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Fasting Progress Report (37 year old male)

Hello. I am a thirty-seven year old male. I began the fast weighing two hundred and ninety-five pounds and am six foot four inches tall.  I began a forty day water fast on February 19. The first two days have gone fine. I have sat around watching my family eat and have not had any cravings. I have no experience with fasting. The reason for my diet is that I wish to lose weight.

In 2006 I stopped eating meats, fried foods and sweets. At that time I weighed three hundred and fifty pounds. I lost eighty-five pounds over a two year span. Then about a year ago, I began cheating. I started back eating fried foods and sweets but no meat. One day I stepped on a scale and couldn’t believe how much weight I had regained. I went back to my previous diet, but I did not see any results. I suppose my metabolism is at a stand still. I do not have the support of my family, so I have not told them that my actual goal is forty days. I went to the gym to weight train today and while there I weighed myself and I am now two hundred and eighty-eight pounds.   I do not have a scale here at the house so I will only be able to record weight every two or three days.  I discovered this site the day after I began my fast and I decided to record my stats and goals here. Any advice is welcome. Peace.

Sure we would love to support you. Do you have a first name or a pic, your country, at least to keep this organized. Starting weight.
It is good to own a juicer even if you are water fasting.

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One Response to Fasting Progress Report (37 year old male)

  1. Once says:

    Congratulations 37 year old male!! You’re a MANIAC!! You’ve lost NEARLY 100 LBS!!!!! Wooooooooooooooooooooooo…yeeeeha! Now you’ve got to be slim and fit. For goodness sake don’t put it back on!!!!