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Fasting Progress Report – Kieth DeJanet (user:kdejarnet)

Reasons for Fasting: Detoxification, Healing, Spiritual Connection

Intended Length of Fast: 60 days
First Name:Kieth
Last Name: DeJarnet
Site User Name: kdejarnet
City, State and Country: San Antonio, TX US
Sex: Male
Age: 42
Weight: 241
Height: 5’6”
Proposed Fasting Method: Juice Fasting
Past Fasting Experience: Juice fasting
Present Diet: Transitioning to raw
Relevant Medical History: None
Present Medical Problems: Hypertension, Over Weight
State of Mind: Clear and Present
Limitations: None

Posted on by kdejarnet

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4 Responses to Fasting Progress Report – Kieth DeJanet (user:kdejarnet)

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Kieth,
    Welcome. I am assuming you are not taking meds for your high blood pressure. BP can normalize in as few as 3 days. We are glad to be of support. Please encourage others by commenting on their progress reports.

  2. kdejarnet says:

    Thanks Tom, that’s correct, I’m not on any bp meds right now. I’m looking forward to the drop in bp from the fasting as a matter of fact.

  3. bella83 says:

    How are you doing Keith?

  4. kdejarnet says:

    Things are going great bella. Thanks. It’s day 3 and right now I don’t have any hunger pangs.

    I wound up having to do some unexpected walking this morning, about 4.5 miles worth in the Texas heat, which really wiped me out but after laying down for a while I’m feeling great.

    Last time hunger didn’t go away until day 4 so I’m hoping my digestive system shut down a little early this time.

    How’s your fast going?