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Need A Fasting Buddy? Closed

We tried the fasting buddy system for a year and although many fasters were looking for a buddy few contacted each other.  What works is to create a progress report.  It get sent to all users emails. It keeps your information organized and makes it easier for support.  The best way to get a fasting buddy is to post encouraging comments on other progress reports and then people will start to support you.

To create a progress report just click on “create progress report” at the top left in the blue above the logo.

You also get more support from Kieth and, I as we want to encourage other to use this system.

Posted on by Tom Coghill

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588 Responses to Need A Fasting Buddy? Closed

  1. madris333 says:


    • madris333 says:

      scratch that!!!! ill do an open ended fast. i just need to listen to God and go as long as he says.

      • Jamie95er says:

        Hi Madris333,

        I’m glad that you are doing an open ended fast rather than to shoot for a 100 day straight away. If you’ve never fasted before, 100 days is quite a commitment, even for an experienced faster. Personally, I would not do a water fast for that long on my own. If I was going to go that long I would want to check into a clinic and be supervised by specialist, like Tom who has a retreat specifically for fasting. I think the max I would do on a water fast on my own would be 40 days. That’s just my personal preference, but I also have a pretty good idea of my body’s limits in regards to fasting. Others have been known to go longer than 40 days on a water fast, but I don’t know of many who have made it all the way to 100 days of water only. I’m sure there are a few though. However, even the late Dr. Herbert Shelton had never taken his patients much beyond 70 days and even then, those were a few rare and extreme cases. I don’t know, maybe now-a-days people are going for 100 days like it’s the number to shoot for. I’m just amazed that anyone would attempt to go that long on their own. Just MHO.

        At any rate, glad to hear you are leaving it open ended and keeping your ears open for guidance:-).

        When will you be starting your fast?


  2. Nikka says:

    Hi everyone.

    I have been eating raw fruits and nuts for the past two days, because I am about to do a 40 days water fast.

    I need a fasting buddy.

    If you are interestet in fasting with me in 40 days, please write me an e-mail.

  3. MMataloni says:

    Looking for a fasting buddy.
    I’ve completed a 15 day water fast and would like to do a second. I had a partner at the time which made it easier.

    • jonanderson says:

      I’m starting a 14-day water fast today. A partner would be great! I need to know what to expect and just a little encouragement. Please let me know!
      Jon Anderson
      PS I have a lot of weight to lose-like about 150lbs. and I really need to get my health back.

  4. MMataloni says:

    Day 1 of a 21-28 day water fast.
    I’m about 30-45lbs overweight depending on what percent of body fat is optimal. My main goal is not weight loss, but to try and rid myself of psoriasis.
    My last fast improved the skin condition,After reading Furhman’s writings I’m convinced I did not go long enough to get rid of it. This will not be easy, but I’m tired of living with this stuff, and don’t believe I have to if I can stay focused on a water only to reduce or eliminate immune system response.
    Welcome any perspectives on skin related autoimmune disease.

    • Steve says:

      I have very bad skin

      To the sides of my nose
      Between my eyebrows
      on my chin
      on my ears
      in my ears
      and all over my scalp

      My doctor diagnosed it as psoriasis a few years ago

      im on day 16 of a fast with 200ml of orange juice + a vitamin

      the ones around my nose used to clear up from time to time
      but the last 6 months i can get rid of them at all even with steroid creams

      everything seems to be calming down
      they arnt gone yet but my ears are far less scaly inside
      my scalp isnt itching, and most of my face is clear apart from one stubborn bit to the side of my nose
      but it seems to be going

  5. keith101 says:

    Hi MMataloni
    At the start of a water fast skin and spots seem to get worse, its not until day 21-24 that you will see a big change in your condition. Yes juice fasting is great for skin conditions, but what i have heard many months ago with a girl that had psoriasis, juice fasting seemed to make her condition worse?
    Go with the water fasting and keep me posted.
    Blessings Keith.

  6. mbs689 says:

    I am starting a 14 day fast today and i would greatly appreciate a buddy to help me complete it. please email me at