Juice Fasting Healed a Fibroid Tumor

When I was 46, I was told that I had a fibroid tumor in my uterus, about the size of a lemon. I had already known about juice fasting, so I felt that this issue would respond well to a fast. I left the doctor’s office after I made an appointment for a sonogram in the next two weeks. I was a full time massage therapist at the time, taking my services to clients in the Miami area. If I didn’t know where every juice bar was, I found out quickly for the next couple of weeks. I also drank lots of water and even while working had plenty of energy to work on my clients, carrying a “schlep” the table into their homes and up stairs. I also had a few colon hydrotherapy treatments at the same time to push things along.

After 2 weeks of juice fasting the fibroid tumor in my uterus was reduced in size

When I finished the fast two weeks later, I went back to the doctor’s office to get the sonogram. The technician mentioned that the only thing he could see was about the size of my thumbnail. From a lemon to a thumb nail, that’s pretty darn good for just a two week juice fast. I have never had another issue such as that since.

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By Tom Coghill of Fasting.ws
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14 Responses to Juice Fasting Healed a Fibroid Tumor

  1. patrick york says:

    see fasting is a very healthy habit, it is almost a cure-all. official medicine doesn’t reccomend fasting because of the good it does and anyone can heal themself with fasting. fasting does not support the economy and makes no one any money, this is primarily the reason why modern medicine doesn’t encourage fasting, despite anything else they have to say. so if you got cancer or aren’t feeling well, just fast!!!! this is my 10 cents and other replies and comments i cant wait to hear thanks for reading

  2. authordiana says:

    About the juice fasting. I am not sure if I believe that fasting is a good or healthy idea. But, however, I do know
    that juice (including apple juice) and possible pineapple juice is supposed to be anti viral, anti bacterial, and
    anti inflammatory, and helpful for blood clots. So this
    may be the difference. I definitely believe that juice
    is excellent for cleansing. I just don’t believe in fasting
    completely. But I believe that drinking a glass of juice
    daily can be excellent for health. -Author Diana Neiderhiser.

  3. authordiana says:

    I am curious. What types of juices did
    you drink for 2 weeks that you believe
    helped to shrink your fibroid? Would
    love to know which types of juices
    you drank for those 2 weeks during
    your juice fasting. Would love a reply.
    -Author Diana Neiderhiser.

  4. Ron says:

    Hello Diana, Well fasting is not for everyone. If you believe it is not for you, you are probably right. I’ve been fasting for some time now, and it has cured me of several ailments, some of which I’ve had for years and was prescribed meds for. And even though my doctor was astonished, he said he would not recommend fasting to anyone!

    So, believing is a big part of the fasting process.

    I know fasting has helped me, and helped most who have given fasting a serious look. I see you were attracted by a “headline”, on the site and were understandably skeptical. I suggest that you dig a little deeper “if” fasting interests you. I’m sure Tom, Keith, myself and the hundreds of fasters here would be glad to answer any questions that you have.

    To answer your “juice” questions. Raw foods are necessary for live enzymes, and nutrients that we don’t get from cooked and processed foods that makeup most of our modern diet. Our bodies NEED these raw foods for cell regeneration, and well being. There is scientific proof that our bodies will “heal” themselves when taken care of with proper selection of certain raw foods and juices. There is a wealth of info about this subject, and more on this site and the web! Welcome, Ron

    • authordiana says:

      Ron, Thanks for your reply. A lot of what you said rang true. My grandmother’s sister who is still alive today in her mid 90′s swears that in her 30′s she had colon cancer, but healed herself partly with juices. I remember when she babysat me as a child and she would insist that I drink juices plus a few nuts also (before) breakfast. My grandmother had the same thing (colon cancer) in her later 60′s. She went to the doctor (instead) and died around 2 years later. My grandmother also ate totally different than her sister. My grandmother is now gone and her sister is still living in her 90′s, 23 years after my grandmother died, and 60+ years after she herself was diagnosed with cancer. Big difference in beliefs, lifestyle, and eating patterns. Yes. It’s true what you said about belief. I
      believe in raw juices. I just don’t believe in being exclusive in regards to the fasting. I believe that when anything is overdone, it can become unhealthy. When I ate vegetarian, I lost muscle mass and bone mass temporarily. I believe in a well (balanced) diet. The key word being “balanced.” I feel tons better with a balanced healthy diet. My weight never changes. I am thin no matter what. So I don’t do it for vanity. I do it for the sake of health alone. Yes. I agree with you about the enzymes as well. I love fruits (and) vegetables. But I also include beans, lentils, turkey, nuts, fish, and nonfat cottage cheese (near daily) within my daily diet. This seems to work well for me. I also believe that eating less portions, but a little more frequently is healthier for me, for better digestion and metabolism. Appreciate your reply. Best Wishes. Author Diana Lynn Neiderhiser.

  5. authordiana says:

    Ron, This also may be a reason why Asians are considered healthier, because they eat mostly WHOLE foods that provide the enzymes and other important nutrients that we get less
    of when we eat the processed foods. I definately believe in eating whole foods including fruits and vegetables. Anyone who does not eat enough fruits and vegetables daily, is really missing out on good health. I believe that there also may be (more) substances or compounds within (whole) foods including fruits and vegetables that we are not (yet) aware of, that are also beneficial to health. -Author Diana Neiderhiser.

  6. authordiana says:

    “Health is a matter of good diet, exercise, a positive attitude and avoiding toxic people.” — Tom Coghil

    Tom. I love your quote. This is extremely wise and
    completely TRUE.

    -Author Diana Neiderhiser.

  7. keith101 says:

    Hi Diana Neiderhiser.
    I have looked for your book in shops, but i can’t seem to find it? i would love to read it.
    Has it been published?
    Maby you can let me know a little of your story?
    How did it lead you to fast?
    Where are you now in your life?
    What have you seen in your life?
    Self giving is a gift money will never buy
    Sorry for my deepness.
    people are not “TOXIC.”
    blessings Keith.

    • authordiana says:

      Keith 101. I didn’t understand your comment. It sounds like a weird personal “attack.” It is real strange. Says that Keith is an editor. Is this true? Keith 101’s comments are weird, out of scope, negative, and nonprofessional for a true editor, and from someone who does not know me at all. -Author Diana Neiderhiser.

  8. keith101 says:

    Yeah diana
    When you look at my words it does seem like that.
    Could your previous words “one step up” be called; manipulative.
    YOU you are an Author?…WOW… and as you mock me” you also mock yourself?…
    I am no Editor. This site is under going works.
    But when you mock the poor you mock me.
    Blessings Keith. “WITHOUT MALLACE”
    ps i am only a member on this site nothing more nothing less, but i have my opionion on people.
    Your words were to avoid TOXIC people?…
    All the people that log onto this site are TOXIC. So who are you in this life to puff yourself out and say you are better than a beggar?
    I have seen these words before.
    I also see you fade off into the distance not even leaving your mark on life.

  9. Tom Coghill says:
    Tom Coghill

    Hi Authordiana,
    The editor tag is because my Programmer made a mistake and is on holiday. Kieth is an admin with a big heart for people and helping fasters for free.
    I could not see any cause for insult and i am lost on your statement. He is just interested in you. What offended you and why?

  10. chichi says:

    hi tom, my name is stella and i am 35 yrs old. i weight 190 pound and im 5 feet 7inch.i went to the doctor and was told i have three fibroids. i read the article and i am trying to do the juice fast for 30 days but i dont know which fruit to use or how to strart. please i need your help.

  11. keith101 says:

    Hi chichi
    Tom is away for the moment helping someone from the Sagada hospital, Here is something for you to try until Tom gets back.

    1 bunch spinach [approx 4-5 cups]
    1 med tomato, quartered,
    1/2 med onion
    1/4 c fresh dill -[ only use 1/8 c]
    1 avocado
    1 cup soaked pine nuts
    1/2 lime, juices [ use the whole thing]
    1 tbs Nama Shoyu

    Add cayenne powder and 1/2 garlic clove

    Put all ingredients into a food processor and, using the ‘s’ blade, process until smooth.

    Serves 4 – can keep for 2 days
    Hope this will help for now.
    Blessings Keith.