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Fasting Progress Reports 2

We had to close the last “Progress Report” to comments as it had 1300 comments and was taking too long to load.

If you want just make a comment at the bottom of this page telling your progress such as sleep good, had ??? for juice, felt a little stressed. You can add comments for other faster such as… Hey Jim, Did you make day 5?  Have fun and get real.

Creating A Progress Report Page
It is better to make a post for your progress so that all the comments and information are in one area.  To make  a post to document the progress of your fast  is easy.

How To : Log in and look for “posts”/”add new”

Title: It should be relevant to the text below.  I commonly change titles for clarity.

Text: Use capitals and fix your spelling or it will not be approved.  If you cannot be bothered running a spell checker it is not worth posting.  Diet and medical  background is good.   Always state water of juice fast or we have to guess.  Give as much info as possible.   Posts are like sending an article to a newspaper.  There are standards to be met.  The site gets 1/2 million readers a year.   It does not have to be perfect but it has to be worth reading with good grammar. If you cannot be bothered running a spell checker, why should we publish.

Category: Check one box only “Progress Reports”

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574 Responses to Fasting Progress Reports 2

  1. Azeron says:

    I find myself wondering if I am in ketosis? Also, I wonder what is happening to the water I drink? I don’t see much of it leaving the body. Sometimes, I feel that I can fast forever. Others, I wonder if the juice fast would be a welcome change of pace just to break the monotony of water?

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Azeron go with what your body is telling you, as Tom mentioned with your metabalisim being so low you could prob exersice on your water fast, it must feel deflating for you, but you have done what many have not.
      Blessings Keith.

    • Once says:

      Hi Azeron

      How much water are you drinking? I’m hoping you get to forty days…you’ve come so far! There’s no reason why you shouldn’t still be in ketosis.

      Your body must be using it to springclean if your output doesn’t equal input. Aren’t you still losing one pound per day? That’s 3500 calories being used. I think your progress is very good

  2. Steve says:

    Here’s details of my weight loss for anyone interested in
    weight loss of a large person fasting

    Im having 200ml of orange or apple juice a day with 2 Complete Vitamins

    More water fasting than juice really as there is only minimal juice intake to ease my worrys on vitamin and mineral intake

    Sadly the first 3 days i didnt weigh myself these clearly
    are the days when you loose the most weight and my colon was fully cleared in that time, and a full enema was done on day 3
    I have done a safe best guess at 9 lb in those 3 days but it was most likley 12 lb

    Day 1 11am start 23st 12.2lb estimate (tue)
    Day 2 23st 9.2lb estimate (wed)
    Day 3 23st 6.2lb estimate (thu)
    Day 4 23st 3.2lb actual (fri)
    Day 5 22st 12.4lb actual (sat)
    Day 6 22st 10.8lb actual (sun)
    Day 7 22st 8.8lb actual (mon)
    Day 8 22st 7.0 (tue)

  3. Mr Brightside says:

    Wow! Steve that’s amazing. I never realised you could lose that much wieght so quickly :0 congratulations!! :)

    Okay, thank you for the advice. Today (despite how cliche it sounds) is the first day of the rest of my life. Or at least, the first day of my very first ever fast, which I hope amounts to the same thing. 3 days to go! :)


  4. Steve says:

    Thanks Mr Brightside

    I feel quite good considering
    my spirits are high and energy levels good
    my blood sugar was 5 yesterday which is normal

    being such a large person i have to watch that i dont over do it
    my aim is 20 days doing this then another 20 juice fasting

    but if there are any alarming problems i will goto juice fasting earlier

    i made 1 mistake in the post

    Day 5 22st 13.4lb and not 22st 12.4lb

  5. Jennifleur says:

    Day 2, morning. I slept well last night, for over 9 hours, and I am still tired, but I feel good. I’m cold (but, then again, I’m always cold). No juice yet this morning. I’ve had some mild hunger pangs, but I’m not craving food or even juice. I think I will just drink some water for now, and make some juice in a couple of hours. I am planning to hop on the treadmill later today, taking it easy, but helping to establish a habit (exercise has always been the hardest for me to establish, but I know that’s part of my “discipline” issue as well).

  6. keith101 says:

    Hi Jennifleur
    Well done on day 2, as you know the first 3-4 days are the worst.
    Have a look at my fasting videos from youtube click on the link.
    Exercise is always a bit of a bummer, but once you have finished you feel great, you are moving in the right direction.
    Blessings Keith.

  7. Once says:

    Hi All

    I don’t want to break my fast – so I’m going to do what I said. (Gently cook fruits and veggies and strain the juice, and use citrus fruits and mild veggies like carrot and spinach, and dandelion – a cleanser). I already know that my symptoms are pretty much all to do with autoimmune activity. Nobody knows what triggers autoimmune diseases.

    I have decided to act under the assumption that the autoimmune damage may have been caused by a lifetime of food allergies (wheat/dairy being the culprits), because if RA etc turns out to be caused by previous bacterial infection or virus, which is a pet theory in the med community, I can’t do anything about that.

    I can’t be the only one in this condition. If the fast heals me, maybe it’ll benefit others who are faced with using prescription drugs, which keep systemic inflammation under some control, but don’t address the cause and have horrible side effects.

    So – day 4.

  8. Once says:

    OK…Later that day…

    Here I am getting real. I made a carrot, spinach, dandelion juice and added some orange juice. No bad reactions. Dandelion is a very powerful diuretic, and anyone who wants to purge retained water will really benefit from dandelion leaves, steamed, stewed as a tea, or thrown into a juice mixture. It is bitter as heck, so juice it w/carrots.

    Oh yeah – God really wants me to keep up my protein…more escargot was hanging around in the dandelions! This one had a shell. (Same vendor as the fennel). So far day 4 is ok, still a little bloated (trust me to be the ONE person to do a SW without a F!!!!!!) but only 2 lbs over yesterday’s weight this morning. The dandelion is doing its work. I’m getting that CAAAALM feeling.

    Where are you Azeron? Greetings!

  9. Jennifleur says:

    End of day 2. I still feel great. Hmm. I had about a third of the juice today that I did yesterday (about 20oz today), and the rest of the day I drank water. I did sleep a bit this afternoon, as I was tired. I also worked out for 30 minutes, and I’ve been cleaning the rest of the day, doing laundry and organizing things. I’ve been more productive today than I’ve been in a long time.

    Hunger has been mild, though dinner tonight smelled wonderful. However, I didn’t feel tempted to eat it, and I stuck with my juice. I’ve done mainly fruit juice so far, with carrot juice as well. I think I will try juicing some veggies tomorrow. :)

  10. DL says:

    Female: 45. started at 170 and I will weigh myself at the end of day 30 last check was 164.6 Purpose is to regain my health and to reclaim my self control – quit smoking and coffee when I started this combo water and juice fast.
    day 9: all is good
    daily: Vega(organic whole food drink) with 2 scoops of berry greens and 1 tablespoon of Udo’s oil for breakfast. for the rest of the day I drink water with lemon juice. I just bought a juicer and 2 books about juicing for health. tonight I tried 2 carrots, 1 celery, some spinach, a long beet top, a piece of ginger – made about a 1/3 of a coffee cup worth of juice and was ok to drink. I am doing the breakfast combo because I quit smoking and stopped coffee 9 days ago so I am adding extra nutrients and such to my cells while I detox from 33 years worth of chemical build up. I experienced “strange brain” today for the first time – was not really quick on the draw when it came thinking today. I guess what I have been reading about detox and skin breakouts is what is going on now in the process this week, as I have noticed. My energy is still ok until about 3 pm then I need a nap so I take one. I was also having a difficult time completing tasks at work today for the first time since I started this fast. Every other day it’s been like my brain was a lazer and I was completing everything and organizing everything unbelievably.

    Still waking up before 6am every day which is a first in years! This I am thankful for and very happy about. I enjoy waking up early instead of being late to work every day and missing work. I have been on a cleaning extravaganza in my kitchen -this I am thankful for and happy about. My front hallway is totally cleaned now too, and everything including the curtains has gone through the laundry. I substituted my cleaning binge for treadmill work over the last 3 days. I’m ok with that – washing walls and floors is a workout!

  11. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day twenty-six of my water fast and I am 238 pounds.

  12. Once says:

    Good morning All,

    This is day 5 of my juice fast. I’m back down to 160lbs again. For a second – 159 flashed on my digital scale…but it settled at 160. Getting up – I felt quite lean, but also very fatigued. Azeron – 9 hours is a healthy workday for someone eating regularly, let alone water fasting! Kudos!

    I’m with everybody else here…mid-to-late afternoon my energy and will take a dip. Jennifleur and DL, have a great day 3 & 9

  13. Sipsum247 says:

    Day 30 – 212 lbs. I stayed at 216 for a few days so I started walking on treadmill and working around the house. This morning went to 212. I wonder if I was retaining water? I’ve been thinking about food the closer I get to completing my fast. But I will take it easy. Breaking my fast on Passover with friends and family.

  14. keith101 says:

    Hi Sipsum
    What was your target weight. How is your wife getting on with her fasting
    Blessings Keith.

    • Sipsum247 says:

      Wife is off the fast. Couldn’t hang with the big dawgs. JK. She had a cold and got off for a few days. 190 – 200 is my ideal weight. Should be close by the end of the fast but should reach goal with exercise afterward.

  15. Territorytaker says:

    To all…day 19..ran 5+ miles yesterday…6+ miles today…just finished a enema and …Once, I have that same diabolicle scheme …a quart of warm water in one hand and sea salt in the other… I will report on the OUT COME later …but yeah my weight has been in a holding pattern at about 136 for several days…so all this ought to do something to change that…love to all and blessings to all who fast !!! br John.

  16. Once says:

    Goodonyer Ttaker!

    I ran a little today (only uphill, to save my knees) -I’m still 20 lbs too heavy to do much running yet, but I have a date with a bootcamp instructor from the fire dept for a fitness evaluation tomorrow morning…yeah – hilarious.

    Furthermore, my face is incredibly pimply & blotchy (like a blistered patchwork quilt!!) and there are deep dark circles around my eyes…I’m really lovely this evening!

    I’m taking a midterm exam…and I hope I’ve retained a little more material in my head than usual on a fast

    Good luck with your outcome TT!!

    • Steve says:

      I have black circles around my eyes as well
      almost looks like black eye’s

      My skin isnt any worse though maybe even slightly better

      Its just turned day 10 for me a few hours ago

  17. Jennifleur says:

    End of day 3. I tried a veggie juice mix earlier, but it was far too bitter and didn’t make my stomach feel very good, so I had a bit of fruit juice later in the day, and have had water the past few hours. Still experiencing mild breakouts on my face and my chest and back, my tongue is still becoming coated, but not terribly. I didn’t get on the treadmill today, but I feel I made up for it – I spent hours moving furniture around and I cleaned/organized a bit. Some hunger today, but still not bad. No hunger right now. I still feel energetic, and will probably do a bit more cleaning before I get some sleep.

    I’m not weighing myself, and though I feel bloated, my pants are fitting looser. I am approaching the time for my menstrual cycle (sorry if it’s TMI), so that may be why.

    Feeling any better, Once?

    • Once says:

      Hi Jennifleur

      Yes & no…I feel best in the morning, I’ve been having an aching hunger all afternoon, and emotional “mini-meltdowns” in the evening. While it must be a real treat for my family to put up with this, I am getting accustomed to all these sensations and mood swings, having fasted this far a few times now. They don’t derail me as they did in the beginning.

      How are you today? I had the same stomach upset w/certain veg juices. I can’t wait for the strawberry/blueberry/melon season!!!

      • Once says:

        oh yeah – Jennifleur,

        I found if you use carrot/orange juice as a base, you can use some of the bitter veggies mixed in, and it goes down easier. Spinach, dandelion, romaine, celery, cucumber go well with it – and cucumber keeps the juicer from getting gummed up. Apples and beets tend to bother me. Don’t know why.

        I half fill the receptacle jug with ice cubes, and cover it with a strainer, so you can start drinking ice cold juice as you’re making it. When my juicer has been running for 10 minutes, it gets hot and heats up the juice I’m making. I don’t think that’s good – hence the ice…also, it dilutes the juice slightly, which is easier on your stomach.

        Hope that helps – have a great day

        • Jennifleur says:

          I’m doing well today, thanks! I had a bit of broth earlier, because I just wanted something warm. I decided to stay away from the veggie juice today. I had used carrots in the juice I made yesterday, but I guess I didn’t have enough to overcome the bitterness. I’ll have to keep that in mind, as well as the oranges (I love oranges, and I live in Florida so they’re easy to find). The ice is a good idea – I just made some berry juice and put some ice in it. I’m enjoying the juice much better with the ice in it. Thanks for the tips!

  18. Territorytaker says:

    The dreaded SWF….what some people will do for better health and well being….well it actually worked this time….after nearly 2 hours in my system…. the flush began to flush and flush and flush for amost a hour now…but I feel better knowing that all THAT is out of me and my body can now just get cleaner and cleaner…as I continue on juice….love and thanks to all, br John

    • keith101 says:

      Hey John
      I wish i could have seen your face when you were doing it LOL.
      Glad to hear it worked for you. You can take natural yoghurt to top up with healthy bacteria, along with your juice/veg fasting.
      Blessings Keith.

    • Ron says:

      Hey brother John! I did the swf last night also! LOL..I guess we are in tune!! It usually takes an hour to an hour and a half to work it’s magic on me. Then I get 2 waves about an hour apart. That’s my system. Everyone has their own story to tell.

      I’m on day 29 (I think) of my juice fast. So there wasn’t anything solid in me, that’s for sure! Of course I’ve cleaned my innards out so many times over time, my insides are probably cleaner than behind my ears! LOL

      • keith101 says:

        Hey Ron
        You are now part of the inner circle Clan” of salt water flushers LOL.

        How do you feel after the cleanse?
        Blessings Keith.

        • Ron says:

          LOL! I had a “spring in my step”…as you would say! Don’t fart in the shower afterwards though!! Ya might not get just air my friend! Honkin’, Hummin’, Howlin’ LOL

          Did you get my note on your blog about video responses?

          I forgot to tell you, I have a wee bit of Scottish in me family! My granny Mary Margaret McPhail, was full blood Scot from Nova Scotia! We were born on the same day December 27, and I was her favorite grandson!

          She had all the old scottish sayings that were so entertaining! “hot as the hinges of sin”, “one good turn..”I’m done in”, “best laid scemes of mice and men”, “screwball”…and a boatload of others!! I have a Twitter page with all her sayings, in loving tribute! So there ya have it mate! “Aye right”!

          • keith101 says:

            LOL Ron.
            Yeah I got your post, thanks.
            I made a mistake once on the SWF. Not nice lol.

            So you have some Clan blood running through your veins then!…I normally talk broad Scottish, but if I did you guys might struggle to understand me, so I have to go my talk lol.

            I live about 50 miles away from the highlands of Scotland.

            Some of the movie shots of Braveheart were filmed neer me.

            When Mel Gibson made his mark here by peeing up an ally way in the city center lol.
            Na bother Mate, lol.

    • Once says:

      You made it!! Now you’re also the “SWFtaker”!!

  19. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day twenty-seven of my fast passed a few hours ago, I was still 238 pounds. The enema kit has arrived and now I am hesitant to use it. Perhaps I will work up the courage by this evening or tomorrow?

    • Ron says:

      Hi Azeron, The first time was a process for me also! I looked at the “kit”, for almost a week before I did it. It was a little awkward, but you really feel clean afterwards. I usually plan it now before a shower to get that clean feeling “in and out”. Good luck, Ron

  20. Once says:

    Hi Azeron…
    I’ve hit a weight plateau too, although mine is only 50 ft below the summit…this morning my digital scale said 158 for a split second, then 160.5.
    Darn the thing!!

    You might lose another couple of lbs with that enema kit. I’ve heard of people losing 5 or 10 lbs, but that particular weight loss only lasts until you put food back in your colon. But still – it would be nice to get a boost – assuming you have an honest, decent scale that doesn’t play games with you!!!

  21. Once says:

    Hey Azeron – I’ve got that blockage-in-my-chest feeling you had a couple of weeks ago.How long did it last? I’m fighting some nausea, and didn’t want any juice today. I’m sipping room temperature water. Erghh

    • Azeron says:

      It lasted for about two days. It felt like I had eaten something. I still believe that my body is fighting back against perceived starvation (well I AM trying to catabolize my body fat so it may be correct in a weird way). Either way, one of us has to give in. I am faithful that if it is Yahweh’s will, I will stay the course and win the war.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Once, I also get that feeling in the chest early on in my fasts. I believe it is the esophagus, and digestive tract healing and tightening up a bit. It usually passes in a day or two.

      The first time I had it happen I was a little scared as, at that time I had digestive troubles. That 30 day fast cured me for good!! As long as my diet stays natural.

  22. Azeron says:

    Interesting… I wonder if my stomach has shrunk as well?

  23. Territorytaker says:

    hahahahaha…lolololol…you guys and girl are all too much…SWFtaker, I am…in the inner circle, I am…Ron , We must be in tune …our birthdays are one day apart …Dec. 26th here…I’ve got some “Valentines” in my family tree ??? is that
    Scottish ???….but I know I’m mostly Italian/German…hey…love you all…God bless, SWKtaker….

    • Ron says:

      Hey John! Well, it all makes sense now! You’re a fellow Cappy!

      I’m Italian, Scotch, Portuguese and French/Canuk (Canadian).
      Equal parts, all mongrel…LOL

      “Valentine” is Italian!! Speaking of Valentine…I just celebrated my 23 wedding anniversary on Feb 14th! Valentines Day in the states!!

      This is all too scary!! Ciao fratello John! And God Bless, Ron

  24. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day twenty-eight of my fast passed a few hours ago, I am 237 pounds. I may be ending the water fast and switching to juice before the forty days is up. My lady has become concerned with my starving myself. She is concerned. My mother has found the perfect ally.

    • Once says:

      I hope you will be true to thine own self!! Otherwise – the fast (which you say is between you and Yahweh anyway) will always be a goal unmet. Worse yet because you have come so close. Just a week and a half to go.

      If you give up your goal here – it ought to be for you alone, not your loved ones. I’m sure you’re looking better than you have in years! Maybe you can focus on the end of the fast with your family, and have them help you get some fresh fruit ready. Just a suggestion.

      I will certainly miss your daily greetings.

      btw: Greetings! This is day 6 of my fast and I am 158 lbs.

      • Azeron says:

        Actually the fast is not dedicated to Yahweh. I call on him for support and strength, but you are correct in that this is something that I want to do. However, I cannot have a “my way or the highway” type of attitude either. I have to address these concerns. I abhor conflict (I am a Libra) and need to think things through. Thanks for your insight. I’m not going anywhere.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Azeron, No worry, the Lord has you in his hands! You’ve already acheived more in your water fast that many, MANY have not! This is not the end of your fasting experience, only the beginning.

      It’s nice to have goals, but I also realized that sometimes acheiveing them can be an end to something special. I always try to leave room for a future accomplishment in my fasts. If you plan your next fast now, you will have something to look forward to! I was planning my current fast for months, and couldn’t wait for the day to come!! This was my most enjoyable fast ever this Lenten season. I had many prayers answered and was overcome with joy. I am already planning my next fast. The Lord be with you brother! I will pray. Ron

  25. keith101 says:

    Hi Azeron
    You are not starving yourself, you are fasting, the differance with fasting and starvation is that you have the choice to eat! starvation is when you have no choice!!!…When the body goes into starvation there is no fat left for fuel, then it starts to break down muscle tissue, after that your body starts to feed on the internal organs leading to the shut down of the body.
    Blessings Keith.

  26. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Most people are terrified of starvation yet it never happens in first world counties. Just remember every pound of fat is about 3500 calories.

    • Azeron says:

      Whoah! 3,500 calories! That is unreal! So how would a transition from water to juice fasting work?

      • Once says:

        Hi Azeron – I get it. Dr. Elizabeth Moser, who completed a 54 day fast transitioned onto diluted carrot juice for 2 weeks. People generally start juicing fruit or vegetables like carrots that taste good, and then either dilute the juice initially with water, or take small amounts.

        I think after a few days your weightloss might slow a little…but on the other hand, on juice you can get into the gym and tear it up!!

        (I’m joking!)

  27. Jennifleur says:

    Day 4 of my fast passed well. I slept weird, having a lot of dreams (which I don’t remember much of), and waking up a few times. I got up early to exercise before work, still taking it easy, just walking on the treadmill. This morning I’m not feeling all that great – I’ve got a bit of a headache starting, and I feel a bit sick to my stomach. I’m going to go make some juice for this morning (peach, pear, apple), then I’m going to head off to work with some carrot juice and my water. I felt one rumble of hunger this morning, but it has passed. Now I just feel queasy. I felt great the first 4 days, though I was expecting worse. Perhaps it just took a bit longer to get my detox started? Looking forward to 5pm, when I get to leave for home, lol. Very tired this morning.

    • Jennifleur says:

      I meant to say that this is the start of Day 5.

      • Once says:

        Hi J,

        Just a rumble huh? I have a sore griping cramping starvation feeling, from the base of my throat to my solar plexus, that sets in when my kids get home from school @ 2:30 and I have to prepare their food, and continues until bedtime. This is day 6 and it’s been everyday! I’m not complaining, but I’ll be very happy when that stops!

        There seems to be all kids of nausea and strange sensations when the digestive system “powers down”, and there is still some bile etc being produced and parts of the digestive tract are shrinking. I don’t know the precise mechanics of it all – but initially it is uncomfortable at times.

        I hope you’re home by now!

  28. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. i’m new here.. just started the juice fast today, i’m hoping to last at least 30 days.. my goal is to lose weight and cleanse my body, haven’t been on the scale yet, i’ll go on the scale tomorrow morning and let u know my start weight.. i really really need ur support to stay motivated and lose the weight and not give up.. thank you :)

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Hope
      Welcome to
      You will get all the support and help you need on our site, also guidance throught your fasting journey.
      May i ask how you found our site on the net?

      You can have a look at fasting videos of juice fasters and also myself. I am on day 14 of a 40 day water fast.
      Click on the link
      Best wishes Keith.

      • hope_83 says:

        hi keith.. i found ur website on google i was looking for some guidelines for juice fasting and weight loss.. very helpful website i should say.. well my day 1 is almost over, i still feel fine, i had some coffee no sugar with some skimmed milk.. i think i’ll try to cut coffee completely out in a few days..

    • Ron says:

      Hi Hope(s)! Welcome!! If you are new to fasting you may want to do a little research on this site and get Tom’s books! You will find a wealth of knowledge.

      You may also want to start small, by doing a 3-5 day fast first. You will feel invigorated and satisfied you made the smaller goal. Then move into a longer fast. Whatever your decision is, we are a faihful family here ready to help. God Bless, Ron

      • hope_83 says:

        hi ron.. thanks for the support.. i think it will help me a lot to post my progress here and get everyones support.. i really don’t wanna let myself down and i wanna lose the weight and prove to myself that i can do it.. :)

  29. Azeron says:

    Thanks guys for all your kind words and support. If I transition to juice I will still check in daily. I do want to stick it out these next eleven days. We will see…

  30. Territorytaker says:

    Welcome HOPE…you are amonst friends…and help…so welcome again and be strong…and really listen to the advice…it really is sound advice…the books are priceless….and will save you alot of pain…IF you listen…you CAN reach your goal !!! GOD’s grace and blessing to you …br John

    To all…day 21 for me on juice and tea…working 12 hours today then hope to run some tonight…

    Ron..Italian ??? my granpa was born in Italy…DeSerio’s…and DeStefano’s…


    • hope_83 says:

      hey john.. thanx i’m hoping to prove to myself that i can reach my goal and i will.. i usually have a very strong will power but i moved away from home (toronto- canada) to the UK to go to university since september doing a graduate program and i think i’ve been under too much stress and i kinda lost control of everything.. i’ve put on weight which has depressed me a bit and i can’t wait to just get rid of it all as soon as possible and feel like myself again.. i will try my hardest to be strong again and ur support will be helpful for sure :)

  31. Territorytaker says:

    RON, 23 years !!! thats wonderful …praise God…thats no small accomplishment in this day and time..blessings to you both…br John

  32. Ron says:

    Thanks John! Did I mention my 9 wonderful children too? LOL The party is at my house!! :)

  33. Steve says:

    How’s it going guys

    My fast is going quite well
    the first 5 days seemed the worst for energy levels
    since then i havnt had any dizyness or anything standing up

    Also i have been wakeing reliably at 8am every day the whole fast which is great, as for the last 10 years i have been nocternal!!! no matter how much i try to get out of it

    Today i had my first vivid food dream, which was odd

    Day 11 and 25.4 lb lost so far

  34. Samuel says:

    Hi guys, im about to start my 30 day juice fast from tomorrow hopefully. Tried starting yesterday and today but ended up eating in the evenings. But up side is i had about 500ml of juice each day so i guess im getting ready for it. Hopefully posting on here will be a motivating factor to stay on course.
    Will also do a SWF in the morning. I have a quick question. If you do a swf, does that mean your body will skip the 3days of metabolising food in intestines and go straight to body fat for fuel?
    Could use you guys prayers n motivation to see this through, I want this to be a turning of a new leaf in my life, lose some weight, detox, and start afresh.
    Peace all.

  35. keith101 says:

    Hi Samuel
    Juice fasts are used by many people. Juice fasts are less intensive than water fasts because the body doesn’t reach the ketosis stage. The advantage of juice fasts is that fruit and vegetable drinks can supply extra energy and nutrients. People can fit a few days of juice fasting into their normal schedules without significant drops in energy. Juice fasts are also said to have cleansing and detoxifying effects. The disadvantage of juice fasts is that the body never gets to the ketosis stage. There is more of a deep detoxification and healing effect with a water fast.

    It all depends on the intake of your juice intake on your fast before the body starts to burn fat for fuel…Calories in vs calories out when juice/veg fasting

    The SWF will however clense waste that is lying in the intestines speeding up detox.
    Hope this helps you.
    Best wishes on your fasting journey Keith.

  36. Jennifleur says:

    I made it through today, day 5. The sick feeling I had this morning passed after a couple of hours. But, after reading advice on this website, I decided to end it there, and go back to fruits and vegetables for the rest of my fast, as this is my first fast. I feel that it is better to leave fasting with a positive impression in my mind, so as to build up to longer fasts, rather than try to push myself now to go longer and end up failing at some point or hating the experience. I felt really good the past 5 days (well, except for this morning, lol). I think sticking with fruits and vegetables for the rest of it will still have positive effects (maybe not as effective as juice fasting), and it will still teach me discipline while allowing me to continue with my normal routine. I will also be continuing to establish an exercise routine, and I will have that in place before the next fast. So, fruits and veggies it is!

    • Territorytaker says:

      Jenn, great decision…great attitude… your in for a “good road” in your long term commitment to fasting…it realy does become a life style after a while…love and blessing to you,br John

      • Jennifleur says:

        Thanks for the encouragement. :) I do intend to continue to pursue fasting, eventually working my way up to 40 days. I might try 10 days this summer, on juice fasting. After 5 days, I was already noticing a difference. I hadn’t lost any weight, but I noticed that I was losing less hair as I wash my hair, and was also losing my eyelashes, but that has slowed down as well. I noticed that my stomach must’ve shrunk a bit as well, as it didn’t take much to satisfy me at lunch or dinner yesterday, even though I was eating just fruits and vegetables.

  37. Once says:

    That’s good thinking. 5 days is a good fast – enough time to give yourself a break and start losing weight. I’ve come through another dinner hour – and didn’t really feel too bad. I didn’t want the food. Wow. I am feeling a little joint pain in my left index finger…the first place I ever felt it.

    I wish I could get a definitive answer to this question – but no one seems to know: if fasting BOOSTS your immune system, and all the autoimmune prescriptions seek to calm down your immune system – how does a fast work on it?


    • Territorytaker says:

      Tom can answer that…he’s looking in his microscope now !!! blessings, br John

    • Ron says:

      Hi Once, The definition of Immune system is:

      {An immune system is a system of biological structures and processes within an organism that protects against disease by identifying and killing pathogens and tumor cells.}

      It would seem that “if” ones immune system is genetically sound, fasting would neither hurt nor help it. But, probably help a “little” by cleaning your system out! And of course the same would be true if an immune system were dysfunctional.

      We could be talking “genetics” here. Like being born with a defective heart valve, or some nervous system disorder. Fasting won’t cure that!

      Although some autoimmune problems can be brought on by a disease. Then I would say it would help to fast, if the immune system hasn’t been altered dramatically.

      In all cases, I don’t believe it would hurt to fast because you would free up your immune system (or what’s left of it) to work on more important matters!

      This is just my opinion. Tom may have more insight on this subject. Ron

  38. Territorytaker says:

    Ron ??? did you say (9)…nine !!…thats over a quiver full…hahaha…praise must be wonderful to have lots and lots of family…blessings, br John

    • keith101 says:

      Come on john
      Thats not a qiver, thats a tribe lol,
      Hey Ron my grandmother had 12, thats a football team lol
      She went through 12 loafs of bread a week, God rest her soul.

      • Ron says:

        I have 8 girls though! So, basketball? LOL My wife is a health nut! So, bread is out unless it’s “$prouted grain$”! Very expensive!! I grew up on Italian bread..and it didn’t harm…well maybe it did put several stones on mee bottom fur a time!! LOL

  39. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day twenty-nine of my fast passed a few hours ago, I was 235 pounds.

  40. Once says:

    Morning, Azeron

    Do you have a “target weight” in mind? I am still 158 lbs. today. I had only one serving of juice yesterday, and then just water/tea. I guess the ol’ bod can get by burning fewer than 3500 cals per day…that is, unless I RUN!!! Which I hope to do today, if there is no event on the track. No carcass, not even mine, can hoard calories when it’s owner makes it run!

    I expect the weight to come off fast – because it went on fast, and recently. A year ago today – I was fit & 135 lbs. Still some aching in the left index finger…which seems to be 10 degrees colder than my other digits. Weird. I’m off to the Farmer’s Market for some vegetables, bugs and slugs to juice. Have a great day, all

    • Azeron says:

      Hi Once. No. No target weight. I still have lots of fat on my stomach and thighs that I would like to disappear. I’ve lost sixty pounds in a month. I look in the mirror and can hardly tell. Tom says that since I have a slow metabolism I can exercise on a water fast, but I cannot see it happening. I can barely make it through the day as it is. When I begin juice fasting, I can resume my amino acids and vitamins and hopefully will have more energy so that I can exercise.

  41. Once says:

    Me too! At a certain point – weight-loss-wise – you’ve just gotta run, if you can. It’ll strip off that stuff and boost your metabolism. A slow even jog is fine, but nothing will accelerate weight loss as dramatically as workouts that include sprinting over short distances – even once or twice a week, in my experience.

    Silly to say that to a man on a water fast – but when you make a successful transition at the end of your fast onto a healthy diet, and start your aerobic exercise again, the fat will all disappear. I’ve gained and lost weight SO MANY times that I know you can completely alter your body composition – but that it takes a while.

  42. Territorytaker says:

    All good news…looks like everyone’s spot on in their fasting !!! Azeron your weights coming off good !…hang tough !…Ron’s doin so well he’s got time to make amost 2 basketball teams…hey they can scimmage each other hahaha…Once, you really sound very intellegent about all your doing…and I’d say your definately on the right track….and we all how well Mister Twilight Zone is doing …lolol…

    Once…I’m kind of on the same track you are…trying to incorporate some running and lifting….ran 7.17 miles tonight after work…so I’m hoping to also kickin my metabolism…to excellerate weight loss…and transfer this whole juice fasting thing into a FASTED LIFE STYLE….locked in at my ideal weight….LOVE AND STRENGHT TO ALL …br John.

    • Once says:

      Please please please stop saying “basketball”! My son’s driving me insane with March Madness…it’s basketball everyday all day with him – he’s either watching it or playing it or giving me bios and trivia on every player! He’s a one-man sports channel

      I love this site because it isn’t basketball!! It’s a basketball-free oasis!

  43. Sipsum247 says:

    Day 32 210lbs.

    • keith101 says:

      Hey Sipsum
      well done you have 10,lbs to go.
      Thats a walk in the park, stay focused, you can do this.
      I have just posted my new video of day 15-16 on youtube.
      Its now on my site.
      Blessings Keith.

  44. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day thirty of my fast passed a few hours ago, I was 233 pounds.

  45. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. i got an e.mail from tom to answer some questions about myself since i’m new here.. well.. i’m 26 years old, female, height is 5 foot 10, just weighed myself this morning 156.9lb, it’s my 3rd day of juice fast and i’m hoping to stick to it for 30 days.. i have 1 or 2 day fast a while ago, but not very experienced with fasting in general.. my goal is to lose the weight that i’ve put on since i moved away from home (canada) to go to university (UK), i’m going home in june so i want to look the same as i left :)

  46. keith101 says:

    Hi hope
    We are all here to help you.
    Remember the less juice/veg intake the more weight you will lose, but if you reduce your intake of juice remember to hydrate yourself with water.
    I live in the uk, up in Scotland, where are you living in the uk?
    Blessings Keith.

    • hope_83 says:

      hi keith.. i’m in belfast now, moved here in september to go to uni, doing a graduate program in accounting..
      yeah i’m gonna try and see if i can drink less juice and more water in the next few days and maybe only water every once in a while on the days that i’m not that hungry..
      thanx for all the help and support! :)

  47. Once says:

    Good morning everybody

    This is day 8, and I am 157 lbs. This next week, I hope to work out every day, and try to lose around 10 lbs, which would bring me within sight of my fighting weight once more…then the following week is spring break, and I plan to water fast for that week, as I won’t be too far from my bed. Yesterday afternoon was the first time on this fast that I was actually knackered enough to have to collapse during daylight hours – if only for about 15 minutes!

    Also during spring break my husband plans to start a juice fast – he has knee surgery in a few months and wants to lose weight, and of course they won’t let him fast around the surgery.

    Ttaker – by “fasted lifestyle” do you mean constant fasting, or frequent fasts? It would be really convenient not to have to eat anymore…do you think our teeth would fall out from boredom if we didn’t use them anymore?

    • Once says:

      oh -and – what I would really like to do, if possible, would be to maintain a water fast for awhile, then go and have another autoimmune blood test, to see if the RA factor is still there. If by some chance it isn’t, then it will prove to me that my autoimmune disease has to do with food intolerance that has been lifelong – namely wheat and dairy. I will then know to keep my diet free of these. If it IS still there – then I will be very disappointed, and will shut up on the subject once & for all.

      My doctor will be very interested – she is one of those rare individuals…a doctor who listens to her patients!!

  48. Territorytaker says:

    Once…fasted life ???…yeah to be in some form of fasting most of the time…I mean, I’m still like this huge science experiment…so I don’t know exactly what that’s going to look like…but once I get down to “fighting weight”….my plan is to add just enough good things to then maintain my weight while running hard and lifting…which might look like juicing with spirulina… with vitamins…which I’m doing now…and just adding to the amount dayly untill everything evens out…and stay there…and monitor my health and strenght…and adjust if any goes in a wrong direction…and yeah hopefully my teeth won’t fall out..hahaha….love and blessings br John

  49. hope_83 says:

    hi.. today is my 4th day on juice fast, weight this morning 154.7 lbs :)

  50. Sipsum247 says:

    Day 34 209lbs – Almost there.

  51. hope_83 says:

    k day 4 and i thought i was going ok, but i’m super hungry and have a horrible headache :-/

  52. Azeron says:

    Greetings! I am officially ending my water fast now. I finished at 233 pounds and while I did not reach forty days, I am okay with sixty-two pounds lost. The next stage will by juice fasting then transitioning back to raw foods. I do not expect that I will be able to do even thirty days on juice so I will shoot for a few days and see how it goes.

    • Steve says:

      well done on the 30 days thats still some doing

      im on day 14 I was 334.2 lb im 304.4 today
      so you lost more per day than i have

      though im taking 80 cals a day in orange or apple juice and 1 vitamin

  53. Territorytaker says:

    WOW GOD !!!…looks like everyone doin’ amazing…Hope, Sipsum, Azeron, Steve, Keith….you all are beasts…tearin’ it up…all your weight loss is great …Azeron, when you start on juice you should have sooo much energy you probably won’t sleep for 3 days…with your metabolism…you probably don’t even need to eat…please let us know how it goes…

    I’m 24 days now on juice and tea…have ran the last 3 days…today was a 5.47 mile day…this morning I was 133.8 lbs..I started out at 149 lbs….and am approaching the upper end of my weight goal…so that feels real good…like to STAY between 127-133 …for me this is a pretty ambitious goal….but no more ambitious than any of you all’s goals…GOD bless all of you…You CAN DO IT …br John.

  54. DL says:

    WOW – day 14 juice fast and I had the most UNBELIEVABLE dreams of food while awake. Dreams combined with the most immense fixated cravings I have ever experienced in my life. I was completely overwhelmed and could not figure out how to get my brain on something else. I caved. But what was the most amazing thing, the next day I went right back to juice fasting. I couldn’t believe how it was so much effort to chew, and I really didn’t enjoy the taste of the food I craved and ate – but I was able to forgive myself, figure out what my trigger was, and get back on track. Anytime in the past when I caved while trying to do something, I completely gave up and disliked myself for not completing what I started, but for some reason this time I didn’t. I can’t get over how much color I have in my cheeks, how happy I feel inside and outside. I love my juicer.

    • DL says:

      I’m going to call today as day 16 of the juice fast, with a learning day.

    • Territorytaker says:

      DL…I did the same thing on like day 7 … just so tormented with hunger..I gave in had a peanut butter/jelly sandwich…frozen banana …some ice cream…and that was it…from then on been solidly on juice/tea ever since, now 24 days…so don’t feel bad…hang tough…I LOVE MY JUICER TOO…one of the best investments I’ve ever made…God bless, br John

      • Territorytaker says:

        DL …my bad…I just looked, it happened on DAY 14 !!!…lololol..just like you…I guess the same demon that attacked me…ran over to your house and jumped on you…I’ll pray for you …you pray for me…haha…love and strength, br John

        • DL says:

          you’re very helpful, thank you for your time. Is there another “danger” day coming up? like day 3 or week 3 or anything like that which seem to get people? I’d like to know so I can work towards a solution before it creeps up on me. thanks for any insight you can provide – sending some extra Karma your way, DL

          • Once says:

            For me there’s never a particular day – but rather the UNEXPECTED day – that 1 day when everything busts loose unexpectedly laying waste to the little fasting routine you had planned and you have to keep your fasting mentality…it’s something unforeseen, like an unexpected high stress day where you happen to really feel hunger, and your physical strength gives out – Tom says try not to focus on any particular food which might become obsessive and weaken your resolve, but I am a regular human, and it happens to me…combine it with high octane stress situation with sick kids and sons with games, and husbands who are supposed to be caring for their own sick mother as well as daughter – and it all goes south and you have no juice to keep you energized where I’m distracted from my personal fast, and whether I eat or sit miserably in a restaurant while my family eats becomes less important.

            To sum it up – stuff will come at you unexpectedly that you hadn’t figured into your fast – like being in the midst of a hungry family in an emergency room cubicle for 6 hours- watching spiderman over and over again…you realize that the others don’t realize what hunger really is…that you could personally gulp down all of them and not even belch!!

            So…try to keep juice with you wherever you are, Because you never know what might happen, and if you can sip it frequently, the terrible hunger that gets us into trouble might be avoided

  55. Once says:


    Guilty as well…yesterday was too much. I had some pear/apple juice in the a.m. and then took my daughter to the hospital w/asthma, and my son to his basketball game…zooming back and forth across town, finding parking, running up & down hills for hours, and holding my daughter while she got a series of treatments – cheering my son – (how WAS i in 2 places at the same time – but I was!)

    things I do all the time – but NOT on a fast. By 7pm they were still trying to stabilize her so they could send her home – the rest of the family was hollow-eyed and starved – the cafeteria was closed, and stupidly I hadn’t packed any juice. I had a throbbing headache, was dizzy, starving hungry, exhausted and fed up. When they released us – we had to get a hot meal into the kids. I had spent the last 48 hrs trying not to obsess about about a piece of flaky steaming fish, and maybe some pasta (also piping hot!!)- that when I was sitting at a table, menu in hand full of good quality food – I CAVED!!

    But – I didn’t overeat – and felt much better afterward, and today I went right back to the fast. I don’t feel guilty – yesterday WAS simply too much!! It’s OK

    • Once says:

      (so – I caved briefly on day 8…I can’t stand making this day 1 again…we’re not in AA here…so I’ll say day 8 again. Weight went back up 2 lbs. The salt, no doubt – I’m super-sensitive to salt, and after fasting, anything savory tastes very salty). OK Folks..onward through the fog

      • Steve says:

        Im not sure if it means much going up 2 lb
        I took some salt 2 days ago and only lost 0.2 lb that day instead of the usual 1.8-2.0

        Anything i drunk seemed to stay in

  56. hope_83 says:

    ok so i’m reading everyone’s blogs and apparently yesterday was the “global day of cravings” lol.. i don’t know why i’m laughing cause i actually disappointed myself big time.. was my 4th day and i was so glad i made it to day 4, but i was almost dying of a horrible headache and was craving hot food and sweets and all the stuff u name it that i’m not supposed to eat :( so i finally gave in and i did over eat a bit too, chocolates and all that.. and i went on the scale this morning 157.9lbs so i gained 3lbs since yesterday, but i’m back on my juice fast again to day, day 1 again, and i promised myself that i won’t give in this time no matter what.. i am really really hoping to be able to be keep it up this time, i really don’t wanna disappoint myself again cause to be honest i am a bit down today and annoyed with myself and keep thinking i messed it up and i wasn’t strong enough to fight it.. oh well.. i am on it again, today, day 1, juice fast, weight 157.9..
    sorry think i talked too much :-/ lol

  57. MMataloni says:

    Hi folks, admire you all for your focus and discipline.
    I’m on Day 1 of a 21-28 day water fast.
    My previous best was 14 days. It was a good experience overall.

    I’m about 30-45lbs overweight depending on what percent of body fat is optimal. My main goal is not weight loss, but to try and rid myself of psoriasis.
    My last fast improved the skin condition. After reading Dr. Furhman’s writings I’m convinced I did not go long enough to get rid of it. This will not be easy, but I’m tired of living with this stuff, and don’t believe I have to if I can stay focused on a water only fast to reduce or eliminate immune system response.
    I welcome the camaraderie of this site as well as any perspectives on autoimmune disease and fasting.

    • hope_83 says:

      hey mark.. if u’ve done it before for 14 days i’m sure u can keep it up this time for 21-28 days, i’m new here too, just joined a few days ago, i was on day 4 yesterday but i messed it up :( but i’m starting new today as my day 1, juice fasting.. i know u’re goal is not to lose weight and just to cleanse ur body but i want to lose about 30 lbs as well and my goal is to lose it all, i don’t know how long it’s gonna take but i hope i can keep it up until i reach my goal..
      i’m sure u can do it, good luck and keep us posted :)

  58. Sipsum247 says:

    When I started the fast I was 240. I was as high as 260 in September 2009. I really need to get back into the gym. When I weighed 200 – 210 before, I was solid. Now that I’m 209, I still feel flabby.

  59. Once says:

    Hi Mark,

    I found a website that has really helped me with my allergies and joint pain. It’s a facility in Canada of drs and researchers who believe that autoimmune disease is caused by possible genetic factors that make some people more susceptible to food and environmental allergies. The e-books are around $5 and the information is sound, as far as I’m concerned. I know which foods (and drink) to cut out – but my own worst enemy is myself and my eating habits, which I’m hoping to break with this fast. is the webpage for psoriasis. I think these people have the right idea, although every doctor I’ve asked said that no, food has nothing to do with arthritis. I also know that excess fat (particularly the abdominal kind) has inflammatory properties in and of itself. Again – fasting helps with that too. It’s unfortunate that “mainstream medicine” can’t teach us how to cure ourselves and prevent disease more often.

    If you decide to juice fast – there are certain fruits and vegetables and herbs that are anti-inflammatory and healing.

    I am on day 9, and my hair has started falling out in fistfuls. <>

    • DL says:

      Oh dear Once: I read somewhere here on the website – 20 grams of protein powder daily to stop hair from falling out. That is the reason why I add one scoop of Vega with juice for breakfast, and one scoop of Vega with water for lunch, (along with a scoop of Greenfood for photo nutrients), and a tablespoon of Udo’s Oil) I have water with lemon juice all day (I’m at about 4-5 glasses a day), and a glass of fresh fruit or vege juice at dinner. There’s something about the lemon juice in water which keeps my hunger pains at bay. I add a little bit of cayenne pepper because it naturally opens up veins etc and helps to clean the built up crap in my arteries/veins etc. Google what cinnamon or cayenne pepper do for anti-inflamitory and heart etc. My hair hasn’t been falling out any more than normal and I’m over 2 weeks now on the fast – with one boo boo day. I hope you figure out the correct combination which words for you, to stop your hair loss.

  60. MMataloni says:

    Thanks Once,
    I’ll look into it. I’ve gone to a wholeistic MD who did some blood work that indicated what you said – certain foods could be a trigger for me. wheat, yeast, almonds, cruciferous vegtables.
    I like you am my own worst enemy. After the last fast (14 days) I stayed on whole foods for 2 weeks, and then slid back to more liberal eating, which is why I’m trying to do an more extended one now.
    I’ve heard hair can become dormant, but that you don’t lose the follical- has this happend to you before? What is the the lenght of your fast- how bad is your

  61. Once says:

    Yes – my hair falls out every fall – has done so for the last 5 years or so. Then 2 years ago in was spring AND fall. It shouldn’t be a response to this fast – it hasn’t even been 2 weeks, and hair takes MONTHS to respond to a rapid weight loss

    Anyway – my RA isn’t bad, technically. Xrays show no joint damage. I’ve had pain in my hands, neck and feet periodically. I’ve always had days when I feel weak and feverish with vague joint pains. It’s slowly progressed over my lifetime. Now it can hurt very much, yet I don’t really have the “classic symptoms”, the rheumatologist says. But I take it seriously. My daughter nearly died at 14 from Wegener’s Granulomatosis and that immune disease is related to RA. My question is: I wasn’t born with RA, so why must I have it for life now?

    I haven’t planned the length of my fast, because every time I’ve announced “I’m starting a 30-day juice fast – ta-daaa!” I couldn’t make it. So I want to lose 25 pounds, cheer up, and – best case scenario -get rid of RA, and I don’t know how long that’ll be. Next week I’m going to TRY a water fast, and get some rest.

    Anyway-the big inflammatory allergy foods are wheat, dairy (casein) and yeast. People are just beginning to admit just how addictive and destructive refined sugar ( esp. high fructose corn syrup) are!

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Hi Once
      For the readers: Chronic granulomatous disease (CGD) (also known as “Bridges–Good syndrome,” “Chronic granulomatous disorder,” and “Quie syndrome”[1]) is a diverse group of hereditary diseases in which certain cells of the immune system have difficulty forming the reactive oxygen compounds (most importantly, the superoxide radical) used to kill certain ingested pathogens.[2] This leads to the formation of granulomata in many organs.[3] CGD affects about 1 in 200,000 people in the United States, with about 20 new cases diagnosed each year.[4][5] I did a web search and there is not much out there on natural cures for the condition so it looks like periodic juice fasting would be the only natural therapeutic choice for long term management.

      • Once says:

        Yes Tom,

        Wegener’s is very dangerous – it begins with severe sinusitis, which my daughter had all summer in 2003.

        She was in the hospital with bloody sinusitis , but no one thought of Wegener’s because it is unusual in a very young person. By the time she was properly diagnosed a month later – she was literally dying – hemorrhaging through her lungs. It was pure luck that we had taken her back to the ER when she started hemorrhaging. Pure luck that she went into one of the top ped ICUs in the country.

        What was spooky was that a day or so before her pediatrician said her lungs were all clear. And in the ER, the intake nurse was upset that I had let her suffer without oxygen! Her kidneys were destroyed – and still they weren’t sure whether it was Goodpasture’s or Wegener’s. They let me attend the conference where her case was discussed (which was very unusual – it’s for medical personnel only) They couldn’t tell me why it happened, but are you saying that it was something she ate?

    • MMataloni says:

      Good luck with the water fast Once.
      (Day 2 water fast for me- 1st 3 days were the toughest last time- till I got to `14!)
      I think from what I’ve read WF is the key to putting automimmune reaction to rest if done long enough and the right diet is adopted afterwards.

      Anthony Robbins helps keep me going …..”You are now at a crossroads. This is your opportunity to make the most important decision you will ever make. Forget your past. Who are you now? Who have you decided you really are now? Don’t think about who you have been. Who are you now? Who have you decided to become? Make this decision consciously. Make it carefully. Make it powerfully.”

      Does your daughter now need dialysis?

      • Once says:

        Anthony Robbins? With the big teeth? Does he water fast? Not with those teeth, he doesn’t!!!

        My daughter had dialysis for a couple of months – and in the following March received a donor kidney from a child her own age. It was a perfect match. I think you’re absolutely right about the SW/diet.

  62. Once says:

    Hey Azeron!! How’s the juice treating ya?

  63. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day Two After My Water Fast and I am a bit better. On Monday (Day One) it became apparent that I did not have the energy to drive and I had to call in. I tried my juicer for the first time and juiced up four oranges netting a half bowl of orange juice and a mess. I am so glad that I did not try to juice fast before the water. I’ll be eating jello and juice until I can handle solid fruit again. I am now 232 pounds.

    • Once says:

      what kind of juicer are you using for the oranges??? I always make a mess with the juicer – The washing/scrubbing chopping juicing, then cleanup of machine and surrounding area that’s always drenched and splattered with escaped pulp… is a dreaded chore…and I have to admit that a couple of times it has ended my fasting…after a couple of weeks – watching everybody else slap together a sandwich in 5 minutes while I have to go through that rigamarole…

      but it’s worth it if you can keep it up. I’m glad you’re feeling better. You are breaking the fast very wisely!!

  64. Steve says:

    Day 16 and i have lost 10% of my body weight
    34.4 lb im 300.8 lb now will be nice to go under 300 tomorrow

    still feeling good

  65. Sipsum247 says:

    Day 36 208 lbs.

  66. ecidemon says:

    Hey All!

    I’ve been reading all the comments on the first one and now this one, and it’s encouraging. I’m currently on Day 3 and all is well. I did this sort of on a whim, but I’m going to try and stick it out at least 21 days, longer if I feel like I can do it.

    I’ll keep you all updated with my progress, I don’t have a scale or anything, but last time I was at the dr, I’m 6’1 303lbs, my “target” weight would be 220, but I don’t expect to hit that, but we’ll see how that goes. unfortunately I don’t have a scale, but I’ll probably pick one up on sunday, and have a weigh in on day 7.

    One thing is I can’t get my favorite Thai place out of my head, but I seem to be managing. Not tired or sore or any of that yet. I don’t plan on doing any enemas, but will likely do the saltwater flush within the next few days.

    • ecidemon says:

      Forgot to add, I’m doing a water-only fast, first time I’ve fasted.

      • MMataloni says:

        good luck, and if you really stick to it, its not luck, its a committment to yourself that no one else can give you.
        As I write this someone is cooking something wonderful in our work kitchen.

        I remind myself that I will eat again for almost everyday of my life, but I only get a chance to improve my health if I stick to this, and take a short vaction from food.
        I’m on day 2, and it does get easier after day 3 or 4.

  67. Territorytaker says:

    Ron, Keith, Once, I’m planning to go from juice to water only for a week…starting 1st or 2nd of April…providing my weight is high enough…I don’t want to get below normal on my BMI index…going to try to run to and from work tonight…thats 16 miles … please pray… love and blessings to all who fast,br John

  68. Once says:

    Er – btw…how much juice are you drinking? I don’t have a fast metab by any means…but I had to sit down and rest after cleaning the kitchen this afternoon, and as Keith says I’m “out-o-puff” walking up hills. Not to mention crabby as a sick cat after noon.

  69. Territorytaker says:

    I’m doin about 32 oz. a day…maybe 40…but I also do tea/w honey/creamer..maybe 3 cups/day…my job is mostly non-physical…and I’m a unmarried empty-nester…so all my time is mine…except for work and ministry at the nursing home…I know…and it is… much easier for me to fast than all the rest of you…so as this period of my life has permitted I intend to take advantage and break into a fasted life style..yeah, I’m at work now…made it here ok…work 12 hours and then will figure out if I can make it home…12 hrs. is normally plenty of time to recover…but NORMALLY I don’t do this while fasting so kinda playin it by ear…LOVE AND BLESSINGS ,br John…still 133-134 lbs.

  70. ecidemon says:

    Well, I fell off the waggon tonight over some chicken.. So I’ll just call it my 3-day trial fast :)

    I plan on starting a 21 “for real” fast the day after Easter, one that I’m more prepared for, rather that just doing it on a whim.

    I honestly felt pretty good, not sure why I decided to eat something.

  71. Territorytaker says:

    oopps…sorry I left out the spirulina ! ! ! …I put that in my juice 3-4 times a day…yeah without it I coundn’t run much…it really prevents the destruction of my my muscle tissue and seems it keep that in check…but even with all that I still can’t run every day,YET… and have to miss a day here and there…but pleased so far…like I said before I feel like I’m this living science experiment…and just prayerfully pressing toward the mark of my own personal excellence…and thats never a straight line….ups and downs all the way…like my 14th. day peanut butter/jelly sandwich blowout day…lol…but just a bump in my road towards a goal of excellence,amen…PRESS ON EVERYONE !!! YOU CAN GET THERE FROM HERE !!! love to all, br John

  72. Territorytaker says:


  73. Territorytaker says:

    MY TYPING not a plus in my life…sorry… YOU “CAN’T” LOOSE !!!

  74. DL says:

    woo hoo – another brilliant “juicy day”. today was blueberry juice day mmmmmm blueberry juice!
    Br. John: have you ever tried mango juice – it has exceptionally high vitamin B – would that can help with energy for running. Just got my bike back from a friend who needed it more than I did – so it’s back cycling to and from work everyday now. I’m much happier cycling instead of driving – life is much slower and relaxing.

    • Territorytaker says:

      sweet!!!…never had mango or blueberry juice …I’m really looking forward to this summer season here and getting access to a greater variety of friuts and veggies…be safe on that bike…happy fasting, br John

    • Once says:

      Lucky DL! A carton of bbs over here is nearly $6, and that would net me less than a shotglass of blue juice…
      But in a couple of months, they’ll hopefully appear in greater volume, and mixed with strawberries and grannysmiths – it’s finally spring!! I’ve never fasted over the winter before, and it’s infinitely easier to fast in hot weather!!!

      My sister-in-law & I want to open a juice-bar one day, and I can totally fund my juice fasts!

  75. ecidemon says:

    After breaking my fast last night on some chicken strips drenched in Pure Arson hotsauce, I feel really guilty, and feel like I need to start my fast again – Is this a good idea or not?

  76. Sipsum247 says:

    Day 37 – Feeling anxious now. My wife had to buy new clothes to fit better. Also starting to run again. hopefully I can get back to where I started from.

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Sipsum
      Day 21 on water tomoz, so I will be posting my video tomoz.
      I was working today, [BAD IDEA]…I came home with a thumping soar head, but i stood firm. I am half way to the top of this mountian that im climbing and there is no turning back until i reach the top.
      How did you get on with your running?
      Blessings Keith.

  77. Once says:

    Boy do I feel like a chump…I spent 2 hours on juice production this morning, almost immediately the fridge went on the fritz…

    So either I’ll be drinking some very interesting “cider” later on, or I’ll just start the water fast a little early!

  78. Once says:

    Hi Everyone –

    I’m going to start my water fast on Sunday. One thing that’s been happening recently is that I can’t focus while I’m driving. I keep dropping into a trance on the road – and don’t pay enough attention to traffic signals vs stop signs. Yesterday I woke up from a reverie at a stoplight and heard someone really laying on the horn. I looked around – the light was still red – then I tried to figure out whether my own horn was stuck, and all the while the kids were talking to me and I wasn’t listening.

    It took me a full ten seconds to realize it was the lead guitar in the song on the radio leaning on one note…weird! I don’t want to be behind the wheel on a water fast at all! I don’t know how Azeron managed. What happens to the c. cortex on a fast?

    • Azeron says:

      Driving wasn’t so bad. It was standing that was so draining.

      • Once says:

        Azeron – How are you? Did you have any headaches on the water fast? Are you still juice fasting? How is it going? Have you maintained your new weight? Have your ladies forgiven you? Have you been to the gym yet?


        • Azeron says:

          Greetings! No. No headaches. No hunger pains. I did have that issue where it seemed like I was full all the way to my throat. We discussed that, I believe. I also still have that issue. It feels as though either my esophagus is restricted in some fashion or there is something in it. I cannot explain it. I am not juice fasting. However, I cannot eat solid foods. I am eating sugar free jello and drinking liquids including, of course water but also store bought apple juice (not from concentrate, which tastes horrible, by the way). I tried to eat some grapes…oh boy! I thought I was going to die. Let’s just say getting on the fast has proven a lot easier than getting off for me. I remember reading about these people who gave in to the temptation to eat and I get tremors in my stomach. I am going to see an ENT on Tuesday. It was either that or an internist. I have not gone to the gym. I am 233 pounds. I have been checking in. As I am not fasting any longer, I have not been commenting as much, but this is still my homepage.

          • Once says:

            Oh no. Why can’t you make some juice? Or have some blended veg soup? Or broth? I’m sure your GI tract will have shrunken and shut down after such a long fast, and you probably shouldn’t attempt any kind of solid food for a week or two.

            My “blockage” feeling is in my chest – I’m pretty sure my stomach has air trapped in it, so I’m trying to drink a lot to break it up. I really don’t want to drink water, but I’m making myself drink, because my back hurts quite a bit too.

  79. Sipsum247 says:

    Day 38 – The run was good although I could only run 1/2 a mile. I walked 3. But in due time with consistency, I should get my wind back up. Keith, I will check out your videos – I can only see them at home – office computer filters out any YouTube videos.

  80. marieat says:

    In the first 17 days of this last fast, I lost 33 pounds. Now I’ve been on a plateau for a week now. How do I get off and start losing again?
    I’ve been only on water and 2 vitamin E tablets. And was on Kombucha before the plateau.

  81. Once says:


    I haven’t officially started my water fast yet, but I haven’t had anything more than a mouthful of juice. Then I dropped it all over the car! So that was it.

    Two practical questions. I already have an incredible headache, and pretty hefty kidney discomforts. Since it seems that whenever you’re on a fast, and you know your breath is incredibly bad, people want to get really close to talk to you. Your stepping backward and turning your head to the side to answer them only makes them step closer. I was practically touching noses with the kids’ pediatrician this afternoon, and not a thing could I do about it. It was pretty mortifying. Since breath mints don’t help when things are that bad, the only thing that will help are sugar free citrus cough drops – the grapefruit flavor. Would that be breaking the fast to have one or two in a social emergency?

    Also, can you take something for the pain if you have to stay on your feet or run around? Is Aleve a good idea? I want to try to avoid these things, but if it gets to be too much, would these things be considered breaking the fast?

  82. marieat says:

    I did add cayenne the last 3 days. Still no progress. Anything else I should try?

    • Once says:

      Are you doing any walking? Yoga? Pilates? Some kind of low aerobic, no impact exercise will get things rolling. If it is possible I will take a stroll before bedtime on my water fast hoping that will knock me out. Just keep moving as much as you can (but rest too
      when you need it)

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Mariet
      Try drinking a small cup of green tea in the morning, you can also do an enema to speed up detox and weight loss.
      Also you can drink really cold water, your body has to work harder to keep itself at normal temperature, thus causing your metabolism to speed up, hope this helps you for now
      Blessings Keith.

  83. Territorytaker says:


  84. DL says:

    straight water and lemon juice for the next 2 days, then it’s back to juice for the following 5 days. feeling good – slightly agitated at work with the stress – I’m hoping the bike riding will get rid of the grinchies.

  85. free says:

    Hi, Im new here. Im on day 5 of a water fast, hoping for 30 days, but will see how it goes. I had a couple of slips in the first few days, but nothing more than a couple of bites. Im moving on from it rather than telling myself i have to go back to day 1. My hunger has now gone and I feel more energetic. Im also starting to feel the mental calmness that I wanted. I havent weighed myself as I need to get batteries for my scales, but this is more about cleansing, healing and personal insight. I feel like this fast will be my ‘reset’ button to continue my life in the way I wish it to. ….happy and healthy :) I look forward to following all of your progress!

  86. keith101 says:

    Hi free
    You can have a look at my water fasting videos from you tube, I am on day 22 of a 40 day water fast, it will give you some insight on water fasting click on the link below to view my site.
    best wishes on your 30 day fast.
    Blessings Keith.

  87. Once says:

    Hello everyone, this is day one of my water-fast-of-indeterminate-length. I’ve had no coffee this morning, nothing but water. No headache or discomfort at this time. My weight is 155 lbs.

  88. luella says:

    Hello all! I’m new to this site, as I’ve been searching for a community which provides positive support for fasting. I’ve previously completed 14 day water fasts, which left me feeling utterly refreshed and invigorated. Today is Day 1 of my 20 day water fast, which I’m completing mostly to detox and clean my system, as well as break my habits of consuming the wrong kind of foods (as my diet was previously mostly raw); I have slowly fallen off the bandwagon since returning to college. Today I feel good, no hunger, good energy level.
    Cheers, Luella

  89. keith101 says:

    Hi luella
    welcome to
    you have came to the right site for support on your fast. Well done on your last fast, best wishes on your new one. We are here if you need any questions answered.
    Blessings Keith.

  90. luella says:

    Hi Keith,

    I actually would like to know whether it is recommended I stop taking my daily multivitamin while doing a water fast?

    • keith101 says:

      Hi luella
      You do dot need to take multivitamins on a water fast, your body uses the stores that it has, dont be afraid and think that your body will be deficient in vitamins and minerals, your body adapts when you water fast.
      You can also take an oral enema at the start of your fast to clear the waste that lies in the intestines and colone.[HIGHLY RECOMENDED].
      I will be posting my video of day 23 tonight, I will be talking about your question.
      Blessings Keith.

  91. Oikle says:

    Well finally … last day of my 40 day juice fast … only 2 hrs until I start eating again :) . What a journey it has been! Kind of felt like I was stuck in white water for most of the journey but now its like I’m in the calm water just beyond the base of a wonderful waterfall. Peace beyond anything I have possibly ever felt.

    The first 2/3 of the fast I grizzled but after that the Lord moved me to a different place and the insights I have discovered since then are life changing. It’s been a rough start to my Christian journey but I can see why God has done what he has done and I am thankful beyond the words I have available to me.

    Fortunately I have only lost about 8% of my body weight so I am ending the fast at 48.8kg (about 107lb). I seem to have lost a considerable amount of muscle content though and have dropped 2 dress sizes so I guess it’s back to the kids department for a little while LOL. The last 10 days I have struggled with diarrhoea which makes no sense to me but … *shrugs shoulders*. In that time I’ve felt ok but extremely tired and very pale. Almost like there is insufficient energy for my body to function properly.

    I have spent the last few days looking at diet possibilities now that I have cleared my body out. From Googling “healthiest nation”, it seems that the Japanese have the best diet and Greeks and Italians are not far behind. Going to try that for a while and see how I go. I went out yesterday and tried to find myself bento box equivalents and have stocked up on fresh fruit and veggies.

    Now that I have got over the mountain I’m going to bring smaller more regular fasts into my life … 1 day a week, 1 week a month, 1 month a year. I can definately see the value of just spending regular time completely focussed on Him. For the next fast though, He’s given me Ezekiel 4:9-11 so I guess that will be the start of a different twist in my journey :D .

    Thank you so much to Tom for the amazing wealth of knowledge and support on this site; it has been invaluable. Also to Keith and Ron for their well timed nudges and words of encouragement along the way :) .

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Oikle
      Glad to hear that you are on a whole new spiritual plain, and your life long walk with the Lord. You are gifted and have been blessed.

      I have read all your posts and know that you have a good heart, use this and pour out you blessings to others.
      God bless, your lifes journey has just begun, God has a plan for you. Keith.

  92. marieat says:

    Thanks for the ideas. I had cold water today and tried to do an enema. After 6 different drug stores, they finally had one. I got the enema bag home and it was defective. Can I just use a prepared saline one?

    I’m so not going to 6 other stores. Still too weak to exercise.

  93. Samuel says:

    Hi all, thank you so much for regular comments and such, really keeps me going.

    Im going to start my second juice fast tomorow, probably 30 days, or even more depending on how long I need it…

    I have ordered some spirulina powder, and was wondering how much I should take daily while on Juice fast. I normally have about 250ml to 500ml of Juice per day.

    I was thinking of taking 10grams of Spirulina powder per day, probably 5g in morning and 5g late afternoon or evening.

    I will need it to preserve muscle and to be able to continue weight lifting while on juice..

    10grams per day, is that ok or too much?

  94. DL says:

    after 2 weeks on juice, I’m on day 2 of water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper. I can’t get over how slow time moves. I also can’t get over how I can wake up at 6:30 am without an alarm clock! This is a MAJOR change for me from sleeping in and being late to work every day. I actually like that I’m ready to go to sleep at 8:30PM instead of being up until 2-3am. I would like to attempt a 3 week water fast. I will take it one day at a time, and put a real effort in.

    Oikle: you’re spot on – I’ve also seen too many benefits from the fasting and am now a firm believer in the benefits of incorporating fasting into my week, as part of my healthy lifestyle.

  95. Oikle says:

    Hi Keith,

    Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes I am very much gifted and blessed but none of it is my doing. It is all due to His mercy. Without Him there is no way I would be the person I am today. Only 18 months ago, prior to me accepting Christ, I was a very different person to who I am today. I can only pray that, when my time is done here, I have used His gifts to the best of my ability, to bring Him all the glory.

    In regards to His plan for me, He spoke to me a lot about that over the 40 days and, even in that short time, certain situations have come to light, many doors have been opened and some (that needed to be) have closed. He’s made it very clear what He needs me to focus on at the moment and what I need to let go of. He is very rapidly opening up areas of ministry for me to move into and, things that I have delayed starting due to fear in my own ability, He’s just thrown me in head first. I can see a lot more white water ahead of me in the next few months but I’m just going to shut my eyes, hold my breath and completely trust in Him to lead me through because I know that I myself don’t have the ability to get through it. At least I now have a lot more reassurance of His love for me and the certainty that He will provide for all my needs every step of the way.

    By the way, how’s the situation with your ex and children panning out? I have kept you in my prayers and will continue to do so. :)

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Oikle
      Things are going well, I am back in court 4-5th may for a full hearing.
      This is day 24 of my water fast. Time seems to be at a standstill, but this gives me pleanty of time for reflection and prayer.
      Things are moving in the right direction for me in work and life.
      Blessings Keith.

  96. Once says:

    I ended my water fast today and return to juice. It took my body the whole of day one until it realized it wasn’t getting any coffee, for the first time in many years – then all at once in the evening, I got very sick. Migraine, nausea, fever, you name it. Then a sleepless night from heck. No Ambien, so I couldn’t fall completely asleep. My husband has a pinched nerve in his neck-so he woke me up shouting every time he moved. Then I was waking up worrying about the traffic outside the window. Fear and dread, that the Saturday night traffic was taking this intersection at 70 mph, and somebody was going to crash. I finally got up and closed the window.

    Day Two, feeling as if I should be humanely shot. And no coffee to get me going. Wandered around like a sick zombie, then just had to go back to bed and curl up shivering. Just as Tom says – bedridden. Last night, another sleepless night – in fact, I was up from 3 – to 5:30 doing household chores.

    Today, I have a lot of things to do, and need some energy. As soon as I had some juice – I felt really good, positive, and healthy. I want to stay on juice, as after all last weekend on water only – I lost no weight. There is either some “blockage” physically or psychologically, or I need more time. I have to run around and look after the kids – so I am having juice for now. I think I made progress handling the intense discomfort of my personal detox. Also, my hair is falling out pretty heavily, which is scaring me, and I really think there is malnourishment going on. I truly envy Azeron his comparatively smooth journey – but I’m worried about you Azeron. Are you any better?

    Also, one of the administrators has talked about fear being addressed through fasting. I obviously have some of that – from waking over and over in anxiety during the night. I have had some extremely intense scary and upsetting times during the last few years and that has to be released. Due to my many obligations, it’s obviously going to take time. Thanks to Tom, I am learning how to heal myself. My husband is about to start a juice fast – and he is a champion! He works a 15 hour day, suffers sleepless nights, and keeps going and going. Don’t tell him I said so – but I think he’s awesome!! I’ll continue to record my juice fast, and his.

  97. DL says:

    day 3 water – I had 2 hunger pangs today. although when I smelt other peoples food around dinner time – I started visualizing food. Instead of caving – I thought about people who are being tortured who have it far worse off than me, so I have nothing to complain about. down 3 pounds from when I started the water fast on Saturday. time is still moving slow, and I was able to focus more today than i was on Saturday. Still quite calm considering I quit smoking almost 3 weeks ago.

  98. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Watched your 24-day video last night on, though you said you were a little “weak”, you seemed to be doing well.

    I am on day two today of my water-fast and went to the Doctor for a check on my white blood cell count; “lo and behold’ it was 5.6 ! – Normal range 4.3 > 10.0
    It has now gone up 38%.
    Maybe the previous 10 day water-fast had something to do with it?

    Anyways, I am embarking on my 30 day water-fast and will do a SWF tomorrow, day three. Wish me luck! 

    All the best!


  99. keith101 says:

    Hi Dedrik
    I put on a brave face whilst fasting lol.
    Day 25 now and it feels like im living on a differant planet.
    Yesterday I took another laxitive called picolax, which cleaned me right out, all that was being expelled at the end was water, [good news].

    38% sounds a ittle high to me,think you have been partying little to hard with the guys on the…..T..W…. ship? lol
    Have you been exercising?
    May i ask if you are an engineer?

    One more thing, only do the S W F…2-3 times during your water fast. I took the swf day 3-8-18 then picolax on day 23-24
    Reember set your goal one week at a time and don’t focus on the 30 days,even 20 days will be amaing for you.
    Best wishes Keith…Good luck.

  100. Territorytaker says:

    SWF ???…usually not a problem doing them too frequently…after the first one…you never want to do another ! ! ! hahaha…enemas are best for the first week or so of a fast…God bless, br John.

    • Once says:

      Hi Tt

      I’m going to be running more next week. I want to join a pretty ambitious women’s running club, once and for all – it is something that means a lot to me in terms of physical accomplishment – and I have until July to get back into racing form. It’s not a lot of time, and if I don’t make it – I’m totally undeterred – I’ll try again next Jan. So I want to fast until my weight drops into the 140s, then I won’t blow out my knees! It’s pouring with rain here, and the kids are all home for the week – so I got 2 of them running w/me in the evenings if it isn’t too bad. My 17 yr old is nearly 2 inches taller than me now – and darn it most of her is legs – so she has absolutely nooo problem staying ahead of me at the moment.

      I’ve decided to juice fast indefinitely, since my joint pain is in abeyance, and my stomach problems too. I am taking spirulina (which really stinks up a hot car when it gets spilled!!) and a lot of liquid supplements, and my amino acid formula. Best news – it’s CANTELOUPE SEASON!! What more does a faster need?

      How’s your running?

      • Territorytaker says:

        Once…YES canteloupe season ! ! !…I’ll trust your spelling on that one of course… that is my favorite juice…..spirulina, yeah is best in the jar…hahaha…smells like fiiiiisssshhhh ! hahaha…. please be careful running …especially in a group…you really can’t go at it too slow and too easy….and listen hard to your body….don’t add more than 10% mileage per week…consistency is the key…not quantity…stay within yourself…this year marks 30 years for me running…it has been as revolutionary to my life as juice fasting has been…thing long term about your running ….as you do about fasting …and living a healthy life style in general…

        this past weekend I back slid some…so I’m getting back on track…juicing and running today…just finished an enema…so ONWARD AND UPWARD ! ! !…love and blessings, br John.

        • Once says:

          NEVER trust anyone’s spelling!! It’s actually “cantaloupe”.

          I’ve been running on & off ever since I got two legs…my dad’s a tennis pro (still going strong!) and I ran with him from childhood, on the roads of Auckland and later Long Island NY. Glad to be able to pass on the tradition. It’s the cure for everything, as long as you can do it – and thanks for your timely reminder…I still try to go at it too hard after a time away!!

    • keith101 says:

      Hi John
      Thats why i leave myself time to recover after the first one.
      The thing is the s w f goes where no other flushes has gone before.
      That last answer sounded like it has came from a star trek movie lol…
      Blessings Keith.

  101. Once says:

    Azeron – Are you still there? Did you see your ENT yet? What’s going on? I hope your transition is going better.

    Best wishes always!

    • Azeron says:

      Greetings! I went to the ENT and he found a nodual on my vocal cord. Once to laser that off and it will keep me from speaking for three weeks. Tomorrow I am having another test performed a barium something or other where they will have me swallow some chalky stuff and then feed me foods to see how they slide down the esophagus. They also took blood work the other day.

  102. Territorytaker says:

    Keith…DAY 24 ! ! ! your doin’ fantastic…GOD bless you …

    • keith101 says:

      John day 24 was my last video day, this is day 26. I will be posting my next video tomorrow.
      Sometimes i feel hungry!!!…So much so that i feel like eating my left leg LOL.
      Anyway it will be a month on Easter Sunday
      Blessings Keith

  103. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. yeah so i kinda disappeared for a week or so.. it’s because i didn’t stay on the fast so i decided i’ll post whenever i can commit!!!! was so angry at myself! but anyhow, i stayed on the fast for five full days and i broke my fast yesterday.. i have realized whenever i make long term plan i can’t stick to it, so i’m starting again today and keep it up for as long as i can.. i think i did ok keeping my fast for five days specially cuz i haven’t really done a fast before.. and it felt good every morning that i woke up i felt really light and i didn’t really crave food anymore.. so i think i can do it.. i did it for five days so i’m starting again today as day 1 on my juice fast and i’m not setting any number of days but i’m gonna try and do 10 days this time and if i was ok i’ll keep going longer.. i log in everyday and read all the posts.. i’m glad u’re all doing so well and i hope i can do as good as u r and keep it up and reach my goal weight! i’ll keep u posted.. :)

  104. free says:

    Hi hope, Im in exactly the same position! I was on a fast and broke it after 5 days :( It wasnt even that I was really hungry, I just sort of let my guard down and ate without thinking about what I was doing. I was really disappointed in myself… but Im going to learn from it and be more alert this time. We can do it!
    Day 1 for me. Im at breaking point in terms of how bad I feel about myself. I need to get my weight down, my confidence up and rid myself of any emotional ties to food. This time I will not let myself slip. Im armed with scales now to help me track my progress and I actually think that this will be a huge motivational tool.
    You guys are all doing so well and it really does encourage me that I can do this and reach my goal. I’ll be back soon!

    • hope_83 says:

      hi free.. i exactly know how u feel.. we’ll do this together.. both on day one! how much weight do u wanna lose? r u on water fast or juice? keep me posted on how u’re doing.. day 1 is almost over..

      • free says:

        Hi hope! I am doing water only and want to lose about 22 lbs. It scares me how much that is but hopefully things will move continuously. How about you? Yes, we are in this together! Keep posting :)

        • hope_83 says:

          hi again.. i’m doing juice fast, but it’s kinda like water fast cuz i’m only trying to have one glass of juice a day and only water or tea the rest of the day.. they say u lose the weight pretty quickly on the fast so i hope that applies to both of us ;) i’m trying to lose 20-25 lbs, so same as u.. chat soon :)

          • keith101 says:

            Hi hope
            Hi free
            Fasting can be really hard at the start, as you both know. Focus your thoughts to reach day 7 then move from there.

            This is day 27 on water for me and I have run into trouble. I am just back from the Doctors. I am waiting for blood tests to return at 4.30pm today,
            My weight was taken and BP
            I will be posting my video with my results on my site tonight via youtube.
            Best wishes to you both Keith.

  105. Territorytaker says:

    FREE.HOPE…..hey everyone !….and thats EVERYONE ! starts out like you did…actually you both had better starts than I did…so be absolutely encouraged ! ! ! …its not always a straight line to your goal…but endurance and persistence…will always finally get you there…I salute you both…we’re all in the same boat…we’re all in this together…and we can all reach our individual goals…if we stick together…and help each other…love and blessing to ALL, br. John

  106. Once says:

    Hi Hope and Free,

    It takes practice to fast! It is not easy, and goes against everything we’ve been taught by our parents and doctors all our lives. In religions where fasting plays a role, the discipline is practiced from an early age. I met Tom about 4 YEARS ago and tried many times to make it to 5 days, then 10. It’s not easy. When you get to know hunger and can control it – then there’s split-second disaster, like picking up a bite from the table or the fridge without thinking-and so many ways to break a fast. If this happens – just keep going. You don’t have to bring the fast to a screeching halt and berate yourself. Everybody works hard to learn the discipline, and most of the successful fasters here have been at it for years.

    Whenever you fast, even for a couple of days – you’ve given yourself great benefits. You can break junk-food and drinking habits for instance, w/out even getting to 30 days! So I congratulate you for keeping at it. You’ll both make it wherever you want to go if you keep at it.

  107. hope_83 says:

    ONCE and TERRITORY thank u so much for ur support.. i’m hoping this time i can keep it for longer, for as long as i reach my goal.. i read ur posts everyday and they r really helpful..

  108. Steve says:

    Just a quick update on my fast
    its coming upto the end of day 23
    im still feeling good though i dont want to do alot

    im down to 293.2lb from 334.2lb so 41lb lost so far

  109. Samuel says:

    Hey guys. Hope you are all well.

    I was on day 2 of a juice fast today, and was absolutly freezing. I was so cold, i put on so many extra layers to no avail. I am taking cayenne pepper pills, spirulina and approx 600ml of fresh fruit juice.

    I have done 2-3day juice and water fasts before, and have had the same cold reactions, any suggestions or help, i don’t like to be so cold. And so, i had to break my fast today (day2). Was planning on a 30day, but it was just too uncomfortable, and i had to be outdoors, in cold weather. Please help.

    • Territorytaker says:

      Sam..I take and soak in real hot bath water…with a little olive oil in it…untill my temp. comes back up to comfortable…and sometimes just live on top of my space heater….I also hate being cold…hope that helps…blessings, br John

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      Fleece is amazing. Expensive but worth it when you are fasting in cold climate. OR Come here, where it is nice and warm. :-)

  110. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. hope u’re all doing well.. day 2 for me.. how r you doing FREE?
    i have the same problem as SAMUEL.. i’m just freezing all the time.. and the weather’s not helping either.. lol
    i’ll post again soon.. :)

  111. Territorytaker says:

    Great idea TOM….lets all just meet up in the Phillipines.!!! love to all, br John.

  112. free says:

    Hi everyone, day 2 is nearly over. HOPE – hanging in here! And yes im the same with feeling cold. Ive taken to wearing my hat inside – works wonders!
    Keith – Oh dear, are you ok?!

    • hope_83 says:

      FREE.. i messed up again.. couldn’t last to finish day 2!!! :( i feel horrible.. i’m so sad and disappointed in myself i can’t even explain.. i’m starting again tomorrow.. i think the first 5 days r the hardest for me once i pass day 5 i think i might be a bit better.. i’ll keep u posted.. :(

      • free says:

        Absolutely! Dont be discouraged, like everyone here says, its no easy thing to begin with! But you are determined, and thats what counts! I agree that the hardest part is the beginning…breaking the habit of a lifetime is bound to be difficult, huh?! Just pick yourself up and move on :D

    • keith101 says:

      Hey guys
      Yeah im fine, will post my video on day 28 tomorrow morning on my site
      You guys have to put your whole heart into your fasting. I know its not easy but well worth it when you see the weight falling of. Get back up dust yourself down, move forward. If I can do it so can you guys, 100% focus and streanth of mind.
      Just think of the new life that awaits you guys if you are willing to go the distance.
      Blessings Keith.

    • Territorytaker says:

      I do that…I wore a stocking cap to bed to stay warm…and in the house…lol… to all, John

  113. seandepue says:

    hi all,
    I am on my 6th day of fasting.
    I started with green veggie juice, but got too nauseous to keep that up and switched to lemon juice in water on day 5.

    I have been extremely fatigued, headeachy, nauseous since last half of day 2. This is very difficult for me. I can’t do much but lie in bed.
    I did do enemas on day 5 and 6.

    I am fasting for 20 yr problem with non restorative sleep, fatigue, poor memory, foggy headedness – therefore i am not surprised my fatigue is worse…but i was hoping for a cure???

    Any ideas would be appreciated – Sean

    • Territorytaker says:

      Hi seandepue, lemon juice and water is obviously not enough to keep you properly supplied…at this point in your fasting life…forget the green stuff too ….find something sweet and good like cantelope juice,apples,oranges,carrots….something you LIKE the taste of and drink it often…every hour or 90 mins….don’t get hungry …keep well supplied at first especially…then taper off after 4-5 or 6 days….to less juice…but drink something you like…don’t make this any worse than it has to be….God bless, John

      • seandepue says:

        Hi Territorytaker – I would love to do some fruit juice except I think I may have a yeast/candida and/or leaky gut issue due to allergies, foggy headedness, and extreme scalp psoriasis – and was hoping this fast could help knock it out – I’ve been staying away from fruit for the last few weeks ( on anti candida diet). I don’t know if you know anything about that. So i can eat fruit and negate all the work i’ve done OR feel the pain… not an easy decision.

  114. keith101 says:

    Hi Sean welcome to
    Hi Hope and Free..

    Hang in stay strong guys. I have left a short message for you guys to spur you on with your fasting via my new video.

    Sean a 30 day juice/veg fast would do you great.
    You can try some of the below to help with fatigue.

    A banana may help you get off to the land of nod because they contain carbohydrate which encourages production of the brain-relaxant, serotonin.

    A handful of nuts or seeds: nuts, and especially seeds such as sesame and sunflower are wonderful sources of magnesium which helps the relaxation of muscles, and can be effective against muscle cramps and involuntary twitches that keep some people awake at night.

    A glass of milk with honey: provides natural sugars which stimulate serotonin, and is very soothing.

    Nutmeg: contains a naturally occurring chemical called myristin, which in large amounts actually acts as a hallucinogenic drug. However, in small amounts, for example grated into drink, the same substance can cause drowsiness and a sense of happy well-being.
    If your sleepless nights persist, a herbal remedy that may help is valerian.

    The effective dosage, to be taken a bed time, is around 400mg of the dried root, or an extract providing an equivalent amount. But as with other herbal remedies, check with your doctor first if you have a medical condition or are taking other medications.
    Regards Keith.

    • seandepue says:

      Hi Keith 101,
      I’m not sure I understood your post – the ideas you gave were great, but they seem all to be relaxing and I have no trouble relaxing – I am most of the time fatigued both mentally and physically. My sleep is non- restorative which means I sleep great for 10 hours or more and wake up like I never slept.

    • seandepue says:

      I’m sorry Keith I just realized your post was to Hope and Free as well and not just intended for my situation. Thanks for the feedback – Sean

      • Once says:

        Hi Sean

        There are some herbs that you can infuse into a tea and drink hot or cold. They are powerful anti-fungals that you must have come across on the net. Pau D’arco, olive leaf, and goldenseal. For liver support (since your liver is not resting yet – it is still working overtime processing and cleaning out the acetaldehyde yeast wastes)-you can add dandelion root. The pau d’arco and olive leaf should be added to a saucepan and boiled over bery low heat for about 15-20 minutes. Both of these herbs need heat to release their essential oils. Then steep the tea, adding the dandelion root and goldenseal. You can add mint, fresh sprigs or dried, for a fresh taste,

        you can find these herbs in pill form, but you won’t get the benefits in your mouth and throat and entire digestive tract. You’re right about fruit juices – far too sugary and acidic for a yeast sufferer. Diluted carrot juice seems to be ok, (in my experience – I am no expert, but I have been a slave to the dreaded fungus) along with with spinach, fresh dandelion if you can get it -it heals the liver and flushes out retained water in your tissues. Some of us like to add spirulina as a protein source). I find it is better to sip small amts during the day than to gulp whole glassfuls at once.

        • seandepue says:

          Hi Once,

          I finished 7 days on my fast.
          Have rarely felt so bad as i did the last 3 days.
          I want to rid myself of the yeast and then will try a carrot juice fast to continue the detox.

          I am glad you confirmed my suspicion about yeast and fruit juice.
          Thank you for the herb tips – I will most likely use them as i am going on anti candida diet and want something proven to kill them.
          I will look for the herbs in powder or dried form, but if I am in a bind – could i open up some capsules and pour hot water on them as tea?
          Do you add spirulina to the tea, or just swallow it?
          Finally – to be nosy – how have you done combatting the yeast issue?

          Thanks for good info!

          • Once says:

            Sean – The pau d’arco tastes quite mild and nice, as does the olive leaf-but the golden seal is bitterrrrrr…so don’t put too much in. Most health food stores sell these teas in loose bulk-they’re common enough herbs. As for Candida-the bane of generation x, y, and all who are weaned on antibiotics and now high fructose corn syrup (!!!)…it seems to be a lifelong battle for most of us. The cravings for sugar, refined carbs, etc is really hard to beat. After a fast or cleansing, you’re fine for awhile-but bit by bit, the bad habits try to creep back in. When the evening approaches and the kids have come racing up the stairs from school pushing and shoving and yelling, I feel tired and anxious and long for a beer! Different weaknesses for different people I guess.

            I have renounced wheat (actually most grains except rice) and dairy, which is clogging to the system, and yeast loves to roost in cloggage (mucus etc)! A lot of people with out-of-control yeasts are sensitive or intolerant of these foods anyway. Eat sparingly at each meal-because overeating slows down your system and overwhelms the digestive juices which gives the yeasts a chance to catch up.

            Keep very fit – frequent aerobic exercise seems to lower the amount of “freestanding” glucose hanging around in your bloodstream for the yeasts to use. This all sounds highly unscientific, but what can you do – the medical community still refuses to recognize systemic yeast infections unless you have AIDS and the Candida infection is actually killing you on the spot. It’s a little easier for women, since her infection is usually obvious to her doctor, and Diflucan is very effective. I take it every day at the moment as a prevention.

  115. Samuel says:

    Good day guys.

    Well I completed day 1 again yesterday, drank only 200ml of juice, with 2.5g of spirulina powder. Btw, whats best way to take spirulina powder, i hate mixing it in my juice, so i jus mix in a bit of water.

    I have come to realise I am addicted to comfort food, whihc i use to relieve boredom, or at times i just enjoy it a LOT. I have started and broken a huge amount of fasts in the past 6weeks, and I have come to realise that even though I have resorted to comfort food after i broke my fast, I have not enjoyed it as much as I used to. Maybe a long juice fast can cure this problem.

    I would like to fast long to lose about 60 pounds. Started yesterday at about 242lbs. I am determined to make it to 170lbs.

    Day 2 is usually where slip up’s have come the most, lets hope I can make it through this time. Will keep you posted regularly.

    Btw, has anyone tried hoodia on a juice fast? Im thinking of buying ‘unique hoodia’ to help me through this fast, this particular brand is verified to be real, as there are many fakes out there, unique hoodia has a cites certificate aswell as a bunch of other certificate to prove its real. I may buy some today.


    • Territorytaker says:

      Sam …yeah spirulina in juice is much better than in water…and trust me it will taste amazing after a few days of fasting…I really love spirulina in my juice…like you read in Tom’s books…your taste buds change….and you will acquire new taste buds that like what you eat and drink….

  116. free says:

    Hey everyone, Im calling this day 2. It should be day 3 but day 1 was not a complete fast and I want to do this as I mean to go on. Yesterday was nothing but water and today my weight is down 2 pounds :D
    Im really focused on my goal so hopefully this time I will succeed :D

    Samuel- I am emotionally attached to food also and I hate it. One of the reasons for my own fast is to break this ‘relationship’, food is meant for fuel and that is how I want it to be! None of the boredom/comfort eating! Good luck with day 2, Im here doing it too. We CAN do this!!!!

    Keith- Thanks for the shout out on your video. You are truly inspiring making it to day 29! I hope your eye is ok.

    Once- Thanks ofr your kind and encouraging words. It means a lot :D

    TT- My hat is firmly secured 24/7 ;)

    Hope- Good luck getting back to your fast today! Just focus on today and think how proud you will be getting through to the next day :D

    Take Care everyone

    • hope_83 says:

      hi everyone.. i waited till it’s late enough to post here lol to make sure i’ve finished my day!!!! lol yeah so day 1 over.. FREE thanx for the support and KEITH thanx for ur video and ur support.. i’m emotionally attached to food too and i wanna break the cycle by this fast.. i’m hoping to able to keep it up and lose the weight! i was really super angry with myself yesterday, i’m just glad my day 1 is over now! so i’ll keep u guys posted again..
      FREE do u weigh urself everyday? should i? i don’t know, i think i might get a bit discouraged if i don’t lose one day, think maybe i should do it every other day or every few days! well.. that’s just me thinking and typing.. any suggestions would help anyways?!!
      ok.. i’m hoping for a good start on day 2 tomorrow.. i’ll post soon :)

      • free says:

        Yaaay well done! Im thinking I will just weigh each day initially when the weight loss is fastest ….sort of as a motivational tool. After a bit the weight loss will have slowed but hopefully I will be into the fast and have less urges by that point and then I’ll weigh myself less often :D Just my thoughts…
        We can do this!

    • Territorytaker says:

      sweet….God bless you…happy fasting…

  117. keith101 says:

    Hi hope and free

    The thing is I stuffed my face for close to 4 weeks just to show you guys nothing is impossable if you put your mind to it
    If you look at day 1 then look at day 28 you must see a massive differance in attitude and clarity of speach, All you have to do is focus in what you want from life, and what your life has been all about?…If food has been ruling your life then its time to fight back with all the streanth you have!.. using your mind body and your inner spirit as a guide.
    There is nothing on this site that I wan’t more than to hear succsess story’s.
    I know you guys can do this…Let go of your fears, be at peace within yourselfes, you have nothing to loose.
    ps…Don’t weigh yourself everyday this will deflate your focus, trust me.
    Blessings to you both Keith.

    • free says:

      Thank you, I really needed that encouragement right now. Night times have always been hardest for me in terms of fasting. Being hungry when you cant sleep is hard! Im staying strong though :D

  118. Territorytaker says:

    TO ALL, I’m setting at 133lbs. now, finally back to where I was…before I went stupid last weekend…been running well…8+ miles last night….and 5+ today…so things are getting just about where I like them…I was going to go into a water fast this week….but I don’t feel I have enough weight left to do that…plus I would have to give up the running….all this is to enter a “life style” I can LIVE with…so I’m getting close….between the juicing/spirulina…and running….i should be able to get down to 127lbs. thats my bottom goal….then stay forever between there and 133lbs…..while running and juicing and taking in good things to maintain and stay in that range….little up date on me….love and blessings to ALL, br John

    • free says:

      You are so close to your goal! You run? Awesome! I am a runner too! Trying to get back down to my happy weight after piling on a whole load of weight recently :( One of the things I am happy about is that once I break my fast (the right way!!!) I know I can follow up with the exercise…it sounds like this is the norm for you too :D

    • Once says:

      Tt – how tall are you, if you don’t mind a personal question? I am aiming for a goal weight of 135. I was 127 at 18, and bony as heck! I think I’d have to be on a desert island for a year w/out a coconut to my name to achieve that weight! Kudos!

      I am extremely lucky to have 2 very amazing role models for health – my parents. They are extremely active physically, working indoors and outdoors every day, they are never sick, and my mother doesn’t even have health insurance. Their secret? An extremely sparing vegetarian diet, vast knowledge of herbs and health, and I can only hope to be half as healthy as they are right now. I share your goals, and although it’s much harder for me to get my running in because I still have four young kids at home, I’m going to do it – somehow. And I also will never knowingly let myself go pear-shaped again!!! Amen

  119. amanda123 says:

    Hi, everyone I was suppose to start a 40 day water fast last week, due to school and other stuff I could not start. I am still learning how to use the dashboard. So I have decided to start the fast tomorrow. Only water. I Have fasted before, the longest I ever fast was 17 days on water and about 28 days on Juice. My main reason for fasting is to lose weight and to do some soul searching. I have been reading everyone’s comments here and realized how successful everyone is with their fast. I have realized I should not put this off any longer. About a year ago I weighed 165 pounds. And now I weight 265, I gained all the weight due to depression and stuff that happened in life. I think am ready to fight my food addiction. For the past few weeks I have been eating dairy and meet free foods. I will post daily how i am doing.

    • Territorytaker says:

      Amanda !!! my daughters name !…wow 17days ! …so you’ve obviously have prior experience…hey, WE are here for you…to help you through the tough times…and there will be tough times…BUT YOU CAN DO IT…165 lbs. ! ! ! …it may….and it probably will take longer than you think…but that don’t matter…you can … and you will reach your goal….if you NEVER give up….set backs might happen….just keep your eye on the prize….love and blessings, br John

    • rebecca2980 says:

      hello Amanda ;
      have you already started your fast? I am starting mine today ((juice fasting for 40 days) and I am in need of a fasting buddy if your interrested? thanks and good luck. Rebecca

  120. Once says:


    You’re looking amazing! Your neck is slimmer, – you don’t have an anxious look anymore, and I don’t know if it’s that shirt – but your colo(u)r is really good. The puffiness from your previous junkfood eating has melted away. Maybe there is some obscure clearing or repair underway near your eye – Tom always says that can hurt. Anyway- you are looking and sounding terrific!!

    • keith101 says:

      Hi Once
      I have had a bad injury to both eyes years ago, it seems to be going away now which i find quite strange.It is still there but fading away.

      Yeah when i look back to day 1 then look to day 28, it is quite an eye opener, but good for the guys on this site so they can see whats ahead of them if they see their fast through.

      I have my secret wepon on how to break a long water fast, i will share with you guys later. It will be the first time i have broken a fast in this way?
      I want to try something differant to see if i am right
      Thanx for your support.
      Ps Azron had a problem breaking his water fast, This is why i want to break my fast in an unusual way lol.

      • Azeron says:

        I can’t wait to see it. I do not know if I will ever have an inactive month again to water fast (no way I am going to hit the highway and try it).

  121. Territorytaker says:

    Good observations Once…I was thinking the same concerning Keith’s eye…that some deep seated healing might be taking place…Keith does ! he looks great !….

    • keith101 says:

      Hey John
      Yeah you could be right, i hav had injurys to my eyes years ago.
      The other thing i have noticed is my urine really smells, sorry if this is to much information lol, think it could be toxins being flushed out by the bladder.

  122. Once says:

    Goodness what’s up with our pictures?? I DON’T need any help getting wider, thank you admin!

    • Territorytaker says:

      Once, have I told you lately how much I love you being on this web sight…yeah, everyone sees our pics stretching and just kind of ignore it….but not you Once…you have to speak up for all the rest of us…we all love you …thanks for being here…br. John

  123. Didrik says:

    Hi Tom and Keith,

    First of all, let me thank you for this great web-page. It gives such inspiration knowing that you are not alone out there and all the helpful articles both on this web-page and on
    I am a 60 year old Engineer, working onboard ships. Currently we are in the Arabian Sea on our way to Dubai. (Where I will go snow skiing…) :-)

    It was discovered that my white blood cell count was very low and after numerous tests, Doctors concluded that I probably always have had a low count and that there were no underlying causes to it.
    I was not very convinced with the Doctors conclusion and started looking into different ways to go about it. That was when I came across this web-page.

    About four months ago I embarked on my first water-fast and made up my mind that it was going to last 10 days.
    The purpose of this fast was purely to see if I could boost my WBT and not for weight loss. (I am 182 cm (5’ 10”) tall and 84 kg (181 lb.)

    I completed with not too many problems (with lots of help from Tom and Keith) and one week after my water-fast; my WBT had gone up 18%.
    Since then, I have discovered that I am no longer allergic to deodorants! It might seem like a trivia thing, but I have always been allergic and could only have deodorants on for just a short while before I had to wash it off.
    My skin cleared up also.

    I have now started on my second water-fast and am now at day 6 of a (hopefully) 30 day fast. But like Keith; I have to take one day at the time. :-)

    I have not had any big problems or happenings so far; only a slight headache sometimes and some blurry eyesight. (I had blurred eyesight on my first water-fast also)
    I did a SWF on day three and will do another tomorrow, day 7.
    I am working during this fast, but the work is not so hard physically.
    My energy level has been very high, but I learned the hard way on my first water-fast that you should not go in the gym when water-fasting.

    I will update how things are going on day 10.

    All the best,


    • keith101 says:

      You asked me a question on about blurry vision during the initial stages of a water fast?….Yes its normal to have that.I have put up a page on my site about the 6 stages of a fast!…
      Dedrik have your blood done on day 10 of your fast to see if your WBC is [NORMALIZING]…That would be very interesting if it does
      Blessings and best wishes on your fast Keith

  124. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. end of day 2 i’m happy to announce lol
    FREE.. how u keeping?
    we can do this together :)

  125. Steve says:

    Getting some bad cravings for a plate of
    scampi/chicken nuggets/fishfingers with red sauce dip tonight

    I ended up cooking them and giving them to my 12 year old

  126. Ron says:

    Hi fellow fasters! Happy Easter to all. Gods blessings be with you! Ron

  127. keith101 says:

    Hey Ron
    Happy easter to you. hope things are well for you and family
    Blessings Keith.

  128. Didrik says:

    I learned something today…

    Had to attend a cocktail party on day 7 of my water-fast and decided to drink carbonated water instead of regular water. (Perrier.)
    Well, I was standing there when I suddenly felt an urge to get to the closest toilet in a hurry!
    I have now learned that carbonated water acts as a laxative if you have only been drinking regular water for seven days.
    I am 60, but still learning… :-)


  129. keith101 says:

    LOL Dedrik
    I have never tryed carbonated water on a fast, I should have taken that instead of the salt water flush lol. Today is day 30 for me. I will post a video tomoz, i was thinking of breaking my fast for 4 days then starting a following 30 days, but i am still deciding if tht would be a wise idea?
    I will show you how i will break my fast tomorrow, whatever i decide.
    Best wishes on your fast Keith.

  130. hope_83 says:

    hi everyone.. almost the end of day 3.. :)
    hope u’re all well and happy easter ;)

  131. Territorytaker says:

    Keith, yeah on any substitute for a SWF is heading in the right direction ! lol…

    Hope, praise God ! ! ! …. day #3….happy Easter to you too…

  132. Didrik says:

    Hi Keith,

    Good to see that you are going for 40 days!
    I am looking forward to your ‘breaking the fast’ video.

    Have been reading about the state of Ketosis. Very interesting read and I wish you would talk a little about that in one of your videos.

    Day 8 for me and everything is going fine.

    All the best,


    • keith101 says:

      Hi Dedrik
      I will mention more about the phases of a water fast, including ketosis.

      Tomorrow will be a Picolax day, this will be the last time i do an enema, also a 6 minut blast on the sunbed to release some vit D,
      I have had a great response from youtube, so its al good.
      Best wishes on your fasting journey

  133. lynn2010 says:

    Hello Everyone;
    I am on day 1 of my first fast in about 7 years. I juat bought a juicer and my plan is to do a 40 day juice fast. I am currently 5”5 ft tall and I weigh 257 lbs. I want to loose 100 lbs and I will juice fast as long as needed to accomplish my goal. Tom I just bought your ebooks and printed them off .reading the fasting one first. Wish me luck. I am doing pics and videos to as well. how can i post them? thanks and God Bless.

  134. lynn2010 says:

    Question? how long can we keep juices before they loose their minerals and enzymes? i would like to make up some and put it in the fridge for a while?

  135. Territorytaker says:

    Lynn…great goal !!!…yeah read every word in those books…Keith can help you on the video posts….and the juice should keep about 24 hrs. in the frig….God bless you and WELCOME to the family ! ! ! br John.

  136. DL says:

    well it sure has been a learning experience! 2 weeks juicing, with breakfast asVega (whole food meal replacement) Udo’s oil, and 1 scoop of greenfood and juice the rest of the day, then I made it to day 6 of my first water fast(water lemon juice and cayenne pepper only all day).

    I can not even begin to describe how happy, calm, waking up early every day, going to sleep early every night, and how overall great I felt on the water fast. I was also really happy and felt amazing on the juice fast too.

    Now I fully understand how overwhelming bad food cravings are after a fast, and how easy it is to mindlessly put more food in my body, and I realize how quickly the weight lost returns.

    Now I know what my triggers are for water fasting – visiting mom! I don’t know how Azeron managed “mom’s guilt” but my “work around” is very short visits!

    I’ve been off the fast for a week, and I’m creating small manageable goals – this is day one of my 7 day goal of a water, lemon juice and cayenne pepper water only fast. I simply felt better all around in every aspect of my life when I was fasting.

  137. Nikki says:

    Hello Everyone!

    I just got back from vacation, where I spent far too many hours sitting in a truck & consoming far too much junk. I had given all that poison up last summer & no, it wasn’t worth it to let the old habits creep back. I’m feeling pretty toxic, so it’s time to start a new fast! I have to fast a little backwards from the ideal as it tends to work better for me. I’m feeling a little dehydrated so I’m going to drink as much distilled water as I can for the next 3 hours, when it will be midnight. Then I’ll begin my 2 day dry fast, followed with a 10 day water fast, & ending with a 10 day juice fast. I plan to break my fast with 30 days of fresh fruits & veggies only. I’m 33 years old, 5’7, 139.5 currently.

  138. Territorytaker says:

    Nikki, glad your back….I know exactly how you and what you been through…good way to get back on track…I like to dry fast before water fasting also…it’s like a treat to drink water…then follow through with juicing your way back to a healthy life style again…happy fasting ! ! ! br John.

  139. Nikki says:

    Well I’m about 14.5 hours into my dry fast & so far, so good. I wanted to eat this morning out of habit, not hunger. Once I realized I wasn’t even hungry it helped. This was followed by a whole lot of unexpected emotional turmoil from another area of my life. It’s a bummer & I’ve been crying all day, but on the bright side it’s given my fast a boost. I’m upset & hurt & I have absolutely no desire to eat or drink anything. The Lord works in mysterious ways, but he sure does it with a sense of purpose. Time for prayer & drawing close to God for the love & healing that can only come from him.

    • keith101 says:

      Hey Nikki
      My heart is with you as a friend, sometimes things overwhealm our lifes, there is no discrimanation in the hand we are dealt via our past and the emotions that lie stagnent waiting to surface, these past memories make us stronger through tears.

      Thank you for sharing that, you moved my heart and i will say a prayer for you.
      Blessings Keith.

  140. DL says:

    day 2 all is good. Water cayenne pepper and lemon juice. The human body never ceases to amaze me. dropped 4 lbs already from the 8 I put back on from my bad food and quantities experiment. Feeling physically lighter, and mentally happy that I’m back fasting. I am really surprised at myself, how much fasting increases a sense of calm and happiness. I never would have believed anyone if they told me, and I’m so thankful for what I have learned about myself in the last month of fasting self experimentation.

  141. DL says:

    Keith: really enjoying the video log of your experience. Would you consider continuing the video log after you have broken your fast? Here’s why I ask: there is much conversation across many help boards/sites about people who gain back (and more!) of the weight they lost. These conversations steer people away from the idea of a fast because there are very few if any, examples of what to do and how to do it – for the next 3 months after a fast.

    As we know, people learn differently, some by reading, some by viewing, some by face to face. I bet you could help many people reduce their fears, and help to educate by continuing your video log for 3 months, to show how you managed your expectations and how you added exercise and healthy eating to your life.

    have a fun day!

  142. Nikki says:

    So I’ve made it through the first 24 hours of my dry fast :D . I have a little headache & I’ve been cold off & on throughout the day. I feel great though. I did take a little nap earlier, but it’s been a hard day for me. By the time my fast started 24 hrs ago my weight was up to 141.5 lbs. I’m at 136.5 now so I’ve lost 5 lbs in only 24 hours – woo hoo! I’m pretty excited about that :) .

    • Monda says:

      Nikki – what doyou mean by dry fast ?? does that mean you are not drinking anything at all ? I am new to this site as well as to fasting, I am on my day 3 of juice fasting, I have lost close to 3 pounds in 2 days

      • Nikki says:

        Yes Monda, dry fasting is nothing by mouth at all – no water, no nothing. There are some great links all over this site full of helpful information on fasting. dry fasting is the easiest way to get off to a successful start for me, otherwise I end up repeating day 1 over & over.
        It certainly isn’t recommended to start this way, it’s just what I find works for me.
        Juice fasting is definately the best way to go & it sounds like you’re doing great – congrats!

        • Monda says:

          Thank you, Wow your fasting sounds very difficult to do, hat off to you !! Bravo !!
          How long do you plan on doing it ? and does have the same negative effects such as headaches…tiredness etc…

          Good Luck.

          • Nikki says:

            Hello Monda,
            Dry fasting does have the same effects – headaches, fatigue, muscle aches. It is probably most intense with dry fasting as the body detoxifies at a more accelerated rate. I’m no expert though.
            I believe the proper way to fast is to start by eating nothing but fresh, raw fruits & veggies for a couple days, followed by a few days of freshly juiced fruits & veggies, followed by a few days of water, before dry fasting for no more than 3 days. Then breaking the fast by first going back to water for a few days, then juice again, then slowly adding fruits & veggies.
            I attempted this so many times & never made it through day 1. I repeated day 1 every day for longer than I can count. The fruits & veggies just made me want more variety, so I finally skipped ahead to juice & the juice just made me want food. After several months of failed attempts at getting through the first day, I decided to skip ahead to just water fasting & give that a try. I made it through day 1 on my 2nd try water fasting. So it was much easier for me as far as will power goes. It was much harder on my body though. The end of day 2 I went into a cleansing crisis lasting until I broke my fast on day 4. I repeated these 3 – 4 day water fasts several times before my 1st dry fast, which I got through day 1 on the first try :) . Dry fasting is easiest for me, because there is less temptation & not really any hunger. I’m terrible at breaking my fasts though. I do know the proper way to do it, but lack the discipline :( . So I will keep on trying until I get it right!

            • Monda says:

              Hey Nikki – the point is you have the right attitude and that is after you fall you are getting up rolling your sleeves and off you go trying again, you keep that up and you will get what you want NEVER EVER stay dow.
              As I have been a 100% raw vegan for a couple years all I eat is raw veg / fruit / seeds and sprouts, moving to the juicing which today is my day 6, I am not feeling any different, I started with 126.5lb and now for the past 2 days I am at 122lb, Tom says I am not loosing anymore because I have incorporated 2 smoothies a day which as of today I will cut out, my goal is to try the water fast, I am way far from dry fast the thought of it kind of make nervous…… but hey Girl you are on the right track stay there. Good luck.

  143. Monda says:

    Hello everyone – I am new to this site and I LOVE it, love the support that is been exchanged and offered by everyone and would love to be part of your group – Special thank you to Keith for trying so hard to help me out. Here is a little about me, I am a raw vegan and for the first time trying the juice fasting, today is my day 3, all is good except for 2 things I am not sleeping well or hardly sleeping waking up very early but not tired at all, which is not my nature,and this morning my tongue is totally white, is that a reaction to the fast ?

  144. Didrik says:

    Hello Monda,


    Yes, a coated tongue is normal; you are detoxing and the body is getting rid of “stuff” that it doesn’t need and probably shouldn’t be in there anyway..:-)
    Tom and Keith can tell you a lot more about this then I can.
    I am on day 10 of a water-fast and have had the coated tongue and pretty foul breath all the way until now.
    The sleep is also normal. I am waking up several times a night and don’t sleep as long as I normally do.
    You might also get a slight headache which is also normal.

    Good luck with your fast!


    • Monda says:

      Hi Didrik
      Thank you for your reply, and yes I had a humongus headache yesterday, I am also suffering from a cold which does not help, do not want to take meds while I am juice fasting and had no Bm since I started 3 days ago, how long are you planing to water-fasting, are you doing SWF as well? that is the other thing I tried twice to do it and both time I barely made to the sink and it all came out, not sure why this is happening to me, I wonder if there is anything else to substitute the SWF.
      And Good luck with yours


  145. Nikki says:

    Almost 36 hours into my dry fast & suddenly I want to eat so badly! I’m not even hungry. I just want to eat – anything, everything.. I’ll get through it.
    Also I was wondering if I’ll gain back the weight I lost when I start drinking water again? I think I did before, but it’s been awhile.

    • Monda says:

      Good Job Nikki – I dont think I can do it…you dont gain weight from water, it just goes right through you.
      I jsut got rid of my headache, I juiced carrots,oranges,spinach,swiss collards then I put the juice in the blender with a banana – it was Yummie !! and helped with my headache.

  146. Nikki says:

    36 hours of dry fasting down, now it’s time to move on to a little water ;) . A day & a half was actually my original goal when I was trying to decide between 1 or 2 days of water fasting. I thought 36 hours would be just right – & it was! I thought 36 hrs sounded funny because it wasn’t an even number of days. So I figured I’d shoot for 2 days. I probably could do it, but I think it will be better for me to move on to water now.
    When I first wrote on here 3 hours before beginning my fast my weight was 138.5. Three hours later for my official weigh in starting the fast I was up to 141.5 – crazy huh? After 36 hours of dry fasting I’m at 135.5 lbs. I’ll keep you posted as I continue with my water fast.

    Best wishes to all!


  147. Didrik says:

    Hi Monda,

    Yes, warm salt-water is not very delicious…
    Maybe you should try Picolax or something similar. Keith uses that right now on his water-fast. I have to be careful with dispensing suggestions, since I am a beginner with fasting also. Have only done a 10 day water-fast before.
    Good to see your headache is gone. You will experience a slight headache off and on during your fast. Unfortunately; that is also normal…

    I am on day 11 of a water-fast and am planning to do 30 days. Have SWF only one time now and plan another one soon.

    Best of luck with your fast.


    • Monda says:

      Thanks Didrik for the Picolax suggestion I will definitely try it as now I am jsut using laxatifs (Tea), may be you are a beginner but in my eyes you are ahead of me, today is day 4 for me, I am back to work, my headache is back but not as bad , I plannign the 21 days dunno if I can but I will definitely try.
      thanks again have a great day.

  148. Didrik says:

    Day 11 of my water-fast and I am feeling fine.
    My blurred vision has cleared up somewhat and the headache has subsided also.
    Didn’t do a SWF on day 7 due to the fizzy water incidence… :-)

    Will take another SWF on day 15, just to make sure nothing has grown shut back there… :-)

    I have been enjoying brushing my teeth during this fast due to the bad taste in my mouth and the great taste of the tooth paste! Brushing several times a day now. :-)

    Went to the Doctor onboard today for a checkup:
    Everything was fine and I had lost 5 kg (11 pounds)
    Keith; the Doctor didn’t see any reason for taking a WBC blood test at this time. He told me that the WBC will not change that rapidly and wants me to take a test 10 days after I end my fast.

    I think everybody that wants to start a fast should read ‘The 6 phases of a fast’ on very interesting.
    Also, I recommend the book ‘Eat Right For Your Type’ by Dr. Peter J. D’Adamo. It is a book that shows you what to eat for your blood type. I have blood type ‘O’ and should stay away from Wheat and dairy products. This book has helped me to become a healthier person, not that my diet was terribly wrong before I read it, but it teached me to eliminate some foods that were not good for my type ‘O’ blood. I was very surprised about some of the things I shouldn’t eat; Brussels sprouts being one of them.
    Brussels sprout are bad for blood type ‘O’, neutral for type ‘A’ and ‘AB’ and highly beneficial for blood type ‘B’.

    Missed out on two great dinners onboard; one Easter dinner and then one of the residents had a birthday party which I had to attend. (Didn’t drink any fizzy water this time.) :-)
    It doesn’t bother me being around food at all, but I get a little sad when I miss out on Beluga caviar… :-)

    I will continue my water-fast, the goal is 30 days, but like Keith said; I will take one day at the time from day 10. From now on, this is unfamiliar territory for me.

    All the best,


    • keith101 says:

      Hi Dedrik
      I finished my water fast on day 32, i am now back at the gym 7 days a week, but i will post more videos to show others that change is possable with effort, focus, and a Spiritual cleanse” through fasting”… For health and weight loss.

      The next phase of the change is exercise, lots of it LOL.
      You guys must understand that water, or raw fruit/veg fasting is only the stepping stone to a full recovery of…

      If this is the case!!!
      Regards Keith.

  149. Steve says:

    A quick update on my fast
    im on day 31 of my fast
    5 hours away from 30 full days since i started

    and im 284.2 lb so 50.0 lb lost

    its quite cool that it has rounded up to exactly 50 lb
    at exactly 30 complete days

    still feeling well