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Juice Fast Progress Report – Marianna

Reason for fasting: I want to be in control of my my life, which I connect with being in control of my eating habits. I want to learn to listen my body and discover all the tastes I miss while eating junk food. I also want to lose some weight.
Intended Length of Fast: 40 days
First Name: Marianna
Last Name: Krol
Site User Name: Marianna
City, State and Country: Krakow, Poland
Sex: female
Weight:75,7 kg (if I calculated it well 167lbs)
Height: 170 cm (5,57ft)
Proposed Fasting Method: Juice fast (I’m wondering on being on a water fast for 1 or 2 days during the week, but I need to check how it will get along with my work).
Past Fasting Experience: water fast for 7 days (3 years ago. I didn’t break it well and I suppose it activated stones in my gallbladder which was eventually removed.)
Present Diet: I have periods of eating well mixed with binge eating. At the moment binge eating is mostly connected with staying at my parents place as all types of food, sweets and snacks are available all the time. It works similar when my parents visit me. When I’m on my own, I usually don’t buy more food than for 1-2 days. Unfortunately I have a tendency to eat while being in a lower mood, too much stress etc. 2 weeks ago I started the Dunkan’s protein diet which gave me all side effects possible so I stopped after 4 days.
Relevant Medical History: Gallbladder removed, some problems with kidneys, always cured with home methods (hot baths, drinking parsley broth).
Present Medical Problems: varicose veins tendency, family history of too high cholesterol. Nothing serious at the moment.
State of Mind: clear, motivated, proud as I see first results (I’m filling this form on the third day of my fast)
Limitations: The only limitation I can see is driving the car. I hope drinking enough fruit and vegetable juice will allow me to stay focused.

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45 Responses to Juice Fast Progress Report – Marianna

  1. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Marianna,
    Water fasting and working can be very hard. It gets easier the longer you fast. Clearly a 30 day juice fast will have dramatic results. Rebuilding your thinking is crucial for success. You have to ask, what are the thoughts that bring your down. During a fast you have to force your mind to think good things. Till it becomes a habit.

    • Marianna says:

      Hi Tom and all the fasters :) ,

      Thank you for your comment. It’s the fourth day on my fast and I’m doing great. This weekend is a time of big temptation as I’m at my parents place. I managed to stick only to the juice fast so far and it gave a boost to my confidence and feeling of being in control. I won’t start the water fast unless I’m sure I will benefit from it. As for now I enjoy my juice fast. Still so many veg I want to juice and try.

      Those four days were surprisingly easy and I’m not hungry, well at least not in a manner that would make me desperatle craving for food of any kind. I know for me the biggest challange will be to break the fast properly and I try to prepare mentally for that already (although I still have 36 day of fast).

      Important factors that I noticed so far:
      1. I set a routine that makes me feel comfortable.
      - I start and end my day with a hot vegetable broth. It mix different vegetables so everyday the broth tastes differently and it’s something I really look forward to during the day. It’s like drinking cocoa at the bed time. It spreads nice warm feeling and allows me to get through the most dangerous part of the day – evening. I was always able to stick to my diet while working and being busy during the day. Getting relaxed in the evening I always had a temptation to eat something. Than eating too much, feeling sick, deciding not to eat the next day, having a fast all day and then the same pattern in the evening… Now, with that vegetable broth that I can sip for about an hour I can enjoy my evenings. I prepare it in the evening and I have two glasses in the evening and two in the morning. If I’m hungry after the broth in the morning, I prepare a juice or drink some herbal tea.
      - Between 11 am and 1 pm I drink fruit or fruit mixed with vegetable juice. From Tuesday to Thuersday I work from the office so I take 700 ml of juice in a glass bottle with me. I decided to have a main portion of fruit juice in that time as I feel it gives me more energy to work. Than I have another portion of juice, mainly vegetable, when I get back home, between 4 – 6 pm.
      - Hot and cold showers that I usually take twice a day. I have no problems with cold, actually while having it hot I already want to switch to cold. It gives a kick to my blood circulation. During the shower I visualise how toxins leave my body and I flush it with water.
      2. Whenever I drink anything I think to myself – oh, I’m so full.
      3. I enjoy colors and smells. I look at every juice I made as on a little masterpiece. I experiment and enjoy it.
      4. I took your advice and didn’t make my fast public. At work I told only one friend, who was surprised but he understood and he enjoys tasting my juices as well.
      5. I drink a lot, mostly herbal tea, also mellisa when I feel I’m getting hungry. It ease my digestive system.
      5. I find a huge support just reading this site.
      6. I posted a comment on Richard’s blog. I think it has a huge meaning – when encouring someone or giving another person some advice, I feel more responsible for my results.

      Health factors:
      I made one enema on my first day. Yesterday I had a diarrhea so I thought enema wasn’t needed. And I must confess this is the most problematic part for me, but I’ll try to do it as I know I will benefit from it.
      On the second day of fast I was attacked by mucus. I can’t say I enjoyed it but it was good to know that my body started to clean itself. I also had some matter leaving my tonsils. It’s better now but I still have more mucus than normally.
      From time to time I feel some liver pains but I get through them with hot herbal tea. I also found a “liver juice” somewhere on the site and I want to check it out. Creating my progress report I forgot I had regular liver pain (I guess it’s a good sign I forgot about it as I created that post on the third day of my fast and I was feeling really good). Prior to the fast the pain sometimes was so intense it waked me up in the night.
      When it comes to my energy I sleep when I can and feel like it, however when I came to my parents place they reaction was: “Oh, you’re so energetic” :) .

      My only question at the moment is should I dilute juices or can I drink them without any extra water? I find some tastes to sweet (e.g. pinapple) while others I enjoy just straight (apple, beetroot).

  2. Marianna says:

    I’m starting my fifth day and I feel worse than the past four days. I feel weaker, have a nausea and my hands are shaky. I know it might be detoxication going on, I’m just worried as tomorrow I need to drive for 250 km which means 3,5-4 hour drive.

    Could anyone advice me how I could prepare for driving so my weakness is not dangerous on the road?

    • Marianna says:

      I feel much better already. I did an enema, and drunk 2 big portions of juice: plum and watermelon. I also reminded that yesterday I missed my afternoon portion of juice – I spent the afternoon at my friend’s place who didn’t have a juicer and the visit was longer than I planned. When I came back home I just cooked my vegetable broth and I had two glasses of it. I’ve read that carrot is god for nausea so I will juice some carrot in the afternoon.

      Still, please, if you have any advice on driving long distances while fasting, post it to me.

  3. Ron says:

    Hi Marianna, If you are well hydrated and rested, you should be fine. The only problem would be if you are exerting yourself. But, if you are driving I don’t see any problem. Ron

  4. Marianna says:

    Thank you Ron. Eventually I will drive from Lodz to Krakow (Poland) tomorrow. My 6th day of fasting is getting to the end and I’m doing really well. I feel some new energy and I managed to complete all my today goals.

    I’m not hungry, feel happy to experiment with new combinations of fruit and vegetable, my skin is getting really smooth and I lost 3kg (6,6lb?)

    Going to sleep soon, I’m ready for a new day :)

  5. healthyhappyrose says:

    Marianna, I am going to start my fast tomorrow August 5th. I hope you are doing well still! If you need any support & encouragement, drop a comment! My thoughts and prayers are with you…


    • Marianna says:

      Hi Rose,

      I’m really glad you wrote and you want to share your support with me. Of course I’m also here for you. I read your profile and surprisingly it reminded me that I’ve also been exposed to HPV by my first boyfriend (no husband yet:)) and I got high-grade pre cancerous lesions although after some medical treatment it went down. Nevertheless I’m still facing some hospital treatment that I want to avoid. As I try not to think about it, I forgot about it while filling out my profile. After I finish my fast I’m going to do medical checkup so I should be able to pass my pre and post fast results on the site.
      As the fast goes I notice little things that I haven’t mentioned before. For last two years I had a terribly irritating coating in my ears, something like a dead skin. The more I tried to clean it the more amount of it was building back. On my fifth day of fasting, when I was feeling really bad the coating was thicker than ever before. And to my great astonishment it’s all gone now. I check it every now and then and it’s gone! What’s more I also had some skin problems. I don’t have acne but from time to time I had single pimples which tend to leave some blotch. I see slow improvment there as well.

      I’m starting my ninth day and I’m still on a good track. My routine seems to work fine for me. I drove 250 km without any problems – I took hot fresh mint tea with some honey in thermos and I drunk it on the way. I could focus easily and my whole body was calm (no shaky hands etc.).

      Yesterday I made a mistake of telling about my fast to my friend I thought would understand. She didn’t and was judgmental. I stayed calm and focused on my goal and was really happy that I could give her examples of people who cured themselves with fasting. So again – thank you for this website :)

      I do apologize for any language mistakes I make – my English got rusty not being used too often.

      • healthyhappyrose says:

        Miss Marianna,

        I did not look back to see what I wrote in my profile, but when I did my 17 day juice fast several years ago it was specifically to fight the HPV and high grade lesions on my cervix, as well as the cyst/tumor on my cervix (and irregular bleeding). My physician at the time 1) First suggested I have a hysterectomy 2) If I did not have a hysterectomy, to have surgery to cut out the cyst/tumor on my cervix. I told him he was never getting my uterus and I would go home and study, to see what natural treatments were available to me. He told me I had three months or I could not be his patient anymore. So we agreed on three months. So I studied from different books I had and online information.
        During my 17 day juice fast at that time, I performed different vaginal douches-of apple cider vinegar and of food grade hydrogen peroxide in water. (I had read a lot about food grade hydrogen peroxide being a fantastic fighter of virus. So I ordered some from online, as there was nowhere to buy it locally) I also made some vaginal suppositories from different herbs with different antibiotic and cancer fighting abilities. I alternated these with garlic cloves, which I used as vag suppositories as well. I spent a lot of time in prayer and focusing my mind on my body healing my female parts.
        When I went back to the physician, who had diagnosed me with the HPV and cyst and high grade lesions, he did a repeat pap smear and test for HPV. The HPV came back negative and the pap smear showed that the cells were “repairing themselves”. He was pretty astounded. However I still had the cyst/tumor on my cervix, being it was benign I chose to leave it be, at that time.
        I would also like to note that my periods at that time were normal for about six months!!! However I went back to the SAD diet and they slowly started becoming more and more abnormal, till I am once again bleeding up to 3 and a half weeks at a time.
        Of course as I wrote in my profile a month ago, it seemed as if the HPV was back in the form of warts… or what I thought was a couple warts, as I did not go to have it diagnosed by a physician. I self treated those (and they have been gone for a few weeks) and started up on my hydrogen peroxide douches, just to do some precautionary internal cleansing as well.
        I just thought I would share my testimony of what helped me at that time. I am not a doctor and I am not giving medical advice. I am an RN and have been for twenty years, but I have firm belief in the Great Physician and the miraculous power He has given our bodies to heal, if we only fuel them and treat them correctly.

        ~Blessings! Rose

        P.S. I really like the idea of a veggie broth. I wanted to water fast the whole 30 days, but I feel I will have to do that 1-2 days at a time, as I am not quite strong enough to start out with just water.

        P.S.S. I think you should be fine driving, but make sure to have some fresh juice with you, maybe something a little sweet, keep your sugar up and keep you energized during the trip…?????

        P.S.S.S Your English was just fine.

  6. Moos Angela says:

    Hi healthyhappyrose,
    I wish you encouragement, I too am starting my juice fast today. I don’t know how many times I have started and failed. I need to change eating habits, lower cholesterol, lose some belly fat and draw closer to the Lord.
    the ruler of this world keeps telling me I can’t do it, and keeps defeating me, he gives my flesh the power to overcome the spirit. But I am praying hard that the Lord and I can defeat him. I also want to cleanse me mind of harmful,regretful feelings that are pressed upon me.
    I will follow your progess if you don’t mind and draw some strength from your success!
    Blessings to you

  7. healthyhappyrose says:

    Miss Angela,

    Thank you for your kind words. You are more than welcome to follow my journey during this fast.
    I tried to search for your user name, but it brought me to “trueberry”, is this you?

    I am wondering how day 1 of your juice fast went? You will do fine, sister.

    Stay hydrated with plenty of water and fresh juice. After three days, you lose hunger and after that is just your mind that may think about food, but the body just says “ick”. Keep in mind the reasons, why you are fasating. Stay in conversation with the Lord throughout your day. Let Him be your strength.

    Looking forward to hearing how you are doing.


  8. Marianna says:

    Day 12. I’m physically and mentally ok. I feel some tension in my muscles but it’s nothing I couldn’t handle or would worry about (it;s more intense while climbing the stairs). I can focus easily – I just sleep a lot, also during the day when I have a chance. I incorporated some evening primerose oil tablets into my diet. Today I ate/drunk 1,5 table spoons of castor oil – it worked really well and allowed me to avoid all the things that I don’t like about an enema. I also made myself a hydromassage bath after which I put rice oil on my whole body. So it was an oily day :)
    As for my mental state – I feel some hunger from time to time but I can easly deal with it. On Friday I started reading a book “Forgotten Voices of the Holocaust” – a profound experience to read all those stories of survivors and their starvation while fasting.

  9. healthyhappyrose says:

    Good to hear you are doing well, Marianna! Thought I would check in with you today, as I had a busy weekend.
    I was thinking about doing an enema today… I dont like them either, but I am considering it…
    You take care! ~Rose

  10. Marianna says:


    It’s funny you posted a comment about your period – in the morning I thought I was really well and I wondered if it would remain the same when I get period. And so I did, in the afternoon. My cycle is rather regular and I ususally have no pain, just some tension. I sometimes assume it will start in a few days on the basis of my mood swings and enourmous craving for food, especially sweets. And this time I had no signs. No tension and luckily no craving for food. I even went with my brother to a food shop and didn’t feel like buying anything except watermelon which gave a lovely juice :)

    • healthyhappyrose says:

      Miss Marianna,

      I am glad your cycle started without any signs or cravings! That is fantastic.
      I have had such horrible PMS for some time now. My poor husband! It is a wonder he wants to live with me for a week before my cycles and sometimes I dont want to live with me. LOL.
      I tend to think PMS, could be caused by a build up of toxins in the body and certainly poor diet. I really feel after this time of cleansing and delving into a proper diet afterwards, will rid me of most, if not all of my PMS symptoms.

      You are right watermelon juice is lovely!

      You have a good day and Happy Fasting!


  11. Marianna says:

    It’s my 18th day on a juice fast and it was a challenging one. My juicer died and I will be able to replace it on Monday. I managed to drink pineapple and kiwi juice in the morning and later on I followed with some vegatable broth.Untill I have a working juicer I will try to stick to water with lemon juice and some honey. I feel the second cleansing crisis is near. I had a temptation to finish my fast earlier with an excuse of not beeing able to juice any more, so I’m proud of myself I managed to overcome it.

  12. healthyhappyrose says:

    Miss Marianna,
    Oh WOW! A broken juicer would be a challenge. Hope you have already secured your new juicer and are happily juicing away as I write this…
    You are doing an EXCELLENT job girl!

  13. Marianna says:

    5 days ago I dreamt to be on 22nd day of my fasting and here I am. Much slimmer (I have no scale so don’t know what my weight is) and still feeling well enough to continue. I’m experiencing some difficulties – got a new juicer which is not perfect, but I can’t get much better one for the amount I may spend on that purpose. Plus I’m facing some challanges at work and I am keen on making a revolution in my life as I’m not fully satisfied at the moment. However I’ve recently read that it is better to wait with life changing decisions for the the fast to be finished. Do you have any opinion on that?

  14. Marianna says:

    27th day. I start to miss food and I wish my fast was planned for only 30 not 40 days. I proved myself that I’m strong enough to make it as I planned it just isn’t such a fun as at the beginnig. For last few days I definitely prefered vegetable broth more than juice so I’ve been drinking less juice and more broth.
    Last minute news, I’ve just made myself apple and celeriac juice and I liked it a lot so probably for next few days it will be my main juice.

  15. Marianna says:

    Day 30. At the moment I’m fighting with my first salt water flush. Not an easy task.

  16. Ron says:

    Hi Marianna, No! The swf is not at all easy. But thorough!

  17. Marianna says:

    Day 31. SWF mission completed although not without difficulties like vomitting, so my experience is close to Michelle’s however I would still recomand it and I will try it again on Sunday. Today and tomorrow are important days for me so I want to stick to what I know is “safe” and doesn’t cost me any extra energy. Yesterday an aphthae appeared in my mouth and I’m wondering if it means my immune system is getting weaker – before fast it was always associated with me loosing some immunity.

  18. Ron says:

    Hi Marianna, Thank you for your kind words! It is a pleasure to be here and “try” to help my brothers and sisters in fasting.

    The mouth sore can be from many things. And may be just from some bacteria. Everyone gets one from time to time. And usually found in children who put a lot of things in their mouths. They are only a problem if they keep appearing one after another. That could mean a bigger problem.

    You are a brave soul to attempt another “swf” so soon! God Bless, Ron

  19. Marianna says:

    Day 33. Mouth sore still there but it’s getting better and remained just one. I made my second swf this morning. In Poland we have sauer cucambers and they are prepared in salt water with some horseradish, dill and garlic. I used some of that water with extra one tablespoon of salt (there were already approximately 3 tablespoons of salt per one liter). It worked perfectly and had much better taste than just a plain water with salt even with some lemon juice added. Yesterday I conducted a three hour workshop called Joyful Feminity and my energy level was perfect. All participants had a great time and in my 32nd day of juice fast I was a good example that putting our mind in a right mindset we are able to day everything – even such a surprising thing for most people like not eating and feeling great.

  20. mommyof2 says:

    Marianna I second Rons remark about being a brave soul to try the swf again so soon as I can’t even think about it. However it worked wonders and toward the end of my fast I will do one more but I can’t stomache it again so soon I will use enemas. I applauded your strength in staying the course and your on Day 33 how lovely.I’m sure you must have met your weight loss goal as well. Mine is at least 180 during this fast and if I exceed that I will be happy. Good luck and keep us posted on your journey and what you’ve learn thus far.

  21. Marianna says:

    35 day. 22lb lost. It’s getting cold in Poland and drinking cold juice makes me feel colder. I read about adding some warm water into juice but I’m not sure about it. However not wanting o be cold all the time, I drink much more hot vegetable broth – it helps. I’m getting a bit nervous about breaking the fast – hope I will cope to do it right.

    • Ron says:

      Hi Marianna, Try not to overheat your veggie broth. Squeeze and strain fresh vegetables, and just warm the broth
      in a sauce pan. Keep the temperature under 60c. Otherwise you will be killing all the great enzymes!!

      As you get closer to the end of the fast it is normal to feel nervous and tense. I remember my first 30+ days fast, I was afraid to eat again. I thought all my pain that I had previously, might come back! I felt so good, and I didn’t want it to disappear!

      Needless to say…The pain didn’t come back!! And the food tasted like it was the first time I ate. I kept telling my wife:
      “This (anything I ate) is the best I’ve ever eaten!” She was laughing at me….and enjoying the compliments about her cooking too! Keep your faith up Marianna! You’ll be fine. Ron

      P.S. Start with some mashed soft fruits, and a little yogurt. You will need to replenish your probiotics! After 2-3 days of soft fruits, you can eat a salad, and raw veggies. Watch what you put on your salad! Olive oil, and flax seed oil, with lemon is a nice dressing. Don’t eat any nuts or beans(legumes) for a few weeks!! They are hard to digest, and will make your system work hard. After 4-5 days you can start eating cooked foods. But keep them small and lite. And if you eat meats use very small portions to start.

      It is a hard thing NOT to overeat after a fast. You may do well to fast again soon. Just so you won’t gain the weight back. I did a 2 week fast 10 days after my first long fast! Now I fast one day a week, One week a month and 30+ days once or twice a year. It works great for me!

      • Marianna says:

        Hi Ron,

        thanks for all your suggestions. I planned to fast two or three days a week. Would that be too much or I just need to find my own track? Your fasting schedule seems attractive so I will try it out. I deffinitely want to remain my present weight (it is still going down).

  22. Ron says:

    Hi Marianna, Yes. You will need to find your own schedule. I have a friend who fasts 2-3 days a week, because he is not able to fast any longer. His metabolism is very quick, and would be at an unsafe level of weight with any longer fast.

    You and I, probably don’t need to worry about that! So, the sky is the limit here! Because I fast very frequently, I have made my own rules! If for some reason I have a party or event to go to, I just move up my fast by a day or week! If my wife makes a special dish or someone cooks for us, I’ll just freeze it and enjoy it when I’m eating again! I don’t EVER feel deprieved!

    I am always close to my next fast. So I don’t feel guilty at all about skipping one or two here and there. Also, my weight has been stable for a very long time now. It’s just a great way to be healthy, and stay close to God! Many prayers are answered thru fasting and prayer. And being closer to our Lord is now the number 1 reason to fast for me! Everything else is a side benefit. I hope you have also found the spiritual side of fasting. God Bless, Ron

    • Marianna says:

      For sure I don’t need to worry about too fast metabolism :) And I’m thinking about 2-3 day fast as an equivalent to your “one day a week” – I work three days a week in the office and it’s the hardest time for me to eat healthy. Surprisingly juice fasting even while working in the office was really easy. Except that I deffinitely want to do also longer ones regulary. At the moment though I focus mainly on visualising me eating small portions and getting full and being in charhe to stop eating in the right moment – I hope it will work in reality too.
      As for the spiritual side of fasting – I’m still on my journey…

  23. Marianna says:

    Day 36. No juice today – I didn’t feel like having even one glass and I decided to follow my body instinct. Instead I drunk herbal tea with some natural honey as I had to drive 250 km in the morning and honey eases my mind and body while driving. Later on during the day I had several cups of mint grown by my mom plus some vegetable broth with beet root – I tried not to oerheat it but it’s hard to do as I’m craving really hot things – that’s the only craving I’m having at the moment. Since yesterday I’ve had an extensive bowel movements so I made lemon enema in the evening and I feel much better now. Still a bit nervous about starting eating again – I really want to remain that light feeling inside my body.

  24. Ron says:

    Nervous about what exactly? There’s nothing that says you have to eat on the 41st day. Or the 43rd day for that matter. Let your soul guide you!

    Here’s where the spiritual side of fasting is a big help! Hint…hint…nudge, nudge! ;-)

    • Marianna says:

      Thank you for being there Ron :) I suppose I’m nervous about the new situation, but it comes and goes. I fave mixed feelings and I’m guessing it’s normal as for such a big change in my life. Anyway it’s 37th day and I’m doing well except being cold all the time.

  25. Ron says:

    I’m glad to be of help Marianna! You are helping me too! Your feelings are normal. I’ve had similar feelings.

    As I related to you already. It may help you to start planning your next fast. That was a big help for me. What it did effectively was take my mind off of the “end” of my current fast, and put it on the “beginning” of a new one. I stopped counting days and actually lost track at one point! I know you said you wanted to fast regularly, so it should be easy to plan another now.

    I truly came to believe during that long fast, that I was starting a pattern of health, and spiritual renewal. And inside I knew it wouldn’t come with one long fast….even though I was healed and found a new spritual awareness. It’s just like thinking one application of ANYTHING would change or lives! IT WON’T!! It has to be a “process” and a way of living.

    We never stop improving. When we say we are “there”…or know “all” there is to know? We are at the start again!

    That worked, at least for me! I have been close to fasting ever since. We all find our own way in life. And we are here to help one another. To know and love God, and to love and help each other, are our real purpose in life! And I found this through fasting and prayer! God bless you. I’ll be praying for you, and the path you will find. Ron

  26. Marianna says:

    Day 39. I’m well and relaxed and feel that I could and probably will extend the fast for few more days. I don’t feel ready to start eating again yet. Now I see my metabolism is really slow and the intense bowel movement I’ve been experiencing for last few days were caused by all the instantine content that were moved just now, after two swf and don’t know how many different kinds of enema. It’s a peer season in Poland now so I enjoy all the benefits of the peer juice. As i will have some guests today, I went to do some shopping (I don’t keep any food other than veg. and fruit that I juice) and I disovered that I had absolutely no cravings for anything. What’s more I felt disgusted reading what the “normal” food consists. As a result I bought more organic veg. and fruit to juice (that’s one of the advantages leaving in Poland – in a big part we are still a farming country and I have a privilage of both leaving in a big city and at the same time staying close to rural areas where people grow they own veg. and fruit. What’s even better, totally organic food e.g. apples sometimes look worse than those that are sprayed and that’s why are cheaper). All the best for everyone :)

  27. Marianna says:

    Day 40. Calm, relaxed day and my mindset. I will see what tomorrow will bring – still not sure about eating tomorrow.

  28. Marianna says:

    Day 42. All the pressure is now gone and I continue my fast. Still I’m not ready to start eating – I can’t decide what fruit I want to start with and I really enjoy that feeling of empty stomach – after I start eating, fasting will be definitely a regular part of my week, month, year…

  29. Marianna says:

    I had my tiny first meal. I followed my instinct and, opposite to what is suggested, I had little piece of cooked potatoe and carrot – I will see where it will lead me. I want to introduce food into my diet slowly and I plan to juice fast every other day. I feel I need it.

  30. Marianna says:

    I guess today is the day when I need some extra support and answers to my doubts – surprinigly they are connected with not wanting to eat rather than cravings for eating everything. After my first meal I feel ok – just normal. But I have that thought in my mind that I want to remain on my fast – just after eating I had a temptation to do the swf, enema, go running and just getting rid off that food out of my body (and it really was a tiny portion). I’ve never had any serious eating disorder except binge eating from time to time and now I feel confused – wanting to continue the fast and on the other hand being affraid of crossing the line between working for my benefit and harming myself. How can I tell where that line is? I will appreciate all advice and experienced fasters ways to deal with this kind of situation.

  31. Ron says:

    Hi Marianna, There are no rules! Just the ones you make for yourself. Don’t feel like you have to stop. You could fast for years on juice if you wanted to! There is someone I heard about here that fasted on juice for 3 years!!

    So relax! As you were inspired to eat recently…you will be again. Reassess your reasons for fasting and examine whether you’ve got what you wanted. You probably feel inside like you haven’t reached a specific goal. Or, your body is telling you it needs more time to heal and detox. That’s fine! Do it.

    No matter your decision, try to stay focused and calm. There is no need to flush, or rid yourself of the foods you ate. You most likely feel guilt over the “type” of food you ate, rather than eating itself. Actually this is a great time to start planning a good diet for yourself! It will start you thinking more about foods. And start a “new” lifestyle of healthy eating for yourself, and maybe people around you! It’s amazing what a good example can do for others!

    Your body will do what it is designed to do and be fine! If you want to do something productive, start introducing probiotics (live cultures) as in yogurt. You will be doing your body a great service and as you eat more it will help with digestion. Keep positive and keep the faith! Ron

  32. Ron says:

    My pleasure Marianna! I know what you are going through. And the Holy Spirit is guiding me to help you, and others here. God Bless, Ron

  33. Marianna says:

    I discover that starting a second long fast is much easier than it was with the first one. Hopefully it will remain like that. It’s the third day of my second long fast. I plan to continue for thirty days. Since my last juice fast I tried to do it regulary – with mixed results. I put some weight back on, although I didn’t reach the point where I was in July. And what worries me the most – I have some hemorrhoids that appeared just recently and I would be really happy to get ride of them by juice fasting. I only found Tom’s comment that it can be cured with a thirty day juice fast. Are there any juices that are especially recomended?