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Fasting Report Angela Gondwe

Name: Angela Gondwe
Comments: Reasons for Fasting:
 To overcome chronic health problems.
Intended Length of Fast: 21 days
First Name: 
(Optional) Last Name: 

Site User Name: 

City, State and  Country: London, UK
5 foot 2”
Proposed Fasting Method: 
water fast
Past Fasting Experience: 
Up to 11 days on juice
Present Diet: I eat healthy
Relevant Medical History 
Present Medical Problems: 
State of Mind: 
Ready to overcome
Limitations: none, I will be at home most of the fast.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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13 Responses to Fasting Report Angela Gondwe

  1. Trueberry says:

    I did a really stupid thing, I started my fast last saturday and for some insane reason I allowed myself 2 cups of coffee a day. Well, I did OK, I thought, until yesterday when my muscles started aching and I was ready to drop. So last night I made myself a vegetable soup and some plain spelt flour dumplings, whole-meal with no yeast. I also had about 50 grams of raw nuts. First thing this morning I did a salt water flash, and after my stomach cleared out I had a light healthy breakfast. I now feel so much better, and I am ready to start again, with just water this time. I will login again tomorrow. Bye

  2. Trueberry says:

    Dear Tom Coghill,

    Please remove my age and weight, I was being very honest when I filled out the form and now I feel a wee bit embarrassed. Thanks

  3. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Angela,
    I removed it but you should never be ashamed of who you are. That is the First World Image comparison thing like our image is a contest.
    You should spend time in Asia in the villages. A totally different value system. I blew many fasts and had to start over. It was like a season in my life where I love fasting but could not stay on the track. Always encourage yourself and others, it is the fuel of our future.

  4. Trueberry says:

    Thanks, I was not expecting that response and I am encouraged. The truth is I’m just starting again today, hopefully it will get better.

  5. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    I learned long ago that I am not perfect and do not have to live up to anyones standards but mine. I try lots of things and fail many times but my failures are steps to success and without them there is not success. Fasting is a bit like riding a skateboard. Some get on and wow they are rolling down the road. Others fall in 4 feet. Some never go for the ride due to fear. True champions fall many times. Life is no differnet. To truly live wide open, heart on the sleeve, taking risks, pushing the comfort zone, take the courage to fail.
    For the first world counties , fat is failure, for 3rd world fat is healthy. Funny but in colombia, they ignored thin women and hit on the females that were at least 30lb overweight with big butts.
    Thin women are pressure to eat more by family and friends.
    It is the same in Africa, and most 3rd world countries.

  6. Trueberry says:

    OK, I am back, I have not logged in for a while because I’ve been busy failing at fasting, but my desire to get well is now greater then the embarrassment of having to start again, so maybe I’ll get somewhere this time. And thank you once again Tom Coghill for your words of encouragement. Okay, the time is 5 am here in london and I am officially starting again on a 21 day water fast.

    • Tom Coghill says:
      Tom Coghill

      To me the failures are just as important as the success.
      What was you thinking before you broke the fast?
      Were there any pressures to break the fast?
      What was your level of hunger?
      Did you use an enema?

  7. Trueberry says:

    Those questions have challenged me, I now realize that I broke my fast mentally first, because I couldn’t see past the physical discomfort and then the thought of 21 days of feeling like that. Seeing it as a sacrifice for what I want, makes it easier to give up coffee or eating out with others for a bit. And this is my second day, I am now looking forward to the other 19. Thanks

  8. Trueberry says:

    Day 4: Still getting over a masive hedache, I’ve been dealing with it by drinking lot’s of water. I will go on to day 7 and see how I feel.

    • thenewme_2010 says:

      Hi Trueberry, It sounds like your truely dedicated to this fasting. Your not alone I have tried fasting and failed many times, some of which I got upset and quit. I am back for another one and this trime I am using my daughter as my motivator. With all this weight I cannot do the things that she wants me to do and I am not promised a long healthy life being this over weight. I want to be around to see my daughter grow up and fasting will help me get to that healthy state. If you need a fasting buddy I am on day 3 of this water fast my email is I hope the best for you and I look forward to chatting with you more. Best of blessings.

  9. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Trueberry
    Is this a water or juice fast. What was your coffee consumption before the fast?

    • Trueberry says:

      It’s a water fast and my coffee consumption prior to starting the fast was pretty bad about 7 cups a day. I was also wondering, would it be a bad Idea to allow myself one cup of coffee a day?