Comments on: Fasting Progress Reports 2 Juice fasting, water fasting, dry fasting, free support. Sat, 16 Mar 2013 15:38:13 +0000 hourly 1 By: debbie72 debbie72 Sun, 12 Feb 2012 06:03:03 +0000 Day four of a 40 day water fast. Doing okay. Pretty rough couple of days though. Harder than I imagined it would be. I have a new appreciation of what Jesus did. He was alone in the wilderness. I still have my shower, air conditioning, my family around me, ice I can put in my water…..and it is really hard mentally and pysically. Jesus you are truely an amazing savior.

By: Once Once Mon, 14 Feb 2011 15:31:56 +0000 Hi Everyone, I haven’t been fasting for awhile, but I want to start a juice & vegetable fast for healing. My question is – would healing be very much slowed down (if not prevented) by adding some blended root vegetable soups in the afternoon & evenings? It is cold here and I need strength later in the day. I am also afraid to completely shut down my digestive system. The soups are freshly made, the vegetables not boiled but “steeped” until soft and put through the blender with plenty of water until smooth, and then lemon juice and cayenne pepper added. There wouldn’t be much digestion required after that – but it does keep me warm and strong. The reason I’m so concerned is that it is my digestive tract that needs the healing. Thanks for any advice.

By: Azeron Azeron Sun, 30 Jan 2011 22:52:04 +0000 Hi all! It has been a while. I am starting a water fast today. I have not eaten in seven days, but I have been drinking juice. I am currently 219 lbs. I was down to 205 lbs. at my lowest.

By: Clauso Clauso Sat, 30 Oct 2010 02:10:53 +0000 Hello Tom and Everyone,

I’m on day 4 of a water fast. I completed a 30 day juice fast about 2 years ago and fell right back into my bad habbits. Breaking those habbits will be the real challenge for me. I am planning on a 20 day water fast then switching to juice for 20 days. I found this website about two days ago and have spent about 6 hours surfing it since then. It is great. Thanks.

I have 2 questions…..

Firstly, I read one of your responses regarding the sauna. I am assuming that the same advice applies to a hot tub too. Or, should I steer clear from the hot tub because of the chemicals in the pool?

Secondly, I read your response about smoking cigarettes. I like to smoke cigars and pipes. I do not inhale and was hoping that I could continue to smoke during the fast? It helps with the hunger.

PS…. I want to thank Keith101 and Ron. Found their responses helpfull too.

Thanks…God Bless

By: Once Once Fri, 22 Oct 2010 14:08:16 +0000 Hi Keith,

Best of luck on fast no. 2. I thought the last fast healed your eye injury. If the theory holds true…there may be other old injuries etc that surface during this fast, but hopefully they’re minor ones. I am just starting a juice/broth fast. I want to fast through Thanksgiving at least. The blood test hasn’t come back yet for celiac disease, but my insides look inflamed to the doc and I feel pretty bad, as do most of us when we turn to fasting. Why doesn’t the body learn after a while that fasting is good for it and there’s no dangerous famine on so quit buggin us for sugar and cheese etc. when we’re trying to do the right thing!!

Did you keep your weight and get fit from the last fast? I didn’t find any post-fast updates from you or Azeron, who also completed a couple of water fasts this year. And Ttaker – how are you? Are you still here? Running?

By: keith101 keith101 Wed, 20 Oct 2010 18:35:09 +0000 Hi Once
Glad to see you are still here my prayers are with you.
This is the 2nd attempt at the 40 day water fast, as you know i only made it to day 32 last time.
Just posted my 1st video of day 5 on my site http://www.http//
I will post as much as i can of the 40 days, ill give you guys a laugh at the salt water flush on day 10.
I have been doing oral enemas on day 1-3. Don’t fancy putting a tube in my rectum for a flush, much rather do the SWF even though it makes you want to puke.

Ron i goy your email about spam cheers mate. Are you still getting bogus mail?
Blessings Keith.

By: Once Once Tue, 19 Oct 2010 13:54:19 +0000 Hi Ron and all,

Who’s fasting at the moment? I had my biopsy last week – and although it was “indicative” of celiac, the doctor still wanted me to have a genetic blood test, to absolutely rule out any other cause. That result should be in today or tomorrow – but I don’t care so much. I want to ease into a juice fast for healing – but first I have to deal with some very self-destructive thoughts and habits that would mess up my fasting. I also have an almost pathological hatred of my poor juicer, which manages to spray pulp everywhere and get clogged constantly, and I also don’t like juice that is more than a day old – it tends to separate, and there’s something about the sight of a jar with watery orange fluid on top and greenish brown sludge underneath….I know – I should just shake it up – but still-it always turns me off, and it doesn’t taste as good. Is there a small, easy to clean (under 30 minutes!) little juicer with only 2 or 3 parts to it that will juice 1 – 2 servings at a time?

By: Ron Ron Tue, 05 Oct 2010 22:16:47 +0000 Hi Once, I, and my family will pray that you will be OK! Keep your faith going…that’s also needed to complete the prayers! God Bless, Ron

By: Once Once Tue, 05 Oct 2010 20:12:37 +0000 Hi Ron

Yeah – that’s thw theory – if there is gluten in my system, they will see active celiac at work, then we’ll all know that I really must avoid gluten, and maybe how far the malnourishment has gone. Raw foods is impossible right now – the last time I fixed myself a beautiful fresh salad – homemade oil/vinegar/yoghurt dressing, and a couple of hours later, I was blown up and in agony. I can no longer handle any fiber or fructose. That is a recent development during the last 3 or 4 years. I’ve despaired of having healthy eating habits. I am hoping that the damage can be reversed. Either way – this biopsy is scaring me. Either they won’t find anything they see as significant, in which case I’m on my own with whatever this is – OR, there is celiac damage, and the only foods I can tolerate in small amounts are out. Forever. If God put me here to be of any use to ANYBODY, pray the he points the way on Friday.

By: Ron Ron Mon, 04 Oct 2010 16:41:35 +0000 Hi Once, I have no idea why your doctor would want you to eat any gluten products with your condition. Except maybe to see how your body is reacting to it. Maybe Tom would have some idea.

Juice fasting would likely speed the healing process. Raw foods would be the next logical step. I would stay away from any gluten based foods, most cooked foods, grains, nuts and meats. At least until you are getting better, or well on your way to healing.

You have to take away the irritant, then get the proper nutrients to help your body heal itself. And that doesn’t mean constantly throwing vitamins and supplement in your system. Remember, moderation is key even for the “good” things. Your body can heal itself with proper care. Ron