Progress Report – Mark (Orion)

Reasons for Fasting: About a month ago I had a HUGE inflammation of the muscles of my upper back, combined with a flu and a fever that went over 41C/105F. Took me almost an entire month of extreme discomfort to get through it. First time any illness/discomfort ever lasted that long for me. Near the end, looking for possible causes and cures, I found myself becoming completely fascinated with detoxing and through it, fasting. The feeling was too intense to ignore, so I’ve chosen to fast. Primarily for detox, but after reading so much about it, I’m also very curious about the effects it’ll have on my mental and spiritual development. The fat loss is a side benefit.

Intended Length of Fast: At least 10 days, aiming for 30 to 45.

First Name: Mark

Site User Name: Orion

Country: The Netherlands

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Weight: 105kg/230lbs, Body Fat approx. 21%

Height: 178cm/5’10”

Fasting Method: Water (Supplemented with juice if I can’t keep up my daily routine).

Fasting Experience: None whatsoever, I just REALLY like a challenge.

Present Diet: Mostly raw vegetables and whole-wheat products. Rarely cook, sometimes steam. Almost never eat meat, except on bread. Do eat chicken sometimes. Take vitamin, omega an protein supplements. As for the bad ones, I’ve been known to go for MacDonald’s, pizza, wine-gum and some Chinese about once a week, usually as a treat in the weekend (Not all at the same time, obviously).Why? Because I just really like how some food tastes.

Relevant Medical History: None that I know of. My left optical nerve died for lack of blood flow when I was 14, I’m still trusting in a miraculous full recovery, no matter what the doctors say. Given the choice, it seems better to have faith in something good, than accept something bad.
State of Mind: I’m always relaxed and rarely give in to stress. I currently have a childlike curiosity about this whole process.

Limitations: I have a desk job, it’s mentally demanding, I don’t yet know if it’ll interfere with the fast. I have a very high discomfort threshold, so I can pretty much weather through everything this fast is going to throw at me. I post my experiences here, so that the experts can tell me when I’m experiencing something I shouldn’t (I might dismiss a red flag as a detox symptom).

Story So Far: As I’m posting this, it’s actually already Day 4. Although Day 1 was a sort of a false start. I didn’t eat all day, but I had some guar supplements, and I couldn’t resist finishing the chocolate milk in the evening. It seemed so sad to waste it. Near the end of Day 2 the hunger pains started, together with an annoying head-ache. On Day 3 I went to a spa, where they served me fresh white tea, gave me a massage and hooked me up to the oxygen bar with a very healthy smoothie (cheating again?). I was disoriented for 20 minutes after I left the place. As for today, I can’t stop thinking about the incredible explosion of taste that is fresh oven-warm whole-bread. I’ve been feeling tired in my bones, as the expression goes. Just tired limbs that would rather not move. The need for food is gone, it’s just the enticing longing for its taste.

Why is it that I feel so worn out, but my body won’t let me fall asleep? Shouldn’t it be happy when I lay down in bed, giving it time for other things?

How come I haven’t experienced any significant detox? Given how I spent 6 month of my fairly sedentary life on a steady diet of MacDonald’s and Coca Cola, and another period on 200gr/7oz of wine-gums every other day, I was anticipating a near-death experience. Does this mean my body is already fairly clean?

I scoured this site and others, and I really would like to know what’s so magical about 21 days? Why not 30, or 47? 21 days is also the time it takes to lock in a new habit. Does it have a religious explanation/origin?

Answer by Tom:

MM nice work. If I was handing our prizes for progress reports, you would be getting one Mark. Some people do not feel and negative effects of fasting due to how their body detoxes. I find that people with slower metabolisms with excess body fat go through negligible negative reactions.
Just imagine 50,000,000,000 cells impacted with 100,000 chemicals and each have to be cleaned individually. That will answer the “am I clean question.”
The amazement is that we are still alive. 21 days for me where the big changes started to happen and it seems to be the same for many fasters. It takes that long to get the body clean enough that is starts to heal. From 21 to 40 it is just pure paradise. No drug could ever compare to the bliss for juice fasting after 21 days. Day 30 to 40 are almost the same. But 21 to 30 that is the wow factor. I think it is totally physically, mental and emotional but when there is peace and harmony in the body, we feel closer to God. More in tune. More sensitive. More aware.

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37 Responses to Progress Report – Mark (Orion)

  1. Orion says:

    Thanks for the praise, Tom. Hope you are well.

    Well, I’m now on Day 8. Today is my first day back at work. As for weight, I lost nearly 8kg/17.5lbs, about 2kg/4.5lbs in fat. People are noticing.

    I find it very hard to fall asleep. However, when I do fall asleep, I only sleep for a few hours without being tired the next day.

    My psychological need for food is completely gone now. I found out that I’ve linked all my time-wasting activities to eating, as I’m beyond bored, feeling like I have nothing to do when I don’t have food to accompany it.

    Developed a canker sore on the roof of my mouth on Day 6, which is bothering me a lot. Hope it heals soon. I will try your suggestions, Tom. Thanks.

    I’m also a bit chilly. Why is that? Has the temperature regulation in the body slowed down, or is it because the digestion, the biggest heat-generator, is inactive?

    Apart from that, I feel fine. Like I would when I was still eating.

  2. Orion says:

    Day 9.

    Pain is a bit less. Using toothpaste leaves my mouth a bit dry, pulls on the skin. Still, it could have helped. Turns out there’s three tiny sores spread strategically.

    I’ve decided to compromise. I bought some vitamin tablets that dissolve in water. Minimal calories and additives, but at least I get some vitamins. Given how I use mass transit to get to work, I’ll be constantly exposed to toxins all around me, it just seems better to at least provide a minimal amount of help.

    I’ve begun to notice all kinds of smells. Today, I caught the smell of fresh ground coffee beans. I’m not a coffee drinker, but the smell was incredible.
    A colleague took pity on me and tried to get me to eat. I told him what would happen if I ate while my digestive system is turned off. Now I have an ally who wants me to do this right.

    PS I bought the ebooks. I find it helps to immerse myself in something I’m doing. Thank you.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Thank Orion but buy the books and supporting this site. Those few dollars go a long way here in the Philippines. Yea the increased sense of smell can be a torture around food. An coffee, toast are the worst. It is like the scent is alive and calling… chanting……come…..

  3. Orion says:

    Day 13 already, tomorrow makes two weeks.

    Today, the pain is finally gone. Still some tightness to the skin, and it feels like there’s a layer of mucus or something similar on the roof of my mouth. All in all, I feel much better now. Funny how something like localized pain or clogged sinuses can make a person feel weak throughout their entire body.
    I am definitely stepping up my oral hygiene, my teeth have had enough to endure as it is.

    My body seems to have gotten used to the daily vitamin shot. Almost feels like everything’s back to normal, apart from not being able to climb stairs, and the fact that I can see my toes again.

    A lot of my internal self-talk is gone, my mind has gone mostly quiet. Just me and my conscious thoughts. A good time to consider the future, and focus on the things that are important in my life. Hopefully, I can teach myself how to get this blank, so I can achieve the same clear mind when I’m eating again.

    I finished Tom’s ebooks. Still mourning my whole-bread. It tastes so fresh and full of life, and now I’m supposed to limit it to only a few slices per day, or eliminate it altogether.

    Sometimes, I pass some time looking at what I’m going to eat when I get back to solid foods. The healthy, and the not so healthy. I spent some time combining the best possible Subways sub. Hey, they’ve got nice vegetarian ones! It’s still better than Mac, right?
    I’ve been looking around for ingredients for a raw food diet. Half of the stuff in all the recipes is tough to find here. Even in my bio-supermarket. For example, I have yet to find a cantaloupe.

    I’ve been thinking. I can eat supersized Mac, medium pizza, a whole bread, and lots of winegum, and gain no more than 1 pound. Also, I can gain muscle quite easily. Doesn’t that mean I have a rather well-oiled metabolism? I never thought of it as being slow.

  4. Orion says:

    Day 15, two weeks have passed. Before, I didn’t think it was possible to just carry on like nothing changed.

    The weight loss is a bit less impressive, 3kg/6.6lbs (maybe it was the sugar in the Strepsils). However, I’ve been trying to be more active, and I’ve actually GAINED a bit in my arms and legs, while decreasing my waist. The body is truly an amazing thing to make that possible. Body fat percentage is now 19.76, lower than I’ve been in a long time.

    My digestion still sounds like a refinery, gurgling, rattling and shifting stuff around. No BM though, maybe because there’s no peristalsis?

    I wonder, we all have this minimum amount of body fat, like 7%. Once we get there, the body will make us eat. So, how can we clear that 7%? Will the body cycle through those cells, filling them with ‘good’ stuff instead?

    I’ve been getting quieter this week. Don’t feel like doing anything, find myself wishing I could move to a nice tropical island and live in health and peace, away from this destructive environment. Spend time there just comtemplating life and nature.
    Unfortunately, the lack of motivation to get things done has also re-acquainted me with my old nemesis the TV. I actually feel bad, knowing that I could be doing so many more useful things.

    Another interesting thing. Before this fast, I had a perspiration problem. Any temperature over 19C/66F and I’d be soaked. It’s now 26C/79F in my house (probably hotter near my computer), and barely a drop. I can only hope this particular cooling system will balance out after the fast, my social and professional life didn’t agree with it.

    Well, on to week 3. I’m going to do more body awareness exercises, get to know how this body works and feels. Be more ‘in my body’ as they say.

  5. Orion says:

    Today, I was called into my manager’s office. Word had gotten around that I hadn’t eaten for over 2 weeks, and my face was a bit on the pale side, so he sort of confronted me.
    Even though I told him I was feeling absolutely normal, and that this was something I felt compelled to do, he wasn’t convinced.
    He wants to go to HR and involve the company doctor (who specializes in bad computer habits, not healthy eating habits), and ask them what the company’s responsibility is if I were to suddenly faint.
    I was probably pale because I’ve been painting indoors, and spend several days in terpentine and paint fumes.

    My work performance is absolutely fine, as it always is. A part of me wants to just tell them I’m eating at home, just not at work. A small lie to put them at ease. Another part of me is angry because they have no right to tell me how to live, how to practice my spiritual beliefs, or force me to eat. There are people far worse off than me in the company, and yet I’m the health hazard. One would figure that since I’m still walking, talking and standing after 18 days against everything they’ve been taught, they should be more open-minded now.

    What should I do? Any tips and advice anyone? Should I break the fast, should I lie so that the company can cover its own behind, should I boldly confront them?

    • David T says:

      That is absolutely ridiculous. Companies look the other way when workers eat unhealthy processed foods and even seem to encourage it with vending machines packed with soda, candies, and chips. Just another example of when you step out of what society deems to be the norm everyone jumps on you.
      Maybe print some literature on fasting and provide it for your boss and H.R. It really is no one’s business but it may take off some heat from you. I would not lie about it.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Orion
      Sure the company has unfounded fear. On a juice fast your body is getting more nutrition than when eating. I would not break the fast. If the company is concerned you can state that you have the legal right to eat what you choose. Their fears and concerns will pass. Now if you get dizzy and fall off a ladder you will have a hard time suing them and for good reason. Your only worry is the blackouts that may occur and can be stopped by lowering your body by sitting or kneeling. On the up side you now have their attention. I used to fast during major board meeting and they all scratched their head at me drinking juice when there was so much free food.

      • Orion says:

        You forget I’m not juice-fasting, I’m water-fasting, Tom. As for the blackouts, my blood-pressure when I’ve been sleeping may be around 110/65, but once I’m going about my daily life, it’s a reasonably normal 135/80, with an active heart rate of around 72. The other day, I was lounging in bed, and I just had to get a particular fly. I went from sedentary to chasing it with a pillow. Fly won, and all I got was a bit dizzy. All my vital signs are within normal range for a person my age that’s eating, and all research says that my blood should be clearer and my immune system stronger, so I’m probably one of the lowest health hazards within the company. Besides, I’m in IT, I sit on my now skinny behind all day. I just wish I didn’t have their attention, don’t want to risk job security at this point in my life.

        • Tom Coghill says:

          They cannot fire you due to diet and as your performance is excellent you have no risk of job loss. If they did that would be an easy lawsuit. Yea if you are in IT on you butt all day then water fasting is doable. I did a juice fast working construction.
          I never could do that on water fasting.

  6. Orion says:

    Well, on to day 22 then. My lucky numbers: 3.8kg/8.4lbs weight loss, of which 1.92kg/4.2lbs fat, bringing my fat percentage to 18.48%. Guess that officially brings me into a healthy range.
    I went back to my manager this morning, and asked him nicely if he would not advertise my personal business to company officials. He told me he simply wants to inform himself of his and the companies’ responsibilities should something happen to me with him knowing of my ‘extreme’ choice in living. I told him if he went through with this, I’d feel unable to share my personal life with colleagues in the future, which would in all likelihood alienate me from them. It’s his choice now.
    What’s funny, is that he told me I’d become more withdrawn lately. Obviously, people are noticing that I’ve become more introspective, and they’re concerned that something is wrong. I knew I talked too much, didn’t know it was THAT much.
    Well, I’m just about past the halfway point now. I’m really really REALLY longing to have something with actual taste in my mouth.
    My stomach has started acting up again. Actually felt hunger pains again yesterday.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      May wife says I talk to much and loves it when I fast. LOL. When I did my first fast my coworkers thought I was taking drugs as before the fast I had no energy and took many breaks but during the juice fast, may body healed and after the second week, I worked like an animal forgot to take breaks and never slowed down after 14 hours.

  7. Orion says:

    Day 29! Getting closer now.
    The numbers are strange: 2.5kg/5.5lbs, of which only 0.5kg/1.1lbs fat. Feels like more though. Strange. Why would I suddenly lose so much lean body mass?
    My manager came to me last Thursday, apparently the company doctor had told him to stop worrying, wished me luck, and if I had any questions, I could stop by her office. Take that, evil manager! (Just kidding)
    Nothing much to report. Been feeling some hunger. Spend parts of my day thinking of all the things I want to eat when I’m done. Also been having trouble falling asleep. Oh, and it was over 27F/80.6F the other day, and I barely noticed it.
    Been thinking about what rhythm I should take when I’m done. Should I fast 1 day every week, should I do 1 week every season, should I do water or juice? So many options…

  8. Orion says:

    A question:
    How long can I keep water-fasting, in theory? What’s the limit? When body-fat starts running out? When (if) the dieter’s edema kicks in? Or is it unhealthy to wait for long? The way it looks now, it would seem longer than 50 days is possible for me.

    • Tom Coghill says:

      Hi Orion,
      I have heard of 80 days water fast but not sure if they are legit. Lot of stupid claims about living on air…airian. (total scam)
      For people we lots of fat, 60 or 70 days may be possible. But the safe way is intermittent fasting with juice and water. I did a post on the front page sidebar on a record breaking fast.

  9. Orion says:

    Day 36 of my water-fast. I’m impressed with my willpower. My local supermarket isn’t.
    This week’s numbers are a lot less impressive. Only 1.5kg/3.3lbs weight loss, of which 0.5kg/1.1lbs is fat. Although my measurements are equally unimpressive, my hip circumference suddenly seems to have decreased more than before.

    36 days, and all this time I’ve been hoping for… something. I dunno what. Mental clarity, spiritual awakening, feeling different physically. Anything, really. But I’m no different than before. Although it seems I can smell food better, my taste hasn’t changed. Although my mind is quieter, it’s still got issues. The only verifiable things about this fast are my weight loss, loss of endurance, no more bowel movements, and a very under-used refrigerator. I’m still happy, of course, and I have faith in the benefits. I just expected a bit more.

    Out of pure curiosity, I ate a whole Snickers bar yesterday (it was the most unhealthy food I had at home). I wanted to see how my body would respond. Nothing happened. Although I felt, for lack of a better word, ‘bleh’ the rest of the day. Sluggish and lazy. Since I was a bit concerned where it would go without any BM, I did an enema later that day to clear everything out. With such a low blood pressure I find it very hard to sit on a toilet, since my leg starts tingling within a minute, and goes to sleep soon after.

    As for last week, I found myself thinking a LOT about different foods. Got a very annoying mucus in my throat that refused to go away. Nose was runny too. Getting better now.

    All these things considered, I’m half thinking about breaking the fast, eat for a while, then go back in. Maybe it’ll reset the effects, since they’ve been slowing down. On the other hand, I’d be so proud of myself if I made it to 50 days or even longer.

  10. bella83 says:

    Great job Orion! I love the way you have gone about your fast. Didn’t put too much drama into it. Just went about your normal self. You know I quit my first time, once my co-workers knew what I was doing. This time, I don’t plan on telling anybody but my fiance, cause he lives with me. But I find the fast more special to me, when nobody else knows. But it’s really hard for me to concentrate on stuff and that’s why I would get bored and turn to food. Now that food is not an option, I actually have to get to work. Well, just wanted to say Congrats on your success. Good Luck with your new life!

    • Orion says:

      Thanks! I guess I just got it easy, my body seems very well-adapted to the whole process. But everybody is different, a colleague of mine didn’t last a week before he couldn’t move anymore. I’ve been going strong for 36 days, while working and renovating my house.
      I admit, there are many times when I’m just lazy enough to be bored for a bit, and I find myself wishing I had food to pass the time with. The only advice there, is to not have any food around. Perhaps convince the fiance to join in the fast, and not take any money for food to work. Once the psychological factor has passed, you’ll start looking around for something else to do. I started renovating my kitchen. Learned how to paint better.

      Good luck fasting, do it for as long as you feel good about it, even 24-36 hours have dramatic effects on your body and mind, and do well to prepare for longer fasts.

  11. bella83 says:

    The fiance works in law enforcement and I would hate for him to get a dizzy spell or something like that out in the field. The not taking money to work idea sounds great. I was actually thinking about doing that, and then I forgot to leave my credit cards at home. It’s lunch time right now, and I’m feeling very mentally hungry. No stomach growling though. It’s gonna be a harder day then I thought.

  12. Orion says:

    Day 43. Still standing. I never imagined being able to survive that long without food. Neither would the people around me, I think some of them want to put me in a straight-jacket. Then again, I think one can fast on hospital food…

    Lost 2.5kg/5.5lbs this past week. Another percentage of body fat. I’m beginning to doubt the body fat measurements though. In the end, what matters is how I feel with my body. Which is pretty good. When I’m done, I’m treating this as a fresh start. I have every intention of doing it right this time around. Keeping this body lean, fit and healthy.

    50 days would be next week. I’m wondering if I should just keep going for as long as it feels comfortable, or if I should switch to juicing starting next week. I know I’ll probably never go this long again, so this is my chance to set a personal record.
    To fast, or not to fast, that is the question.

  13. Orion says:

    Day 46, I had stomach cramps this morning, followed by an unexpected small BM. I’ve been joking about buying a spicy minced meat snack from the company cafeteria this Friday, and then nibbling on it for the rest of the day. I almost feel like my body heard that, and has been preparing for it.

    I have what feels like growth pains under my left knee. Very distracting.

  14. Orion says:

    Day 50. I made it to the other side. Should I stop? Should I go on? Funny thing about goals is, when you reach them, it turns out there’s so much more to reach for. Like many things I’ve done, when I started, I could barely imagine 7 days being possible during work. Then it was 30, then 50. Now, I’m thinking of going on until I see my six-pack. When I get that, what will I think of next? Going on in order to kill off all my alpha-5-reductase and stop my hair loss? Will I ever stop? Difficult to say. Maybe I should start juicing now, see how that experience goes. But my bank account has never been happier with me not shopping.

    The numbers are definitely slowing down by now. In science, fasting was indicated to slow down metabolism and blood sugar very slowly over time. Maybe it’s finally starting to run out, and I should replenish with fruits and veggies for a bit.
    After 50 days, I lost 23.4kg/51.6lbs. About 9.2kg/20.3lbs fat, a 5.2% reduction. I lost 15cm/5.9″ around the waist, 11cm/4.3″ around the hips, and all my clothes are now baggy, and 2 sizes too big.
    I now weigh 82.1kg/180.9lbs. Still got some stubborn fat around the midsection though. And I have no idea how much I’ll gain back when I start eating again. So I’ll hold off on the new wardrobe for now.

    I started this wanting to experience it, to live it. I never did get my spiritual/mental clarity, but I was already quite grounded in those fields. I did get the confidence boost from finally having an effective weight loss method though, and learned more about my body, and myself. I feel pride and awe at how amazingly resilient and complex the human body truly is. I don’t know how many of my habits will change, but I now know a way to initiate a change. So whether I will stop or continue, it’s been a worthwhile journey.

    This week I end with two big questions:
    Should I continue this fast?
    Know any good juice recipes?

  15. Ron says:

    Hi Orion, That is amazing to me that you were able to work, exercise and just function for 50 days on water alone! I think you are a rare example of what can be achieved on water alone!!

    Why don’t you switch to juice for a week or 2 before you start solids. Treat yourself like you would a baby!! You would’nt hand a baby a steak coming from the womb, or from breast milk to wine!!

    This is a chance to change your whole nutritional lifestyle, and way of thinking! God Bless, and congats!! Ron

    • Orion says:

      Thanks for the praise, feels good to have some positive comments from people.

      Still, I think I’m not quite done yet. Maybe I’ll introduce small amounts of juice into the waterfast. Just a juice every now and then. Maybe once a day, maybe only during my off-days. Experiment with different recipes. Be less strict about my nutritional intake. But still fast.

      By the way, I used to know a girl who was practically raised on wine from a very young age. She turned out to be one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. I still regret not keeping in touch.

      • Tom Coghill says:

        Hi Orion,
        The first juice or food after a long water fast can cause and explosive reaction of diarrhea. It can also trigger an incredible high or a toxic feeling as the loosen mucus layer of the colon is being flushed from the colon.

  16. Orion says:

    Well, I got myself a nice juicer. Out of excitement for getting a new toy, I of course had to try juicing something. I happened to have some oranges lying around. So I peeled one, and plunked it in. It was fun, got a whole creamy glass out of that orange. Took me a bit to clean up afterwards.
    I have to admit, the taste of fresh juice is significantly more alive than all the pasteurized stuff from the supermarket.

    At first, nothing happened. Then, about a minute later, there was this heat somewhere behind my abdominals. Small and concentrated at first, but quickly expanding through my entire torso. It was fun, but a bit uncomfortable.

    Of course, now I’m hungry and tired from food withdrawal. Was it worth it? I don’t know, but I definitely want to try an apple next. And I still need some good recipes…

  17. Ron says:

    Hey Orion! What kind of juicer did you get? I have the slow speed arbor type. It’s good for mashing all those herbs and veggies that are hard to juice.

    You might want to start with something less aicdic. Believe it or not, lemons are less acid than oranges! Try some melons, and apples for a few days before the harder to digest items.

    Tom’s books have tons of great recipes! Also, look around on this sight for some specific ideas on moving from water to juice! Happy Juicing! Ron

    • Orion says:

      Around here, there’s really not that many options in stores. After comparing reviews and models online, I bought a Philips for 99 euros (comes with a 20 euro rebate), the one recommended by Jason Vale ( I already had the sibling blender model for smoothies. It’s easy to clean, has 2 speeds, and if I apply a little pressure on the plants, they juice quite well.
      Now, I’m looking for a good nut milk bag, so I can squeeze the pulp a bit after, get the most out of it.
      It came with a DVD with some recipes, so I’ve been trying a new one each day. Started with two apples and a slice of lemon, now at the 2 apples, spinach, cucumber, ginger and celery. I made it a bit less heavy with filtered water. Love how everyone responds when they see me drinking that green stuff. I also drank a yakult last night, for the probiotica.
      My metabolism and digestion have kicked in, evidenced by the heat I’m once again starting to generate. To avoid once again becoming soaked in perspiration, I’m limiting my intake to one mix (about 2 glasses) a day. It will be a continuous hunger assault…
      I finished reading Tom’s books a couple of weeks back. I remember constant references to God’s Perfect Banquet, but never finding it.

      On a sidenote, I have a newfound respect for people that eat raw celery. Broccoli I can do, but celery is very strong. Smells like stinging nettle. I imagine it tastes similar.

  18. Orion says:

    I noticed yesterday that it was difficult to stretch my feet and ankles, as if the skin was too tight. I really didn’t pay much attention to it. Then today, it was a bit more difficult to get into my shoes. So when I looked, I noticed my feet have really swollen. I mean, I know the body starts retaining more water once the fast is over, but two weeks after?!

    Please tell me this is a part of it, and it will pass…

  19. Tom Coghill says:

    Hi Orion,
    Water retention is not a good sign. Water retention may also be the result of a serious medical condition, involving major organs like the kidneys, the heart, the liver, as well as the lymphatic system. I do not want to scare you but this is the reason I do not recommend long water fasts.

    Drink at least 8 glasses of fluids, per day. Mineral water, grapefruit juice, cranberry juice and herbal teas (eg. nettle and dandelion) are good choices.

    Paradoxically, the more hydrated the body, the less water it retains.

    Enjoy plenty of good diuretic fruits in your regular diet. The best are melons and citrus fruits. They are rich in potassium which balances sodium and helps to eliminate fluid.

    Include lots of good diuretic vegetables in your juices. Choose leafy green, celery, cucumber, watercress, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, carrots and onions. Like fruit, most vegetables are rich in potassium which helps to maintain a healthy fluid balance.

    • Orion says:

      I read that with long periods of caloric restriction (fasting & dieting come to mind), eventually people get dieter’s edema, where the body starts retaining water. Once they start eating and drinking normally again, it passes.
      Also, in times when it’s really hot, and someone sits or stands all day, it’s also been known to happen. Usually in the feet and ankles. It’s been near-tropical here, and I have been lounging in my chair for days.
      I just didn’t see it coming. Compared to fasting, this eating thing is a real annoyance.

      Either way, I slept with my feet elevated last night, and have been doing things that make the blood run faster through that area. It seems to be lessening now. No longer square bricks of meat with indentations where there used to be toes. I’m regaining a foot-like shape.
      The funny thing is, the way it feels when I shake my foot makes me wonder if I could simply prick a hole and drain it. No worries, I’m not THAT curious.

      • Tom Coghill says:

        Doing a headstand or shoulder stand can be great for the body and should help reduce the fluid. Edema after water fasting is a first for me on the site. Lets believe it is a short term even as the body adjusts to food.

  20. Orion says:

    Well, this morning I could see the veins running through my feet again. Never thought I’d be this happy seeing my Achilles-tendons.

    Now, if I can only explain why I seem unable to get a good tan, and why my eyes suddenly seem hypersensitive to sunlight. Even looking at a second story brick wall while the sun shines gets me all teary-eyed.