Nathan Gogol’s completes at 30-day juice fast.

Age: 23 years

Start Date: January the 11th / 2008.

Propose: I guess the main reason is to strengthen my walk with Christ. I try hard to remember that this fast is not for me and to look better and be healthier as much as it is to listen to Christ and follow him.

Health Problems: Health issues were a part of it cause poor health I believe can affect your spiritual realm. As for health issues. Nothing big, I have some strained muscles. I have a torn ligament in my ankle in the summer. I have poor digestion and somewhat over weight. Perhaps some mild depression and an unclear mind. My overall health needed a boost especially my lung. I used to smoke for 9 years, so I hope some help will come from this or that. I have also noticed my sense of smell has never been good due to a continous stuffy nose. My sense of smell and taste are dulled.

As for the juice, well I don’t’ own a juicer, however I have been buying all organic juices and monitoring the amount of intake. Its amazing how sweet and delicious everything tastes, and its only Day 6. I go to the natural store and have them make me a nice cup of veggie juice.



If you are serious about fasting for healing you might as well have a juicer. There are many cheap models out there under $100. The difference is amazing, more energy, quicker healing and smooth silky skin.


I don’t have a juicer. How does one know how many calories they are consuming of home made juice lot of fruit and veggies?



Calories in Fresh Juice

A 12-ounce glass of orange juice contains 180 calories

Carrot, grapefruit and tomato juices contain less than 100 calories per cup.

One cup of orange, apple, peach or pineapple juice does not exceed 150 calories.

A handbook by the United States Department of Agriculture lists the following in one glass of juice from one-half pound of fresh carrots: 12 g of protein, 18 g of carbohydrates, 69 mg of calcium, 1.3 mg of iron, 635 mg of potassium, 20,460 International Units (IUs) of vitamin A in the form of beta carotene, 15 mg of vitamin C, and small amounts of the B vitamins.



Would I break my fast on with veggie juice that is relatively thick, with tiny flakes of peppers they put in for flavor. Would have stopped my digestive system from its cleansing.


No that will be fine. It is bread, eggs, cheese, meat, that will halt the detox process.



What would you say a fast would do for my lungs after all that smoking as well as smoking dope years ago?



Juice fasting is amazing in what it can do for the lungs.

Read the testimony of Elizabeth Davidson.


Starting tomorrow I will be starting to take my Okra Pepsin E3 which is an amazing product that form my research no one can top. It breaks away the mucus of the intestine and is used during cleanses.



Sure that will boost you colon cleansing. It will help during a short fast but after 14 days of juice fasting you colon is very clean and any cleansing formula will have marginal benefit.



For foot Detox, I guess your feet have a lot of pores on them there is a machine involved that is supposedto releases alot fo toxins through your feet. Is that bogus?



Yea, a waste of time unless have money to burn and it feels good.


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4 Responses to Nathan Gogol’s completes at 30-day juice fast.

  1. littleharoldeh says:

    Hi Tom, is it common to have rough evenings. The days usually seem good up until about 7 in the evening for me I get rough. Also is gas a normal symptom. Burping is usually a thing I have as well as a gurgling stomach. Not so much for hunger but I do still sometimes get hungry. As of now my parents are starting to get a bit concerned. Also bowel movements. I haven’t had one for days now, is that normal. I am not using a enema. Cheers


  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    You can have restless nights, strange tension in the muscles, feel mentally irritated or feel this increadible peace and health depending on what part of the detoxification cycle you are on.

    Yes, gas is normal especially if the juice is not fresh or strained.

    During a juice fast the body will have a stool every 3 to 5 days, that is why I prefer to use the enema. Less hunger, no burping or gas. Read the section on cleansing the colon on this site.

    It always amazes me how people get concerned if you fast. You can smoke 2 pack of cigarettes a day, drink 4 jumbo coffees during then drink booze till you puke at night, eat greasy food that clog your arteries and enough junk food to send the pancreas into shock, yet fast for a few days and they get worried, terrified you will die with 30,000 calories of fat hanging over the pants.

  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    email quote of Nathan:
    Things are going pretty well. Day 12. Parents are getting a bit concerned but I am gonna keep on trucking. Only thing I noticed was my fingernails have become very rigid. I hope this isn’t due to iron. Have you ever come across this symptom? Other then that seems ok. Sore muscles still, no real headaches, no cankers, Some energy level spurts. Breath is semi foul, not nearly as bad as it was before. Anyway, if you know anything about hard fingernails during fasting let me know.

    Hi Nathan,
    You’re are doing great, problems like soft fingernails, bone loss around teeth or porous bones tend to improve with juice and water fasting. During fasting, the liver is hard at work processing toxins released from fat and other body deposits. The metabolism of various bodily systems can be disrupted during this period but will return to normal after a fast. Brittle nails is nothing to worrry about.

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Today is a good day. The site is back to normal, and Nathan just sent me this amazing email.

    Hi Tom,
    I just wanted to let you know that I have completed my 30 day juice fast. I did a 3 day water fast on the 26-29 day and juice fasted for 1 day.

    Fasting has help my spiritual life a lot. I feel better. and ankle doesn’t bother me. However, one weird thing. When I broke the fast, first thing I had was a glass of milk with coffee, ground up flax seed
    and a dried apricot and a few slices of banana.

    I was constipated for like the day until the evening and I just thought it was weird especially with flax seed. I am wondering, what kind of bowel movements should I be getting now. Day 2 on food, tomorrow 3, and I am looking forward to being able to eat a bit more. I haven’t gone crazy with the food but have probably eaten a bit more than the
    normal fast breaker. I mean, today was day 2 and for supper I had a big bowel of veggie soup. I didn’t feel
    to bad at all actually. I would I know if I hurt my digestive system? I had a really work hard day today so maybe thats why I got away with eating a bit more.

    I lost a fair bit of weight, didn’t have a scale but am guessing 20 lbs. All the clothes fit, with ease to boot. I want to thank you for all your support and e-mails and wisdom Tom.

    I was wondering, when would be an acceptable time to fast again?

    Hi Nathan,
    You did exceptional. I did not expect you to make is so far as I had not heard from you. You can almost live on juices. Add a few nutrients and you have everything the body need. Wait a month, is good. I usually get in the gym and train hard. As to bowel movements, the colon is waking up after a fast and takes a few days. Eat mostly fruit and salads, as they pass through easily. If you eat bread, grains, cheese or eggs you will be constipated.

    Hi Tom,
    Now I have a question that doesn’t involve me. I have a friend who is a body builder, he isn’t looking to fast. However, he is concerned about his acne. He is 23 like me, eats very healthy, (eats a lot of meat too). However, I told him to get a juicer, carrot juice for
    sure, more vegetables in the diet raw, and vitamin A supplements.
    Perhaps a omega 3 & 6 program to balance properly. Do you have any advice. You seem to have general skill in nutrition. Thanks Tom once again. May the Lord bless you.

    Hi Nathan
    The best remedy of to remove refined sugar. It is the combination of sure and processed oils and fats that cause acne. Also boil the meat to remove as much fat as possible. Using a George Foreman grill will help remove more fat. Use lean cuts to start and cut off as much fat as possible and never fry. Omega oils will help thin the sticky fats and help it pass through the pores.