Progress Report – Greg

Reasons for Fasting: Weight loss, Blood Pressure reduction, Resolve Heart palpitations, Depression, Anxiety. Cure addictions to alcohol, caffeine and nicotine.  General detox, energy renewal.

Intended Length of Fast:  21 days
First Name: Greg
(Optional) Last Name: Dodge
Site User Name: rydinearth
City, State and Country: Hornell, NY, USA
Sex:  Male
Age: 45 (June 1)
Weight: 228
Height: 5ft 10.5 inches
Proposed Fasting Method: Juice Fasting
Past Fasting Experience:  Juice fasted the entire month of February.
Present Diet: Typical American.
Relevant Medical History:
Present Medical Problems: High Blood Pressure, Heart Palpitations, Anxiety, Depression, Overweight.
State of Mind: Mentally tired, somewhat depressed, but enthusiastic about getting started again.
Limitations:  None.

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27 Responses to Progress Report – Greg

  1. Tom Coghill says:

    Happy birthday Greg and welcome. You have fasted before so feel free to boost others. We are looking forward you fast. Are you on blood pressure meds. What was your last blood pressure reading. Detoxification during the first 8 days of juice fasting can trigger heart palpitations. Normally, I recommend at least 2 liters a day till day 10. But as you have been through a long fast recently you know what you are doing. Did you last fast not have an impact on your blood pressure and heart palpitations?

  2. rydinearth says:

    Yes, I am on BP meds currently. During my last fast, my BP dropped dramatically. So much so that my doctor took me off my meds. I lost over 20 pounds, my heart palpitations reduced dramatically in both frequency and severity, and I felt fantastic. But I’m afraid I didn’t break my fast very skillfully. After it was over, I told myself it would be okay to indulge a little in some of my old habits. Soon, my lifestyle had deteriorated back into some of the same old patterns, and I started putting the weight back on. I knew it was having an impact on my blood pressure, so I decided on my own to go back on my meds. I know I can get off them again, and stay off them, if I can maintain a balanced lifestyle after my fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi rydinearth,
      The healing effect of fasting can be lost in a few months on a toxic diet. The one thing I encourage is to fill the mind full of uplifting, positive thoughts during fasting and get serious about exercise after the fast.

  3. rydinearth says:

    My plan is to begin my fast on 6/10, and fast thru the balance of June. Between now and then, beginning today, I am consuming strictly vegetarian food and veggie juices, in preparation for my fast.
    Nicotine: Was a pipe smoker. (Did not inhale.) I quit my pipe on 5/24. Since then, I occasionally (maybe once a day) will puff one of my wife’s cigarettes without inhaling. As of today, that stops.
    Alcohol: I drank heavily on memorial day. 5/31) Since then have had only 1 or 2 drinks every other day or so. Today, I commit to quitting completely.
    Caffeine: I have been trying to stick with decaf coffee for the last several months, but occasionally I’ll have a cup of regular, or mix a little regular in with my decaf for the boost. And even decaf has some caffeine, not to mention the chemicals they use to decaffeinate it. I seem to be very sensitive to the caffeine. Any caffeine at all seems to cause heart palpitations, and probably worsens my blood pressure. So, during my fast, I need to commit to drinking no coffee or caffeine of any kind. Only naturally caffeine free herbal teas. So, today will be my last day drinking coffee. (This will be a tough one.)
    Exercise: During my fast, I will be working out lightly on my Bowflex and my Treadmill. Alternating days. One day resistance work, the next day treadmill. Today is a Bowflex day. I didn’t work out this morning, so I’ll have to do it when I get home tonight. Going forward, I want to start working out early in the morning before work.

  4. rydinearth says:

    Didn’t do my workout last night. Had a 24 oz beer at home.
    I forgot to mention this, but for the last few days I’ve had the most ungodly muscle tension between my shoulder blades. When I first get up in the morning, I can barely turn my head to one side, it’s so tight. So I didn’t really feel much like working out last night. (I know, excuses excuses. But I drink the beer, thinking it might loosen up the muscle tension. (In fact, it did. But still not a good idea.)
    On the plus side, did not smoke at all last night.
    For some reason, I’m having a more difficult time committing to my goals this time around. Last time, my resolve was rock solid from day one. This time, I’m more wishy washy, for some reason.
    Breakfast: Had package of pb crackers on the way in, and then a toasted sun-dried tomato bagel with parsley / garlic cream cheese.
    Lunch: Had home-made lentil soup with cheezits.

    • ERobinM says:

      Hi rydinearth, im with you on that Lol i have fasted twice before 17 day water fasts each and for some reason this time around seems to be bringing things i dislike.. i will deal with them but its unwanted all the same Lol maybe its because i said outloud “im doing a 30day water fast this time” and my body was like umm ok bring it on..Lol Good Luck! and congrats on the prior fast! =-}

  5. rydinearth says:

    I’ve committed myself to being completely honest with this journal. If I screw up, I’m going to put it out there. No sense pretending to myself or anybody else that I’m perfect.

  6. rydinearth says:

    Okay, last night was basically a disaster. I had two 24 oz beers (equiv of 4 beers) and a CHEESEBURGER, from BURGER KING!! Oh, and no workout. Okay, let’s just call that my “last hurrah”.
    Anyway, today is my last day of solid food. In spite of my pre-fast setbacks, I’m fairly confident I can settle into my fast without too much difficulty I seem to be much better dealing with absolutes, where there are no loopholes to navigate. My biggest concern at this point is giving up the coffee. It’s really tough to get up in the morning and smell the coffee my son brewed downstairs, and know that I have to make that long hour and 45 minute drive into work with no hot beverage. So, I’ll need to do some deep meditation first thing tomorrow morning. I figure I can substitue hot water with lemon and maybe a dash of honey for the first few days.
    Okay, so I got to thinking…in order for this to truly benefit me, it must be more than just a one-shot deal. It needs to be a lifestyle. And I’ve asked myself the last few days, “Is it really possible for me to permanently and consistently change my entire lifestyle paradigm?” Sure, I can do it for a while, but how long before I start craving a cold beer on a hot summer day, or longing for the comfort of my pipe in the evening? I know there is so much joy to be had in a healthy lifestyle that it is worth far more than any temporary pleasure to be had by an alcoholic drink, a cup of coffee, or a smoke. And I want to embrace the raw lifestyle completely. I’m just not really confident in my ability to be consistent with it. And if I’m not consistent with it, then I might be better off not bothering with it at all.
    In any case, tomorrow is the big day. Day 1 of my 21 day juice fast. Getting psyched. I will keep you guys informed of my progress.

  7. rydinearth says:

    Okay, made it thru the day today without drinking any beer. Had lentil soup and crackers for breakfast and lunch. Had a veggie Reuben and a bowl of carrot dill soup for dinner. Had a bowl of ice cream when I got home. That will be all the solid food I will see for a while. Going to bed early. Gotta get rested for tomorrow.

  8. rydinearth says:

    Okay, it has begun.
    For breakfast this morning, I had a juice medley. (carrot, beet, celery, tomato, apple, garlic, green pepper) with a dash of balsamic, some curry, red pepper and lime juice.
    Instead of coffee, I had a hot herbal tea (cinamon/apple), with no sugar.
    Morning weight 227 lbs.
    Average BP over 3 readings: 135/84. (No meds yet today)

  9. rydinearth says:

    11:15AM. Experiencing some pretty significant heart wobbles.

  10. rydinearth says:

    Took 100mg CoQ10, 595mg potassium gluconate, 1000mg fish oil, and a men’s daily multivitamin.

  11. rydinearth says:

    Gotta say, my heart is really going skitzoid today. Just wobbling all over the place. More than usual, even. I would chalk it up to detox, but I haven’t even been fasting long enough for detox to start yet, have I?
    Anyway, I finished off last night with a nice big green salad (my last meal) which is good, because it will provide the roughage to push everything else out of my colon.
    Never did do my workout last night, or this morning. Today is a treadmill day. I really have to make sure I do my 30 mins tonight.
    Then, somehow I have to get up early tomorrow and hit the Bowflex. Gotta do it. No more excuses!!

    • Ron says:

      Hi ry, Are you using any caffine? My father has palpatations. His only relief was from a routine of exercise, and staying away from caffine products(coffee, sodas, some teas and certain medications). Sugar can also be a culprit if taken in sugnificant quantity. Check your labels! Ron

  12. rydinearth says:

    Lunch time, feeling very tired. My body is probably still rummaging around for the last bit of carb energy. Hasn’t yet converted to catabolism. Napped in my car for half an hour. Heart still doing crazy rhythms.

  13. rydinearth says:

    Afternoon blood pressure about 140/90. Decided to take one of my pills.

  14. rydinearth says:

    Leaving work now. I have some pretty strong hunger cravings, but nothing unbearable. Mostly just thoughts about food. Breathing through it.
    Heart seems to have settled down a little bit, although still wobbly.

  15. rydinearth says:

    Day 2: Morning weight 223 lbs.
    Average BP (both arms) 131/84.
    The best word to describe me right now is TIRED. I am so darn tired. I went to bed at 8:30 last night, and slept thru till almost 6AM. Over nine hours of sleep, and I was still falling asleep at the wheel on the way in. I was so tempted to stop and have a cup of coffee, but I didn’t. I think I may be withdrawing from the caffeine, although I wasn’t a heavy coffee drinker, and tried to stick with decaf, still I was probably getting a healthy enough dose of caffeine. Most decaf coffee contains some caffeine, and I tended to drink Dunkin Donuts decaf, which is one of the highest. I was drinking it during my last fast, with cream and sugar, which may have sabotaged my fast somewhat. Then of course there are the chemicals that go into the decaf process, which may be worse for you than caffeine. All in all, I need to just divorce myself from coffee altogether, painful as it is.
    My heart wobbles have improved somewhat since yesterday, although I had a couple on the way in this morning.
    And oh yes, confession time again. I was too tired to do my workout last night. Just collapsed as soon as I got home. Not doing well there, am I?
    Still having the expected hunger pangs and cravings, but again, not anything I can’t handle.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Greg, rydinearth
      For me I always get sleep on day 2 to 4 of the fast. I know it is coming so I clear my schedule and nap a few times. Yea decaff coffee with cream and sugar is not really fasting so for sure it was sabotaged by Dunkin Donuts.
      Try to have a big jug of cut veggies in the fridge to juice when you wake up. I blew a lot of fasts by not sticking to the juice.

  16. rydinearth says:

    Well, I blew this one. My wife came home from the road on the night of day 3, and made my absolute favorite dish. I lost my resolve and broke my fast. Now, I’m trying to decide if I should just pick up where I left off, or wait and re-gather my resolve for a later time.

  17. bella83 says:

    I know there is alot of benefits to juice fasting, but I find that not having any choices with water fasting, helps me stay focused. I know with your health situation that water fasting might not be an option though. But why not stick to only one juice, and that’s it.

  18. rydinearth says:

    Actually, I’m still not completely convinced that long term water fasting is healthy. I think it is a bit extreme, and I’m not sure I could handle it. But that’s just me.

  19. bella83 says:

    Yeah, don’t convince me to ditch water fasting right now. It’s lunch time, and you might just convince me. lol! j/k! Good Luck!

  20. rydinearth says:

    Okay, I’m trying again.
    My intention was to fast for the month of February (like last year).
    But the first two days I had no money and nothing to juice, so I couldn’t really get started.
    So my first full day of juice fasting was 2/3.
    Today is day 2.
    Walked around the tech park yesterday at lunch (about a mile).
    Last night I was really, really tired.
    No coffe this time (decaf or otherwise). Just juice, herbal teas, water. (And sometimes some veggie broth.)
    I’m drinking my juice with the pulp in for the first couple of days, to help clear out my colon, then I’ll start straining it.
    I got a new masticating juicer for my green leafy veggies.
    I’ve been using it to juice kale and beet greens, which I add to my regular juice, and I want to add wheat grass this time. I’ve heard great things about it.
    Wish me luck!

  21. rydinearth says:

    Still on day 2. Wow today has been tough for me. At work, they had a health fair event where they served hummus and pesto and veggie dip and wheat crackers with bruschetta topping. It took every ounce of my willpower to walk past them, but I’ve managed to hold out so far. If tomorrow is any worse than today, I’m gonna need help to get through it.