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During Your Fasting


Get Time Alone Taking care of a church, business or family can make constant demands on your time. Time alone can become a rare privilege but the busier you are the more you need solitude. Your ministry, company or family will survive a few hours without you. Christ got alone each day to recharge. In the midst of constant demands, He made the time for solitude... (Read more...)

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Garlic Breath Delight With Tomatoes and Apples


Garlic Breath Delight 2 tomatoes 2 apples 1 clove of garlic sprig of parsley This bacteria buster means business. Garlic reduces blood pressure, helps with the problem of blood clotting, and lowers the LDL that increases bad cholesterol. Garlic boosts the immune system and encourages the recovery of heart attack victims. Garlic contains allicin that inhibits... (Read more...)

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Apple-Berry Better Bladder Juice


Apple-Berry Better Bladder 2 apples 1 1/4 cups of cranberries Cranberries Cranberry juice is a powerful healing tonic filled with quinine, which changes to hippuric acid in the liver. Hippuric acid is able to assist in the removal of purines, uric acid, urea and toxic build-up in the prostate gland, testicles, kidneys and bladder. An excellent preventive juice... (Read more...)

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The Niagara Falls Cleanser with Watermelon and Grapes


The Niagara Falls Cleanser 1 wedge watermelon 1/2 lb. red grapes Watermelon rind has chlorophyll, vitamin A, protein, potassium, zinc, iodine, nucleic acids and enzymes that aid digestion. Ninety-five percent of the nutritional content in watermelon is in the rind. The seeds may be a little noisy but are harmless to the juicer. You may be curious about the... (Read more...)

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The Brain Stimulator Juice with Orange, Pear, Yam, Grapefruit and Apple


The Brain Stimulator 1 orange 1 hard pear 1 yam 1 grapefruit 1 apple Scientists have determined that we use only 10 percent of the brain. Living on coffee and doughnuts reduces that to 2 percent. Here is a juice to stimulate all of that unused percentage back into activity. For this juice to be effective, you need a five-day juice fast to clear the coffee,... (Read more...)

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The Pain Remover Juice with Apple, Lemon, Pear, and Orange


The Pain Remover 1 lemon 1 orange 3 hard pears 3 apples Bruises, aches and sprains can be irritated by a toxic bloodstream and a high-protein diet. But a low-protein, natural diet lessens irritation and reduces inflammation. Not only does this juice taste delightful, it assists in the healing process. Perfect food sustaining perfect bodies. It is our heritage... (Read more...)

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Red Ice Juice with Beet, Sweet Potato, Apple, Lemon, Onion, Garlic


Red Ice 1 beet 1 sweet potato 2 apples 1 lemon 1 tomato thin slice of Spanish onion 1 garlic clove 1/2 can of frozen apple concentrate Crush ice or blend with water till slushy. Add juice and get ready to chill out. Cool down those forces of frustration. Be at peace in the storm. This drink is made to refresh your cells like the Spirit is made to refresh... (Read more...)

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Race Runner Juice with Lemon, Radish, Beet, Onion, Sweet Potatoes, Celery, and Cider Vinegar


Race Runner 1 lemon 2 radishes 1 beet 1 slice Spanish onion 2 sweet potatoes 1 celery stock 2 Tbs. cider vinegar So you decide to have a short walk while on your fast. Then here is the juice for you. Take your walk with the confidence that you are the master of your universe. Radish Radish contains plenty of vitamins C and B6, potassium, and trace elements.... (Read more...)

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Pineapple Piper Juice with Sweet Potatoes and Oranges


Pineapple Piper 1 pineapple 1 sweet potato 4 oranges This juice is like music to your cells. Let this amazing juice parade down to your belly, to the applause of 9,000 taste buds! Pineapple Take a cold, fresh glass of ripened pineapple juice in crushed ice. Find a quiet, comfortable corner in your home and close your eyes. You will begin to hear the waves... (Read more...)

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The Hyper House Cleaner Juice with Yam, Beet, Onion, Lemon, Celery, Ginger


The Hyper House Cleaner 2 yams 1 beet 1 slice Spanish onion 2 lemons 1 celery stock slice of ginger So you’re ready to clean house. To scale the Mount Everest of dust and garbage. To enter the black hole of the basement. To chop a jungle trail through the kid’s bedroom. To reach into crevices too horrid to imagine. Yes, you need juice. Not... (Read more...)

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Citrus Slurp with Grapefruit and Orange


Citrus Slurp 1 grapefruit 1 orange Citrus juice made from a hand citrus juicer and a centrifugal force juice extractor can be quite different. The electric juice extractor produces a thick, frothy juice, which is more tart. The quality and the nutritional value of the two are similar so it is only a matter of preference. This is an awesome waker-upper and... (Read more...)

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Fantastic Fertility Juice with Pear, Cantaloupe, Sweet Potato


Fantastic Fertility 3 hard pears 1 cantaloupe 1 sweet potato A delightful surprise to husbands and their wives is the increased vitality of sexuality. Sex is to be enjoyed, giving fulfillment to the sacred bond of marriage. Juice fasting can bring back the long-forgotten sparks. After an exciting night, one woman responded to her 65-year-old husband, “Honey... (Read more...)

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Athletes Super Fuel Juice with Watermelon, Lemon, Orange, Pineapple


Athletes Super Fuel 1/2 watermelon 1 lemon 5 oranges 1 can frozen pineapple concentrate So you’ve just entered the iron man contest. No more couch babysitting for you. Heading for the threshold of endurance. Developing a discipline like iron that will keep you running with power toward that finish line. Fixed and resolute, yet flexible and gentle.... (Read more...)

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A Taste of Heaven Juice with Carrot, Sweet Potato, Apple, Onion, Dulse Powder


A Taste of Heaven 2 carrots 1 sweet potato 2 apples thin slice of Spanish onion pinch of dulse powder Dulse Dulse is a red seaweed that is found all over the North Atlantic. Commonly used as a food and medicinal plant, dulse powder is a great addition to any juice because of its high nutrient content. With a higher mineral content than most other vegetables,... (Read more...)

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Flying Grapefruit Juice with Grapefruit, Pear, Sweet Potato


Flying Grapefruit Juice 2 pears 3 pink grapefruit 1 sweet potato A delicious, alcohol-free party pleaser that will blow both socks off. Ask the host if you can take your juicer to the party. Enjoy an enzyme high without a nasty hangover. It may be more expensive than beer, but who wants to drink yeast excrement (alcohol) anyway? Cut loose with the joy of... (Read more...)

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Joggers’ Paradise Juice with Oranges, Pears, Yams


Joggers’ Paradise Juice 5 oranges 3 hard pears 1 small yam Here is a muscle-blasting, power-pushing juice for joggers. Juice fasters often experience periods of phenomenal strength and endurance. Clean blood, clean muscles, and enzyme-rich, nutrient-packed fuel make for intense aerobic activity. Water fasting usually requires rest, but not so with juice... (Read more...)

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Juice Recipes Introduction


The average person is able to assimilate between 1% to 35% of the nutrients in vegetables. All nutrients of vegetables are locked within the fibers. Your digestive system acts like a juice extractor. Through chewing, the action of saliva, digestive juices and enzymes, the body separates fiber and nutrients for absorption through the colon wall into the bloodstream.... (Read more...)

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Chosing a Juice Machine, Juicer Review, Comparison


A good juice extractor is an essential tool. All the essential nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within the fibers. A juice extractor frees these essential nutrients so that they can be absorbed directly through the stomach wall without need of digestion. Metabolic energy is then used fully to cleanse waste from cellular tissue. Having a good juice... (Read more...)

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Fasting Reactions:Bad Breath, Blackouts, Cankers, Chills, Colds, Diarrhea, Nausea, Nervousness, Skin Problems, Tiredness.


Bad Breath Waste passes through the lungs, which are an eliminative organ. Brushing the tongue with a toothbrush, using dental floss and rinsing with mouthwash will reduce bad breath. I do not recommend chewing gum for a fast as it stimulates digestion, but if you have a meeting with a big client, it may be wise to chew a breath freshener. Health food stores... (Read more...)

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Ask a Question


Hey Tom, once again, thanks for all your responses. I had another question since now I am on day one of the fast. Could one consume jelly jam or say marmolaid jam or is that breaking the rules. Also what would warning signs be as time to STOP. I am doing this on my own accord and not with a doctor. Nathan If you eat marmolaid that is a marmolaid fast.... (Read more...)

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Diet Maintenance After Fasting


If you want to suffer pain after a 5 day water fast, eat a big greasy hamburger. It will land in your stomach like a brick and take 2 days to digest during which you will suffer intense pain. Fasting increases your body’s ability to utilize food. The colon wall is clean of mucus coating, allowing the full absorption of nutrients and the digestive organs to... (Read more...)

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Breaking A Fast: Guidelines


For six days, gradually increase the amount of raw fruits and vegetables in your diet. To break a fast and gorge on meat, bread or junk food will be a disaster. Jarring the system this intensely, when the digestive system is re-awakening, can cause stomach cramps, nausea and weakness, negating some of the benefits of a fast. First day: Eat a piece of fruit... (Read more...)

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  • Fasting Cured: Hypertension, Diabetes, Cholesterol, Arrhythmias and Arthritis. (1)
    • Jeff Gates: Hi Tom, I’ve written before (earlier regarding cancer)and continue to find therapeutic fasting a fascinating intervention as I’m involved with diabetic patients. With your extensive experience in therapeutic fasting, do you have an idea as to the % of patients with type 2...
  • Discover Juice Fasting (57)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Rene I would recommend 30 to 40 day of juice fasting with essential oils and vitamin E for polycystic ovary syndrome. Follow it with a non dairy diet. I am thinking that is you are still “bunged up after a colonic” and are a vegetarian with lots of fiber in the diet,...
    • Rene: Tom I am currently obese. I’m 5′4″ and weigh about 230 lbs. I also have polycystic ovary syndrome which I am no longer taking medicaiton for. I was on metphormin which made me feel awful. I recently became vegetarian which was much easier than i thought. I recently went...
  • Fasting Club Jan 2009 (284)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Rachel, The program you described would be more effective during a juice fast. Not sure what “ITing” is.
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Rhet, I do not know if their are any herbs that would inhibit angiogenesis as it is a natural process. There is a drug called bct-100 from hong kong that is prolonging the life of cancer patients, mostly liver cancer, and they could be taken during a fast as they are not like...
    • rhet: Tom, Do you have suggestions about what herbs might be best for inhibiting angiogenesis, and in what amounts? Thanks–rhet
    • rachel: Mr. Coghill, I’ve been ITing for almost half a year and have lost much weight and made much gains in my strength. This months Ive started a wormwood/blackwalnut hull/clove parasite cleanes after doing several, successful but gentle liver flushes with egg yolk, lime juice and flax...
  • Fasting and Stomach Size (10)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Tanya, Water or juice? Mostly small amounts of fruit unless you have candida. Read the section on “breaking the fast”.
    • tanya lightner: after comming off a 30 day fast what should you eat first
  • Fasting Weight Loss Rates for Juice Fasting, Water Fasting and Dry Fasting. (252)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi clare. You can drink juice, herbal tea, water or frozen juice as a popisical. If you are afraid of dying you need to read more. Most people are getting a new life. You could easily do 30 days if you are healthy and without compulsions.
    • Claire: also, I wanted to ask for the juice fast…do you have to drink juice only? can you also drink water? because I heard water is very, very important for your body. Also, can you drink milk too? or does it have to be juice the entire time? write back soon.
    • Claire: Hi, I want to start the juice fast to lose weight since I’m overweight! I don’t know how long I’ll do it for but I’m going to try. I’m 20 years old and weigh 175 lbs and 5′4. Is it safe for me to do the juice fast? how long should I do it for if I want...
  • Need A Fasting Buddy? Post Here (235)
    • Dushan: April, Thanks for the motivation. Today is my final day…I’m on Day 7. I checked my weight…WOW, I now weight 222 lbs. I have lost 18 lbs in only 7 days. Of course, I was also working out at the gym 5 of those 7 days. I think I will include fasting at least 1-2 times a...
  • Water Fasting- The Good the Bad the Ugly (97)
    • mike c: Hello, I have started day 7 with no ill effects. I did the sea salt on day 6 to help flush my system and it was good. My original idea was to go 7 days when i first started, but after seeing that my strength is still in tact and I can still go to the gym; 3 more days should be no problem....
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Shravan Hickups during fasting? MMM new to me. Great keep us posted.
  • Ask a Question (71)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi FP Ginger and honey are good on a juice fast. For spirulina 2 to 20 capsules. I did a fast on about 5 tables spoons of spirulina a day and felt great.
    • fp: Tom: Three questions: 1. Ginger added to hot water (or boiled in water) - do you see it as harmful during a juice fast? 2. Honey added to hot water? 3. If fasting on spirulina and water - how much spirulina per day is recommended? Two capsule worth? Thank you!
  • Red Ice Juice with Beet, Sweet Potato, Apple, Lemon, Onion, Garlic (7)
    • Tom Coghill: Hi Christa, How much juice you drink will determine your energy level. I did 12 hours of roofing on my first juice fast. I had energy about %80 of the time and felt dragged out when I was in the detox cycle. It also depends on your metabolism.

Quote From the Books

I have lost over 30 lbs. to date, and have a new look as well as a new outlook on life. Not only did the fasting help me with my physical self, but my spiritual self will never be the same. The books were a total support and read them several times, especially when detoxing and feeling apathetic. I heard you have a new book coming out. Save my email, I want it. — Debbie Ried

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