Chosing a Juice Machine, Juicer Review, Comparison

juicerA good juice extractor is an essential tool. All the essential nutrients in fruit and vegetables are locked within the fibers. A juice extractor frees these essential nutrients so that they can be absorbed directly through the stomach wall without need of digestion. Metabolic energy is then used fully to cleanse waste from cellular tissue. Having a good juice machine is the most significant step you can make in improving health. It will become the most important appliance on your counter. I use a Champion Juicer that is 25 years old and still works perfectly. Juiceman, Krupps or Panasonic juicers are also good. I do not like the expensive gear juicers as they are slow in making juice and hard to clean.

The most common way to decide what juice to buy is through juicer reviews that compare various brands. So please send us feed back on you juicer so that others can see your review and make an educated decision on buying the right juicer.

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7 Responses to Chosing a Juice Machine, Juicer Review, Comparison

  1. Kim says:

    Hi Tom,

    What do you think about the Jack Lalanne Power Juicer Pro.

    Thanks, Kim

  2. Kim says:

    Hi Tom,

    I wondered if you knew anything about the Vita-Mix 5200
    food processing machine. It claims to, “use one-tenth
    the produce you would with a juicer (and about one-tenth
    the effort of juicing)…saves time and money…releasing
    hidden nutrition…only found deep w/in the cell walls of
    fresh produce, & keeps all the cleansing fiber & alkalizing
    minerals that are lost w/conventional juicing.”. It says
    it’s low GI &, “makes whole-food juice, cooks hot soup
    from scratch, creates deliciois healthy ice cream…all
    w/out a single attachment.”. Sounds good, but I’m skeptical.
    It is very expensive; upwards $700+ I’m willing to spend
    the money if it would be good. Any thoughts???

    Thanks for your time! Kim

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Kim,
      The Vita-Mix 520 seems like a good machine but it is not a juicer. It is a high powered blender and you would have to filter the juice. Not sure it is the best for juicing for fasting. Fiber is good when eating but slow down detoxification during fasting. Blending leaves in the fiber.

  3. George says:

    My wife and I owned a Jack Lalanne for a two years – until it broke.

    Pros and Cons:

    It needs to be placed on a riser of some kind unless you want the juice to pour into a small cup; the spout is too low.
    Cleanup is not easy and involves using a specific wrench.

    That said, it extracted better than our current $300 Breville juicer. Far better from my visual observation. The Breville looks great, is easy to clean and comes with a large pitcher to catch the juice. I miss the LaLanne for extraction.

    Also, our Breville was extracting really badly the last 2 times I used it which leads me to believe it needs a new sharp blade… will keep you posted.

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