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Sin Nature

The apostle Paul was a free man. Even with 100 lb chains, he was free. He could have taught safely in some small town that received his teaching with eagerness but not for Paul. He strived for the greatest ministry impact, ignoring extreme suffering. Yet even in the midst of his suffering, his eyes would be filled with profound contentment. I see it in the men and women of God I know. There is an inner glow shinning through making everything brighter and better. In the eyes of an addict there is only emptiness.

What do people see in your eyes? Do they see emptiness or the sparkle of joy. For me, I want to have the eyes of the apostle Paul but I know there is a high cost and that the Apostle Paul paid it daily in a war with the sin nature.

You cannot experience total freedom without total victory over the sin nature. There is no way around it. The root of any addiction, compulsion or distortion of the human spirit is the sin nature that strangles purity. Lies, gossip, theft, boasting, greed, lust, worry, insecurity, low-self-esteem, resentment and addictions are nothing more than displays of the sin nature conquering the heart of man.

Missing The Mark

The word “sin” in the Bible is a Latin word used in archery meaning missing the target. The term was expanded in the Bible to mean anything that misses the target of God’s perfection. Sin is anything from heroin addiction to indulging in junk food because eating junk food damages the Temple of God. Fear, doubt and worry are sin for we abandon faith.

The floors of heaven are translucent gold that look like glass. There are no floored needing cleaned, as there is no dirt to clean. Nothing is out of place. To God sin is filth. We cannot enter heaven covered with filth and expect God to embrace us? God is pure and cannot embrace the impurity of sin.

By Tom Coghill of
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4 Responses to Sin Nature

  1. peter says:

    tell them tom, i have a problem with the lust ofthe eyes amogst mant others problems… i feel dirty when i loook at ladies like that but its a habit or stronghold that has to be broken that has to go …any suggestion. pls email me as i dont always logg on. thanks GOD BLESS.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Peter,
      Of all the beauty in creation, females are the most amazing. A beautiful female is God’s art. It is an insult not to appreciate it. He designed them to be attractive.
      Solution, come to the Philippine and get the girl of your dreams and if you get caught staring at another girl you will get a painful nudge in the ribs.

  2. peter says:

    hi tom thanks for your schedule, and is that how it is really in the philippines…. boy….how do you appreciate atheir beauty without been a perv?

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Peter,
      Sex his hardwired into our system. No escaping. Sure you could say it is mental control but that is like fighting an itch mentally The Bible is clear, Paul states if you cannot fight lust get married.
      Having a healthy sex life with a person you deeply love dramatically lowers the motivation for lust. My “wife” is 30 years younger and very pretty. She is Filippina, kind loving, sensitive, thin, hard working, Christian, non smoking and drinking, very very pretty, and loves me deeply. If is rare for me to see a female that is prettier than her so even if I see a cute female I just think, I am blessed to have her. Here you can walk up to the most beautiful female in town and get a date. Most of my buddies that came are still with the first girl them met after 3 years. If you are serious about finding real love I can call you and give you direction. It is very easy to do. But you will have to leave your comfort zone and country for a bit, LOL.
      I dated in Colombia and they are amazing women but that very hard to do and you need to speak spanish. The Filippinas speak English and simple loving people. When it comes to finding love, think global.