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Anorexia and Fasting

Anorexia and fasting seem to go hand in hand. Mostly binge eating followed by days without food. I just want to clarify that although I promote fasting, for health and weight loss I am not pro anorexic.

I do think that most people are overweight and need a serious change of diet and most people in North America have problematic emotional relationships with food that cause endless pain and suffering and I want to offer health life-long solutions.

I was a compulsive eater and drug addict to the point of damaging my liver and kidneys. Saying that I was a physical, mental and emotional mess was an understatement. Juice fasting healed the damage and gave me a new lease on life. I still fast regularly, and eat healthy, and mostly have good health. I am not over weight or underweight and I am content with my body. I achieved my freedom.

Here are some Anorexia and fasting points to think about.

Anorexia and Fasting-

So what if you look good and you are sick.
1.You can be thin and be healthy. So what if you look like a fashion model and your organs are shutting down for lack of nutrients. So drink fresh juice instead of coke, eat fruit instead of junk, and have health stuff around when you binge eat.

Anorexia and Fasting-

I hate my body.
2. Even if you become the perfect weight and you still do not like yourself then what. The only way to combat that is to develop thankfulness and appreciation for what you have. Some of you are very pretty women, young with talant and if you do not appreciate that and instead look at fat and see only problems you will be miserable. You do not hate your body you hate yourself.

Anorexia and Fasting-

The root.
3. All emotional eating issues have root causes in childhood. Abuse, neglect result in low self esteem and the results in fear and anxiety that needs an escape and food is perfect. If you want freedom, health, good looks you need to have healthy thoughts and rebuild your self appreciation.

Anorexia and Fasting-

The focus.
4. Self focus will mess up your relationships as it pulls your lover into a roller coaster of your emotions. It will destroy even the best relationships with time. You need to get your focus on many things that are not you.

Anorexia and Fasting-

Brain repair.
5. Repeat after me: I am super sexy, Ever guy wants me. I am the sexiest girl in this city. Now repeat that 100 times a day until you believe it.

Anorexia and Fasting-

Emotional connection
6. Read to change your emotional connection with food. Read to learn how to make healthy low calorie foods.

Anorexia and Fasting-

What you are
And more than anything remember…. you are beautiful.

By Tom Coghill of
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Posted on by Tom Coghill

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10 Responses to Anorexia and Fasting

  1. Patrick O'Connor says:

    Great points Tom. What do you think of fasting one day a week?


  2. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Patrick,
    I just went to your site. Nice work. If you want to post here encourage and share my articles count me in.

    Anorexia is an undisciplined state of mind, as strong emotion disrupt focus. Fasting is motivated by guilt after a binge to purge the guilt. For an anorexic I would recommend juicing a day or two occasionally the help the system recover from the binging and build nutrition in the body.

    For regular people the one day a week cleans the lymph and give the body a bit of a tune up. It is a hard discipline to maintain as the fasting is usually on the weekend and fasting often conflicts with events. For those that can stick to it, a weekly day of fasting is excellent.

  3. Caroline says:

    Sometimes you need an extra help in learning how to feed yourself.. is kind of hard to do it by yourself..
    Here i found a website that gives different kind of optiond in diet and nutrition.. Bye!!

  4. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Caroline,
    Are you with the site for the link?

  5. Carrie says:

    Thank you for posting really makes me want to get help but I’m kinda scared to. I have been suffering from an eating disorder for the past 8 years. weather it be starving or binging and purging. For the past 6 days, I have been fasting. I dont want to eat because Im afraid I will lose control and end up overeating.. like I have done in the past. Do you have any suggestions for me?

  6. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Carrie,
    You need to rebuild your self image. IF you hate yourself and your body everything you do will be destructive to your health. Go to and read. If you are fasting get a juicer at least you will be getting nutrients. You can eat small amounts of food but at least make it healthy. First I would focus on rebuilding my thoughts, finding peace, forgiveness and acceptance.

  7. stronger. says:

    i really enjoyed this article. it seems a lot of anorexia/binging i suffered in the past stemmed from me wanting to be thin, yet still hating myself. ive completed 2 successful fasts in the past, and then i suffered from trauma, and began a lengthy starvation/binging routine, in which i only dropped 7 lbs from my naturally small 105 frame yet lost all muscle mass and metabolism. ive been eating a healthy vegetarian diet(just a little too much), improved my self image, and overcame many obstacles in the past 5/6 months. I am currently five two 125 lbs, and would love to go back to my healthy 105 before i began the anorexia/binging battle. in order to do so, i would love to water/tea fast for 21 days, but its really hard for me to convince myself that I do have the control to overcome this weight gain without repeatting past mistakes. im spiritually stronger, and today i began day one, but i have been attempting to fast for the last week, and fell off the wagon because food is still comforting. im in dire need of cleansing myself from too much alcohol and ciggarettes,,,and i know that if somehow i can convince myself im not 100 lbs again and killing myself, ill be able to successfully complete this, overcome addictions, eat well, excercise etc. Any advice on how to complete this water/tea fast and continue loving myself the way i do now, and not regress back into the mindset i had when i was starving and binging for comfort?

  8. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi stronger,
    You should buy a juicer if you want to get serious about fasting. It will rebuid your health. It is easier to break and the curitive value is manyfold greater than water fasting. You are on the right path and balance is and self-image is so important if you want to succeed. Find peace and discipline becomes much easier.

  9. Christina says:

    This article definitely hit home to me. I’ve struggled with anorexia nervosa and I still do. Those who truly have anorexia nervosa never really heal from it psychologically, they just learn to know that they are at a healthy weight and they learn healthy eating habits to maintain their weight.

    When I was a suffering anorexia nervosa, I abused fasting in that I would do pro-longed water fasting for 40 days and additional 10 days and to ensure my metabolism did not slow down I would take fat burning pills and metab boosting pills. Obviously, I knew it was better to just stop eating altogether.
    I lost nearly all muscle that I had built having been a person who used to lift weights who built bulk muscle and I turned into a sack of bones pretty much. The good thing is my heart was OK because the organs are consumed last once the skeletal muscle and fat reserves are gone. I recovered but anorexia nervosa is still with me and I still cry from it. I hated how I had muscle and I was willing to pro long fast to get rid of it. But knowing the abuse I put my body through and tried to make my body as small as possible…I still remember my ribs nearly sticking out and still hating myself. I used to think no guy would ever love me even though my former boyfriend who is nearly 11 years older than me finds me incredibly beautiful inside and out. Anorexia is certainly painful and it can make someone want to kill themselves just as I almost did.

    No matter what or what shape or size someone is, EVERYONE is beautiful and someone will always find that person beautiful. Size doesn’t matter. It is all about eating right engaging in some activity and being emotional happy that makes a person healthy. Not how skinny or big one is.

    But I agree with Tom that telling yourself you are sexy 100 times a day works lol.