Comments on: Tom Coghill’s 30-Day Juice Fast Juice fasting, water fasting, dry fasting, free support. Tue, 03 Jun 2014 15:49:17 +0000 hourly 1 By: louchi Fri, 03 Feb 2012 21:52:19 +0000 Thank you very much Tom, I think this will really help me. I very much appreciate it. I have one more question: I am at attempt of fasting number three today, I have been intermittent fasting, I can handle that hunger very well, btu I always break at the end of my first day for sugar, or any kind of food. How did you motivate yourself into keeping self-control? Did you have it from the first try or did you have to learn it progressively? Is there any way you suggest I could learn…the only thing I can think of is if I move into a place with no food or temptations for the first few days!!!

I feel like once you’ve gotten to day 3 or 4 you resist it better.

Thank you


By: Jonny Wed, 01 Feb 2012 15:51:47 +0000 I tried to make post but never got any replies… So this is why I am posting my question here as I would like some clarification..

I am on my first REAL fast (water only)… Previously I basically just reduced my calorie intake and only had coffee and a bagel for about 2 months.. Lots about 50lbs and was going to the gym 2 times a day.. This is why I say my first real fast. So I am coming up to my 28th day on Sunday Feb 5th which is the day I will be ending my WATER fast.. I have no gone to the gym for the entire time as I didn’t want to drain my energy. I am not a night shift currently so I have been basically working and sleeping for the most part (10hrs or sometimes 12) which is more then my usual 4-6hrs when on day shift… Now I want to know the proper way to break my fast as I have read many sites (including this one) and have gotten different contradicting information.. Like some say you can have soup and steamed veggies while others say you can’t.. Also the clarity of how long it takes to break a 28 day water is not really that great… So could you tell me if my thinking of breaking my fast is correct… I really appreciate this as I do not want to damage my system and undo all the good that comes from fasting.. Oh ya of 2 days ago I have lost 30lbs on my fast.. I still need to loose another 20 or so which I will to with hard work at the gym and proper eating (I have in the past had a bad habit of eating out to much).

Day 1-2 … 50/50 water and juice (store bought apple, orange and fruit juices.. I hate veggie juices)

Day 3-7 … Same as above without the 50/50 mix… Also add in raw fruit and veggies

Week 2 … Same as above but add soups.. (chicken and veggie broth, chicken noodle soup Lipton’s, pea soup) Now this is the part I am unsure if I should do or not.. Like I said contradicting information.. What types of soups can I eat??

Week 3 … Same as above but add steamed veggies and maybe some rice (brown, wild or white) possibly some hard boiled eggs??

Week 4 … Same as above but start adding more solid food likes chicken and fish.. Anything else I can add to this if I can even start this soon??

Is this a bad or good plan??


By: Tom Coghill Wed, 01 Feb 2012 07:54:08 +0000 Hi Louchi
A sweet tooth is not a problem if it is healthy sugars. But white sugar drains the body of nutrients. Stevia is tasty and has no calories. I like steeping the leaves in a coffee pot then adding the broth to foods to sweaten them. You may have a self esteeem issue. Take a look at

By: louchi Wed, 01 Feb 2012 05:00:53 +0000 Hi Tom,

I am a twenty year old young lady who has gone through a never-ending struggle with my weight and health. From abuse of laxatives, a lot of all nighters, alcohol, depression, bad skin rashes, I have experienced it all. I wouldn’t say I have an eating disorder at all, but as my full-time job is a model, I do travel a lot, binge on unhealthy food, but most of all-I have a severe addiction to sugar. This may sound insane, but I am more than convinced it is an addiction, and one that makes me very unhappy. I have a naturally thin figure, I am 5″9 and weigh 123 pounds, and this is when I eat proper meals ( 3 healthy meals a day). The only issue is my addiction to sugar has made me through out the years cut out meals and substitute them by chocolate, and other sweets, in order to “save the calories”. I do realize after consulting a nutritionist this is a completely irrational and unhealthy idea! Long story short, I have been living the most unhealthy life style, okay I have never touched drugs, but other than that, the worst! I have been suggested by a doctor to go on a water fast in order to kick start my new health habits. He suggested I do it in order to eliminate this addiction to sugar, and junk I have which causes me hypoglycemia, and lots of other symptoms, and explained to me that he personally thought it was the only way of getting back on a right track..some sort of a “new beginning”.

Now here is my issue: The intermittent fasting I have done-easily. But now cutting sugar, I have never done. And this is really what I need to do for my own health and future. How do you suggested saving myself from these sugar rages, binges, whatever people may call them, in order to get through enough days for a new start? I am well aware this might not make me loose weight as I am already tiny, but this is really, and truly not the point of my fast.

I am supposed to be setting examples on health with my profession, which I normally could do( I am definitely not a supporter of the pin thin model look), if I wasn’t addicted to sugar. I could eat a entire box of Oreos and feel satisfied.

I would really appreciate yours, more than anyones advice because you seem to have experienced more than I can ever wish to myself when it comes to personal challenges and mental strength.

Good luck to everyone on this website trying to accomplish this for their own good, kudos!!!

god bless, and thank you so much in advance.

By: felicia11 Thu, 19 Jan 2012 05:42:44 +0000 hi tom im 20 years old im 220 pound and i would like to get down to 150 i have done a fast befor but it was only 30 days im a stay at home mom and i dont get to exercise i would really like to do a 30 day water fast how much do you think i could lose and after my fast when could i go on another fast thank you

By: joanne Fri, 30 Dec 2011 06:10:44 +0000 Hi,
I just came upon this site as I was looking into juice fasting. Just seen a documentary called Fat, sick and nearly dead. Loved it….and now this fantastic site! God is so good. Been praying for help and guidance in making changes to my health through diet. Feeling very determined to start this new year off with a 40 day juice fast. Just bought all my ingredients and a juicer. Never have fasted for more than a week though. Will keep you posted. Thanks so much. God bless

By: nahtam1 Mon, 19 Dec 2011 01:18:37 +0000 I am on day 16 of a juice fast. Mostly juice, a frozen fruit smoothie and every day or so carrot soup ground up, and made a vegie soup from pulp and ground it up. Both are drinkable. My question is I’ve been having a lot of muscle pain the last few days. I find it hard to even play guitar as my fingers are super sore when playing. I’ve read that somewhere around day 15 you can have this as the body begins healing old injuries. How long does this last, is there anything I should be taking for lack of protien, as I notice working out with weights is getting harder also. Thanks and God Bless.

By: Ron Sun, 06 Nov 2011 02:05:20 +0000 No nuts! Any raw foods are fine.

By: lab007 Sat, 05 Nov 2011 12:24:11 +0000 Thank you very much.. im on day 5 (closing my eyes) but im having dis nasty headache on one side of my head…the issue is i work very stressssssssssssssfu hours managin about 40 people talkin all the time and i work straight 12 hours or 14 hours tmes a you suggest any vitamins i could take or supplements amyb im failing a bit due to teh stress of d work …and any suggestions of raw foods apart fmsalad that i can go on when i break teh fast including nuts?
Many thanks..and gosssh those greens are bitter? and how do is tore my juices to bring to work and can i do them a night before?
Thank you so much Ron..God bless

By: Ron Thu, 27 Oct 2011 13:31:03 +0000 Hi lab, Obviously fasting is going without food. So, if you eat anything you are not fasting. The problem with intermittent fasting is that your digestive system isn’t resting fully. Once you eat, you will be hungry in a few hours. And your body is not able to do the work that fasting promotes.

My suggestion is to fast for a period of time, (i.e. 3, 5, 7 or 10 days) then eat for a few days in-between. Raw foods are fine. Olive oil, lemon and sea salt is great on a salad. And black or red pepper is also good. Just remember fasting one day and eating the next won’t benefit you in a major way. Only extended periods of fasting do the trick!

During a fast bowel movements are rare. There’s just nothing to push it through So enemas are the only way to clean the toxins and built up crude in our bowels. And they are very important during a long fast. Ron