fasting do the trick!

    During a fast bowel movements are rare. There’s just nothing to push it through So enemas are the only way to clean the toxins and built up crude in our bowels. And they are very important during a long fast. Ron

    • lab007 says:

      Thank you very much.. im on day 5 (closing my eyes) but im having dis nasty headache on one side of my head…the issue is i work very stressssssssssssssfu hours managin about 40 people talkin all the time and i work straight 12 hours or 14 hours tmes a you suggest any vitamins i could take or supplements amyb im failing a bit due to teh stress of d work …and any suggestions of raw foods apart fmsalad that i can go on when i break teh fast including nuts?
      Many thanks..and gosssh those greens are bitter? and how do is tore my juices to bring to work and can i do them a night before?
      Thank you so much Ron..God bless

  68. Ron says:

    No nuts! Any raw foods are fine.

  69. nahtam1 says:

    I am on day 16 of a juice fast. Mostly juice, a frozen fruit smoothie and every day or so carrot soup ground up, and made a vegie soup from pulp and ground it up. Both are drinkable. My question is I’ve been having a lot of muscle pain the last few days. I find it hard to even play guitar as my fingers are super sore when playing. I’ve read that somewhere around day 15 you can have this as the body begins healing old injuries. How long does this last, is there anything I should be taking for lack of protien, as I notice working out with weights is getting harder also. Thanks and God Bless.

  70. joanne says:

    I just came upon this site as I was looking into juice fasting. Just seen a documentary called Fat, sick and nearly dead. Loved it….and now this fantastic site! God is so good. Been praying for help and guidance in making changes to my health through diet. Feeling very determined to start this new year off with a 40 day juice fast. Just bought all my ingredients and a juicer. Never have fasted for more than a week though. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much. God bless

  71. louchi says:

    Hi Tom,

    I am a twenty year old young lady who has gone through a never-ending struggle with my weight and health. From abuse of laxatives, a lot of all nighters, alcohol, depression, bad skin rashes, I have experienced it all. I wouldn’t say I have an eating disorder at all, but as my full-time job is a model, I do travel a lot, binge on unhealthy food, but most of all-I have a severe addiction to sugar. This may sound insane, but I am more than convinced it is an addiction, and one that makes me very unhappy. I have a naturally thin figure, I am 5″9 and weigh 123 pounds, and this is when I eat proper meals ( 3 healthy meals a day). The only issue is my addiction to sugar has made me through out the years cut out meals and substitute them by chocolate, and other sweets, in order to “save the calories”. I do realize after consulting a nutritionist this is a completely irrational and unhealthy idea! Long story short, I have been living the most unhealthy life style, okay I have never touched drugs, but other than that, the worst! I have been suggested by a doctor to go on a water fast in order to kick start my new health habits. He suggested I do it in order to eliminate this addiction to sugar, and junk I have which causes me hypoglycemia, and lots of other symptoms, and explained to me that he personally thought it was the only way of getting back on a right track..some sort of a “new beginning”.

    Now here is my issue: The intermittent fasting I have done-easily. But now cutting sugar, I have never done. And this is really what I need to do for my own health and future. How do you suggested saving myself from these sugar rages, binges, whatever people may call them, in order to get through enough days for a new start? I am well aware this might not make me loose weight as I am already tiny, but this is really, and truly not the point of my fast.

    I am supposed to be setting examples on health with my profession, which I normally could do( I am definitely not a supporter of the pin thin model look), if I wasn’t addicted to sugar. I could eat a entire box of Oreos and feel satisfied.

    I would really appreciate yours, more than anyones advice because you seem to have experienced more than I can ever wish to myself when it comes to personal challenges and mental strength.

    Good luck to everyone on this website trying to accomplish this for their own good, kudos!!!

    god bless, and thank you so much in advance.

  72. Jonny says:

    I tried to make post but never got any replies… So this is why I am posting my question here as I would like some clarification..

    I am on my first REAL fast (water only)… Previously I basically just reduced my calorie intake and only had coffee and a bagel for about 2 months.. Lots about 50lbs and was going to the gym 2 times a day.. This is why I say my first real fast. So I am coming up to my 28th day on Sunday Feb 5th which is the day I will be ending my WATER fast.. I have no gone to the gym for the entire time as I didn’t want to drain my energy. I am not a night shift currently so I have been basically working and sleeping for the most part (10hrs or sometimes 12) which is more then my usual 4-6hrs when on day shift… Now I want to know the proper way to break my fast as I have read many sites (including this one) and have gotten different contradicting information.. Like some say you can have soup and steamed veggies while others say you can’t.. Also the clarity of how long it takes to break a 28 day water is not really that great… So could you tell me if my thinking of breaking my fast is correct… I really appreciate this as I do not want to damage my system and undo all the good that comes from fasting.. Oh ya of 2 days ago I have lost 30lbs on my fast.. I still need to loose another 20 or so which I will to with hard work at the gym and proper eating (I have in the past had a bad habit of eating out to much).

    Day 1-2 … 50/50 water and juice (store bought apple, orange and fruit juices.. I hate veggie juices)

    Day 3-7 … Same as above without the 50/50 mix… Also add in raw fruit and veggies

    Week 2 … Same as above but add soups.. (chicken and veggie broth, chicken noodle soup Lipton’s, pea soup) Now this is the part I am unsure if I should do or not.. Like I said contradicting information.. What types of soups can I eat??

    Week 3 … Same as above but add steamed veggies and maybe some rice (brown, wild or white) possibly some hard boiled eggs??

    Week 4 … Same as above but start adding more solid food likes chicken and fish.. Anything else I can add to this if I can even start this soon??

    Is this a bad or good plan??


  73. louchi says:

    Thank you very much Tom, I think this will really help me. I very much appreciate it. I have one more question: I am at attempt of fasting number three today, I have been intermittent fasting, I can handle that hunger very well, btu I always break at the end of my first day for sugar, or any kind of food. How did you motivate yourself into keeping self-control? Did you have it from the first try or did you have to learn it progressively? Is there any way you suggest I could learn…the only thing I can think of is if I move into a place with no food or temptations for the first few days!!!

    I feel like once you’ve gotten to day 3 or 4 you resist it better.

    Thank you