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Progress Reports 1 (closed)

Read thousand of fasting reports. You can post your progress to gain support and help others. Please post a pic of yourself buy adding to to your profile when you log in. You can also add pictures to comments if they are on the web such as face book. We had to close this post from more comments are the page was way to big to load.   WOW 1400 comments.

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1,399 Responses to Progress Reports 1 (closed)

  1. Territorytaker says:

    Wow Once, I’m praying for you… thats similar to what happen to me on my first and second SWF…NOTHING ! ….but it was way early in my fast…I think you might have to be several days into a fast before it works properly…ememas are best for me and maybe best for all during the first week or two of a fast…I’m in my third week now and might attempt a SWF this week…but Keith is right…might need a good doctor to see whats up with your digestive track…love and blessings, br John

    • Once says:

      Thanks – I’m sure it’ll get better…just my ankles are sloshing w/saltwater now. How is your fast going?

  2. Jennifleur says:

    Day one of my juice fast. I have decided not to weigh myself during the fast, as that is not why I am fasting, and I want to make sure my focus is where it should be. I weighed yesterday, and I was 142lbs. I had already lost some weight through changing some of my eating habits (I was 165 in July of last year when I began). I am 5’5″. I plan to weigh myself at the end of the fast. I felt God leading me to fast, and convicting me about how it is not only part of our spiritual walk, but also about the fact that I lack discipline.

    My tongue is coated, and I am breaking out, so I am seeing the signs of detox. Other than that, I feel great! Some hunger today, but not bad. I had weaned myself off of other foods during the last week and a half. I felt energetic today, though I am feeling tired now, as it is getting late here. I had to take bottled juices to work with me, as I didn’t have time to prepare fresh juice for the entire day. I did, however, juice some apples and carrots this morning, and it was amazing! :) I am still waiting for the less pleasant feelings to come, which are common at the beginning of detox. I have the next three days off from work, which will be helpful.

    I will probably try less juice tomorrow, as I did close to 64 fl oz today and felt like it was more than I needed. I am also drinking water, including some SmartWater. I hope to begin making exercise a habit (one area in which I have been lacking discipline). I will be starting out slowly, but I know the key for me will be to just do something every day, in order to form that habit. I may even do a few days during my fast, here and there, when I am not working, where I drink only water. I am going for 40 days, so my last day will be April 23rd.

  3. Azeron says:

    Greetings! Day twenty-five of my water fast and I am 239 pounds.