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You Are Called To Fast

When I mention the benefits of fasting to Christians, I often hear the statement, I have not been called to fast and when I am, I will fast. They talk as if fasting is like going on a mission to a jungle. In reality, every Christian is called to discipline, prayer and fasting. If you are truly serious about your walk with Christ, you will fast. For a Christian, fasting needs to be like brushing the teeth, just something you do to maintain your spiritual life. No big deal, just a regular part of living.

The course of our lives is steered by the decisions we make. Your decision to fast is a sign that you are willing and ready to undergo a complete reconstruction of who you are, letting the Holy Spirit into all the little, dark cubbyholes of your life and getting sincere with your calling. God will honor that. More than anything, God wants our willingness. He is a gentleman and will not barge in. He wants to be invited. Your decision to fast is an invitation.

If you still fear fasting, keep reading. After a few fasts, first-time fasters will see you as a veteran and you will become their guide. It is just a matter of time.

By Tom Coghill of
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2 Responses to You Are Called To Fast

  1. solomon says:


    Since I don’t believe in accidents and / or coincidence, my first time in fasting was truly an exerience. I’m even going thru with now. Many close friends had not only suggested, but demanded that I do a fast for at least three days, but I must confess, that I had thought that it truly was for someone else but not me.

    My season of fasting at the moment is actually circumstances that are out of my control. My finances have been depleted for a very short season as I’m going thru a phase of change. My heart grieved as I was in a very serious fallen state in drugs and sex. Yet, not more then a year ago, I was at the forefront to having the strength to lead people to the Lord. Most see myself as an evangelist. I then got a job in sales and actually out did everyone on the entire office here in Hawaii. My work schedule became my priority and as I stopped exercising, started to eat wrong, and then got into drugs in one year. I left the company, and am now in transistion. But my finances are temporary depleted whereas, I don’t have money for food for the next four days. I then asked God for a way out to my situation, and “low and behold” I came across you website in a google search on better eating habits. This I believe is of God and His grace over me. Yes the stronghold is evident, but after reading all of your articles, I’m now at peace somehow to actually utilize this season for regrowth and recovery. This past Saturday was the first time I’ve been to church in almost 6 months.
    Thanks for being available to His calling so other may benefit from your gift of information on fasting….God Bless You

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Solomon
      Looks like the Lord finally has your full attention. Painful but this is where you were supposed to be. The dark night of the soul, the bottom, the breaking point is where He can rebuild.
      You journey may be longer than you expect.