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Sin Nature: Process of Sin

Process of Sin
Sin is a tough subject to talk about because it is about the things we are doing wrong. Yet, to God sin is about, not missing the mark, and hitting the target, becoming the amazing person God intended you to be.

When we sin, we feel bad and our shame drives us to leave the presence of God. Sin leads to more sin because shame makes us feel like garbage. When you feel like garbage the pleasures of sin are more appealing and the deadly cycle starts. The pleasure of sin becomes the escape from our emptiness. With each act, the heart hardens toward God, and we continue to hide in shame.

When we compromise the image we have of ourselves, self-respect plummets and so does respect for the values in our life. Acts of sin destroy the pure image of who we are. We no longer hold our head with a clear conscious. Instead, we display our talents, skills of possessions as a cover up.

Shame creates a fear of rejection. Fear of rejection creates the desire to be needed, which contaminates relationships. We can become people pleasers or accept abuse because we are desperate for love or chose isolation for protection against possible rejection.
The further entrenched we become in sin, the more we desire stimulus to change how we feel and the aftermath of sin becomes emptier. So we take a step further, more alcohol, harder drugs, hardcore porn, eating binges, TV marathons, driven by the desperate need to escape the pain of shame at all costs. The aftermath is a person ruthlessly self-centered.

As our value system deteriorates, healthy priorities are ignored. We don’t care any more. Addiction consumes us with a selfish greed for pleasure. The nerve pathways designed by God for healthy pleasure associations are now twisted into a grotesque need for destructive acts. Inside we know we are doing wrong and want freedom but the hunger for pleasure destroys any healthy response.

When sin becomes a singular obsession, Satan is given total authority and is quick to use it. For this reason, a strong Christian leader can quickly fall into total depravity and cast off all restraint. Powerful spiritual forces are at work without the protection of God.

By Tom Coghill of
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Posted on by Tom Coghill

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One Response to Sin Nature: Process of Sin

  1. peter says:

    hi tom….spot on this was me was, i mean i tried hiding behind stimulants all the above mentioned, and that didnt work i was doing crack daily and was spiralling out of control…my health, my soul was in anguish…and i was suppose to be a christain…hmmm you walked in the dark now you are in the light…i dont want to be a people pleaser i want to be a jesus christ pleaser….i dont have no friends well not that kind with fleshy desires,and the loneliness is getting better as i engage with reading…..the only way i could break my addiction was thru fasting….i know the benefit of fasting thru testimonies in my church, but icould never get my self to do it sincerely…soi wasnt surprised wen the result i was looking for didnt come, and i was always looking for a microwave miracle with GOD so i wa impatient and i often will backslide…ive been on a fast now for 25days now, not from your method…i eat after 6pm and stop after 12pm….cut down fast food…though recently ive been breaking my fast at work so i break with chocolate… my other addictions remarkably has gone, am in a bible course, my strenghth is increased, am focused,,,thanks tom for bringing your story up…and i could use your suggestion is cleansingg spirituallyy and connecting with GOD….i thirst for him like never before…you so clued up i think its the holy spirit in you. you so on point this will help a lot of people…i know many people come here for health issues but it will lead them to GOD stay bless, and am sorry for going on too long.