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Fasting Progress Report – Jayson

Reasons for Fasting: to lose weight, remove toxins, end depression, break sweet tooth addiction and binge eating. I began July 27, 2010 and am on my second day. I want to get to 195lbs and will add excercise and weights as my 30 days gets closer. May also alternate water only on some days.

Intended Length of Fast: 30 days

First Name: Jaysen

(Optional) Last Name:

Site User Name: jaysen

City, State and Country: Des Moines, Iowa, United States

Sex: Male

Age: 40

Weight: 254.2lbs

Height: 6’2

Proposed Fasting Method: juicer

Past Fasting Experience:0

Present Diet: random juice an vegetables in juicer

Relevant Medical History:

Present Medical Problems:

State of Mind: unhappy

Limitations: none

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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One Response to Fasting Progress Report – Jayson

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Jayson,
    Fasting and clearing out some toxic thinking can transform your life.
    Here is a piece of writing I am working on.

    Continuous chronic worrying leads to depression–a state of low-energy, and toxic thinking that robs the ability to enjoy life. Chronic depression shuts down the mind making you numb to the world around you. Depression steals your dreams, hopes and motivation and if not stopped, it can steal your life.

    Depression is partially the product of an unhappy childhood and negative interactions with society. But this is not the full picture. Although is it is easy to blame parents and your world for your state of mind, you are responsible for what you think, your emotions and state of mind. Until you accept that, you can never be free from depression.

    Roots of Depression
    During childhood, unattained expectations, abuse or vicious criticisms from your parents, can damaged self-image. To deal with the pain of low self-worth children develop defense mechanisms. The first coping mechanism is worry. Worrying has a payoff. It feelings like you are doing something about the problem. Worrying feels that you are not letting your guard down, being responsible, after all, careless people do not worry about the future. But worry does not fix problems; it makes them worse.

    If worry is toxic, then depression is lethal. Childhood fear and worry mutated into adulthood depression, a thought cancer that consumes all it touches. Depression is an advanced coping mechanism. After years of mental stress due to chronic worrying depression is the final plunge into a dark abyss, the loss of caring, feeling, and hope. Depressed people cannot hope as hope demands action and change. Depression becomes a way to cope with painful reality, the final retreat from life.

    Depression and Lifestyle
    Depression leads to lifestyle extremes such as overeating or not eating at all. Some oversleep or stay awake for unusually long hours. Drugs or alcohol becomes an escape from depression which only deepens the depression. Depression totally destroys all capacity for discipline. The modern solution is to prescribe mind numbing drugs, giving the problem a cute label “mental imbalance”.

    Everyone on earth suffers hardship, times when we feel overwhelmed, as if the world is against us. But the key to being a strong person is how you handle challenge and hardship. Strong people see it as an opportunity. They rise to the challenge with courage. Strong people see the good. Their glass is half full with all the blessings of life. To be free, you have to act like a strong person. You have to do what they, do and think like they think. You have to change all your response patterns and toxic behavior.

    Recovery starts with you. The process of healing can be painful and take years but , every step is one more toward freedom and happiness. Life is not perfect, bad thing happen, we all have restrictions, but being happy is about your thought life. I have see poor cripples that beamed with joy. I have seen rich healthy pwerful men twisted by depression and hating the world while living in abundance. Two very different world and two very different thought lives. Why do you want to continue to be a victium of your thoughts? End it today, be positive. See the good.

    If your measure of success is based on what you do not have, your limitations and your mind is filled with all the bad stuff in life, you will never be free of depression. No drug can cure toxic thinking.

    No one can reach into that darkness and set you free except God. Depression is a place of humility and crying out to God. He will hear you and help you, but you will have to act.
    You will have to do things to break the power of depression in your life. Here are your exercise to break the power of depression. Print this and add a checkmark if you do any of these actions. If you deal with depression, you will need to do this for 30 days.

    Force yourself to think good thoughts even if you do not feel like it.
    Force yourself to go out in public.
    Force yourself to dress well.
    Force yourself to keep you home or office clean and organized.
    Force yourself to do things that happy people would do.
    Force yourself to keep going when you want to quit.
    Force yourself to stop worrying.
    Force yourself to say good things about yourself.
    Force yourself to find the good in life and those around you.
    Force yourself to appreciate the little things.
    Force yourself to life a healthy lifestyle.
    Force yourself to get angry enough to make changes.
    Force yourself to pray.
    I ran out of force, waited and tried again.