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The Right Attitude

Many have overcome cancer with fasting. For those who have the discipline and faith to complete fasts of 20 to 30 days, the healing results are astonishing, such as terminal cancer being entirely dissolved in less than ten days. Meanwhile, others have completed a long series of juice and water fasts yet the Lord called them on. With cancer, one humbly faces the fact that our fate is in God’s hands. We do our best, but it still comes down to trust. And if death is the end of the battle, it has no sting for those of us in Christ, as death is only a release to glory and joy for eternity.

Cancer in the body is bad enough but cancer of the soul is worse. It starts by giving up hope and every thought becomes malignant with negativity, resentment, hatred and frustration.

An A.I.D.S. victim lay in bed, waiting out his last months till death. Life had no meaning only darkness. A change of heart came and he decided to fight. Even if he would lose, he would fight. He decided to live life to the fullest, and leave this planet knowing he had given rather than taken. He became a volunteer to help other needy people. Those around him were astounded at his positive change in attitude. He had become a different person because he had chosen to look at life differently. A day is a gift from God.

For those who are sick or diseased, self-discipline can seem an insurmountable task. Yet, it is from this standpoint that we must take steps to overcome our illness. The battle with cancer is a battle of faith. God’s desire is for us to be healed. Even in the face of the worst news you have to make a stand on faith that you will be healed. Make your decisions and do the best you can believing the Lord will carry you through this valley of darkness.

By Tom Coghill of
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One Response to The Right Attitude

  1. Seeker1 says:

    Well if you observe the law of karma then giving back to th world may indeed make a difference. They say only when your karma is paid off can you recieve the light of heaven. Fasting indeed may be a great way to pay off karma, but so are good acts. I think easing the sufering of others and doing things like planting trees and making a difference in life are just as useful as fasting to make one’s life healthier and more enjoyable. Most humans just take and take and take without giving too much in return. We kill animals for food, we cut down trees for more land to build houses, we pollute the waters and the air…I think once we start giving back to the earth and find harmony with the planet we will see less disease and less materialism and selfishness.
    Just MY input.
    Also i’ve found that viewing fasting as a fun and interactive jouney rather than something to “suffer through” has made a tremendous difference in my personal ongoing water fast. Alot of my negetive symptoms have gone away and my energy is through the roof. :) :) :)